Dominique Potter: I Had to Take an STD Test After Banging Kailyn Lowry!

Recently, Kailyn Lowry has come forward to discuss how and why things with ex-girlfriend Dominique Potter ended.

Kail admits that she was a terrible girlfriend, saying that she regrets leaving Dom feeling “embarrassed and betrayed.”

It sounds like Dom is still feeling that way, as she has now tweeted and deleted a claim that she rushed to get tested for STIs after hooking up with Kail. Oof.

Kail and Dom were friends for at least a year before it became a relationship. That’s how life works sometimes.

Once it did, they were immediately crazy about each other. It was really sweet.

Dom relocated to be closer to Kailyn, who introduced her to her kids. That, by the way, is something that Kailyn had said that she would avoid doing unless it was a relationship that she believed would last.

But, like, well, all relationships, it had to end one way or another. And it did.

Sooner than probably either of them expected.

Now that Kailyn is reliving it all as Teen Mom 2 airs, Dom is also speaking up and speaking out.

Dominique Potter Tweet Shade

In a now-deleted tweet with a decidedly angry tone, Dom made quite the claim.

“Hold up, let me go ask my doctor for a opy of my bill from when I went and got tested for every STD/STI possible the very next day because I knew I didn’t trust her.”

She suggests that people stop speculating.

“I have nothing to hide … stop talking where you know nothing.”

It is entirely possible that she was being heavily sarcastic but realized (as one so often does on social media) that sarcasm and tone rarely translate through text and deleted it.

It may also be true and something that she decided to delete. It is difficult to be sure.

Regardless of whether or not Dom was sincere about panicking and taking a battery of STI tests, it is very clear that she’s not happy with Kailyn these days.

It sounds like she doesn’t really care for her ex’s words about their relationship on Teen Mom 2, either.

On Tuesday, Dom tweeted: 

“The inconsistency of last night and recent tweets says everything. … All good on this side.”

She seems to be keeping things vague and keeping a cooler head.


Of course, just because Dom is trying her best to avoid tweeting anything direclty about Kailyn doesn’t mean that other people aren’t.

And Dom saw one tweet that she clearly could not resist giving a retweet.

On Monday evening, Dom smashed that retweet button on this tweet:

“@KailLowry, you’re lying. You know you were dating @dp_one_four when this was filmed. So shady of you.”

Even as vague as that is, it seems very clear that there is bad blood between these two, even if the actual resentment appears to be one-sided.

That’s so sad. We wish them both the best.

All of this comes in the aftermath of Kailyn’s attempt to take responsibility for their relationship’s end in a tweet:

“Dom & I dating – I wasn’t trying to deny her or a relationship. & we had fun while it lasted but things didn’t work out.”

That’s how so many — maybe even most — relationships end.

“I’ve learned a lot over the years and wanted to keep things private & off the show but i don’t think i really handled it properly.”

Hey, we’re all learning and growing as human beings. Though if Kailyn really cheated on Dom, well, she should know better.

And if Dom really did take an STI panel after their first hookup, not out of common sense due diligence but oecause she “didn’t trust” Kail …

… Maybe this relationship was doomed from the start.


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: Demanding Paternity Test from Jen Harley?

Did someone dare Ronnie Ortiz-Magro to get as messy as possible this month?

Because that's what it's starting to feel like.

If you keep up with all the latest comings and goings of the Jersey Shore crew, then you know that Ronnie has had quite a few issues with his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Jen Harley.

And if you weren't aware — or even if you just want a nice little recap along with all the latest information — then let's get right into it.

1. A Love Story

Ronnie ortiz magro and jen harley image
This is Ronnie with Jen Harley, a girl he dated for a few weeks before she got pregnant last year. We didn’t hear too much about their relationship for a long time, but now it feels safe to say that their relationship has probably never been a fairy tale.

2. Cutting It Close

Ronnie ortiz malika haqq
Seriously, Ronnie dated Malika Haqq until last July, and he got Jen pregnant about a month after that. It’s wild out there.

3. Awww?

Jen harley baby bump at 37 weeks
When we heard that they were expecting a child together, no one really thought much of it, besides “look, those crazy Jersey Shore kids are growing up!” But then Jersey Shore started airing again, and all the drama came to light.

4. Bad, Bad Ronnie

Ronnie ortiz magro parties
Even though Jen was defintely pregnant when they filmed the show, Ronnie went back to his old cheating ways. He took some girl to the bathroom, they did some stuff, then he kept drinking and started running his mouth to his roommates about Jen.

5. Trust

Ronnie is sad hammered
“I don’t trust her for shit. I don’t,” he admitted. “So all I can do is act happy and be the best father I can be, and at the end of the day, I’m still f-cking miserable. If Jen was not pregnant, I don’t know if I’d be with her.”

6. Not a Great Move

Ronnie magro girlfriend
It was dumb to talk about all of that on television, but he did, and soon after, his relationship with Jen exploded. But, oddly enough, it wasn’t because of what happened on the show. At least, not directly.

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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: Did He Really Ask for a Paternity Test?!?

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is a father.

This is somewhat of a frightening thought for those who have watched the reality star do little but drink, party and hook up with various women over the court of numerous Jersey Shore seasons.

If you’re included in this camp of doubters, then we have some encouraging news:

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro may actually not be a father after all!

According to In Touch Weekly, the muscle-bound meathead himself has questions about his status and may ask ex-girlfriend Jen Harley for a paternity test.

This rumor comes on the heels of an epic and vicious ongoing fight between Ronnie and Harley, one that has seen the former refer to the latter as a “hoe” and a “cum dumpster” and the latter shoot back that Ronnie is a “coke head” who is unfit for parenting.

It’s been both hilarious and very disturbing to watch this back-and-forth take place online.

Both halves of the former couple have aired their dirty laundry in the most viral of social media forums, going back and forth over allegations of sex tapes and cheating.

For those who need to get caught up, here you go:

At the sad heart of this feud is that Ronnie and Jen welcomed a daughter named Ariana back on April 3.


“They had only been dating for a few months when Jen discovered she was pregnant,” a source tells In Touch. “Pals are telling him to get a paternity test.”

This is a silly line of reasoning, of course.

A few months? It only takes one night, and really just a few seconds, to get someone pregnant.

Ronnie is somehow worth over $ 3 million once you factor in his endorsement deals and his salary and those close to the star just want to make sure he’s protected.

“He will honor his commitment [if he really is the dad],” says the source. “He feels so angry and betrayed right now. He’s determined to go through with it.”

Is he really, though?

Not according to Ronnie himself.

Late on Wednesday, Ortiz-Magro shared a screenshot of a Daily Mail article that cited this paternity test chatter and wrote several hashtags over it. They include:

“#GetNewSources,” “#ThatsMyWorld,” “ShesMyLife,” and “FakeNews.”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro fake

Furthermore, Ronnie went ahead and shared a new photo of his very cute little girl.

In the picture, Ortiz-Magro’s newborn is seen lying down and actually holding her own bottle, an impressive feat Ronnie notes via several more hashtags:

“#HoldingHerOwnBottleAlready, #Brains&Beauty, #MyTwin, #MyLife, #ArianaSky.

Ronnie and Jen are allegedly on decent terms right now and both have said their focus will remain on raising their kid in a happy and healthy environment.

“This is a private matter that should have never been made public,” Ronnie said last week amid the ugly fight with Harley, concluding:

“I remain focused on my daughter and she is my No. 1 priority.”

Good. Let’s hope he means that.