Bristol Palin: DONE With Teen Mom OG? Demanding Her Own Show?!

It's only been two months since Bristol Palin joined the cast of Teen Mom: OG, but it seems the daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is already looking to move on from the show.

We suppose it shouldn't come as a huge shock that Bristol doesn't feel much in the way of loyalty toward her employers, given that her mother just up and quit being in charge of a whole ginormous state in the middle of a term.

It seems the apple really didn't fall far from the tree in this case, and like her famous mom, Bristol believes she's destined for TV mega-stardom.

Of course, it's anyone's guess as to why she thinks that, as thus far audiences have been as indifferent toward Bristol as they are toward Sarah.

The Palins seem to have a distorted view of just how fascinating the rest of the world finds them, and in Bristol's case, that egomania is resulting in some intense conflicts with her Teen Mom bosses and co-stars …

1. Back In Action

Bristol palin meyer
After spending some time away from the spotlight, Bristol is returning to public life in a huge way — with a starring role on one of TV’s most popular reality shows.

2. Big Shoes to Fill

Farrah abraham hears but does not listen
When the time came to replace Farrah Abraham, TMOG producers reportedly felt pressured to do something big.

3. Times Have Changed

Teen mom og season 8 cast
The original girls (the OGs, if you will) were unknowns when the show started, but now they’re full-blown stars with millions of social media followers. Unless the new additions to the case existed on a similar plane of popularity, they would likely be viewed as disappointments.

4. All-Star Casting

Sarah and bristol palin photo
So it was that Morgan J. Freeman and company focused on two established talents — The Challenge star Cheyenne Floyd, and Bristol Palin, who was once the most famous teen mom in the country.

5. Big Bucks Bristol

Bristol palin on a hike
Production insiders say Bristol is already being paid more than any of her co-stars, and it looks as thought the investment is not paying off for producers.

6. A Little Late

Bristol palin legs
What the top brass at MTV failed to consider is that Bristol’s fame peaked ten years ago, a time when much of the current TMOG audience was in elementary school, and thus, generally indifferent toward matters of national politics.

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Jeremy Calvert to Teen Mom Fans: Leave Farrah Abraham Alone!

Farrah Abraham has a lot of critics, but not very many defenders.

The reasons for this are myriad, of course, as Farrah continues to find ways to f-ck up not only her own existence, but that of her 8-year-old daughter.

Sure, it's Farrah's life, and if she wants to star in live-streaming online sex shows instead of a popular reality series, that's her decision to make.

She would probably find at least some fan support for such choices, were it not for the fact that she's terrible to everyone in her life, especially her mother and daughter.

But now, Farrah has found an unlikely defender in Leah Messer's second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

As a result, another star of the franchise is attempting to get Calvert to see the light, and Farrah is proving once again that she doesn't need to star on a Teen Mom series in order to stir up major drama with the shows' cast. Details:

1. A Problem Like Farrah

Farrah abraham is rendered speechless
Where to begin with Ms. Abraham’s many, many flaws as a mother and member of society? For time’s sake, we’ll just stick to the last couple months of Farrah f-ck ups.

2. Keeping Busy

Farrah abraham og
Yes, it was quite the summer for Farrah, who kicked things off by being arrested for attacking a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel while her daughter was asleep nearby.

3. The Dead Dog Debacle

Farrah abraham and sophia at the vmas
Shortly thereafter, Farrah attempted to show off her comedic chops by making a video in which she encourages Sophia to “prank” a friend by telling the girl her dog has died. Funny stuff!

4. The Boxer

Farrah abrahm boxes in a thong
At the moment, Farrah is preparing or her first “celebrity boxing” match, which mostly consists of charging fans to watch her work out in various stages of undress. Sadly, her career as a nude pugilist may be over before it begins because …

5. Farrah Is Back on Drugs

Farrah abraham tests positive for barbituates freaks the f k out
Come to think of it, we don’t know if she was ever off drugs. Whatever the case, she recently tested positive for barbituates while filming a TV show and then tried to play dumb in hilarious fashion.

6. Farrah Being Farrah

Farrah abraham for mtv
Needless to say, Ms. Abraham is a genius in the art of torpedoing her own public image, but one high-profile defender thinks all the flak Farrah receives is undeserved …

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Cheyenne Floyd: I’m Not Racist! Please Watch Me on Teen Mom OG!

