Bristol Palin to Join Cast of Teen Mom OG!

Well, she may not be an OG, but she's definitely one of most famous former teen moms of all time.

TMZ announced moments ago that Bristol Palin is joining the cast of Teen Mom OG in time for the long-running series' upcoming season.

Needless to say, fans of the show are buzzing with anticipation.

TMOG remains a ratings powerhouse, but almost a decade into its run, producers have made no secret about the fact that they've been on the lookout for a way to keep things fresh.

Casting the daughter of the most bonkers vice presidential candidate in US history should certainly help them to achieve that goal.

Here's what we know about the situation so far:

1. The Governor’s Daughter

A bristol palin pic
The daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Bristol first gained national attention during her mother’s vice-presidential campaign.

2. A Reluctant Celebrity

Sarah and bristol palin
Just 17 at the time, Bristol’s pregnancy was announced while her mother was serving as John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

3. Speaking Out

Bristol palin post plastic surgery
Bristol made headlines not only for her pregnancy, but for her outspoken views about birth control and abstinence that did not always align with the conservative right so aggressively courted by her mother.

4. Coincidence?

Teen mom cast photo
Interestingly, Bristol’s rise to fame coincided with the launch of the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise on MTV.

5. Big Shoes to Fill

Teen mom cast title card
Now, Bristol will be taking the spot vacated by Farrah Abraham, who was fired by producers for either being difficult or refusing to give up her porn career. (It depends on whom you believe.)

6. Up to the Task

Bristol palin new face
It’s impossible to imagine a new cast member delivering as much drama as Farrah, but if anyone on the planet is capable, it’s Bristol …

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Javi Marroquin Baby Mama: Will She Appear on Teen Mom 2?

Lauren Comeau is Javi Marroquin’s girlfriend, baby mama and, due to a recent move, also his roommate.

But will she also be his co-star?

That is, will Comeau join the cast of Teen Mom 2 next season?

This is a reasonable question, based on all the ways described above that Comeau now fits into Javi’s life.

It would certainly be true to the MTV program for Lauren slide right into future Teen Mom 2 episodes, likely feuding with Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry, both of whom have ridden Marroquin raw in the not-too-distant past.

However, Marroquin has some bad news for viewers anxious to witness the aforementioned feuds:

They won’t be happening. Comeau will NOT be a part of this franchise moving forward.

“She doesn’t want to be on camera,” Javi told Radar Online in a recent chat, explaining that Comeau already “deals with a lot of the social media extent of it.”

We think he’s trying to say there that Comeau has been dealing with some online harassment and has no interest in inevitably bringing on more of it by appearing on television.

Can you blame her?

Marroquin has opened up a lot of late about both Comeau and their impending child.

Most excitedly of all, he and Lauren have revealed to the world that they’re having a baby boy.

Yet while many Instagram followers have sent well wishes to the couple after learning this news, Marroquin tells Radar that Kailyn “did not congratulate” the pair after its child’s gender was announced.

(Editor’s Note: Why would she? Lowry has already said she’s happy for Javi and Lauren; plus, isn’t congratulating a couple on the gender of a baby sort of weird?

There are only two possibilities at play. Is one of them more worthy of praise or props than the other?)

Marroquin did draw some heat after this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 aired.

Speaking to DeJesus, his recent ex-girlfriend, Javi appeared to be referring to Comeau when saying he “has someone [who] will move to Dover.”

But he added:

“If I wanted to fill that void, I can. But I’m not settling. I’m here for you… no one makes me feel like you make me feel.”

This episode was filmed months ago, of course, but Javi doesn’t sound overly pumped to be with Comeau based on these quotes, does he?

He met Lauren at a wedding in July of 2017 and briefly dated her before, allegedly, cheating.

Typical Javi, right?

But he also gushed openly about Comeau shortly after they split last year, even dropping the L-Word at one point when saying he hopes they have a future.

And now they do!

And it includes a baby!

We wish them luck with it.

We’re guessing they may need it.


David Eason to Jenelle Evans: Quit Teen Mom 2 or I’m Quitting You!

