Demi Lovato Shares Swimsuit Pic, Addresses Eating Disorder

When it comes to showing off her cleavage, it’s clear Demi Lovato has no issue.

Seriously, no… issue… at… all.

But the artist makes it clear in a new Instagram caption that she does sometimes feel self-conscious about a different body part.

On Thursday, the 25-year-old singer opened up about the ongoing challenges of recovering from an eating disorder, along with the constant feelings of doubt she often has about her appearance.

But which she is trying her hardest to overcome.

Along with the following picture, Lovato wrote this caption:

“So, I’m insecure about my legs in this picture but I’m posting it because I look so happy and this year I’ve decided I’m letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self criticism.”

Lovato, of course, has long been very candid about her past struggle with a drug addiction and also with anorexia.

She’s come a long way.

But her battle will never really be over.

Continued Lovato in her latest inspiring message:

“Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing.

“Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes.”

In conclusion:

“Today I’m feeling strong. You all can do it too. It IS possible. Thank you God for this new chapter in my life. #EDrecovery #happyAF.”

We’ve long admired Demi not just for overcoming her own demons, but for speaking out so often about them in an attempt to help others as well.

In October, for instance, Lovato shared a couple before-and-after photos that made it apparent just how well she is doing these days.

The singer also admits to having bipolar disorder, but she doesn’t want to be defined by it.

She said the following three months ago in the documentary Simply Complicated, discussing her eating disorder:

“I don’t want to give it the power that it controls my every thought but it’s something that I’m constantly thinking about.

“Body image, what I wish I could be eating, what I wish I could be eating next, what I wish I didn’t eat, you know it’s just constant.

“I get envious towards people who don’t struggle with an eating disorder because I think my life would be so much easier.”

We continue to wish Lovato the best.


Woman Kicked Out of Apartment Complex Pool For Wearing … This Swimsuit

A woman was kicked out of her apartment complex’s swimming pool for wearing a swimsuit that most would likely not consider racy.

It’s a one-piece, and hardly a revealing one by any standards not established by Jim Bob Duggar (this was in Tennessee, not Arkansas).

This is the suit. And her fiance was PISSED.

Swimsuit Side Full

Tyler Newman took to Facebook to reveal that he and his fiancée were at the Smoky Crossing Apartments pool in Seymour, Tenn.

There, Tori Jenkins was allegedly told to either change, cover up with shorts or leave. He wrote along with the photos above and below:

“Tori was accused of wearing a ‘thong bathing suit’ and told there were complaints about [this] after roughly 3 minutes tops, of us arriving there.”

Newman, adding that he and Jenkins paid a $ 300 maintenance fee to be able to use the pool, said he was in “disbelief” over the complaints.

Jenkins decided to go, alone, to the apartment office and “address the issue politely and calmly with the leasing consultant.”

In the leasing office, Newman alleges that the consultant took photos of Jenkins to “show ‘how inappropriate’ her bathing suit was.” 

Newman claimed that the office told Jenkins that children would be uncomfortable on the premises because of the swimsuit.

Offending Swimsuit

“She was told that her body, because it’s built more curvy than others is ‘too inappropriate’ for children to be around,” alleged Newman.

According to her partner, Jenkins was even “told ‘there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to excite them.’”

That last line sounds downright Duggar-esque.

“My fiancée being told she should cover up on a 90 degree day in our own apartment pool because she will ‘excite teenage boys’ is bulls–t.”

“I will not stand for this. My fiancée should be able to wear a bathing suit without being sexualized and demeaned. She shouldn’t feel violated.”

Newman also cited the only listed pool policy regarding clothing, stating, “duly appropriate attire must be worn at all times. No cut offs.”

He wasn’t done there, either.

Swimsuit From Back

“Today my fiancée was told that she is less important than how men feel around her. That Tori is less important than a man’s urges.”  

“I think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, but I also respect her,” Newman went on, saying the apartment complex is part of a bigger issue.

“I would never make her or any other woman feel less than what she’s worth because of her outfit or her looks. This is how rape culture continues to grow.”

