Derick Dillard Attacks Parkland Shooting Survivors: They’re Ridiculous!

Derick Dillard is at it again.

Just when you thought the Duggar family’s resident blowhard had learned his lesson about bullying the most vulnerable segments of our population, he goes and hits a new low.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, a school shooting in Parkland, Florida claimed 17 lives last month.

In the wake of the tragedy, several students have made it their mission to take on the NRA and the politicians they feel are responsible for America’s ludicrously permissive policies on assault weapons.

Shockingly, these courageous teens have been met with a brutal backlash, with several reporting that they’ve received death threats from angry weapons fetishists.

On Wednesday, Jill Duggar’s husband joined the effort to try and discredit the grieving teens:

“This has gotten a little ridiculous; at least 2 networks are now using kids to push their liberal agendas,” Derick tweeted.

“It’s obviously not all about the kids when voices like @KyleKashuv aren’t as elevated. Liberal Media… at least be consistent so you can hide your biased tactics better.”

Not surprisingly, the reaction against Derick’s ignorant remarks was swift and harsh:

“These kids have gone through more than most of us and if you have watched any of the coverage you would know how smart and articulate they are,” wrote one critic

“They are better than a lot of people in the world. Back off Derick.” another commented.

“Derick, I feel sorry for you that your worldview is so warped you can’t see the reality right in front of you. These kids are bravely standing up for each other and for other children,” a third argued, adding:

“You’re being condescending to them when you say they’re being ‘used.'”

Regardless of your stance on the gun control issue, we’re all decent people can agree that attacking teens who have experienced a tragedy and are already receiving death threats from others is not an appropriate use of a grown man’s time.

And Derick of all people should know that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.

Dillard was recently fired by TLC after a bizarre social media tirade directed ata a fellow star of the network,

For reasons clear only to him, Derick attacked Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who serves as the subject of the reality series I Am Jazz.

While fans pleaded with him to relent, Derick continued to accuse Jennings of “promoting an unreality” and opposing the will of God.

Since his firing, neither Derick nor Jill have appeared on her family’s reality series.

It’s not known how the Dillards are supporting themselves these days, but in the past, the family has been known to rely on donations from fans to keep food on the table.

Needless to say, it’s not the most stable source of income, and it might be a good idea for Derick to stop biting the hand that feeds him by alienating his social media followers.

Watch Counting On online to relive the Dillards’ time on the show.


Jorge Nava and Anfisa Speak Out About Jorge’s Arrest, Whether They’re Together

Though fans have come to strongly suspect that Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava are still together, the couple hasn't actually verbally confirmed things, one way or the other.

The controversial 90 Day Fiance couple has finally sat down to clear the air, in the video that you'll see below.

What brought this on? Well, largely, the fact that Jorge Nava was arrested.

Anfisa arkhipchenko and jorge nava clear things up

Yes, the couple confirms the reports of Jorge's arrest.

They caution fans against reading unverified accounts of the nature of his arrest (he reportedly had a massive amount of marijuana while in a state where it's illegal), but Jorge himself cannot really confirm much of the story.

"The only thing I can confirm is that I was arrested on Feb. 7, and I was bailed out by my wife two days later."

Obviously, talking about the charges against him could come back to bite him in court.

"Other than that, due to the delicate nature of my case… I can’t talk about the details until all of this is over"

Honestly, being leery of unverified reports is good advice for anyone.

Anfisa arkhipchenko and jorge nava

Anfisa then mentions that a number of commenters had asked about her green card status and how it might be impacted.

Jorge clarifies that no, the arrest of one's American spouse does not somehow nullify someone's marriage or green card status.

Anfisa then says "Sorry, haters" and looks pleased as punch.

Seriously — love Anfisa or hate her, but look at the expression on her face here. It's great.

It's smug satisfaction, folks. This isn't the first time that Anfisa has told her haters to eat it.

Anfisa and jorge smirk

These two also want to resolve relationship questions.

Before they actually speak about it, they share an on-camera kiss.

Actually, three on-camera kisses.

