Terry Glenn Dies; Former NFL Star Was 43

Retired NFL wide receiver Terry Glenn has passed away at the age of 43.

The Pro Bowl wide receiver spent time with the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys over the course of his 12-year career.

Glenn passed away at Parkland Memorial Hospital following a car crash in Dallas early Monday morning.

The news was confirmed moments ago by Fort-Worth Star Telegram columnist Mac Engel, who tweeted:

“Member of Irving FD told me that former #Cowboys #Patriots & #OhioSt WR Terry Glenn was killed in a car wreck in Irving.”

After surviving a tumultuous childhood, during which his mother was beaten to death when Glenn was just 13 years old, Glenn earned an athletic scholarship to Ohio State University, where he was named an All-American.

Following three standout seasons with the Buckeyes, Glenn was chosen by the New England Patriots as the seventh overall pick in the 1996 NFL draft.

Though plagued by injuries throughout his career, Glenn turned in multiple 1,000-plus yard receiving seasons and was named to the Pro Bowl in 1999.

Glenn famously caught Tom Brady’s first touchdown pass during that same season.

In the later years of his career and after being released by the Cowboys in 2008, Glenn struggled in his personal life, getting arrested five times on charges ranging from public intoxication to assault of the mother of his first son.

He managed to turn things around in his final years, re-entering the football world as offensive coordinator of the Texas Revolution of the Champions Indoor Football League in 2015.

Tributes to Glenn from fans, friends, and former teammates have been pouring in on social media:

“Incredibly sad to hear about my buddy Terry Glenn. Overcame a ton of adversity to become an excellent person. May your soul rest in peace my friend,” tweeted former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

“Awful news on Terry Glenn…most gifted receiver I’ve ever played with,” wrote another former Pats QB, Scott Zolak.

Glenn is survived by his wife and three children.

Our thoughts go out to the family of Terry Glenn during this difficult time.


Terry Crews Reported His Sexual Assault to the LAPD

As more and more everyday folks and celebrities alike share their #MeToo stories, one of the most powerful revelations came from an unexpected source: Terry Crews.

Terry Crews’ story of sexual assault was eye-opening to many. If a tall, muscular, male celebrity and athlete could be groped and still fear to fight back or speak out, how do people imagine that women feel in that situation?

Well there’s good news when it comes to Terry Crews — the police are investigating.

Do you guys watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Terry Crews has been in other things, from Old Spice ads to playing the pro wrestler in Idiocracy, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best comedies on television.

On it, Terry plays a character who, despite his size and strength, is a nurturing family man with a strong sensitive side and who is wholly unafraid to stray from hypermasculine gender norms.

In other words, Terry Crews plays a character very similar to himself.

Terry Crews was a football player, but before that, he was an art student and is a genuinely good artist. He’s also been quick to eschew toxic masculinity and to support women.

We mention this because Terry Crews is a genuinely good person, and it’s important to know that — even though no one, even bad people, deserve to be sexually assaulted.

After the Harvey Weinstein rape accusations came to light and countless women began sharing their #MeToo stories, Terry Crews tweeted and shared his own story of being groped by a man in the entertainment industry at a party.

This happened in public (it was at a party) and in front of his wife.

As a general rule, you want to be really sure that you have permission before you touch someone else’s genitals.

You might be thinking “oh, it’s a nice surprise,” but you’re basically gambling on the hope that they’ll be pleased.

Just because a lot of folks like having their junk touched doesn’t mean that it’s welcome as a surprise or that you, specifically, have permission to do it.

And that goes for butts and boobs and really any part of their bodies.

The man whom Terry Crews accuses of groping him is Adam Venit, an agent for William Morris Endeavor, who headed the talent agency’s motion picture department.

We say that he headed that department, past tense, because Venit has been placed on leave.

Well, there’s good news, folks.

Terry Crews has filed an official report with the LAPD about his sexual assault.

Describing it all to police can be more difficult, in some ways, than sharing your story with the world.

