Big Brother Recap: Is Scottie Already a Target for Eviction?

When a former player returns to the Big Brother house, the general rule of thumb is that panic sets in for the houseguests who voted that player out. 

That’s what happened at the top of Sunday’s episode of the CBS reality series. Everyone was seemingly happy about Scottie’s return, but he admitted to the diary room that these players voted him out. 

JC was the most frustrated about the significant return because he worked tirelessly to manipulate Fessy to get him out of the game just a few weeks before. 

Tyler felt like Scottie’s return was a good one because the others would have undoubtedly been trying to take him down. 

As ridiculous as that sounds, he must have discounted Rockstar because she failed to win a competition throughout her time in the house. 

As for Haleigh, this was good for her. She lost her only remaining ally in Fessy, and Scottie was one of her others, so it’s a win-win situation for her. 

It would have been fun to see how Fessy reacted to Scottie and Haleigh being in the house together without him. 

We quickly learned that Fessy threw JC under the bus during the battle back competition, and rightfully so. JC has been flying under the radar and manipulating his way through the game. 

As such, Scottie was vocal in the DR about using this opportunity to get JC out of the game. The troubling thing is that if he told Tyler this, Level Six would likely leave him in the game to take him out. 

JC was livid by Scottie’s surprise return and told Level Six that they need to win HOH or they would be picked off by the duo at the bottom. 

Haleigh and Scottie seemingly put the past behind them, and Haleigh said that they absolutely needed to win the looming competition or they would both be on the block. 

The competition found the houseguests holding on to a rope and swinging around, and get hit with pies. It came down to Tyler and Haleigh, but the former secured the win. 

JC then overheard Haleigh dragging Sam through the mud for her blatant favoritism of Tyler and hoped to use it to his advantage. 

Angela feels like it’s time to take shots at her allies, and tells Tyler as much by throwing JC under the bus for being a “little snake.”

But for Tyler, the best course of action is to throw the pair he’s not aligned with on the block. Those two are obviously Scottie and Haleigh.

While the scheming continued, JC and Kaycee shared their experiences of coming out. Kaycee admitted her father was accepting, but her mother struggled. 

“It would be awesome if my mom could just fully accept me for who I am,” she the diary room, adding: “I know she loves me and I know she’s proud of me, I know she is.”

At the nominations ceremony, Scottie and Haleigh got to sit in seats. We’re looking at a predictable week, you guys!

What did you think of the latest episode?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.


Big Brother Recap: Did Angela’s Target Evade the Block?

The Big Brother hacker has had way too much power in the house. 

Being allowed to changes one nomination, pick a veto player and eliminate a vote is the definition of power trip, and Angela Rummans raged on Wednesday’s latest episode that the power had been taken from her. 

With Tyler vowing to save himself from the block, Haleigh took to the Diary Room to explain why she went all the way and put him on the block. 

She was adamant that Tyler was smarter than everyone was giving him credit for, and she had a point: This is the man who has flawlessly (until now!) played each side of the house to imply he has been trying to save them all at one point or another. 

As for Tyler, he wrongfully claimed to his alliance that Bayliegh was the one who hacked the game and that he wanted to get some sweet revenge because she was trying to get him out the house. 

Angela initially claimed Scottie was the hacker, but she ultimately realized that it would be too obvious for him to take himself off the block, and her target was firmly on Bayliegh. 

She and Kaycee joined forces with the aim of taking Tyler down and nominating Bayliegh in hs place after the veto. 

What was the most telling was that Bayliegh met up with both women and seemed on board with keeping the nominations the same for the week in an attempt to get no blood on their hands. 

Haleigh then continued to throw people off by choosing Kaycee as the veto player.

The veto competition was hosted by Jessie from Big Brother 10 & 11. It was the one with the houseguests rolling the ball back and forth and running around the platform. 

It came down to Tyler and Angela, and Angela said that she wanted to have all the power for the week, so practically begged for the veto. 

Tyler put his trust in her, but did it pay off?