It's been eight months since Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, was fired from Teen Mom 2, but as production generally lags a few months behind real time, we're just now seeing our first David-free episodes.

Fans might like what they're seeing, but not surprisingly, it seems Eason is not a fan.

In fact, he's reportedly taken a hard-line anti-Teen Mom stance and informed Jenelle that she has to choose between reality TV stardom and her marriage.

Seems like a no-brainer to us, but Jenelle is reportedly having a hard time with the decision.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Angry Dave

David eason allergic to shirts
Eason was fired back in November of 2017 after launching a homophobic tirade against fans of TM2 who criticized his insensitivity toward victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

2. Crossroads

Jenelle evans instagram pic
Jenelle continued to film in the weeks after David was fired, but she has yet to sign a contract for another season of the show.

3. The Ultimatum

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
Now, Eason has reportedly issued an ultimatum to his controversial wife and forcing her to choose between her husband and her career.

4. Laying It on the Line

David jenelle eason
“David is telling Jenelle to quit the show, since he can’t be on it,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

5. The Small Matter of Money

David eason on insta
Considering David and Jenelle have five kids between them, it’s understandable that Jenelle isn’t too eager to cut off the family’s sole source of income. But David has apparently assured her that everything will be just fine …

6. Oh, Well In That Case…

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
“David tells Jenelle that they will be fine if she’s not on the show,” the source said. “However, she has no other way to make money. All of her endorsement deals fall through.”

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Teen Mom 2: Who’s the Real MVP of This Season … and Franchise!?

It is about to be totally on between the Teen Mom 2 cast members, THG Nation. No, there's no new scandal you missed.

There was no fresh shade thwon between Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Briana DeJesus, Chelsea Houska or Leah Messer.

But there is a debate to be had.

Over the past several months, we've been exposed to one explosive fight after another; one allegation of child abuse after …

… actually, there's been just one allegation of child abuse so far, but that's a story for another time (and another time, and another).

Bottom line: the prominence of Teen Mom 2 news and gossip has forced us to think about this MTV show more than ever.

With many arguments breaking out within THG Headquarters, our staff has decided to come together below to settle this:

WHO IS THE MVP OF TEEN MOM 2? Below, we make the case for Kail, Jenelle, Briana, Chelsea and Leah …

1. Kailyn Lowry: The Resilient Success Story.

Classic kailyn
As with any Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn has had her ups and downs. She became a mother at 17 years old while appearing on the second season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. First, fans watched Kail grapple with a lack of support from her family. Being pregnant as teenager is hard enough without having rely upon your baby daddy’s family.

2. Unlucky in Love

Javi kailyn and kids
Then, on Teen Mom 2, fans have gotten to watch this unlucky-in-love mother struggle with romance, additional pregnancies, and with co-parenting. Once you dig through the ins and outs with Javi Marroquin, the sometimes frightening drama with Chris Lopez, and all of the frustrations of being a reality star, she’s a mom.

3. She’s Their Whole World

Kailyn lowry three sons
To Isaac, Lincoln, and baby Lux, Kailyn is their whole world. And though her taste in men leaves much to be desired, she is a much, much better parent than some of her co-stars. She seems to have mastered co-parenting as much as anyone in her situation possibly could, juggling holiday events with baby daddies and even their extended families.

4. Kail Does Not Mince Words

Kailyn lowry in her calvins
On top of everything else, Kail is not afraid to be open and honest with her fans on social media, whether it’s about her bisexuality or her careful decisions regarding plastic surgeries.

5. Hustle and Heart

Kailyn lowry ad
She’s taken plenty of flak for having three kids with three different guys, but Lowry’s not looking for handouts. She recently graduated from Delaware State and is always hustling – whether it’s promoting products, her own books and podcast, or embarking in other business ventures.

6. Never a Dull Moment

Kailyn lowry nude
It doesn’t hurt that she’s very entertaining. Just saying. – Simon Delott

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Jenelle Evans: I’m Actually Going to Quit Teen Mom 2, Dude, I Swear to God!

Jenelle Evans knows how to throw a fit.