After the first one, Anfisa gives Jorge a weird look, pinches his nose, and then kisses him again. (The third kiss is at the end)

We don't know what that's about. Like everything else about this relationship, it leaves us with questions.

But yes, they really kiss. If you can't wait for the video below, here's the proof.

Anfisa and jorge kiss

Anfisa speaks up about their marriage:

"Some time ago I made a post on my Instagram saying that I would like to keep my personal life private."

Which, though an odd choice for a reality star, is totally her right.

"But due to the crazy amount of speculation that’s going on, I just decided that it’s better to share with you that we’re still together, obviously."

Not just still married, but still together.

Anfisa then goes on to elaborate about their relationship.

Anfisa arkhipchenko with roses

"We’ve never really broken up. Yes, we had our fights just like any other couple, but we’re working through it."

That sounds healthy enough.

"You know, everybody fights. Everybody is crazy. But that's how relationships are."

That is … not quite accurate. Not every relationship has fights like theirs. Not every relationship has fights, period.

"All relationships are different. And if your relationship is different from ours, it doesn't give you the right to judge us or insult us in any way."

Well, no, they shouldn't be insulted for having a different relationship. But at times, their relationship has seemed toxic. Some fans would argue that it's fair for them to be judged.

Here's the video itself:

Jorge nava and anfisa speak out about jorges arrest whether they

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Photos: They’re Finally Here!

Talk about anti-climactic!

Typically, when a star as big as Kylie Jenner gets pregnant, baby bump photos are everywhere in the months before the baby arrives.

But Kylie broke all the rules while carrying her kid.

On Sunday, the world learned that Kylie welcomed a baby girl on February 1.

With an astonishing 102 million Instagram followers, the 20-year-old reality star is usually one of the most visible people on social media.

But during her pregnancy, Kylie all but disappeared from the public eye.

(Well, to the extent that it’s possible for a member of the Kardashian clan to disappear from the public eye.)

There were many rumors as to why this was the case, and Kylie put some of them to rest in a heartfelt Instagram post yesterday.

Basically, it sounds like the pressures of impending motherhood and her insecurities about her changing body compelled her to lie low – but now that the baby has arrived, we finally get to see what Kylie looked like when she was knocked up!

The photo above was posted by Kylie’s friend Heather Sanders, who was pregnant at the same time as Jenner.

Heather posted the pic, along with the following tribute to Kylie:

“Congratulations To The sweetest,Loving, Most Caring person on earth! So happy we got to share this experience together!” Sanders wrote.

“Sleep together, Eat together, Workout etc Love Having you as my pregnant sister for 9 Months! You are going to be such an amazing Mom, and your beautiful baby is the luckiest girl in the world to have you as her mother.

“You Were Made For This! I Love You So Much! Can’t wait for Your Snap Back We Not Even Ready.”

Another one of Kylie’s bump buddies is her sister Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe is still pregnant with her first child, and it seems she’ll miss having Kylie around as her partner in pregnancy.

Like Sanders, Khloe posted a pic of herself with a pregnant Kylie, along with some heartfelt words of support:

“Congratulations My Sweet Kylie! What a magical ride it’s been! I’ll miss you bumping along with me,” Khloe wrote.

“Never in a million years did I think we would do this together but it’s been that much more special because of it.

“God is so great!! He had His plan all along! I love you little mama.”

Sounds like a lot of folks will miss pregnant Kylie.

Fortunately, Mama Kylie is taking her place, and we’re guessing she’ll be pretty popular, too.

After all, not every new mother can boast a 9-figure Instagram following.

Our sincere congrats go out to Kylie and her family.

We’re sure she’ll slay motherhood the same way she slays the selfie game.


Joseph and Kendra Dugger Gender Reveal: They’re Having A…

Joseph and Kendra Dugger have some very exciting news to share.

Already having confirmed they’re expecting their first baby this year, the TLC star found a unique way over the weekend to announce the gender of this baby.

Were they feeling blue at the time?

Or pretty in pink?

This young Duggar couple made the reveal in an especially fun manner, as first reported by Us Weekly.

You see, Joseph’s brother, John David Duggar, is an Arkansas constable and part-time officer with the Tontitown Police Department.