Bayliegh grew suspicious because it was just hours earlier that Angela was promising not to change the nominations. 

Angela followed through on her plan to throw Bayliegh up on the block after taking Tyler down. Bay was blindsided after Angela wrongfully claimed that she was the one with the power and that her “power trip was over, honey.”

Remember how crazy Bay went when Brett called her “honey” last week? Yeah, this was another passive-aggressive speech from Angela. 

That means Rockstar and Bayliegh are the week’s final two nominations. Bayliegh will be sent home tonight. 

Her power is too risky to keep in the game. 

What are your thoughts on the latest twists and turns? 

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Big Brother continues Thursday on CBS. 


Father Spots Creep Snapping Upskirt Photos, Tackles Him in Target

Not all heroes wear capes. But some heroes, it seems, shop at Target.

A surveillance video is making the rounds after it shows one seriously creepy dudes snapping upskirt photos of girls … and then paying the price.

It was a father, out shopping with his daughter, who noticed what the man was up to and took action. Take a look:

Jorge a ibarra jr mugshot

On Wednesday, August 1, 29-year-old Jorge A. Ibarra Jr. was arrested.

The arrest was over "suspicion of invasion of privacy," which seems like a major understatement after you watch this video and hear the story of what went down.

See, surveillance photos appear to have captured him snapping "upskirt" photos of girls, some of whom were minors, at a Target store in Cypress, California.

If you're not familiar, "upskirts" are what they sound like — a man takes pictures up a skirt, hoping for a glimpse at a girl's thighs and underwear and any potential glimpse of their butt or genitals that might come with it.

Upskirting is gross, it's predatory, it's a nightmarish invasion of privacy, and, in this case, it will get you tackled in a Target store.

Ismael duarte pic

Ismael Duarte is the hero of the hour.

He was shopping with his 15-year-old daughter on Tuesday, July 1 while Ibarra was allegedly on the prowl.

According to Duarte, he noticed that something was odd about Ibarra's behavior.

It sounds like it didn't take long before he realized that the man was (allegedly) snapping upskirt photos of unsuspecting women, including his own daughter and another girl.

Duarte leapt into action, chasing and tackling Ibarra, who fled the store.

Ismael duarte confronts ibarra

"My daughter, and the girl that actually was getting their picture taken without her being known," Duarte says. "That’s what got me"

The surveillance video appears to show Duarte kicking the man's phone away and then chasing the man, confronting him, and perhaps pushing him.

The man, later identified as Ibarra (who looks 46 and not 29; we don't know what that's about), flees from Target.

Duarte gave chase.

Though Ibarra did get away, Duarte was able to snap a photo of the man in his car.

Ibarra car pic

Duarte provided his photo and a description of what happened to the police.

Though he wishes that he had somehow been able to do more, Duarte says that he did not appreciate Target's security team's inaction during the confrontation.

"All they did was stand behind," Duarte laments. "And that's very disappointing."

Target released a statement, affirming that "the safety and security of our guests is very important to us and we have no tolerance for this behavior in our stores."

"Immediately upon learning of these recent incidents," Target continues. "Our teams called police to investigate and shared video footage with them."

Target concludes: "We will continue to help law enforcement in any ways that we can be of support to their investigation."

Upskirt creep at target

Ibarra was arrested and booked at Orange County jail on $ 25,000 bail.

It may be tempting for some individuals to dismiss upskirt photos as a hobby of perverts.

But there are victims — the women involved.

There are plenty of moral and legal rationales saying that a person has the right to record video of anything that they can see in a public place (though sharing that video is another matter), but upskirts are not part of public view.

That's someone peeking inside someone else's clothing. In this case, it sounds like at least one of the alleged victims was a minor.

Good for Duarte and the police for taking action.

Father spots creep snapping upskirt photos tackles him in target

Big Brother Spoilers: Veto Results & Target Revealed!

Scottie Salton being crowned the third Head of Household on Big Brother Season 20 was always going to make for some uncertainty. 

