David Eason vs. Leah Messer: Teen Mom Feud Alert!

It's been two months since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2, but Jenelle Evans' troubled husband is still causing problems for his former castmates.

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, Eason has recently taken to criticizing Leah Messer's parenting.

It may seem strange, given his fraught relationship with his own children, but apparently, Eason has major issues with the way Leah has chosen to raise her daughters.

Fortunately, Leah isn't taking David's criticism lying down, and she's got some powerful allies in her corner.

1. David Is Dumb

David eason on insta
In February, Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 after launching a homophobic tirade against fans on Twitter. Unfortunately, it seems he hasn’t learned his lesson about spewing idiocy on social media.

2. A War of Words

Jenelle evans david eason kids easter
For reasons that defy explanation, David recently decided to criticiize Leah Messer’s parenting on Instagram. We’re guessing he’s regretting that move right about now.

3. Leah and Her Girls

Leah messer daughters on instagram
Leah recently shared this photo of herself with her oldest daughters on Instagram. Seems innocent enough, but apparently, some folks saw cause for complaint.

4. What Would Corey Do?

Leah and corey simms
David dragged Leah’s first husband, Corey Simms, into the fray by expressing his belief that Simms shouldn’t allow his daughter to wear such heavy makeup.

5. David’s Two Cents

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
“I can’t believe Cory would allow her to wear that much makeup on her face,” Eason commented on the photo.

6. The Clap-Back

David eason jenelle evans kids
Not surprisingly, fans were quick to call David out for criticizing another father. And of course, he responded to their comments in his usual over-the-top fashion.

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Teen Mom 2 Fans to Jenelle Evans: Delete Your Social Media!

Rumors that Jenelle Evans is pregnant seem to make their way around social media on a near-constant basis.

Thankfully, Jenelle doesn’t get knocked up quite as often as Teen Mom Twitter thinks she does, as it seems like she already has her hands full with the three children currently under her care.

But it’s not hard to see why fans aren’t always quick to believe Jenelle’s denials.

After all, Evans has lied about being pregnant in the past, and in general, she doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to telling the truth.

Of course, Jenelle has made it clear that she has no intention of being silenced by her haters.

As such, she’s continued posting on just about every social media platform on a daily basis.

(Seriously, it’s rare to see someone who’s this active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter.)

And it seems her latest IG pic is more than just a standard bikini selfie.

It doubles as Jenelle’s way of letting the world know that there are no more little Evans-Easons on the way … for now, at least.

“They will say ‘she’s pregnant’.  #Summer #GoodVibes #Bikini #Rumors,” Jenelle wrote alongside the above photo.

We’re not sure why Jenelle thinks this photo would spark rumors that she’s expecting, but it seems that the caption is her way of preemptively addressing such hearsay.

In all likelihood, she simply felt like posting a bikini pic and realized a caption that mentions pregnancy would garner some extra attention.

And that’s fine.

Jenelle’s been in the game long enough to understand exactly how it works.

Besides, we’ll take something as innocent as a swimwear selfie over the other nonsense that she’s been posting lately.

As you may have heard, a photo of Jenelle shooting a gun sparked major controversy recently.

In fact, her husband, David Eason, was fired by MTV after issuing a hostile, bigoted response to fans who suggested that it was insensitive of Jenelle to post such a pic within hours of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Now, Jenelle is free to express her political beliefs as she sees fit, of course.

But surely, even she can see how such a photo might not go over well on the day of unthinkably tragic mass shooting.

The incident served as yet another reminder that Jenelle should probably stick to apolitical content.

We’d say it would be even better for her to just delete her socials altogether, but we all know that will never happen.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more insanity from the Carolina Hurricane herself.


Farrah Abraham: Actually I AM Coming Back to Teen Mom!

Just days after claiming that Teen Mom OG ratings are down because she was fired, Farrah is taking pity on the show that she believes is on its last leg — by speaking to Dr. Drew for the reunion special.

Now, she’s taken to Instagram to explain why she’s appearing, however, indirectly, on the show that she is suing for millions of dollars for wrongful termination.

There’s a lot of word salad. This is Farrah we’re talking about.

“On last HOORAH with FARRAH @teenmom @mtv April 23rd.”

It’s worth noting that most people probably don’t pronounce hoorah in a way that rhymes with Farrah, but some do. Either way, good effort.