This will soon become relevant, don’t worry. We’re not just bragging on his behalf.

Using his connections, John David organized a gender reveal unlike any we’ve seen before, using tannerite mixed with a certain color powder that would burst into the air once the explosive denotated.

(Do not try this at home, people. Make sure you have a professional standing by at all times.)

So… the Duggar family stood approximately 20 yards behind John David – who has undergone extensive firearm safety and weapons training – as he shot a bullet 200 yards into the substance, which is commonly used in target practice.

Blue powder subsequently burst into the air.

See a snapshot of the reveal below:

gender pic

You know what this means, right?

Yup, a bundle of baby boy joy is on the way for Kendra and Joseph!

“Wow! We are so happy to learn that our firstborn is a boy!” the couple told Us Weekly, adding via statement:

“Our minds are already racing toward all the future memories to be made with this little guy!

“Most of all, we are already asking God to bless him and help us grow him into a loving and faithful follower of Christ!”

Along with the cute picture below, Kendra and Joseph were equally psyched when sharing news of the former expecting back in December.

This is what they said at the time:

“During this season that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, we are so excited to share with you that we are expecting the gift of a child ourselves! Wow, it’s so exciting!!!

“We’ve both always loved children and seen them as a real blessing from God.

“It’s so surreal to think of being parents and having our own little one. We cannot wait to see this new baby!”

Joseph is only 22 years old and Kendra is only 19 years old.

Even by Duggar standards, they are pretty young to become parents.

But this how members of the large family role, as anyone who has chronicled their controversial lives on television knows very well.

The two have known each other for a very long time, at least, having met in church way back when they were children.

Joseph popped the big question to Kendra at sister Joy-Anna’s wedding last May and then they got married in September at the First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Making the event extra special?

They were married by Kendra’s dad, who is a pastor.

Speaking of Joy-Anna, meanwhile, she is also pregnant.

Based on her due date and her baby bump and rumors flying around the Internet, however, this pregnancy comes equipped with a built-in scandal:

Did she and Austin Forsyth have sex before marriage, make a child and then have a shotgun wedding?

Such shocking chatter refuses to die.

Either way, however, we send our best wishes to Joy-Anna and to Kendra for happy, healthy pregnancies and babies.


Robert Valletta Blames Vanderpump Rules Cast For Scheana Marie Breakup: They’re Savages!

Long before Vanderpump Rules Season 6 debuted at the beginning of December, word got out that Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta had broken up after just a few weeks of dating.

It’s a strange situation for viewers, who are just now getting their first real insights into Rob’s character and personality, despite the fact that he has no real ties to the cast any longer.

Of course, it sounds like if Scheana gets her way, he’ll soon be welcomed back into the fold.

Yes, as you may have noticed if you caught Monday night’s episode, Scheana–to borrow a phrase coined by Tom Sandoval–is a bit “Rob-sessed.”

At one point, she openly discussed her desire to marry Valletta, even though they’d only been formally dating for a few months and she was still married to Mike Shay at the time.

But the clearest indication that Scheana would lay down in traffic if Rob asked her to may have been her willingness to ignore the many obvious signs that Valletta was cheating.

In the past, Scheana has harshly criticized friends of hers for being naive about their boyfriends’ infidelity, but she was hearing none of it when several members of her inner circle tried to convince her that Rob had been unfaithful.

Even now that their relationship is over, both parties claim they called it off for reasons that have nothing to do with infidelity.

Scheana appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night, and Rob called in, seemingly for no other reason than to blame her friends for their breakup:

“The truth is, it’s really hard in her circle of friends,” Rob said. 

“Individually, when they’re by themselves, they’re really great people, but you put that group of people together and they’re savages. They come after you, and it’s really hard to have a successful relationship with those people coming and attacking you from all sides.”

“Friends say Rob is using her,” an insider claimed.

Here’s the thing:

Despite the fact that he’s the sort of unrepentant d-bag who toasts to “falling in love with something new every day,” we’re actually with Rob on this one.

Scheana’s friends are a pack of sociopaths, and we can’t imagine any healthy relationship existing in that environment.

But that doesn’t mean Rob isn’t shady as hell.