He’s never been tied to an alliance. Instead, he’s coasted along the middle of the house and has lied to everyone about the way he’s voting. 

When Sunday’s episode concluded, Scottie nominated both Brett and Winston for eviction after he realized that they were both lying about voting against Steve in week one. 

The Level 6 alliance immediately turned their attention to the Veto with the aim of keeping their group intact for a while longer. 

Scottie, Winston, Brett, Rockstar, Tyler, and Rachel competed for the Veto on Saturday. Before the competition kicked off, Scottie was vocal that if anyone took either of the men down, he would put up the closest ally of the person who won Veto. 

Luckily for Scottie, the competition went in his favor, and he secured the coveted Veto medal. This only made the Level 6 alliance worry, and they got to work trying to throw Kaitlin under the bus as the ceremony loomed. 

But Scottie confirmed he would not be replacing a nominee and that the bros would remain on the block through to Thursday night’s eviction. 

The conversation quickly turned to Sam’s power and whether she would be using it to save Winston or Brett on Thursday. If it’s not used this week, it will automatically be used next week. 

Sam has been a wildcard, so there’s no telling what she has planned, but some of the other houseguests think the producers are trying to get her to use it. 

The power chatter has also paved the way for Kaitlyn’s game to unravel. Her former allies wanted to get some intel on why she sided with Tyler to take Swaggy C out of the game. 

Kaitlyn lied, saying that Sam’s power sketched her out because she could use it to get someone evicted who is not on the block. 

Bayliegh took that to Sam, who laughed the claims off. Sam reiterated that the power would benefit her or someone of her choosing, but stopped short of telling her when the power expired. 

With everyone starting to figure out that Kaitlyn is a serial liar, it’s becoming clear that she will be targeted in the coming weeks. 

What do you think of the latest round of spoilers?

Who would you like to depart the game this week? Should Sam use the power?

Hit the comments. 


Big Brother Spoilers: Veto Results Revealed as HOH Sets Target for Eviction

As we enter week two of Big Brother Season 20, it’s becoming clearer than ever that the house is divided. 

On one side of the house, we have Winston, Angela, Rachel, Tyler Kaycee, and Brett. On the other, we have Kaitlin, Haleigh, Bayliegh, Swaggy, Faysal, and Rockstar. 

There are players in the middle who are not doing much to benefit their games, but the most prominent are Sam and Steve aka the two nominees for the week. 

After Tyler nominated Sam and Steve for eviction, Faysal and Swaggy got to work on Tyler to try and get one of the bigger players out of the house so that the week was not a wasted HOH. 

Tyler was clear about his intention to keep the nominations the same, and that complicated things somewhat when it came to the veto competition, which was played on Saturday. 

Sam, Tyler, Faysal, Scottie Swaggy C, and Steve competed in the first veto of the summer, while JC got to present. The feeds went down for over three hours, and we learned that Faysal scored a victory. 

Things continued to get heated between him and Tyler because Tyler claimed that there was no way he would allow one of his nominees to be removed from the block. 

Faysal wanted to save Steve so that his side of the house would have another vote, but Tyler shut it down when he said that Bayliegh would go up in his place and out the door. 

That’s why when it came to the veto ceremony, both Sam and Steve remained on the block, meaning one of them will exit the Big Brother house on Thursday. 

The Level Six alliance are voting to keep Sam, but they still need a vote from the other side. There’s a lot of time for scheming between now and Thursday, but plans do change in the house in a heartbeat. 

The good thing for Sam is that she has a bonus life and will walk back in those doors the moment she’s evicted and will live to fight another week. Tyler is in the know about the power but wants Sam to keep it for further down the line. 

The reason? She can use it on any of the first three evicted houseguests. It’s a game-changing twist for sure, and one that could get her in good graces with some of the others in the house.

There’s a genuine possibility that Sam gets to keep her power this week and save herself another week if the Level Sixers continue the scheming. 

What are your thoughts on these latest spoilers? Would it be a wise move for Sam not to use her power this week?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.