Michelle Wolf on Her WHCD Roast: I Wouldn’t Change a THING!

Michelle Wolf performed a roast at the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner

While she had some amazing burns against a lot of people, a lot of the focus — and criticism — was on a short segment in which Wolf took aim at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Now, Wolf is speaking up about the criticism. And she wouldn’t change a thing.

In an interview with NPR, Michelle Wolf says that she is glad that she said what she did at the WHCD.

And, after discussing some of the logistics of speaking at the correspondent’s dinner in contrast with a normal roast or especially a stand-up gig, she talks about the backlash.

“I wasn’t expecting this level, but I’m also not disappointed there’s this level. I knew what I was doing going in.”

It’s good that she was prepared.

“I wanted to do something different. I didn’t want to cater to the room. I wanted to cater to the outside audience, and not betray my brand of comedy.”

Artistic integrity is important.

“I actually, a friend of mine who helped me write, he gave me a note before I went on which I kept with me which was, ‘Be true to yourself. Never apologize. Burn it to the ground.'”

Wolf talks about how the WHCD has changed in recent years.

“I think a lot of it and what I’ve seen in the past is they poke little fun, they kind of poke fun at deeper dives in news media.”

Notably, some people were outraged at Stephen Colbert in 2006 for “getting too political.”

But there are many people who feel that George W. Bush should be sent to the Hague for war crimes, so they’d say that some political commentary is getting off easy.

“They’ll go kind of table by table pointing at people and making fun of them, in a way that I think used to be fun because the dinner used to have the president there, it used to be we’re all poking fun of each other, the president’s going to poke fun at us, we’re going to hit back.”

Donald Trump is notoriously thin-skinned, and it is difficult to imagine that he would enjoy even a lighthearted roasting if it touched on certain subjects — such as his alleged wealth, or his multiple business failures.

“Now it seems like it’s a much more serious environment and to kind of not go after the big issues and just have a little fun in the room seemed just not as exciting to me.”

Jim Carrey Paints Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Though Wolf is hardly the first to go after Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her lines about the Press Secretary received the most scrutiny and backlash.

“I mean, I’m honestly – I wouldn’t change a single word that I said. I’m very happy with what I said, and I’m glad I stuck to my guns.”

She suspects that perhaps people were shocked at her words because of her gender.

“Yeah, I mean, I think I don’t know maybe I’m projecting this, but I think sometimes they look at a woman and they think ‘Oh, she’ll be nice.'”

She says that she is not nice.

“And if you’ve seen any of my comedy you know that I don’t — I’m not. I don’t pull punches.”

Good for her.

“I’m not afraid to talk about things. And I don’t think they expected that from me. I think they still have preconceived notions of how women will present themselves and I don’t fit in that box.”

The interviewer asks Wolf what she has to say about people who heard her lines about Sanders as an attack on her appearance.

“I think they didn’t pay attention to what was said.”

For the record, her criticism for Sanders was over the fact that she lies to the American people for a living and over the fact that he’s pretty hostile when she does it.

“Yeah, I mean, if there is two people that I actually made fun of their looks on Saturday it was Mitch McConnell and Chris Christie.”

She referred to Christie as a “barrel” and said that McConnell was having his neck circumcised.

“And no one is jumping to their defense. I made fun of Mitch McConnell’s neck and I did a small jab at Chris Christie’s weight and no one is jumping to their defense.”

In the mean time, what she actually said about Sanders’ appearance was that she has a “perfect smokey eye.” That is a literal compliment.

“I think one of the things about being a comic is getting to actually, as a woman, I have access to hit women in a way that men might not be able to hit them with jokes. I don’t mean physically hit.”

Of course.

“But you know, because I’m a woman, I can say things about women because I know what it’s like to be a woman, if that makes any sense.”

Honestly, the most important things that Wolf said had nothing to do with the Press Secretary.

She pointed out that Trump has the support white nationalists, and pointed out that it was an oddly soft word to use to describe nazis.

(Wolf compares it to calling a pedophile a “kid friend”)

She also reminded the world that Flint, Michigan still does not have clean drinking water.

Honestly, good for Wolf for speaking her mind, at the dinner and on NPR.

And no matter how much backlash she receives, her roast made a great advertisement for her upcoming Netflix special.


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Aubrey O’Day Wants to Make One Thing Clear About Her Donald Trump Jr. Affair

Aubrey O’Day is reportedly stating the obvious to friends:

Yes, the singer is allegedly telling those close to her, she slept for several months with Donald Trump Jr.

This is something she can’t really deny at this point, considering multiple outlets have reported on it and considering she wrote an entire song titled “DJT” about a past lover.

(Two notes on this song: 1. LOL!!!! 2. You can listen to it below.)

But TMZ now writes that O’Day wants to make something very clear in relaying details of this past relationship to friend:

Her affair with Trump did not end his marriage.

O’Day says that she started doing the nasty with Trump after filming on Season 5 of Celebrity Apprentice came to an end.

The shady businessman supposedly told the ex-Danity Kane group member that his marriage to wife Vanessa was essentially over and that he had actual, legitimate feelings for Aubrey.

And she believed him.

As previously reported, the affair came to an end after Vanssa Trump discovered racy emails between her husband and his mistress and then didn’t merely call O’Day to confront her about the affair…

… she called to confront her with her two little kids on the line!

This sort of effed up move was meant to lay the guilt on O’Day as heavily as possible.

But what truly put an end to the inappropriate romance was Donald Trump Sr. learning about it and telling her son to “focus on his marriage to make it work,” according to TMZ.

(Because no one out there is more against affairs and more for healthy marriages than Donald Trump Sr., right?)

Insiders tell TMZ that O’Day “devastated” people on the Internet are referring to her a homewrecker.

Her affair, after all, took place a full six years before Vanessa Trump filed for divorce.

The couple even had two more children even after Vanessa found out that Donald Jr. had been disloyal.

Unlike a few mistresses of Donald Sr., meanwhile, Aubrey swears she never signed a non-disclosure agreement and never asked for any money from the Trump family in exchange for her silence.

Why not come forward now, grant some outlet an exclusive interview and rake in big bucks?

Audrey doesn’t see the point.

She feels like she has “already lost,” explains TMZ, and probably assumes quotes on the record would merely lead to more ridicule.

For now, no one in the Trump universe has reached out to O’Day in any way.

No one has denied the rumor of this affair, either, basically guaranteeing that it isn’t merely some rumor.

Vanessa and Donald share five kids and we really do feel badly for them.

We may have many opinions about their dad and their grandfather, but their well-being is more important than anything here.

Upon announcing their split after 12 years of marriage, the Trumps released the following statement last week:

“We have decided to go our separate ways. We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families.

“We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.”