Catelynn Lowell: Filming Rehab Stay for Teen Mom OG?!

It’s been a rough few months for Catelynn Lowell.

And that’s putting it lightly.

Back in November, she revealed that she’d been suffering from suicidal thoughts — she said that things were so bad that she’d been thinking of specific ways to kill herself.

With the support of her husband, Tyler Baltierra, she checked into a rehab center in Arizona, the same one she visited in March of 2016 to get help with her postpartum depression.

At one point, she decided to check out early so that she wouldn’t miss Christmas with her daughter, but she quickly realized that that wasn’t the best idea.

She returned and completed her treatment, then came home just after the holidays.

We heard a lot of nice things from Cate, about how she was happy and thankful for her family, sweet things like that.

But earlier this week, she shocked us once again when she tweeted that she’d be heading back to rehab for the third time.

“Well they say third times a charm…” she wrote. “I’m going back to treatment people for 6 weeks to work on my trauma and getting on different meds.”

She thanked Tyler for his support and told him that she loved him, and that was that.

Well, almost — she also composed a tweet to her “haters.”

“YOU DONT KNOW EVERYTHING IVE BEEN THROUGH!” she wrote. “Quit acting like you know what I should be doing or shouldnt!!”

“I’m NOT running away from my family! Those are the poeple I love the most!! You ppl are ignorant.”

She’s referring to the reaction she got after announcing her latest trip to rehab — it wasn’t as positive as it was the last time around.

Many people couldn’t understand why she’d need to go back just a couple of weeks after leaving, why she wouldn’t just focus on the aftercare she’d talked about before.

People also didn’t understand why she felt the need to go all the way to Arizona instead of finding a treatment center closer to home.

Additionally, why would she go back to a place that obviously hasn’t been helping her in the way she needs?

It’s all very complicated, that’s for sure, but it looks like we’re getting answers to at least some of those questions.

According to an insider who spoke with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “MTV pays for her to go to the treatment facility every single time under the agreement that we are allowed to film her while she’s there as much as we want.”

And there it is.

The crew was reportedly there for her last stay in rehab, and they’re there this time, too — we know that much, because one of her producers tweeted about traveling to Arizona with her.

The Ashley’s source, who seems to be a crew member himself, added that the treatment center costs $ 50,000 for each stay, “so yeah, they’re gonna get their footage.”

So in the past three months, they’ve paid $ 100,000 for her treatment?!

It’s no wonder why this source claimed that we’re going to see plenty of footage of Catelynn at rehab later this season.

The source also said “From what we’re heard, and I can’t be 100 percent sure, they keep going back because the treatment center works with MTV, and will let them film there.”

“That’s why Leah Messer went there too to treat her anxiety issues. It’s no coincidence. But MTV still has to pay.”

Honestly, this is pretty upsetting news.

If you look back at all the instances of televised therapy on reality shows, you’ll see that it never really works.

How is Catelynn going to open up about her childhood trauma with cameras in her face? How could she possibly get the kind of help she needs like that?

It sounds like some of the crew members have their reservations about the whole thing too — the MTV insider said that “not everyone is happy about it.”

“Some of us feel Catelynn needs to be there long-term, without anyone from the show filming or interacting with her. Not everyone felt it was right, but it is what it is.”

Sadly, that’s true. If Cate still feels like she needs help, why wouldn’t she let MTV foot that massive bill for it?

Still, it really just does not sound like a great sign …


Teen Mom OG Recap: Oh, Yeah, Baby, Yeah!

Monday night on Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 8, Farrah got into a nasty argument with her mom … what else is new, right?

Meanwhile, Amber found out she was expecting, and Ryan and Mackenzie celebrated a joint bachelor and bachelorette party.

There’s no need to tease that someone is pregnant on Teen Mom: OG, because in this day and age, you already know who it is.

Still, there’s always more to the story that you don’t know, and for Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon, timing was everything.

On the couple’s Hawaiian vacation, she ended up getting sick right away, immediately and then continuously feeling nauseous.

You know what that means!

Despite the exciting pregnancy test reveal (see video above), it wasn’t all sunshine last night, thanks largely to Andrew’s past.

Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, started reading things in the news about him, and discussed Amber’s battle with depression issues.

He ultimately relayed this to his wife, Kristina Anderson, saying that as always, it’s all about Leah, his daughter with Amber.

Kristina revealed that the couple told Leah that Amber hadn’t been coming around as much because she was too depressed.

That’s fair if true.

However, Leah later asked Kristina: “If she was too depressed to see me, she wasn’t too depressed to find a new man?”

Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell decided to get her birth control device out but wanted to keep that a secret from Tyler Baltierra.

Right away, that’s a recipe for disaster.

By the time she turns 30, she hoped to be done having children, she told her mom, and now that she’s 26, the clock’s ticking.

Cate was told by her doctor she needs to drop 15-20 pounds to get healthy, however, plus quit smoking (Tyler already has).

In the world of Farrah Abraham, she decided to take her mother and her father on a family vacation, a very nice sentiment.

At least it was, except for the fact that she neglected to tell her mom that her dad and his girlfriend would also be on hand.

Naturally, the moment Debra showed up and ran into Farrah, Sophia, Michael and his girlfriend, Amy, was beyond awkward.

Nevertheless, they somehow persevered through that and were having a cordial time with one another. Shocking, we know.

Later, though, Debra brought up Farrah’s ex-lover Simon Saran in front of Sophia, and Farrah proceded to flip her actual s–t.

As soon as Sophia was out of earshot, Farrah called Debra “an evil bitch” and said she didn’t want to speak to her anymore.

At least Soph wasn’t there for that?

Last but not least, Mackenzie Standifier and Ryan Edwards jetted off to Las Vegas for their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

There, Standifer broke down talking about her bizarre parking lot wedding to Ryan last spring where only his parents came.

Those were dark times, indeed.

Mackenzie added that at one point, she didn’t even know if he’d be alive, so thinking about a future with him seemed bleak.

Ryan, for his part, confided that he’s not sure if he’s ready for another child … making reports of them trying for a baby feel troubling.

Standifer mentioned that she invited his ex, Maci Bookout, and her husband, Taylor McKinney, to the wedding. But did she?

The invite came to “Maci Bookout” and Bentley … as in her maiden name, and without Taylor’s name appearing anywhere.

Bookout planned to bring him anyway, so we’ll see when we watch Teen Mom OG online next week if that caused any drama.

Feels like a good bet.


Amber Portwood: See Her Pregnancy Test Freakout on Teen Mom OG!

As you surely know by now, Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

It is not necessarily good news.

We'd love to be happy and excited and to think good thoughts for Amber with all this, but it's just so hard, for many reasons.

Like, just so many reasons.

One, she barely sees the one kid she already has. On the current season of Teen Mom OG, we've learned that she didn't see Leah once during her summer vacation.

We also learned that she's behind on her child support payments, even though she admitted she did have the money.

Two, she's just coming out of a really, really bad relationship, and she should have probably taken some time to heal from the grossness that was Matt Baier.

Three, she's only known this baby's father, Andrew Glennon, for a few months.

Usually when you start dating someone new, you want to take that time in the beginning to get to know them and to see if you're compatible with each other. Welcoming a life into the world makes that a little more complicated.

The whole thing is honestly just so messy and weird.

And as we can see in this clip from tonight's new episode of Teen Mom OG, it's been that way since the moment they found out she was pregnant.

The clip begins with Amber and Andrew in bed on their Hawaiian vacation, and she tells him that she's been feeling tired.

"Is this how you felt when you were pregnant with Leah?" he asks as the camera zooms in on a box of pregnancy tests.

"Totally," she confirms.

They read the instructions on the box, and then they hold hands for a minute and refuse to meet each other's eyes until she gets up to go pee on that stick.

From the bathroom, we hear Amber go "Um … babe."

He asks her what's happening, and she lets out a bunch of cusses as she brings him the test, so he can see the results for himself.

Neither of them look excited at what we know now is a positive result.

So, OK, let's look at the math real quick, all right?

Amber and Matt wrapped up filming on Marriage Boot Camp at the very end of June — that's where she met Andrew.

