Johann Johannsson, Oscar-Nominated Composer of ‘The Theory of Everything,’ Dead at 48

Johann Johannsson — the man behind the original scores of films like “Arrival,” “Sicario,” “The Theory of Everything” and “Prisoners” — died Friday in Berlin … according to his manager. Johannsson was reportedly found dead in his apartment, and…


‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Alice Amter Supports Matt Damon’s Sexual Harassment Comments

Actress Alice Amter jumped to Matt Damon’s defense Thursday night, saying it’s grossly unfair to skewer Damon for saying it’s wrong to lump all men in the same basket on the subject of sexual harassment. The ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress was at Craig’s…


‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Alice Amter Supports Matt Damon’s Sexual Harassment Comments

Actress Alice Amter jumped to Matt Damon’s defense Thursday night, saying it’s grossly unfair to skewer Damon for saying it’s wrong to lump all men in the same basket on the subject of sexual harassment. The ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress was at Craig’s…


Joy-Anna Duggar: Premarital Pregnancy Theory Confirmed?

On Thanksgiving Day, the entire Duggar family assembled to celebrate … whatever it is that we celebrate on Thanksgiving.

Well, we should say almost the entire Duggar family was on hand.

“We had a wonderful time together over the past few days, lots of delicious food and the making of new memories that will last a lifetime! We were so thankful to have kids and grandkids under one roof,” matriarch Michelle captioned the above photo.

As you can see, even the disgraced Josh Duggar was invited to the family’s Thanksgiving festivities.

So naturally, fans are curious as to why Joy-Anna Duggar was absent from the gathering.

Of course, the internet has plenty of theories on that score.

As you may recall, Joy-Anna is pregnant with her first child.

The announcement came just three months after the 20-year-old married Austin Forsyth, prompting theories that she actually got pregnant before her wedding.

If you know where the Duggars stand on the issue of premarital sex, then you know why that would be a very big deal.

The Joy-Anna “shotgun wedding” theories are rampant on social media, and many fans are convinced that Joy is absent from her family’s holiday pics due to her burgeoning baby bump.

The comments section on the Duggars’ latest Instagram photo is loaded with questions about Joy-Anna’s absence, but thus far, those queries have gone unanswered.

Many fans have pointed out that Joy and Austin may have decided to spend the holidays with the Forsyths.

But if that’s the case, why wouldn’t her parents just say so?

The fact is, there are a number of reasons why Joy may not have been photographed alongside the rest of her family.

But it’s not as if the Duggars aren’t aware of the controversy surrounding her date of conception.

So the fact that Joy is absent without any sort of explanation is enough to raise plenty of eyebrows … and questions.

Many are taking the lack of a justification from her family as a sure sign that Joy is further along than the Duggars would have us believe.

We hate to indulge conspiracy theories, but the situation is mighty suspicious.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Jay-Z Album Title 4:44 EXPLAINED by Mind-Blowing Fan Theory on Twitter!

We briefly wondered why Jay-Z’s album was titled 4:44. Like, is it a time of day? And then we were distracted by all of the major bombshells that the lyrics contained.

Well, one fan posted a theory with a photo that would absolutely explain it and its deep meaning.

Of all of the bonkers conspiracy theories that have ever surrounded Jay-Z and Beyonce, this is the most plausible.

Okay, so … you remember that elevator video of Solange Knowles attacking the f–k out of Jay-Z?

That question’s rhetorical, because we all remember.

Solange seemed to fly into a rage, leaping at and attacking Jay-Z in that elevator.

Well, the elevator was at a hotel called The Standard.

And one very observant fan had an epiphany, took a photo, and shared it to Twitter.

4:44 Theory

That’s amazing, right?

And it would basically confirm that Solange’s fury was about Jay-Z’s cheating and the stress from his cheating (possibly) causing Beyonce to have miscarriages.