If there's one thing in this whole entire world she knows, it's that.

Well, it's that or proper bong maintenance.

Yep, Jenelle can throw a fit like it's her job, because in a way, it is. She's definitely brought the drama during her many years on Teen Mom 2, and we're all so thankful for that.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and while her brand of drama was never exactly good, we can probably all agree that it's gotten uncomfortably terrible at this point.

So it might actually be for the best that all signs are pointing to Jenelle being done with MTV.

For real this time.

1. Where to Begin?

Where to begin
So … it’s been a bit of a week for Jenelle. And yeah, you could probably say that most weeks out of the year with some accuracy, but these past few days have been especially eventful.

2. As Always, Poor Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser birthday pic
Sometime last week, precious little Kaiser went to spend some time with Nathan Griffith and his mother, Doris. And after they noticed some bruising on the child, they decided to take action.

3. Here We Go

Nathan griffith shirtless
Nathan reportedly sent David Eason a text to let him know that he believed he’d been abusing Kaiser, and Doris made a police report. She also told Jenelle that she wouldn’t be returning Kaiser to her that Sunday as planned.

4. Too Sad

Nathan griffith with kaiser
A 911 call that Nathan made has also been released, and during that conversation, he can be heard claiming that Kaiser had told him that “David hit him with a stick.”

5. Go, Doris!

David jenelle eason
When Sunday came, Doris kept her word — she refused to drop Kaiser off with Jenelle and David. And Jenelle, well, she got real aggravated, dude. Enough that she called the police and drug them down to Doris’ house to settle things.

6. Tough Break

Jenelle hearts drugs
The poor officer who dealt with this mess got child protective services involved, and the CPS agent determined that while Kaiser did have bruising, there wasn’t any definitive proof that the bruises were due to abuse, so there was nothing she could do.

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Ryan Edwards: Stepping Away From Teen Mom OG to Focus on Sobriety?

If you've been keeping up on the life of Ryan Edwards in recent months, you know that the controversial Teen Mom OG has not had an easy time of it lately.

Granted, most of Ryan's problems are self-created, but nevertheless, many fans who remember Maci Bookout's ex from his leas troubled days have expressed concerns and sympathetic thoughts on social media.

In the past year, they've seen Ryan get arrested, lose consciousness while driving to his own wedding, go to rehab, relapse, and nearly lose custody of his son.

While there's much disagreement as to whether or not Ryan deserves a second chance, all seem to agree that if there's any possibility of redemption, it has to begin with Ryan stepping away from the reality TV spotlight in order to focus on recovery.

Will he do it? Well, that's a question only Ryan can answer …

1. Ryan’s Hope

Ryan edwards is mad
Believe it or not, not everyone has given up on Ryan. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and his long-suffering parents remain firmly in his corner.

2. Loyalty Put to the Test

Mackenzie ryan edwards
And if the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of social media are any indication, Ryan still enjoys the support of a surprisingly large group of extremely loyal fans.

3. Ultimatum Time

Ryan edwards a photo
But even those who have already been put through the wringer by Ryan have their limits. And it seems they’re beginning to lose faith in the troubled father of one.

4. Taking a Break

Ryan edwards not sober
It’s been rumored that Ryan’s loved ones have pressured him to take an indefinite break from filming in order to focus on getting his life back on track. Many fans have publicly expressed support for the idea.

5. A Hard Sell

Ryan edwards at teen mom og reunion
However, reality stardom has been Ryan’s sole source of income for the entirety of his adult life. He and Standifer are currently expecting their first child together, so he may be reluctant to step away from the camera at this time, even for a short period.

6. What’s Best For Everyone

Ryan edwards with mackenzie
Of course, as many fans have pointed out, this is an opportunity for Ryan to prove that he’s capable of putting the needs of those who rely on him ahead of his own self-interest. And it could be his last chance to do so …

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Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Renewed For Season 2 Even Though No One Watched It!

Remember when MTV showed music videos?

Ha! Of course you don’t; that was literally forever ago.

But you might remember a time when the network showed something other than round-the-clock Teen Mom with the occasional Catfish thrown in.