He creeped on her after the show was over, and around August 11th, we saw the first photos of them cuddled up together.

On September 23rd, she posted the first photos of their trip to Hawaii.

Considering all that, it's likely that she got pregnant pretty much as soon as she began dating Andrew — either that, or Matt's going to have another addition to his big, sad family tree.

Watch the strange beginning to this tragic saga in the video below:

Amber portwood see her pregnancy test freakout on teen mom og

Teen Mom OG Recap: Runways, Rehab & Retail

This week on Teen Mom: OG, Farrah and Sophia modeled at NYFW, while Amber had her first public appearance with Andrew.

How did that play out for the ladies?

MeAlsonwhile, Tyler struggled to come to terms with the fact that his dad was back on drugs as Catelynn continued her rehab stint. 

When Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 7 got underway, Amber Portwood went to the MTV Video Music Awards with Andrew Glennon.

Then she headed over to her ex Gary Shirley’s house to see her daughter, Leah, so that Gary could meet her new boyfriend as well.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that Amber and Gary haven’t always seen eye to eye regarding her personal life choices.

See Baier, Matt.

Amber later admitted that she was worried about having multiple men around her daughter, but things seemed to go alright with Gary.

Given that Portwood and Glennon are now expecting a kid of their own, it’s something Leah will have to adjust to in short order, too.

The life of Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra was even more tumultuous this week, but then again, when is it not.

While Catelynn was gone at the MTV VMAs, Tyler met up with his mother and told her that he thinks his father Butch is still on drugs.

Addiction is a disase they sadly know well.

In a discussion later, Butch agreed that when he’s done helping Tyler with his new home, he’s ready to go to rehab … for a while no less.

Butch seems to admit that he needs a longer, in-patient regimen and not your standard 30-day program, so that’s a positive step.

Meanwhile, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney tried to balance work and family life, while her ex-boyfriend was struggling again.

Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Standifier, were getting so frustrated with one another, especially regarding his attitude.

Standifer told a friend that she has a hard time with his temper and her expectations of how things would be when he left rehab.

“I knew it’d be hard, but I didn’t know it’d be like this,” she said. “It’s just a daily dose of I don’t know what’s coming my way.”

Mackenzie also admitted that it scares her knowing that Ryan could start using again, while he apologized for being a burden.

“You’ve been very, very understanding. I couldn’t have done this without you,” he said in an unusually heartfelt moment.

Standifer started to cry. We can’t blame her.

Finally, Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia headed to New York City for a fashion show and invited Farrah’s mom along as well.

Farrah’s efforts to bond with her daughter and mom were short-lived, however, as they butted heads once again before long.

When Debra gave the girls her wedding invite, she revealed she was also inviting their co-star, Amber Portwood herself.

Farrah was not happy.

Abraham’s response was that Deb was “welcoming negativity” by doing so, so she didn’t want to be part of the big day. 

Dramatic much?


Leah Messer Fights to Prevent Teen Pregnancy: Hero or Hypocrite?

After years of turmoil marked by addiction, multiple divorces, and countless accusations of shoddy parenting, Leah Messer appears to have found a modicum of happiness and stability in her life.

And in admirable fashion, she frequently expresses gratitude for her good fortune.

These days, the MTV fan favorite is making it clear that her primary career goal is not lining her pockets, but setting a positive example for her millions of impressionable fans.

In the early days of the Teen Mom franchise, both stars and producers stated that their objective was not merely to entertain but to shed light on the difficulties faced by young first-time parents.

Obviously, in the years since, that intention has been overshadowed by the casts’ celebrity status and high-profile feuds.

But as a mother of three daughters it seems Leah is still focused on spreading the word about the perils of teenage pregnancy.

In recent weeks, Leah has been engaged in an ongoing open conversation with her social media followers about the importance of sex education and equal access to birth control.

“So proud of you!!! You are such a strong woman! From one teen mom to another I look up to you a lot. Thank you for being you,” one tweeted to Leah this week.

“You’re welcome! It’s not easy but I hope all of us girls can continue to prevent teen pregnancy by sharing our story/struggles! That’s the goal,” Leah replied.