(We kind of knew that after Lemonade dropped, to be honest)

If the address is 444, then 4:44 as an album title makes a lot of sense, right?

Except that the truth is … somewhat stranger.

See, 444 is the address of Le Bain, which is a rooftop bar above The Standard.

The Standard’s address is 848 Washington Street.

Now, Jay-Z and Beyonce and Solange were coming back from Le Bain when the incident occurred.

But they were in an elevator within The Standard, which does not have that address.

In case you think that we’re being nitpicky, Jay-Z has already explained the name of the album.

4:44, the album, is named after “4:44,” the song.

And “4:44” is so named because Jay-Z woke up at 4:44am (a much more reasonable time to go to bed than to wake up) and wrote the song, confessing to sabotaging his marriage to Beyonce with his compulsive cheating.

So … we’re thinking that the address of Le Bain is probably a huge coincidence.

No number of explanations are going to put at ease the conspiracy theorists out there.

Remember, we live in a world where there are real people who believe that NASA has a child sex slave colony on Mars and that there’s a cloning factory where replacement celebrities are grown.

Every year, you see another detailed analysis of the Superbowl’s Halftime Show.

In real life, the Halftime Show is just the only part of the sportsball game that’s actually interesting or worthwhile.

In the minds of conspiracy theorists, these performances are all elaborate Illuminati rituals that are also Satanist and also Masonic even though those are different things and one of those is made up. 

These conspiracy theories absolutely include Beyonce (who’s been part of a couple of Halftime Shows over the past several years) and Jay-Z. And even their children.

When Blue Ivy was born, the top trend on Twitter was a proposed acronym for Blue’s middle name: “Illuminati’s Very Youngest.”

While we admire such creativity, it’s worrisome that people actually believe any of these things.

So, yeah, anybody who believes this kind of stuff is probably going to believe literally whatever they want about Jay-Z’s album title.

But, let us assure you: it’s not that deep.


Melissa Rauch: Big Bang Theory Star Opens Up About Miscarriage

In a moving essay published by Glamour today, Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch both announced that she is pregnant and revealed that she suffered a miscarriage.

In the candid piece, the 37-year states that she is overjoyed by the prospect of becoming a mom, but continues to struggle with the fear of losing another pregnancy.

“Here is the only statement regarding my pregnancy that doesn’t make me feel like a complete fraud: “Melissa is expecting her first child,” Rauch writes.

“She is extremely overjoyed, but if she’s being honest, due to the fact that she had a miscarriage the last time she was pregnant, she’s pretty much terrified at the moment that it will happen again.”

The actress adds:

“She feels weird even announcing this at all, and would rather wait until her child heads off to college to tell anyone, but she figures she should probably share this news before someone sees her waddling around with her mid-section protruding and announces it first.”

With humor and admirable frankness, Rauch went on to write that she was filled with conflicting emotions in the months following her first pregnancy, often experiencing pangs of grief when friends would announce that they were starting families.

“It’s not that I wasn’t happy for these people, but I would think, ‘Why are these shiny, carefree, fertile women so easily able to do what I cannot?'”

She adds:

“And then I’d immediately feel guilt and shame for harboring that jealousy—one might call this “the circle of strife.” (A song I imagine is somewhere deep in the extended director’s cut of The Lion King.)”

Rauch opens up about the ways in which the loss of an uborn child is unique and requires a unique kind of mourning:

“What I realized, though, is that because this kind of loss is not openly talked about nearly as much as it should be, there really is no template for how to process these emotions,” she writes.

“You’re not necessarily going to a funeral or taking time off from work to mourn, but that doesn’t change the fact that something precious has been unexpectedly taken from your life.”

Rauch concludes the essay with a message of support to other women have endured what she’s endured:

“So, to all the women out there who are dealing with fertility issues, have gone through a miscarriage or are going through the pain of it currently, allow me to leave you with this message: You are not alone. And, it is perfectly OK to not be OK right now.”

Important words from a strong woman.