These days, Valletta and Scheana are friends with benefits, and those who know the couple best say he’s only maintaining ties with the SUR girl in order to help his career.

“Every single time Rob is in town, she invites him to an event with her,” one insider tells Radar Online.

“They know that they are much more in-demand together than apart.”

Sadly, it seems Scheana doesn’t see the situation for what it is, and in fact still looks at Rob as husband material.

“Scheana would marry him in a heartbeat if he wanted to marry her,” the source claims.

“But he’s told her that he does not want to be tied down, and she keeps telling him that he will regret it.”

Scheana, you’re helping this guy’s career and having no strings attached sex with him, all the while assuring him that you’ll happily settle down and get married if he ever decides he wants to.

Believe us when we say you’re not giving him a ton of incentive to hurry up and settle down.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more bad decisions and horribly unhealthy relationships.


Sister Wives Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: They’re Back!

It’s hard to imagine it’s been a year since Sister Wives last graced our television sets. 

But here we are. 

It wouldn’t be an episode of Sister Wives without Kody Brown freaking the hell out about the latest wedding in the family he has to foot the bill for. 

When Sister Wives Season 8 Episode 1 got underway, Kody and his wives were the ones who went venue hunting for Mykelti’s wedding. 

If Kody is the one handing over the cash, he wants to make sure he can get things for the best price possible, and that’s a good thing. 

Far too often, reality TV stars squander all of the money they make from appearances and wind up in a horrible position when the cameras stop rolling. We’re looking at you, Speidi!

Mykelti and Tony were going for a whole different theme for their wedding.

“The theme of our wedding is going to be Mexican vintage because I think it sounds cool and what I’m trying to do is bring two cultures together,” Mykelti said to the cameras. 

“Mexican is Tony, vintage is me. We don’t want to serve a $ 50 plate for everybody. We’re going to do something simple, inexpensive: a taco buffet.”

But Tony thought that came with some big drawbacks: The Brown family are not good at making tacos. 

“When you go to Mykelti’s house, and you want a taco, a really white taco comes out… we want street tacos with like, real steak,” Tony admitted. 

This was music to Kody’s ears because he likes to keep spending to a minimum, but the venue then dropped the bomb that inside caterers absolutely had to be used. 

“We want to give Mykelti this awesome wedding, but 400 people is a lot. She has to realize somewhere in her mind that that’s really expensive. We don’t want to feel like we’re being taken advantage of,” Christine tells the camera.

“We want to give her the nice awesome wedding that she and Tony want, but 400 people is a lot.”

The inside caterer also charged $ 30 per plate so 400 guests would amount to an astronomical figure. 

“We’re just starting out here, but I’m standing here in a bit of shock thinking that we could deal with the reality of 400 people,” Kody says as though he is getting ready to use GoFundMe to pay for the event. 

Meanwhile, Meri was still trying to move on from the whole catfish scandal and decided it was time to make some changes.

She wanted to open an inn at her family home in Utah, and she seemed ecstatic at the prospect of it. 

As expected, Kody was less than enthusiastic about all of it. He wanted to know the ins and outs of it before agreeing that it would be a good idea. 

“Going through this process, this is my first reaction, and I’m very sorry for this–what value is this to us, even to Meri?” Kody said in a confessional. 

“It’s three hours away. How is she going to manage it, how is she going to run it? The reason my concern is there is because every bed and breakfast I’ve ever known of is family-run…It doesn’t have affordability to have employees.

“You have to do the work yourselves.”

Will Meri’s business venture get off the ground running? Will the wedding live up to Mykelti’s expectations?

Hit the comments below!

Sister Wives continues Sundays on TLC!


Faith Stowers Slams Lala Kent, James Kennedy: They’re Both Fake!

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules this season, then you know the show has delivered a satisfying mix of the old (Jax is still a colossal douche) and the new (he’s finding bold and innovative ways to express his douchiness).

At six seasons in, most reality shows are starting to wind down, but Vanderpump remains fresh largely because of just how low its principal players are willing to sink in the name of keeping their genitals stimulated and their livers pickled.

