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‘Ozark’ Star Skylar Gaertner ‘Stranger Things’ Passed on Me … But It’s a Good Thing!!!


Skylar Gaertner wanted to be one of the kids solving mysteries in Hawkins, Indiana, but he ended up being the son of a drug dealer in the Lake of the Ozarks … and he’s glad!

We got the “Ozark” star at LAX Tuesday. He plays Jonah Byrde on the show, but tells us that wouldn’t be the case if he had not been rejected for another crazy popular Netflix’s original series.

Skylar says he actually auditioned for 2 roles on “Stranger Things” — back when it was called “Montauk” — but didn’t get them.

Silver lining — he’s on another mega-popular show now … which is also entering its third season.

As for what Skylar’s doing with his showbiz money, he says he’s saving up and thinking about college. Good idea, kid … but Jonah might have some different financial advice for you.

Shaq Paying for Jazmine Barnes’ Funeral Was ‘Right Thing to Do’


Shaquille O’Neal says the shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes is such a sad tragedy, he couldn’t imagine the family having to raise money for the funeral … and that’s why he stepped in. 

“With something that terrible to have happened, I don’t want people to have to worry about trying to raise a few thousand to pay for a funeral,” Shaq explained. 

As we previously reported, huge stars like Shaq and Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins opened their wallets to help out Jazmine’s family after she was senselessly shot and killed during a morning drive with her family. 

Jazmine — along with her mother and sisters — were going on a coffee run in Houston around 7 AM on Dec. 30 when two men in a pickup truck pulled up next to the car and opened fire. 

Jazmine was killed. Her mother was shot but survived. Her sisters were wounded by shattered glass.

Jazmine was laid to rest on Tuesday at the Community of Faith Church in Houston in front of roughly 1,000 mourners. 

Cops have arrested the two suspects. 

By the way, this isn’t the first time Shaq has reached into his pockets to help a family in need — we’ve covered a bunch of stories over the years featuring the ex-NBA star using his own funds to help people. 

It helps that he reportedly made more than $ 280 mil during his NBA career — but also, he continues to work his ass off. 

In fact, Shaq recently signed a deal to become the global ambassador for Zyppah — a product that helps people who suffer from sleep apnea.