Read Rauch’s entire essay here.

And as always, you can watch The Big Bang Theory online anytime at TV Fanatic.


Beyonce Conspiracy Theory: 3 Reasons to Believe She’s Given Birth

Toward the end of last month, Matthew Knowles shared an important update on the status of his daughter’s womb.

He said Beyonce will give birth at some point in the relatively near future.

Fans, naturally, started to immediately speculate over when this blessed event will occur and many have now come to a breaking conclusion…

… it already has!

Beyonce and Jay-Z have already welcomed their twins into the world!

Wait, what?!? How?!? No way… right?

Astute Internet users and dedicated members of The Bey Hive believe that Beyonce has already given birth for THREE reasons.

First, the singer shared the following photo on Instagram shortly after Memorial Day Weekend.

It features Beyonce, daughter Blue Ivy and a noticeable baby bump.

So, what’s the big deal? How is this a clue that Beyonce is hiding her already-born-and-undoubtedly-adorable twins?

Because fans think the baby bump looks smaller than it did in photos from Beyonce’s push party.

They also analyzed Beyonce’s crimped hairstyle and believe it’s the same look she rocked in early May.

In other words, according to this conspiracy theory, the above picture is a few weeks older than Beyonce wants followers to think. She posted it to make it appear as though she was pregnant during Memorial Day.

Second, sister Solange apologized to fans last week for canceling a scheduled concert with Migos.

She blamed “production dramas” for the decision, but some wonder if a certain famous sibling of hers actually went into labor.

solange tweet message

Third, someone inside of Cedars Sinai Hospital claims to have spotted Tina Knowles in the facility on May 20.

This Twitter user totally violated Tina’s privacy by actually sharing a photo of Beyonce’s mom and writing as a caption to the image:


bey's mom

Now, look… Solange could have canceled that concert for any number of non-baby related reasons.

And Tina Knowles could also have been at the hospital for any number of non-baby related reasons.

On one hand, we understand why some folks out there want to believe in this conspiracy. They are just SO gosh darn excited for Beyonce to be a mother of three that they want the twins to just be here already.

Moreover, Beyonce and Jay-Z will not be selling their newborn photos to any tabloid.

They are not the type of celebrity couple to immediately rush to social media and tell the world that they are brand new parents.

So, sure, we could easily see these superstars taking some time to themselves for a bit before making their major baby announcement.

HOWEVER, in this age of camera phones and paparazzi and websites willing to pay hospital employees for tips or information, it seems impossible to believe that Beyonce could actually keep her babies a secret for very long.

And, you know what?

If she and Jay-Z really have welcomed their twins and are throwing us off that miraculous scent because they aren’t ready to share this news with the public yet?

That’s fine by us.

It’s their business and their business only. We’ll send our best wishes and squeal in delight once we know for sure that the Beybies have truly arrived.


Sean Hannity: FIRED From Fox News Over Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory?

If you’re familiar with Sean Hannity, you know that he’s the national news media’s answer to the former fat kid who went from bullied to bully after making third string offensive line, and who now makes up for lost time by shoving twice as many kids into lockers.

Hannity used to beat up on his on-air partner, Alan Colmes, who was clearly meant to play the role of the Fox News audience’s idea of a typical liberal: meek, bookish, always wrong.

But these days, Hannity is on his own, and so he’s forced to terrorize less likely victims.

Like, say, the families of promising young men murdered in their prime.

As you’ve likely heard by now, a DNC employee named Seth Rich was tragically shot dead at the age of 27 in July of last year.

Police have concluded that Rich’s murder was part of a botched robbery attempt, but naturally, the tin foil-hat-wearing nut jobs who brought us #Pizzagate and Alex Jones heard the words “murder” and “DNC” in the same sentence and immediately became fully erect.

Having long ago exchanged his soul for a profitable share in the 49-65 demo, Sean Hannity has decided in recent weeks to force Rich’s family to relive the grim details of their son’s murder in service of a conspiracy theory that his own network has renounced.