“It’s been a great 10 year era of Farrah for Teen Mom I always make the most out of life.”

Note that she’s not saying that it’s been a great decade for her. She’s saying that the era of her has been great for the show.

Farrah’s assessments are always … breathtaking.

“And I’m so blessed I got to be that fighter, the strong women, the honest single parent, showing motherhood can be glamorous, Joy, happiness, memories & no regrets.”

“Life is a challenge but to be an advocate for a young innocent child,lead, guide, love, succeed, and give it your all is amazing, a once in a life time surprise.”

That kind of depends upon how many children you have.

She then goes on to extol her own accomplishments:

“I’m blessed I graduated high school early, graduated college with 2 degrees, started 3 companies, have an international brand from all the support. …”

Farrah’s list of claims to fame continues:

“… Became a new York times best selling author, became [an] actress, became the best Farrah I can be, & travel the globe with my daughter.”

Farrah reminds her fans and followers that, despite all of her achievements, she comes from humble origins.

“I started all of this from Council Bluffs Iowa.”

She may be forgetting that humble origins are kind of assumed … because she’s famous for becoming a mother as a teenager.

“I hope my start into my adult self from teenager to adulthood shows you as it showed me I can achieve for more [than] I could ever imagine.”

That is one hell of a sentence. It belongs in a gallery somewhere.

“God is amazing and we have not one or no thing can get in the way of our life destiny to be great!”

Another gold-star Farrah sentence.

“Life is beautiful & I’m thankful I was the (1) out of 10 teen moms statistically to over come the challenges and struggles of teen parenthood.”

That is … not a very kind thing to say about her costars.

But it does fit with her self-image, which seems to always drive her to need to see herself as the most successful at anything that she attempts.

“I want to add the struggles of being a teen parent were only half the struggles I felt.”

She then lists the other challenges that she faced.

“But the other struggles from production, being famous, being a leader, political immature s–t, the control & power trips from society really added more.”

Honestly, she might deserve some recognition for not once saying “hate crimes” during this entire rant.

“[And] I have to say I rose about all the evil and all the hate by focusing on myself, loving, growing and developing what’s next to better our world for future generations.”

Yes, Farrah is shaping the youth of tomorrow. Or something.

“I will always improve social causes and improve our world!”

This was all prompted by The Ashley‘s report that Farrah would sit down with Dr. Drew to talk about … well, her departure from the series that made her rich and famous. 

Farrah doesn’t really explain why she’s agreed to sit down for a segment that will air during the reunion special, but one wonders if she had intended to explain herself when she started.

As you can see from her post and from other things that she has written and said, sometimes Farrah’s thoughts take interesting twists and turns.

(That can happen to anyone, but Farrah in particular seems to generate word salad that has little rhyme or reason)

Perhaps she will speak a little more clearly when the world sees her chat with Dr. Drew.


Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom Ratings Are Down Because I Got Fired!

Plenty of fans tuned in to watch Farrah Abraham get fired.

But ratings seemed to decline a bit following that episode.

Farrah says that Teen Mom OG has now run its course — and people shoudl be more interested in the quality television programs that she’s going to come out with.

We’ll go into detail on Teen Mom ratings — with specific numbers and episodes — in a moment.

In an interview with RadarOnlineFarrah Abraham says that the falling Teen Mom ratings are to be expected. 

“It’s no surprise that the Teen Mom ratings went down since I’ve left.”

But she follows that with a message of … compassion, we think.

“I know that other families rely on this show for income and I hope it continues.”

That’s charitable of her, though she concludes that thought by saying:

“Even if it’s now run its course.”

Funny how she didn’t seem to think that the series was pointless when they were still paying her.

“MTV has really ruined what could be an amazing show.”

MTV created the show, but she explains how she believes that they “ruined” it.

“By bullying, ruining natural story lines, shaming, and interfering in the real lives of these parents and children.”

Honestly? We’re kind of impressed that she managed to avoid accusing anyone of “hate crimes.” That’s character development.

“I’m happy I separated myself.”

Wow, that sounds like a very creative way of saying “got fired.”

Farrah then talks about her hopes and dreams.

“I hope to produce and develop award-winning shows as my 10 years of experience has me confident of what our future needs.”

She doesn’t just mean her livestreamed sex shows, we think.