Like it or not, Cheyenne Floyd has joined the cast of Teen Mom OG.

And, as it turns out, most people don’t seem to like it.

This is for many reasons.

One, Cheyenne is already kind of celebrity from appearing on other MTV reality shows like Are You the One? and The Challenge.

Does she really need to be on a third show?

Two, she gave birth to her daughter when she was 24 years old, so she is not nor has she ever been a teen mom.

And since that’s the title of the show, it seems like one of the most basic requirements for the main cast members.

Three, the show is called Teen Mom OG, with the “OG” standing for “Original Girls.”

Up until last season, the cast consisted of Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and Farrah Abraham, all girls from the first season of 16 and Pregnant and all girls who have been the Teen Moms from very first episode of the franchise.

Sure, Farrah got herself fired, but still, lots of fans thought the show would be just fine going forward with only Maci, Amber, and Catelynn.

Adding anyone else would take the OG out of Teen Mom OG, and that’s just not cool.

Still, it seems like MTV got super into the five girl format of Teen Mom 2 since Briana joined that show, and so they went and added two new cast members.

That’s how we have not only Cheyenne starring on the show when the season premieres on October 1st, but also Bristol Palin.

What did we do to deserve this?

And on top of all those other reasons why so many people don’t want to see Cheyenne, there’s still a great big one left …

Remember those super weird racist tweets of hers?

She posted them several years ago, but they resurfaced earlier this summer when reports began circulating that she’d be joining the show.

One from 2011 read “My mom said I can’t see The Help, she knows I already have a problem white people.”

Later, she followed that one up with “Last night I saw it and I wanted to kill every white person I saw.”

A few months later, she retweeted a friend who wrote that she and another friend “are the only nazi-loving, black power-having, ‘kill-a-white-baby-if-I-could’ people i can accept and adore.”

It goes without saying that tweeting about killing people, and specifically babies, is not great, no matter what race these imagined murder victims happen to be.

Since MTV hadn’t announced the big news about Cheyenne at that point, there was some speculation that they’d just let her go quietly without having to make a big statement about it.

But since they made the news official earlier this month, clearly they’re still going through with it.

And now, at long last, Cheyenne is speaking out about those infamous tweets.

In a written statement she shared in an Instagram Live post, she explained that “As a mom of a baby, with a biracial Dad and a member of a new blended mix-raced family, I am so sorry that these messages resurfaced and they do not represent me at all.”

“They came from a shared social media account (with many users), during my teenage/college years,” she continued.

“Although I didn’t write them, they were in poor taste and hurtful.”

She finished things out with “Through this experience I have grown up so much and thank God everyday for the woman I am becoming.”

So … hmm.

It’s kind of hard to imagine a teenage girl sharing a Twitter account with many other people, because who does that?

And even if that’s true, her friend still tagged her specifically in the tweet about killing white babies, and by the wording of the tweet, it’s very clear she wasn’t talking about a group of people.

It’s also interesting that she kept quiet about the scandal until she officially became a Teen Mom, isn’t it?

In another post, Cheyenne wrote “I know I was not a teen mom, as did MTV when the reached out to me.”

“As a young mom, I have had to overcome many struggles and face similar issues. It was my hope that my willingness to do the show and share my personal life and struggles could possibly help someone else.”

She said that she also wants “to bring awareness to my daughter’s medical condition, which has very little funding and research.”

(Her daughter has VLCAD deficiency, a condition that makes her body incapable of breaking down certain fats into energy, and it can be serious.)

That’s fine, we guess, but the whole situation is still pretty weird.

But, like we said, she’s going to be on the show whether we like it or not.

Guess we’ll see how everything turns out soon enough!


Teen Mom OG Trailer: Tears, Trauma and… Sarah Palin!

New challenges are ahead on Teen Mom OG.

At least one new child is on the way.

New drama, new storylines and plenty of new controversies are also on tap.

But the first trailer for fresh episodes of this beloved MTV reality series focus mostly on the two new mothers set to take the show by storm.

Are you ready to delve into the lives of Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd?