Yes, Leah has eagerly reminded viewers of the show’s original mission statement several times in the past few weeks.

It seems that like many critics of the show, she now feels that Teen Mom 2 has had the opposite of its intended effect.

While teen pregnancies have been on the decline in recent years, there are certainly young viewers of the show for whom the prospect of getting pregnant at a young age has only become more attractive by MTV’s most popular shows.

Leah seems to be aware of this, and she also seems genuine in her hopes to dispel the notion that a teen pregnancy is something to aspire to.

For the most part, Ms. Messer has been lauded for her efforts.

Of course, her comments have attracted their fair share of criticism as well.

Some have derided Leah as a hypocrite and expressed their belief that a woman who welcomed three children before her mid-twenties and benefited enormously by doing so, she’s not the best representative of the dangers of teen pregnancy.

But Leah has repeatedly made it clear that good fortunate of the kind that she’s experienced is increasingly uncommon.

Hopefully, the same young fans who look at Leah’s life these days and see an aspirational figure will also bear in mind that Ms. Messer went through hell to get to where she is today.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of Leah’s struggles.


Teen Mom Salaries: You Won’t Believe How Rich This Cast Is!

Teen Mom: OG and Teen Mom 2 are among the most popular series in MTV's storied history.

The stars may not enjoy the same universal name recognition as Snooki or The Situation, but their fans are an intensely devoted bunch with appetitse for every detail of the women's personal lives.

So it should come as no surprise that there's considerable interest in just how much the Teen Moms get paid.

Of course, given their many side projects and business ventures, the amount that each cast member pulls in varies wildly from one to the next … but suffice it to say, they're all doing very well.

Here's a breakdown of just how much each mom is earning these days:


1. Catelynn Lowell: $ 25,000 per episode

Catelynn lowell at mtv vmas
Catelynn is earning the standard rate for stars of the original series. And while she has a few other revenue streams in place, she’s not on her 24/7 grind like some of her co-stars.

2. Clothing By Cate

Catelynn lowell on the reunion
Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra recently launched a children’s clothing line. The venture is too new to determine if it will be profitable or not.

3. Amber Portwood: $ 25,000 per episode

Amber portwood a photo
Amber also pulls in $ 25,000 for just a few days work on TM:OG. Unlike Catelynn, however, she puts a lot of time into her side businesses.

4. Hard Times For Haute

Amber portwood and matt baier on the red carpet
Amber launched her “online boutique” Forever Haute with the help of then-fiance Matt Baier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the business is faring much better than the relationship. Rumors that Haute is out of business appear to be premature, but multiple insiders have confirmed the site has yet to turn a profit.

5. Maci Bookout: $ 25,000 per episode

Maci bookout at bridal fashion show
Some reality shows pay their more popular cast members a bit extra. Not Teen Mom: OG, however, which keeps the salaries consistent across the board.

6. Off the Bookout

Maci bookout interview with mtv uk
Unlike some of her other cast members, Maci doesn’t seem to have much time for side projects. With three kids to raise and an increasingly problematic ex, we suppose that’s no surprise. Besides, no matter how hard she hustles, Maci could never hope to out-earn TM:OG’s wealthiest star…

View Slideshow

Teen Mom OG Recap: The Crazy Life of Amber Portwood

Amber’s plan to oust Matt from her life came to a head on Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 6, thanks in large part due to a new man.

That’s right, Andrew Glennon made his first appearance.

Meanwhile, Farrah returned home to Omaha and Taylor gave Maci a huge surprise … but where either of those developments positive?

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that Amber is often all over the place, and Season 5 Episode 6 was certainly true to form.

A few weeks ago, she lamented the idea of life without Matt Baier. This week, she was singing a different tune, ditching him for good.

Helping her get over Matt? Andrew Glennon, an exciting new love interest whom she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp … with Matt.

In real time, of course, Amber and Andrew are expecting their first child together, so clearly things escalated quickly between the pair.

On yesterday evening’s show, she held back on introducing Andrew to her daughter Leah until they were more established as a couple.

We’re guessing that didn’t take long, either.

She wasn’t just keeping Leah distant from Andrew, though; Gary Shirley, Leah’s dad, wasn’t too happy about Amber going MIAin general.