Yes, Fox News officially believes there’s no connection between Rich’s murder and the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

(Ya know, because why in the hell would there be?)

Additionally, Rich’s family has publicly asked Hannity to stop politicizing their son’s murder and dragging his legacy through the mud.

But at first, Hannity refused to let it go.

Not only because it was great for whipping up a frenzy at retirement communities all over the country, but also because he had some great sources on his side:

We’re talking about folks like international fugitive Julian Assange and a hacker named – we sh-t you not – Kim Dotcom.

Move over, Woodward and Bernstein! Assange and Dotcom are not members of Tracy Morgan’s entourage on 30 Rock, but rather totes legit journalists here to steal your crown!

Of course, following the firing of Bill O’Reilly, multiple sexual harassment scandals, the departure of Megyn Kelly, and the death of Roger Ailes, Fox News is on shaky ground these days.

Many advertisers who aren’t thrilled with the idea of terrorizing parents who recently lost a child have already jumped ship, and Hannity was forced to issue an on-air pseudo-apology earlier this week.

Now, Hannity has announced some unexpected “time off,” which is the Fox News-speak equivalent of when your parents say they’re taking the family dog to live on a farm upstate. 

Hannity addressed the rumors that he’s being canned by claiming (like O’Reilly and Kelly before him) that his vacation was totally planned and he’ll be back before you know it.

“ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW,” Hannity tweeted, adding, for clarification, that he has not taped his “last show.”

Yes, friend of the working man Sean Hannity might be in the midst of a tireless effort to expose the political scandal of a lifetime, but sometimes you just have to take a five-day long weekend to get your chillax on, ya know?

Hopefully, Sean gets the R&R he needs, and returns ready to stoke the flames of some Des Moines meth-head’s dangerous paranoia.

After all, the parents of murdered young people aren’t gonna bully themselves.


Avril Lavigne Died in 2003, Was Replaced By Look-Alike, Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Claims

You may know Avril Lavigne as the Canadian Hot Topic aficionado who married the Nickelback guy and did a lot of unintentionally comedic sneering in the early 2000s.

But if you’re prone to believing social media conspiracy theories started by people with names like @givenchyass, then you’ll soon think of the self-proclaimed punk princess in a very different light …

… as a corpse!

Yes, thanks to a remarkably detailed tweet thread outlining the case for #DeadAvrilTruthers, the buzz on Twitter this week is that Avril committed suicide in 2003, and her death was covered up by greedy record company execs.

So who’s been belting out all those jams about Sk8r bois and rocking those ironic neckties?

Well, according to @givenchyass, a body double named Melissa Vandella has been masquerading as Avril for the past 14 years.

Yes, Ms. Ass claims that Lavigne hired Vandella early in her career to do appearances on her behalf and generally help her cope with the pressures of fame.

“She was so used to being able to live a normal life and now that she was famous, she couldn’t handle the paparazzi,” the conspiracy tweeter writes.

So, the story goes, Avril did what any skittish overnight celeb would do, and hired a doppelganger:

Dead Avril Lavigne Tweet

@givenchyass goes on to claim that Avril and Melissa “quickly became best friends” and one day while hanging out in the studio, Lavigne decided to teach Vandella how to “sing and sound like her.”

Shortly thereafter, Avril’s career took off like a shot, but at the height of her fame, she was struck by tragedy when her beloved grandfather passed away.

Dead Avril theorists believe that Lavigne was distraught that she hung herself, but those who stood to make the most money from her fame found a way to keep the radio-friendly pop-punk train rolling:

“She was at the peak of her career, so it is said that instead of letting the news of her dying go into the media, they used her look alike,” @givenchyass claims.

Dead Avril Tweet

Hilariously, this theory has actually been around for several years, originating on the appropriately-titled Brazilian blog Avril Esta Morta.