Brace yourselves for this next line:

“I am quality, authentic, real.”


She says that her future in television will reflect those qualities.

“And I will only create shows, films, and digital content that delivers that.”

TV By The Numbers has the ratings for Teen Mom OG, so these are the stats to which Farrah is referring.

The episode that featured Farrah’s long-awaited firing took place on March 12, and brought in 1,135,000 viewers.

In contrast, for the next episode, which did not feature Farrah, viewership dropped to 1,097,000 on March 19.

On March 26, 1,044,000 fans tuned in. On April 2, numbers were way down, with only 992,000 watching.

The season finale on April 9 did see those numbers rise again, with 1,250,000 viewers, finally surpassing the ratings of Farrah’s last day.

But that was a season finale.

Honestly? That dip in ratings looks significant, but it doesn’t really spell out the “decline” that Farrah seems to see.

It looks more like interest spiked, just like how more people start watching a soap opera when the show teases that a major character is about to die.

Just like how people will slow down on the road to see a trainwreck, they tuned in to watch Farrah get confronted about how she treats the show’s producers.

That doesn’t mean that her firing spells doom for the series, folks.

In other news, our advise for anyone seeking to find a romantic partner is this: find someone who describes you like Farrah Abraham describes herself.


David Eason Balloon-Stabbing: Incident to Air on Teen Mom 2!

We’ve all heard of the terrifying incident in which David Eason pulled a knife and began stabbing balloons at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion.

Since then, Jenelle has tried to make excuses for his alarming behavior, like she always does.

Well, Teen Mom 2 viewers will finally get to see the footage for themselves. And Jenelle is going to be pissed.

The good folks over at The Ashley have a source that reveals that Teen Mom 2 will show David Eason’s balloon incident.

“[The show’s producers] have been planning to show David’s rampage since it happened.”

Naturally. Reality shows are fueled by drama and explosive moments.

“Normally, it would be included in the regular Reunion special.”

This was a special case, however.

“But the drama [from the Reunion taping] was just so good that they basically said, ‘We’re saving this for the show!'”

The source even dishes on exactly what viewers can look forward to seeing.

“Viewers will get to see him get tangled in the balloons and then the cameras kind of scramble to zoom in on where the commotion is coming from.”

This, as those familiar with reports of the incident know, is where David’s knife comes into play.

“And then they show David stabbing the balloons.”

As fans can imagine, the sight and sound of a large man angrily stabbing a bunch of balloons did not go unnoticed by the other stars.

So the footage will reportedly also show them freaking out.

“It shows just how weird that whole situation actually was.”

We can also expect to see Jenelle, as usual, making excuses for her husband’s deeply alarming behavior to her costars.

A while back, Leah Messer appeared on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast to talk about the infamous Balloon Massacre.

And they talked about more than just what happened after he pulled out a knife.

“I don’t even remember if [David was mad] because they were not serving any more alcohol.”

Fans may remember that David Eason griped about there not being any beer.

“But we were there for work!”

If you’re not sure how much is appropriate to drink at a work function, just ask someone. Or don’t drink at all!

“I mean, you can have a few drinks socially but, it’s not that appropriate.”

Kail and Leah then agree that they would not allow their children near David Eason. Which shouldn’t be too difficult, since Eason has been fired.

The Ashley‘s source goes on to to describe what else we can look forward to seeing.

“They show security searching him the next day at the studio because of the knife incident the night before.”

Added security makes sense when you’re dealing with someone who clearly loves weapons.

The source says that this should solidify the incident in the minds of fans and viewers.

“It really happened, and everyone saw it so there’s no denying it happened.”

And the source points out that the footage is really fair game.

“If someone does something on-set, in front of cameras, they can’t really get upset if it ends up on the show.”

That makes sense. That’s how reality television works.

The source also reveals that apparently producers have not tipped off Jenelle that the footage will air.

And it sounds like they don’t plan on pulling the footage, even if Jenelle pitches a fit. Again.

Jenelle always seems eager to bend over backwards to explain away David’s abhorrent behavior and to defend him, even though he appears to be the worst man she’s ever been with.

(Which is almost impressive, considering his competition for that title)

After fans and viewers and Jenelle herself all see what the camera will reveal about David Eason, will it become harder for her to lie to fans — and herself — about the man she’s married?