The former, of course, is the daughter of ex-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

You may think you know her well due to her time in the spotlight several years ago, but Bristol reveals in this preview that her (now former) husband, Dakota Meyer, is suffering from PTSD due to his time in the military.

And it's tearing her relationship apart.

"We don't know how to coexist together," Palin says here. "I don't want to raise my kids to think this is what a marriage looks like, you know?"

Meyer is the father of Bristol's two oldest children; and Levi Johnston, the father of her first son, will also be appearing on Season 8 this fall.

Elsewhere, Floyd – who first appeared on MTV's Are You the One, prior to competing on The Challenge: Rivals 3 – will be juggling two men as part of her Teen Mom OG role.

One is Cory Wharton, the father of her daughter, Ryder.

The other is a boyfriend named Zach, who, as depicted in this video, will find himself at the center of drama between the exes, their custody arrangement and how much time he spends with Floyd's adorable child.

That's a bit of background on the new OGs.

What about the original OGs?

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra will openly wonder whether they have a future together, with the latter dropping the most heartbreaking quote of the promo when he comes right out and admits:

"If someone asked me, 'Are you happy in your marriage?' I'd say, 'Absolutely not.'"


Maci Bookout and husband Taylor McKinney look to be having serious issues with Maci's ex, Ryan Edwards, while Amber Portwood and boyfriend Andrew Glennon are at least in new baby bliss.

Will that last, however?

And how will these long-time cast members react to the presence of Bristol and Cheyenne? And Sarah Palin herself?!?

Check out the explosive teaser now and then prepare for Teen Mom OG to return with new episodes on October 1 at 9/8c.

Teen mom og season 8 watch the trailer

Teen Mom OG: New Footage! New Photos! New Stars!

Are you ready for new challenges?

New battles?

And, oh, right, new Teen Moms?!?

MTV has unveiled the first extended trailer for Teen Mom OG Season 8… and it will feature two mothers who are not exactly originals.

But they do promise to bring with them brand new drama and interest.

One is Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Vice President Sarah Palin.

The other is Cheyenne Floyd, an ex-MTV personality who is already stirring up controversy with fans.

Get to know these ladies a bit better in the following trailer and then check out a slew of images from the season ahead:

1. Teen Mom OG Season 8: Watch the Trailer!

Teen mom og season 8 watch the trailer
Ready for a whole new season of Teen Mom OG? With two brand new stars? Check out this promo.

2. Amber and Andrew on Season 8

Amber and andrew on season 8
In the first of many photos ahead from Season 8, we see Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon on their couch at home, taking a break from some parenting.

3. But Tough Times Will Be Ahead

But tough times will be ahead
Amber looks a little to a lot stressed in this Season 8 scene, doesn’t she?

4. Pregnant Amber!

Pregnant amber
Amber is no longer expecting, of course. But remember that Season 8 was filmed months ago.

5. Here’s the Child!

Heres the child
Welcome, James! Amber cradles her newborn son in this Season 8 image. How cute!

6. Check Out Little James

James up close
He’s a precious tiny child. We’re so happy for Amber and Andrew.

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Cheyenne Floyd: Teen Mom OG Fans FURIOUS with Official Casting News!

Earlier this week, MTV finally confirmed the big news:

Cheyenne Floyd is joining the cast of Teen Mom OG.

It wasn’t the first time we heard the idea of Cheyenne, a star on other MTV reality shows like Are You the One? and The Challenge, becoming a cast member on the show.

Far from it, actually.

The first reports about Cheyenne came out back in June, and word is that she began filming then too, along with the father of her daughter, ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton.

Other Teen Mom players have commented on her, and there were even whispers that she’d possibly been let go for some questionable tweets she made several years ago.

But despite all of that, there was no official word on her casting until now.

So now Cheyenne will join Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and fellow newcomer Bristol Palin to make the core group of Teen Mom OG.

And in case you haven’t heard, the show’s fans are very, very displeased.

When the official Teen Mom Facebook page posted the news, the comment section was full of dismay.

“Why do they keep adding random people?” one person asked. “These girls were never on the show to start with and shouldn’t be now.”