Well, those days are officially over, as MTV is now one step closer to celebrating bad decisions on a 24/7 basis,

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant — aka the spinoff no one asked for or seemed to have any interest in — has officially been renewed for a second season.

If you’re keeping score at home that brings the total number of 16 and Pregnant spinoffs to a whopping 79.

Just kidding, it’s four. But still …

The fact that some exec looked at the channel’s current lineup and said, “What we need? More unfit mothers!” is truly baffling.

But hey, TV is TV and ratings will always be the name of the game.

Which is one reason why the Young and Pregnant renewal is so unexpected.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

The show had a very difficult time finding an audience in its first several weeks on the air.

Things turned around later in the season, but with more original content on the air than ever before, TV execs are much less likely to give struggling shows a second chance these days.

Adding to the surprise is the fact that the series is already having problems with disgruntled cast members.

Earlier this week, Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones bashed producers on Instagram, accusing them of manipulating footage to make her look like a bad mom.

“The whole season I was edited to look like a monster,” Jones wrote.

“Joining this show was by far the worst decision of my life.”

She added:

“No trust for the producers or anyone else that works on the show and knows the kind of person that I am but says nothing to editing.”

Producers are used to that kind of talk from the likes of Jenelle Evans.

But Jenelle has been consistently delivering big ratings for over a decade.

Ashley, on the other hand, is much newer to the business and much more inconsistent in the ratings department.

It’s not hard to see how producers may have decided that Jones and fellow hot-tempered cast member 

“A crew is up there with Ashley and will be filming throughout this week,” a source tells The Ashley.

“All the girls will be either starting to film or continuing to film over the next few weeks.”

The insider adds that while their exact salaries remain a mystery, the girls all got raises — and the second season is usually when the big money starts rolling in:

“Generally, for the other Teen Mom shows, the pay jump from Season 1 to Season 2 has been the most significant jump,” \

Man, those MTV PSAs about the downsides of teen pregnancy are getting less and less convincing by the day!

(Note to high school kids: We’re joking. Getting pregnant will almost certainly not make you rich.)


Jeremy Calvert: I’m Leaving Teen Mom 2!

He'd hate for us to make this comparison, but facts are facts:

Jeremy Calvert now has something in common with David Eason.

The husband of Jenelle Evans was basically fired from Teen Mom 2 several months ago for being a homophobic jackass on social media, something we can't ever imagine saying about Calvert.

But the ex-husband of Leah Messer won't appear next season on this MTV series, either, hence the connection between him and Mr. Eason.

Why is Calvert leaving?

Who has confirmed his departure?

Scroll down for all the interesting details!

1. Bio Blast

Jeremy calvert in his car
Who is Jeremy Calvert? For the uninformed, he’s the second husband of veteran Teen Mom 2 cast member Leah Messer. He served as the stepfather of her twins, Aleeah and Aliannah Simms, and he’s the father of Leah’s daughter, Adalynn.

2. When Did He Split from Leah?

Leah messer and jeremy calvert together
In 2015. This is when Messer filed for divorce because she thought Jeremy cared more about his job than his family and she couldn’t handle his constant absence.

3. And There’s Been a Nasty Beef Between Exes Ever Since, Right?

Jeremy and leah calvert hug
It’s understandable you would think this because this ishow Teen Mom relationships and break-ups often work. But Leah and Jeremy have remained more civil than most.

4. There’s Been Some Tension, Of Course

Jeremy calvert with brooke wehr pic
Most notable due to Jeremy pretty seriously dated a single mother named Brooke Wehr for awhile, making things awkward between him and his ex-wife, especially because Brooke was a new person in Adalynn’s life.

5. And Then He Dated Desi Kibler Just This Year

Jeremy calvert and desi kibler
Messer appeared to hurl some shade at this romance, implying on Twitter that Calvert was “unhappy” with his new lover.

6. But This Relationship is Now Over

Jeremy calvert on instagram
Because Jeremy isn’t over Leah? No, he insists, because Kibler simply refused to put him first. But is anyone buying this?

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