Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: A Fiery Thanksgiving Argument

Thanksgiving is a time to come together as a family and put all the feuding aside. 

But, on Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 9, it seemed more like everyone wanted to bicker for the big occasion. For viewers, it was a solid episode, but it revealed that all of the big personalities on the show thrived on the drama. 

When the episode got underway, GG and Adam went to the local sex shop to practice their technique for giving oral sex. The lady giving the masterclass could not contain her laughter when she told GG to listen to her partner breathing, and that will tell her if she’s doing it right. 

Adam chimed in, saying: “She won’t hear. She’s half deaf.” Yes, it was one of the craziest openings, but it was still fun to watch and proved that when they’re not fighting with one another, they are kind of funny. 

Mike met up with Asa at the grocery store to get prepared for Thanksgiving. Things got awkward real quick because Asa wanted to know why their group of friends were so annoyed with her. 

Mike then felt the need to reveal that Reza told everyone the truth about the freezing of eggs, and it immediately made Asa mad. It would have been so much easier for Asa to have been straight up with MJ in the first place. 

They could have gone through the treatment together. Asa had put Reza in a difficult situation, but all she could think about was the betrayal of all of it. 

Asa wasted no time and asked Reza about it at the Thanksgiving meal, and he was brutally honest with her. He said that she put him in a difficult position and that he felt like he was lying to his friends. 

They returned to the dinner table, but Reza noted in a confessional that he wanted to get up and leave because he felt like things were now awkward about the whole situation. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast made their way to Shervin’s for a meal, and Golnesa invited Leila because she thought it would make her family happy. 

When Leila appeared, Golnesa gave a speech and Leila immediately went out for a cigarette before trashing her to Mike. Mike was not about to let Shervin’s party be ruined, so he called Leila out. 

Leila then trashed Golnesa to people inside the house and said that she took eight days to thank her for picking her up from rehab. Yes, she was going low with her insults, but the sisters got along after their big fight. 

Leila was not the only troublemaker at the party. MJ was intent on letting Annalise know the true extent of Shervin’s private life, and brought up the cheating rumors, but Annalise shut her down. 

But, the teaser for next week makes it look like the cheating allegations will run rampant, so that should be fun. Reality TV thrives on cheating rumors, so we are totally in for this. 

What do you think about all the drama?


Taylor Swift Twerks HARD in Hilarious Thanksgiving Video

Say what you will about Taylor Swift — call her out on her shady songwriting habits, that weird overlap in her relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, the Kimye debacle, whatever — but you know the girl is America's Sweetheart.

She has been since she came onto the scene with that curly hair and that open heart all those years ago, and she will be for the rest of all time.

She could probably murder someone, like actual murder, and people would still be like "Awww, forgivesies!"

Part of the reason for this is that she holds so many American traditions near and dear to her heart.

Taylor goes hard for America's biggest tradition, the Fourth of July, what with those big, lovely parties she throws every year.

But, as we're learning today, that's not the only national holiday Taylor loves.

Yep, she's also apparently all about some Thanksgiving.

She held a party at her Rhode Island home, the same home where she hosts her Fourth of July parties, and she invited key squad members like models Martha Hunt and Lily Donaldson.

And, at the party, she also threw in some other classic national pastimes, such as lame social media challenges and twerking.

Yes, we said twerking.

Check out Taylor's moves in the extremely delightful video she shared below:

Taylor swift twerks hard in hilarious thanksgiving video

Kanye West Spending Thanksgiving In Hospital: Will Kim Kardashian Be With Him?

Kanye West is set to spend Thanksgiving in hospital after being admitted just a few days ago for what some are describing as a “psychotic breakdown.”

We know a lot of you probably knew it was only a matter of time before something like that happened. 

His behavior is genuinely all over the place. You never really know which celebrity he’s going to take issue with next. It must be exhausting for his friends and loved ones. 

Perhaps his most iconic moment was the time the 39-year-old ruined Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs, saying Beyonce deserved to win the award. 

That was definitely a low blow, and it seems like he still has some serious beef with Taylor Swift. Heck, the guy seems to have beef with everyone. 

Trying to keep track of his feuds is no easy task. 

Alas, he is in hospital and will probably be getting the help he needs. His wife, Kim Kardashian rushed to his side as soon as she heard what went down with him. 

Per Us Weekly, Kanye will definitely be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital. 

“Kanye will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving and isn’t leaving,” an insider revealed, adding that his wife “has barely left his side.”

“Kim has been very concerned and supportive,” the source adds.

“Seeing Kanye like this is scary for her.”

We can only imagine how scary it has been for Kim.

I mean, she was held at gunpoint in Paris just weeks ago and has been keeping a low profile ever since. 

This was most likely one of the things that tipped Kanye over the edge.

Being away on tour would have meant he would have been apart from his wife and children. 

It would have been difficult for him to just continue on with the tour with the stress piling up.

The best thing about all of this is that he is getting the help he needs. 

There’s every possibility that West could disappear from the spotlight as part of his recovery.

It won’t be easy trying to recover with a bunch of cameras following him around. 

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below!


76ers Players & Staff — Prep 50,000 Thanksgiving Dinners … At Boys & Girls Club (PHOTO GALLERY)

Talk about feeding the masses … A bunch of Philadelphia 76ers players and staff prepped 50,000 Thanksgiving meals Tuesday to give to the needy … and TMZ Sports has the pics.  Players like Robert Covington and Sergio Rodriguez – along…


Grandma Texts Wrong Teen, Invites Him to Thanksgiving Anyway

Grandparents and technology really do not mix.

At least not when it comes to efficiency.

When it comes to hilarity, however, and even the warming of one's heart, the following grandmother and the teen she accidentally texted about Thanksgiving make for the perfect combination.

Prepare to laugh and maybe even shed a tear over the following story…

1. This is Jamal Hinton

Jamal hintonthis is
Jamal is 17 years old and lives in Phoenix. He spoke to BuzzFeed News about the tale you’re about to read and explained that he recently/unexpectedly made a new “friend” via text message.

2. How It All Began…

How it all began
About a week before Thanksgiving, Jamal accidentally got included in a group text from an unknown number, which expounded on Thanksgiving dinner plans that included others named “Amanda” and “Justin.” Hinton was confused. He asked who the sender was and she replied “your grandma.”

3. MY Grandma?!?

My grandma
Jamal remained confused. He askd for a picture… and received one!

4. I’m Sorry, But…

Im sorry but
… Jamal explained to this nice woman that she was not his grandmother. She had made a mistake with her text message.

5. Nice to Meet You!

Nice to meet you
Hinton took it all in stride and responded with his own selfie to prove his idenity. He also asked if he could still have a seat at her table on Thanksgiving, to which the very kind lady replied: “Of course you can.”

6. The Story Goes Viral

The story goes viral
Jamal says that he’s very much serious and will happily attended this Thanksgiving meal if the invitation still stands. As you can see here, Twitter is very excited about this new friendship.

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