Thus far, this season has focused largely on the crumbling relationship between Jax and his well-meaning, but frustratingly naive girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright.

In the season premiere, we learned that Jax cheated on Brittany with former SUR girl Faith Stowers.

(He didn’t admit it until the following episode, but c’mon … Was there ever any doubt?)

For a while, there was reason to believe that Faith was pregnant with Jax’s baby, but it turns out that was just some BS Stowers cooked up to ensure she’d make it on the show.

But despite pretending to miss her period for the sake of like three minutes of screen time, Faith says she’s not the fake-ass one here.

No, she contends that that title belongs to her former friends James Kennedy and Lala Kent.

Recently, an Instagram follower expressed sympathy for Faith and stated that she hopes Lala is sticking by her during this tumultuous time:

“Lala is upset because she wanted to put this story out there so she doesn’t have my back and has been fake the whole time,” Faith responded.

In another comment, she went into greater detail, slamming not only Lala but her other former friend James Kennedy, whom she claims befriended Jax solely to ensure he wouldn’t get booted off the show due to his total lack of connection with anyone in the cast:

“James says he is back friends with Jax and says sorry faith just business, lol so sad. and Lala is mad because she wanted to deliver the scandal to bravo for more money in her contract and didn’t get to because of scheana party. They were fake friends and i learned my lesson.”

So that’s why Bravo felt it was okay to bring back serial woman-abuser James.

Clearly, Jax’s powers of persuasion know no bounds, as evidenced by the fact that he and Brittany are still together.

We’re pretty sure dude has hypnotic eyeballs, like that snake in The Jungle Book.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up in time for what’s alreadu been a bonkers season.

Just be careful not to lock eyes with Jax Taylor.

Dude will have you PayPal-ing him your life savings in no time. 


Justice League Reviews Are In. And They’re Hilariously Harsh.

Justice League is a failure on pretty much every level.

That basically sums the take of movie critics around the country.

In short, the film is terrible.

This probably doesn't come as a major shock to anyone who has seen the Justice League trailer or followed the behind-the-scenes problems that have plagued production.

But you should still scroll down to see just how negative the reviews actually are…

1. The Ringer:

The ringer
Justice League is another attempt to course-correct what some believe were [Zach] Snyder’s botched early entries in the DC universe… The movie wants to be grand, it wants to be fun, but in the end, it’s just another loud, lifeless, high-tech bore

2. Us Weekly:

Us weekly
If a D.C. universe movie is truly going to triumph, it needs to add something fresh to the genre. The sight of well-muscled, costumed superheroes standing in a line ready to take charge doesn’t have the same oomph as it did five years ago. Bring on the excitement and the death-defying thrills and kooky humor for the sequel. After all, nothing is more frustrating than a big-budget extravaganza that just flies by night.

3. New York Times:

New york times
The movie shows a series that’s still finding its footing as well as characters who, though perhaps not yet as ostensibly multidimensional as Marvel’s, may be more enduring (and golden). It has justice, and it has banter. And while it could have used more hanging out, more breeziness, it is a start.

4. Vanity Fair:

Vanity fair
I could be projecting, but boy does poor Gal Gadot look so sad in Justice League, watching this lumbering and witless movie lay waste to the nice thing she just got finished making. It really is a shame. What a dumb irony, to end this movie, of all movies, on a note of bitter injustice like that.

5. The Verge:

The verge
On a moment-to-moment basis, though, Justice League often feels fractured. Whedon’s reshoots are sometimes painfully obvious, as when Flash and Cyborg share a brief personal moment in a graveyard that looks as cheap as a first-season Buffy the Vampire Slayer set. While those scenes can seem roughly interpolated and out-of-place, though, they often offer the film’s most meaningful character moments and flashes of humor and humanity. A quick gag involving Aquaman reveals more about him than the entire rest of the film’s two-hour runtime.

6. Chicago Tribune:

Chicago tribune
The dialogue is painful. [Ezra] Miller’s neurotic routine is initially quite charming, until his one-liners become incredibly cheesy and tired. Aquaman peppers his speech with many dude-brah phrases, while Cyborg, regrettably, utters “boo-yah” at one point.

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