This is a good point because the “OG” in the title of the show stands for “Original Girls,” because Maci, Amber, Catelynn, and Farrah Abraham, the original cast, have been around since the beginning of the show.

They were on the very first season of 16 and Pregnant, and despite the significant pay raises they’ve received over the years, they really did struggle in the early days — and MTV cameras documented it all.

As another person pointed out, “Can’t be Teen Mom OG if y’all have 2 new people who aren’t even part of the teen mom franchise smh.”

It is a pretty big oversight, considering the title of the show, you know?

Someone else popped in the comments with some sarcasm, writing “I saw a lady with a baby outside of Target today. She looked to be about 25 yrs old.”

“She was fighting on the phone with her boyfriend, so she fits 3 of the key factors. Hurry up MTV, give her a call!!!”

This comment addresses several other issues with Cheyenne’s casting, one being that she’s turning 26 next month and just gave birth to her first child last year.

Say what you will about Bristol Palin — seriously, say whatever, it’s cool — but at least she actually was a teen mom.

Sure, Cheyenne can probably bring the drama, but it feels like anyone starring on a show called Teen Mom should meet that one basic requirement.

Lots of people left comments to say that even though Farrah left the show, things could have gone on with just the three remaining cast members.

Many said that they’d fast-forward through Cheyenne and Bristol’s segments, and some said they’d stop watching altogether.

Quite a few even said that they felt the show should be cancelled at this point.

In conclusion, let’s let one commenter express what the rest of us are thinking:

“Wtf this sh-t is getting so stupid.”

Oh, isn’t it though …


Chelsea Houska SLAMS Adam Lind on Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

During Monday night’s Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Chelsea Houska chatted with host Dr. Drew Pinksy via Skype.

Not surprisingly, the conversation eventually turned to the topic of Houska’s fractured relationship with Adam Lind.

Chelsea Houska-Adam Lind

Equally unsurprising is the fact that Chelsea is no big fan of her deadbeat baby daddy.

Earlier this year, Chelsea obtained sole custody of her daughter by Lind after years of fretting over her 8-year-old Aubree’s safety.

It wasn’t terribly difficult for her to convince the judge, of course.

After all, Lind has been arrested more times than we can count, and he has a long history of unprovoked violence and other erratic behaviors.

Of course, Chelsea didn’t enter into the matter lightly.

It’s clear she desperately wanted Aubree to have a relationship with her father and reluctantly arrived at the conclusion that it’s just not possible.

Until he gets sober and dramatically changes his ways, Lind will continue to be a danger to himself and others.

And it seems he has no intention of altering his current course.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining in Aubree’s life.

Chelsea married Cole DeBoer in 2016, and he’s proven to be the ideal father figure for her eldest child.

“I’m grateful that [Aubree] has someone like Cole [DeBoer]. You know, who has gone above and beyond,” Chelsea told Pinksy.

“But there’s no doubt that this has to hurt her, will hurt her, deep down someday.”

Asked by Dr. Drew if Lind is still doing drugs, Chelsea had this to say:

“The one thing that I have heard is that he will be like in his house for weeks at a time, just not even doing anything. So you have to question what’s going on there.”

Earlier this year, Chelsea opened up about a topic that’s rarely discussed by the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise — namely, how her kids might feel when they one day watch the show that made their mother famous.

“It’s inevitable that they’re going to see [the show] someday,” she told E! News.

“I think Watson is going to be fine because he’s seeing fun, family times.

“I think Aubree is going to be a little more difficult because she’s going to see the relationship with her dad and she’s going to have a lot of questions.” 

Chelsea concluded:

“We’ve always been open with each other.

“She is open with me and can talk to me so I just want to keep it that way so for when they do watch it, she feels comfortable and won’t have any surprises.” 

These days, Chelsea is pregnant with her third child, and while she’s likely well aware that the years to come won’t be easy for her eldest child, she also seems confident in her belief that Aubree has the best possible support system.


Mackenzie Standifer: Teen Mom OG Is Fake AF!

Back in July, Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards quit Teen Mom OG.

Or so they say.

All these weeks later it's still not totally clear if the troubled couple quit the show, or if they were fired at the behest of Ryan's baby mama, Mackenzie Standifer.

