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Audrey Roloff Shares Tale of Breastfeeding Struggles, Mastitis

Audrey Roloff famously struggled with nursing, off an on, following the birth of precious baby Ember Jean last year.

Maybe she just wants to help others or maybe she worries that she went too far by shading Jacob’s fiancee, but now Auj is opening up about her struggle in detail.

Not enough people open up about breastfeeding struggles. Some are ashamed. Some can’t handle talking about their boobs. Audrey’s powering past that to give hope to others.

Pregnancy is hard. Being a parent is hard.

And you know what else can be a challenge — and an often unexpected one for new parents? Breastfeeding.

Nursing a baby is not as plug-and-play as you might think. There can be complications, including mastitis.

Mastitis, as the name clearly states, is inflammation of the breast. It manifests with reddening or swelling or both, and can be quite painful.

It’s the result of infection, which can happen via cracked or sore nipples, but can also happen if the breaks between breastfeeding take too long.

Mastitis normally develops, in cases in which it develops, between a few weeks after birth to several months in.

Symptoms, which are pretty standard with an infection, can include fever, chills, and body aches.

Posting an image (below) to her Instagram story, Audrey wrote:

“Just a little encouragement for anyone struggling on their breastfeeding journey.”

That’s more common than people think. Again, shame about “failing” as a mother and embarrassment about discussing their own nipples keeps some women from sharing this.

“I was only able to pump MAYBE one ounce the first two months after having Ember.”

As you may imagine, babies need a lot more than that.

Audrey Roloff Milk Pump Post

Audrey’s tale of breastfeeding woes continues:

“I fed 15 hours of my day and it hurt and was so hard.”

That sounds agonizing. It takes a toll on your nipples, folks. And newborns need to eat.

But, Audrey reveals, things have gotten so much better.

“But here we are at five months pumping eight ounces like it’s nothin.”

Wonderful news!

Separately, Auj elaborated, saying:

“It took me a solid two months, maybe two and a half months before I really started to see an increase in my supply and breastfeeding became a lot easier.”

So good that she was able to make progress like that.

“Since delivering Ember, I struggled with mastitis on and off.”

That must have been daunting — to think herself cured only to have symptoms return.

“I was severely engorged.”

That sounds agonizing.

“On top of that, Ember had a really severe tongue tie that we had to get surgically fixed about two or three weeks after she was born.”

A tongue tie is a condition that restricts a tongue’s range of motion. 

“Before that, I was having a lot of blistering and bruising.”

At least it’s all been worth it, because Ember Jean is a delightful little cutie and fans relish every photo of her.

One might wonder if Audrey Roloff saying that God wants people to “wait” was influenced by her struggles as a new parent.

Honestly, though, it’s probably just a reflection of her conservative religious beliefs. And possibly yet another jab in the direction of Jacob Roloff’s engagement.

Still, it’s wonderful that Auj is giving out this advice and sharing her story, so that other mothers can overcome some of the stigma and unwarranted shame that too many experience when breastfeeding isn’t as easy as advertised.


Emoji Movie Mocks Handmaid’s Tale, Much to Twitter’s Chagrin

The Emoji Movie tells the story of a fictional city called Textopolis that is hidden inside of all smartphones.

Each emoji has only a single facial expression, except for Gene, an exuberant emoji with multiple expressions.

We won't spoil the rest of the film for you, except to say that this really is the basis for an actual movie.

In promoting the unusual cartoon, producers Tweeted a photo of an emoji wearing the outfit of a main character from Hulu's drama The Handmaid’s Tale… and Internet users were simply NOT having it.

Not when The Handmaid’s Tale centers on a totalitarian state that treats women as pieces of property.

Scroll down to see what critics had to say about this misguided parody…

1. The Tweet That Started It All

The tweet that started it all
Blessed by the Emoji? You should not have gone there, The Emoji Movie.

2. What is The Handmaid’s Tale About?

What is the handmaids tale about
The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of society in which women have no rights and are literally given to men to be used as breeding machines. This is why the parody didn’t go over well on Twitter, as you’re about to find out…

3. Take It Away, Twitter!

And go
Elisabeth Moss stars on the Hulu drama, so you can be damn sure she has something to say about this mockery of it.

4. There’s a Lot of Rape on the Show

Theres a lot of rape on the show
The folks behind The Emoji Movie may not be aware of this.

5. We All Know the Answer to This Question

We all know the answer to this question
It’s no.

6. Is It Too Late to Delete That Tweet?

Is it too late to delete that tweet
Nevermind. This is the Internet. You can never really delete anything.

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