“I’ve never seen my fiancée embarrassed to the point where she can’t even look her best friends in the face.”

“I’ve never seen her cry like she did in our apartment today. Never seen her want to be isolated like that.”

“All because some ignorant assholes think they can police the size and shape of her body. I’ve never seen a woman so disrespected.”

Tori and Tyler

As for the specific explanation of why this swimwear was offensive, she was told that a “normal bathing suit covers your entire butt.” 

“Tori explained that yes, she does indeed have a larger butt than a lot of people, and that 95% of the things she wears ride up when she walks.”

Jenkins pointed out that there are obviously different types of bathing suits, but the apartment staff member took the critique even further:

“She was told I wasn’t allowed to spray tanning lotion on parts of her body that she can’t reach, [insisting that] she could reach them herself.”

So wait, the man who is going to marry her can’t put lotion on her back, which she literally can’t reach, because they say she can reach it?

Alternative facts, Smoky Crossing Pool Edition.

Tori Swimsuit

In response, the Smoky Crossing complex told local television outlet WATE in a statement, “Smoky Crossing is a welcoming family community.”

“Multiple residents within our community complained and expressed concerns regarding [Ms. Jenkins]’ swimwear.”

They said that Jenkins was asked to “wrap a towel around herself when she was walking around the pool” but was “never asked to leave.”

“In addition, our leasing agent did not state that Ms. Jenkins swimwear would excite teenage boys,” the leasing company said.

“Ms. Jenkins and Mr. Newman are valued members of our community,” they insisted, challenging Newman’s earlier assertions. 

“However, we feel it is inappropriate to equate requesting Ms. Jenkins to cover up with sexual harassment or rape culture.

“Smoky Crossing denounces harassment in all forms.”


Tori Roloff Rocks Swimsuit, Takes (Bored) Son for a Dip

Tori Roloff has given fans a brand new look at her brand new baby.

And also at her post-birth bathing suit body.

The Little People, Big World star shared a new photo of herself over the weekend, making it clear that she’s comfortable with her figure just six weeks after giving birth via C-section to a son named Jackson Kyle.

But Roloff isn’t like Kim Kardashian or anything.

She pen a caption that screamed how her BIKINI BODY IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER or prattle on about her intense workout regime or diet or anything like that.

Heck, she didn’t even really mention anything about herself in reference to this picture.

Instead, she commented on the face her child is making and the effect she apparently has on Jackson.

“I was apparently boring baby J at our pool day today,” joked the wife of Zach Roloff.

The image was posted on Sunday night and already have nearly 66,000 Likes.

It has also garnered a lot of positive comments from followers, some of which you can see below:

praise for tori

Roloff first debuted her post-Jackson body just a few weeks after giving birth.

Once again, however, she didn’t do so in a two-piece of as some kind of message to send new mothers.

Instead, Roloff marveled over the miracle of pregnancy, child birth and the female body in general.

“the woman’s body is the craziest thing,” Roloff wrote at the time, explaining herself as follows:

“The fact that I was able to grow a human has given me so much respect for my body…

“Love what the good lord gave you. He knows what he’s doing. #justdoyou #loveyourself #postpartum.”

She included these inspiring words along with the following before-and-after photos:

Tori and Zach welcomed little Jackson into their universe back on May 12.

They have since divulged that the newest member of this TLC family does have the gene for dwarfism, just like his father, but that they knew there were strong odds this would be the case before they learned of his diagnosis.

And, of course, it doesn’t change how they feel about their son.

“It felt super surreal and natural the first time I held baby Jackson,” Zach shortly after his baby was born, adding:

“We hope to just give him a healthy, happy life and support him in every way.

“He can experience as much as the world as Tori and me have been able to and hopefully much more.”

That’s all any parent can hope for his child, isn’t it?

To create a better future for the girl or boy than he or she experienced for himself or herself.

Thankfully, the Roloffs have also been providing new photos of Jackson at every turn.

Not on tabloid covers or anything; that’s not how they roll.

More like precious snapshots of the tiny guy in the arms of his mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother or other loved one.

Take a look at a few of our favorites below!