Whatever the case, Ryan and Mackenzie are royally pissed off at the network that made them famous, and they recently accused MTV of playing a dirty trick on TMOG viewers.

1. The Not-So-Happy Couple

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
Ryan and Mackenzie are MTV stars no longer. But that doesn’t mean they’re through offering their thoughts on the network and its practices.

2. Hard Times

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Ryan and Mackenzie were already having a rough go of it when they were struck by news that their time as reality stars had come to an end.

3. The Downward Spiral

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
Ryan’s ongoing drug and legal troubles have put his marriage to the test repeatedly over the past year.

4. The Low Point

Mackenzie ryan bentley
There was a time when they even prevented him from seeing his son, Bentley, as Maci was able to secure a restraining order as a result of some violent threats made by Ryan.

5. Maci’s Claim

Maci bookout on teen mom o g
According to Maci, Ryan threatened to murder her husband, Taylor McKinney, and she had legitimate reason to fear for her family’s safety.

6. Open and Shut

Ryan edwards mug shot new
A judge agreed with her … and so did MTV. The network allegedly fired Ryan and Mackenzie as a result of his ongoing troubles. And now, the couple is striking back …

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Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom OG is a JOKE!

Where would Farrah Abraham be without Teen Mom?

It’s difficult to imagine, and a little frightening too, honestly.

If MTV had never gotten involved with Farrah, she still would have gotten pregnant as a teenager, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Derek Underwood, still would have tragically passed away before their daughter was born.

Farrah’s mother probably still would have allowed her to move into the house she owned across the street from the family home, and our girl would work in pizza joints with dreams of owning her own restaurant one day.

But without the Teen Mom fame and fortune, she never would have been able to move around as easily as she has been, and there would be no reason for Vivid Entertainment to release her sex tape.

She wouldn’t have the funds for all that plastic surgery, either, and there’s a chance her ego wouldn’t have gotten so out of control, but that may just be wishful thinking.

If Farrah had never been on the show, she’d probably be living in Iowa, possibly working her through culinary school, and living the life of your average single mother.

In a whole lot of ways, she’s extremely lucky she was cast on 16 and Pregnant all those years ago.

But you know this girl is way too proud to ever admit that.

Ever since she got fired last fall, she’s been running her mouth all about MTV and how awful everyone involved with the show is — she even sued Viacom, MTV’s parent company.

And in this new interview she did with Daily Mail Australia, not much has changed.

About her Teen Mom co-stars, she said “I think all of the women try to imitate me in my business endeavors and don’t succeed.”

There’s that ego we were talking about!

Farrah also went off about Bristol Palin, something she seems to really enjoy doing lately.

As she recalled, “I was actually with Bristol back in the day for a speaking panel, and she was not 16 and pregnant. She was 18.”

“16 and 18 are far different ages, so I almost put that out there because the storylines were so not right.”

She’s right, Bristol was 18 when she gave birth to her first child, but she was 17 when she got pregnant and for most of her pregnancy.

You know who else was 17 when she got pregnant, despite being on a show called 16 and Pregnant?

Yep, good ol’ Farrah.

Also, in what universe are 16 and 18 “far different ages,” besides the legal universe?

Anyway, Farrah continued slamming Bristol by saying “I don’t know if they’re just trying to find somebody, but she doesn’t have a following like me, she doesn’t have a lot of things that I think the Teen Moms need in order to keep going.”

“There’s now a large gap of entertainment and success that I brought to the show.”

She’s acting like she’s some celebrity that was cast on Teen Mom, not some pregnant teen who, along with a few other pregnant teens, lucked out and got a reality show.

It’s bizarre, and also a little tragic, much like Farrah herself.

She still wasn’t done, either.

“Bristol saying that she can’t wait to show her challenges and struggles … she has less challenges and struggles than we ever had because we came from being 16 and pregnant,” she complained.

“It’s just a joke.”

Again, Farrah was never 16 and pregnant, and neither were many of the other moms on the show.

Bristol didn’t struggle as much as the Teen Mom crew, that’s true, but that has more to do with her family’s wealth and success and less to do with the exact age she was when she gave birth.

But still, we’re glad Farrah could take some time to feel superior about being a few months younger than Bristol was when she had her first child.

Can this girl get any more ridiculous?