Jenelle Evans’ Son Says What We’re All Thinking: She’s a Piece of Sh-t!

Jenelle Evans doesn't have much competition for the esteemed title of Worst Mother in the History of Reality Television.

And now, it seems even her own offspring agree that Jenelle really doesn't have much business raising children.

The Carolina Hurricane keeps finding new and creative ways to hit rock bottom this season, and viewers are more disgusted by her behavior than ever.

Last week, we learned that CPS has been called to Jenelle's house an astonishing 20 times in less than a year.

And this week, we learned that at 8 years old, her eldest son Jace already recognizes that Jenelle isn't much for this whole "being a parent" thing.

1. Secondary Mother

Jace and jenelle
Jace is Jenelle’s first child, but since infancy, he’s been in the custody of her mother, the infamous Barbara Evans.

2. The Never-Ending Battle

Jenelle evans and jace pic
Jenelle has made several efforts to regain custody over the years, but after the current season of Teen Mom 2, it seems more certain than ever that Jace will reside with Babs until he leaves for college.

3. A Low Point

Jenelle and her pills
Last week, we saw Jenelle receive a visit from her local sheriff. He had been called to the home to perform a wellness check on Jenelle and David’s kids, but the couple refused to allow him inside the house.

4. An Ugly Scene

Jenelle evans takes a lot of drugs
Jenelle stated that it was the twentieth time the authorities had been called to her home in the past year. Viewers noted that more than a dozen prescription bottles were placed where they could be reached by children.

5. The Terrible Twosome

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
Fans probably didn’t think they could come away with a much lower opinion of Jenelle and David’s parenting after last week’s episode. Of course, Evans and Eason were quick to prove them wrong…

6. A Tense Stand-Off

Jenelle evans with barbara evans
When Jenelle dropped Jace off after he spent the weekend with her and David, she quickly gave Babs the brush-off. The reason, as it turns out, is that the visit did NOT go smoothly …

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Kourtney Kardashian: I’m Thinking About a Fourth Kid!

Move over, Kim Kardashian.

And Kylie Jenner.

And Khloe Kardashian.

Yet another member of this famous family says she's thinking of having a baby.

Yup, we're looking at you, Kourtney Kardashian.

In a clip from this Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney tells her two sisters that she's thinking way ahead and considering what will happen if she wants to expand her family at some point.

"So I've been thinking about freezing my eggs," Kourtney says pretty simply, prompting shocked responses from both Kim and Khloe.

"Are you serious? You want another kid?" a shocked Kim asks.

"What if I do though? I don't know what I want," Kourtney explains, adding:

"What if I want a kid in the next 10 years? Wouldn't you rather have the insurance sitting there?"

Kim (and her weird hair) then follow up by wondering with whom Kourtney would want to procreate, a subject matter Khloe focuses on prominently as well.

Basically, she really wants her to utter the name of her young and hot boyfriend, Younes Bendjima.

"I don't need a baby to have a baby, I have three kids," Kourtney elaborates. "I'm saying if I am like in love and the person wants to have a kid…"

This person being Bendjima, right? Right?!? Just admit it, Kourtney!

It's worth noting, meanwhile, that Khloe wore THOSE earrings throughout this discussion.

But anyway.

Added Kourtney at one point:

"If I wanted to have it with my situation right this second I would take out my IUD and I would get to work. Right now I'm good."


Kourtney kardashian who knows maybe ill have a fourth kid

Teen Mom 2 Recap: What the Hell is She Thinking?!

On Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 3 Monday night, Kailyn Lowry decided to come clean about the BIG secret she had been keeping …

Not that viewers were particularly shocked.

Meanwhile on the MTV hit, Briana DeJesus considered adoption after her breakup with Luis, but not everyone in her life was on board.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that DeJesus was added to the cast to add some drama, and suffice it to say, she’s done it.

In the aftermath of her breakup with her would-be baby daddy, Bri called an adoption agency to get some information about the process.

Obviously, she didn’t go through with it.

Knowing that DeJesus is happily raising little Stella at this point renders some of the drama of Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 3 moot.

Still, it’s interesting to see how she arrived at that point … and how when Luis texted her that he misses her, Briana’s sister told him:

Get some lotion and use your hand. Ick.

Last night belonged to Kailyn, though.

After she revealed that she’d finally start talking about her pregnancy on camera, which she had tried to avoid, not everyone was happy.

Jo Rivera, her original baby daddy, and his fiancee, Vee Torres, were particularly dismayed … not that she’s going public, but in general.