While she was hanging around with her new boyfriend, she left her daughter with Gary, who was none too pleased about her priorities.

He let her hear about it, while she responded by telling Gary and his wife Kristina Anderson just how bizarre her situation with Matt was.

Texting, calling and begging her to take him back, Matt even sent her a photo 20 pills, saying he was going to kill himself if she didn’t reply.

Wow. That’s lower than low.

This really makes you question his mental state, and even more incredibly, Matt Baier married Jennifer Conlon just a few months later.

While this was going on, Catelynn and Tyler reunited at last with their birth daughter, Carly, after having been apart for nearly two years.

Joyful as this was, it was bittersweet at the same time, as it left Catelynn feeling depressed once she had to say goodbye to her first-born.

Tyler, on the other hand?

He was feeling the urge to have more kids, even asking Cate if they can start “popping out more,” preferably sooner rather than later.

She laughed, though clearly there were signs of her depression and anxiety evident here, and we all know what happened soon after.

Catelynn checked into rehab after experiencing suicidal thoughts, and while she’s reportedly at home now, she’s not out of the woods.

Maci Bookout went skydiving for her birthday, while her ex, Ryan Edwards, and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, posed for some photos.

To celebrate their engagement, that is.

Edwards seemed a little bit off, to put it mildly, fueling concerns from those worried about the troubled star’s ongoing battles with addiction.

It’s a scary situation. Maci making Ryan take drug tests before seeing Bentley may not be the worst idea, much as we hate to say it.

Finally, Farrah Abraham and Sophia attended her grandmother’s birthday party before going out for dinner with Farrah’s mother Debra.

There, Sophia said that she never wants to see Debra again if she ends up marrying her then-fiance David. Yes, Sophia told her this.

Farrah may want to think twice about unloading her feelings on Sophia … just an idea. The little girl even said at a different point:

“I hope David isn’t at the party.”

Whatever issues Abraham has with her mom, and however she chooses to handle those, she should at least try to shield Soph.

You know, just a little bit.


Kailyn Lowry Explains Absence From Teen Mom 2 Special

On Christmas Day, MTV aired a “year-end special” featuring the casts of both Teen Mom: OG and Teen Mom 2, entitled Teen Mom That’s a Wrap 2017.

Yes, at this point, the Teen Mom franchise is like the NFL, and what was once a weekly event will soon be pounded into your brain on a daily basis until MTV is forced to relent due to the increased frequency of serious injuries.

The show is placing greater demands on its roster of talent than ever, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that some stars are now opting to remain on the bench.

As many viewers noted, Kailyn Lowry was the only regular cast member of either series to not appear in the special.

It was widely speculated that the decision had something to do with Kailyn’s feud with Jenelle Evans, which has only intensified in recent months.

But Kail insists that’s not the case.

She says she bowed out of the proceedings for the simple reason that the episode was filmed 3,000 miles from her home, and at the time, her youngest son was just 10 weeks old and needed his mother.

“While of course I was invited to participate in it — and had planned to film in it — I had to leave to be with my son, Lux, who was only 10 weeks old at the time,” Lowry told Us Weekly in a recent interview.

“People who were watching the special this week when it aired, though, started tweeting me about it and were filling in their own blanks and coming up with other reasons as to why they thought I was absent.”

To drive home her point, Kailyn reiterated that there was one reason and one reason only that she wasn’t in the studio that day:

“My absence from the special, though, had nothing to do with anything other than my son needing me,” Kail continued.

“The special was filmed in California — and we live on the East Coast — so the time change coupled with the late filming of the special were just too much for us.”

She added:

“My priorities are my kids and I’m happier that I got to have that night with Lux.”

Kail concluded:

“Plus, after hearing about the special and how it ended I’m glad I didn’t miss anything fun. To reiterate again, it had nothing to do with anyone else that was going. I just needed to handle my family stuff.”

Sounds like Lowry is happy she was able to dodge a bit of drama for once.

Of course, that just means her face-to-face confrontation with Jenelle will likely be all the more heated when it does happen.

Needless to say, fans can’t wait.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from fan favorite Kail.