Or will MTV change its mind before the episode airs, and bury the footage?


Teen Mom Mug Shots: Look Who’s Been Booked!

Over the years, members of the Teen Mom cast have become mothers, fathers… and delinquents.

Indeed, while you're likely very familiar with the exploits of Jenelle Evans and company on screen, you may be less familiar with the trouble they've gotten into off screen.

Thankfully, The Hollywood Gossip has you covered.

We've collected all the mug shots of these serial law-breakers below.

What crimes landed them in front of the police camera? Get a look at who has been booked, and for what reason(s), now…

1. Debra Danielsen in 2010

Debra danielsen in 2010
Farrah Abraham’s mother was arrested for domestic assault in January of 2010 after an argument with her daughter. According to the official report, Danielsen grabbed Farrah by the throat and “hit her along the side of her head and hit her in the mouth.” The case was dropped after a plea deal was arranged.

2. Kieffer Delp in 2010

Kieffer delp mugshot
The charges were eventually dropped, but Jenelle Evans was dating Delp in October of 2010 when the twosome were arrested for breaking and entering and drug possession in North Carolina.

3. Delp in 2018

Kieffer delp mug shot photo
Whoa! Delp was arrested again in January of 2018 for allegedly operating a meth lab in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. According to the court documents, he was charged with operating a methamphetamine lab, possession with intent to deliver, possession of substances for methamphetamine, waste in manufacture of methamphetamine and possession and prohibited acts.

4. Amber Portwood in 2010

Amber portwood mug shot
Amber was arrested in December of 2010 and charged with two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery following qn incident with her former fianc Gary Shirley, with whom she shares daughter Leah.

5. Amber Portwood in 2011

Amber portwood mug shot new
Amber was booked in late 2011 after police officers found prescription pills in her apartment. The MTV star did not have an actual prescription for them.

6. Amber Portwood in 2012

Newest amber portwood mug shot
Portwood was arrested again on May 24, 2012 for violating her drug court probation requirements by failing a urine test and then lying about it.

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Teen Mom 2: See the First SUPER Dramatic Trailer for the New Season!

Let's be real, this season of Teen Mom OG lasted a very, very long time, and with all the serious issues it featured — Ryan's ongoing issues with drugs and with being a good person, Catelynn's trips to rehab, Amber's life — it's been a lot to handle.

It's been fun seeing the OG ladies live their lives, and we're definitely pumped about the reunion, but it's time for something different, you know?

It's time for some Teen Mom 2.

MTV managed to work out this nifty little cycle where once you're just about sick of one set of moms, they bring on the other set, and so when the new season of Teen Mom 2 premieres on May 7th, we'll be more than ready for it.

We already know some of the things that will be featured this season, of course — the drama between Kailyn, Javi and Briana will surely be unavoidable, and we imagine there's no way they can get around explaining David's firing.

And now that the network was kind enough to share this first little teaser of all that will go down this season, the whole thing is really starting to come together.

First, we see Jenelle crying as someone tells her not to focus on the gossip, which could pertain to so many things, really. Maybe this is the breakdown that led to her sending cease and desist letters to all her fellow cast members.

Next, we see Briana tell Kailyn that she's "just salty that Javi is moving on," but Kailyn replies "I don't give a sh-t if he moves on!"

They don't show it, but we'll get to see Javi moving on from Briana this season, too!

Next, we see Jenelle say "she's trying to take my son away from me," presumably referring to that time last year that Nathan's mother tried to get custody of Kaiser.

That should be an especially good storyline, considering that the reasoning behind the filing was Jenelle and David's alleged abuse and neglect of their children.

Leah tells someone something about their "bullsh-t drama" — we have no idea what this could be about, but it sounds great and we're definitely here for it.

Next we see Chelsea crying in a car, and we can only assume it's because of something Adam did.

Then Jenelle is crying and hugging David. This part is extra exciting because if you'll notice, they're wearing the clothes they wore at last season's reunion.

You know, the one where Jenelle freaked out about Nathan's girlfriend and had that huge meltdown that we never got to see when the actual reunion aired.

Meanwhile, the narrator says that "Every rumor has two sides. This season the truth is revealed.

Thanks, can't wait!

Watch the full trailer below:

Teen mom 2 see the first super dramatic trailer for the new seas