Vee said what we’re all thinking: Kailyn makes unfortunate life decisions, like getting pregnant for the third time by a third different guys.

And, unlike Jenelle Evans, that third different guy (Chris Lopez) has no interest in sticking around, and the baby’s not even here yet.

“She brought all of us [to Delaware], she’s doing all this s–t. What the hell is she thinking?” Vee said after Jo brought up the pregnancy.

“She should have just been with herself for a while. Like I just don’t understand why… it’s not just her life. Like she’s affecting everyone.”

Probably good Kailyn wasn’t there for that.

Later, Jo and Kailyn’s son Isaac started crying at dinner with Kailyn, Jo and Lincoln, since he wants mom and dad to live together again.

Sad as that is, seeing Lincoln comforting Isaac was sweet; Javi Marroquin, Isaac’s dad, is a good father, as is Jo, who’s come a long way.

Here’s hoping both of them will continue to be, and that their growing, modern family will offer Kailyn some kind of support going forward.

We know Chris Lopez won’t be.

Speaking of difficult family situations, Jenelle and Barbara Evans have been at each other’s throats, with David Eason trying to intervene.

Of course, David isn’t a top-notch mediator, yelling curse words and bad-mouthing Barbara like it’s his job every time he heard a phone call.

When Jenelle called Barbara to arrange dropping Jace off, he caused even more drama … because Barbara sided with him, interestingly.

Will this get worse before it gets better?

In South Dakota, Chelsea struggled with Aubree’s behavior, as the little girl is clearly thrown off by the presence of baby brother Watson.

Chelsea asked Aubree why her behavior changed after Watson was born, and Aubree admitted she gets jealous on multiple levels.

The baby smiles at Cole, but never her, and mom and dad stay up late with the baby while she has to go to bed. Kind of understandable …

Leah Messer also had to deal with some upset children this week, as Addie wept over not spending enough time with her dad, Jeremy.

Her second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert has always worked a lot, and often far away from home, to make a living as a pipeline engineer.

Life in a divorced household is hard.

Everyone on this show has at least one baby daddy who isn’t currently with them, leading to all kinds of emotional, parental conflicts.

Some are handled better than others, and some co-parenting arrangements work more smoothly than others. That goes without saying.

At the end of the day, each of the Teen Mom 2 stars has a lot on her plate, but they’re trying the best they can to persevere as always.


Scheana Shay: Already Thinking About Marrying Robert Valletta?!?

It seems like just yesterday Scheana Shay, and Mike Shay walked down the aisle on Vanderpump Rules. 

That marriage, however, was built on lies and Scheana constantly worried Mike was back on drugs. Also, it was revealed earlier this week that Scheana wanted to work through Mike’s infidelity. Yes, he apparently was getting flirty via text message with an unknown recipient. 

These days, Scheana has moved on from her tough relationship with Mike to Robert Valetta. 

Scheana had previously dated Robert before things got serious with Mike. Now, Scheana has revealed that her views on marriage are very different now from a few months back.  

“If you asked me four months ago if I’d ever get married again, my answer was very different. I was like, ‘Hell, no. Never doing this again.’ And now I’m like, ‘I would love to marry him one day,'” Scheana said.

“I mean, we’re taking things very slow, but I wouldn’t be dating someone I don’t see a future with, because that’s just a waste of time at my age. So I definitely see a long future with him. Hopefully, he feels the same.”

It’s great that Scheana appears to be moving on with her life, but she seems to still be sticking to her rule about having no prenup. 

“Even if I were to remarry, I’m still not about a prenup. Yeah, things didn’t go well with Shay and I, but I don’t regret not having a prenup because if I’m marrying someone, I trust them. They’re my best friend. They’re someone I’m gonna spend my life with,” she explained.

“I mean, I know Katie described it as having insurance on your marriage, but I don’t think that’s something that I would need or want, because I do feel that puts a slight damper on the relationship. It’s like, well just in case, my money’s mine, and yours is yours.”

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you will already know that Katie Maloney compared a prenup to marriage insurance. She did have a point, but everyone is different. 

Some people will want to take these precautions, while others are too blinded by love to think that anything is going to go wrong. Scheana did think it was something she would think about more next time. 

“But we haven’t had this discussion. We’re not even close to being there,” she said.

“I mean, if that’s something he wanted, then we would talk about it. But we’re two people who don’t really believe in that in general. So I wouldn’t recommend it, but if whoever I marry wanted it, then that’s a discussion we’ll have to have at that time.”

It sure sounds like a discussion they could be having soon enough. 

What do you think about all of this?

Hit the comments below!