But it’s an important step.

As satisfying as it might be to see, say, Kevin Spacey scrubbed from a film or to see various famous dirtbags lose their jobs — Harvey Weinstein’s wife left him — only by going to the police can we hope to send these alleged rapists to prison.

Terry Crews isn’t the only one whose brave accusation could lead to real, legal consequences for the accused.

The LAPD is investigating Harvey Weinstein for rape, which could lead to something a lot realer than a stint in rehab, which essentially amounts to a one-week vacation with some therapy.

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick is under investigation for rape after an actress came forward, and now another actress is sharing a chillingly similar accusation about him.

Fear of consequences — of being victim-blamed, of being ridiculed, of not being believed, and of being deliberately blacklisted by powerful predators — has maintained a culture of silence around Hollywood and elsewhere for far too long.

The more that brave people share their #MeToo stories, the sooner that we can shine a light upon the evil in our midst. The sooner that we can make ourselves better as a society and as a cutlure.


Terry Crews Says He’s Going after Hollywood Agent on All Fronts for Alleged Sexual Assault

Terry Crews walked out of LAPD’s Hollywood Division with resolve to go after a powerful Hollywood agent for sexual assault.  Crews told our photog he plans to file a civil lawsuit as well as pursue criminal charges.   Sources tell…


Terry Crews Says He’s Going after Hollywood Agent on All Fronts for Alleged Sexual Assault

Terry Crews walked out of LAPD’s Hollywood Division with resolve to go after a powerful Hollywood agent for sexual assault.  Crews told our photog he plans to file a civil lawsuit as well as pursue criminal charges.   Sources tell…


Terry Richardson: Controversial Photographer Blacklisted Amidst Sex Scandal

The past few weeks have brought a number of surprising allegations against some of the most influential men in Hollywood, most notably, formerly esteemed mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Just kidding, there were actually surpsised that Weinstein is a gross predator who’s been using his power to get away with all manner of despicable things pretty 

In fact, here at THG, we’ve been reporting on harassment allegations against Weinstein for years.

We say that not to pat ourselves on the back, because that would be incredibly gross, but merely to point out that anyone who’s paid attention to Weinstein’s career knows that allegations of sexual misconduct have clung to him like a bad smell.

And if they claim otherwise, they’re full of it. (We’re looking at you, Matt Damon.) 

Hollywood insiders like to throw around the term “open secret” because it’s easier than acknowleding the ugly truth of the situation:

There are certain people in Hollywood who can get away with literally anything, including harassment and rape, and everyone who’s lower than them on the totem pole will ignore it, because they hope to one day be that powerful themselves, and they know that guys like Weinstein hold the keys to the castle.

Of course, this sort of behavior isn’t limited to the movie business.

There are predators in every line of work, and many will happily abuse the smallest modicum of power.

Take, for example, famed photographer Terry Richardson.

Just when you didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be a more obvious perv than Weinstein, along comes the revoltingly-nicknamed “Uncle Terry.”

You may not be surprised by the fact that a man who’s bragged about his talent for convincing reluctant celebrities to take their clothes off has some issues with boundaries, but apparently many of his colleagues were.

Richardson is a household name in the worlds of fashion and photography, and you may know him as the director of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video and the name is mentioned alongside avery self-consciously “artsy” black-and-white nude photo of a famous person.

Unfortunately for Richardson, it seems that in the wake of the Weinstein allegations, he’s been called out by numerous women who claim he’s guilty of various acts of harassment and abuse.

According to the New York Post, publishing powerhouse Condé Nast has already cut ties with Richardson and ordered that all work of his that’s been commissioned but not yet used should be “killed or substituted with other material.”

Other major media outlets that have used Richardson’s work in the past are expected to follow suit.

Details about the allegations against Richardson are scarce at this time, but it’s telling that none of his current or former colleagues are rushing to the photographer’s defense.

In fact, the biggest question being asked today is–why did take so long for Richardson to be called out?