In the past, however, no one has gone into greater detail than @givenchyass, and yes, at this point, we’re just enjoying using that name as often as possible.

Social became so rapt with the notion that Avril was replaced by a punk double that Lavigne’s name trended on Twitter over the weekend, and hundreds have made contributions to the #DeadAvril evidence pile.

Naturally, there have been some doubters, because, well, the whole story is bonkers and ridiculous, but G-Ass has already responded to the haters:

Avril Lavigne Photograph

“I’m not sitting here being like ‘this is 100% facts’ it’s literally just a theory so calm down and miss me w that headass sh-t,” she tweeted.

Yeah! Miss her with that headass sh-t!

Do those words actually mean something?

Avril Lavigne is dead, people named @givenchyass are making international news, and we no longer understand Twitter slang!

Why ya gotta go and make things so complicated, world?

We need a nap.


Casey Anthony Drowning Theory Slammed By Father: What a Bunch of Crap!

The finale of Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery raised many questions, ones all too familiar to those versed in the true crime saga.

Ever since she was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old child, Caylee, on July 5, 2011, Casey has continued to fascinate the public.

If the police’s prime suspect, who was widely presumed guilty in the court of public opinion, didn’t do it, then who killed Caylee Anthony?

And regardless of the guilty party, how did she die?

George Anthony, the father of Casey and grandfather of Caylee, shared his personal theory in the final episode of the Discovery TV event.

He disputed the defense’s theory that Caylee Anthony drowned accidentally while unsupervised in the family swimming pool in 2008.

“I don’t believe (the drowning explanation). That’s a bunch of bull to me,” he explained. “That’s too easy of a story to bring up.”

“‘Cause if that would’ve happened, I think my daughter would’ve at least had the decency or common sense inside to call 911 and say something.”

“That’s a bunch of crap,” he said.

George, who was also the target of sexual allegations during the infamous trial, shared his own loosely-formed theory about her demise.

He alleged that there were occurrences when Caylee would sleep for long lengths of time – up to 13 hours – which raised his suspicions.

“I believe (Casey Anthony) gave (Caylee) something, yeah. I mean, that’s just my beliefs,” he said, claiming she had access to drugs.

Referencing Xanax in particular, when asked for the prescription drug’s street name, George – himself a former cop – replied “Zanny.”

“Zanny the Nanny” was an alias used for Zenaida Gonzalez, the name of Caylee’s alleged babysitter and abductor according to Casey.

Casey’s story was not backed by police, and she was ultimately convicted of making false statements, and released with time served.

In any event, “I believe Casey gave (Caylee) something,” George said about the little girl’s death, adding “Caylee didn’t wake up.”

Meanwhile, Casey’s mom Cindy called her daughter “the light of our lives” and says she actually agrees with the defense theory.

“I don’t know what distracted her or what happened,” she said, “but, as far as being responsible I feel like it was an accident.”

She believes that Casey’s lies to police were not justified, but on some level can be explained as a way to deal with the tragedy.

“Emotionally, something happened to her when she realized her child had died, that she couldn’t cope with that,” she said.

“And, she panicked, and I think that happens to a lot of people that sometimes you’re worried that someone’s not going to believe you.”

Because of that, “you try to make it look like something else.”

George and Cindy say they do not let the case divide them, despite being diametrically opposed in their perception of what took place.

Cindy said that she and Casey “talk from time,” but George has not kept in touch with his daughter in the aftermath of her trial and release.

“Whatever life she has, I hope she makes something positive for it. Am I ever gonna speak to my daughter again? No. We’re done.”

“I lost my daughter and my granddaughter. I lost them both.”

There is no love lost, either, at least on his end.

Lest we were at all unclear, George Anthony said that justice would have Casey “behind bars and have her suffer like Caylee suffered.”

Discovery did not receive comments from Casey – who says she sleeps well and has no clue how Caylee died – regarding the docuseries.