Khloe Kardashian Thinks Her Mom is a “Psychopath”

Note to all Kardashians and Jenners: 

Where is the love?!?

Over the course of 14-plus seasons, viewers have fallen in love your your reality TV show because you're a family who may be obsessed with fame, fortune and attention…

… but also with affection for one another.

But what the heck is going on so far during Seaosn 15?!?

On the summer premiere, we witnessed an intense showdown between Kim and Kourtney, highlighted by the latter telling the former she is pure evil.

Then, on the follow-up installment, we watched as Kim, Kourtney and Khloe all gathered for an actual therapty session.

Did their issues get worked out there?

Are they now on the same page and all problems are in the past?

Not quite.

Click below to see what we mean:

Looking ahead, it doesn't appear as if tension will run much lower then Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns this coming Sunday.

In the sneak peek featured on this page, we see Khloe lamenting the behavior of her mother, Kris Jenner.

No one is called pure evil this time around and the insults are hurled around in a less serious manner.

But there is a giant box of donuts and there is also the labeling of Jenner by her daughter as a "psychopath."

What does this have to do with said box of donuts?

And with Khloe's pregnancy?

And with a member of this family actually being encouraged to gain weight for a change?

Check out the clip here and find out for yourself!

Khloe kardashian thinks her mom is a psychopath

Donald Trump Thinks You Need ID to Buy Groceries

Donald Trump has said a fair number of ridiculous and unfathomable things as a candidate for President and then as the actual President.

He has said most Mexicans are rapists… and that there are some "good" white supremacists… and that he never colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

But the Commander-in-Chief has never sounded more out of touch with the average human being than he did during a speech in Tampa, Florida on July 31.

Speaking to a gathering of raucous supporters in The Sunshine State, Trump was pushing for his racist idea of voter ID laws for future elections.

He was doing this, of course, to suppress the voice of those who might dare to want someone else in the Oval Ofice in 2020.

And to drive his point home of why these new, stricter laws ought to be enacted, the President said it was ridiculous NOT to require certain forms of identification when one goes to vote…

… because, heck, you need to prove you identity simply to buy some cereal at the supermarket.

“You know if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card,” Trump said. “You need ID.”

The thing is, you don't. Like, at all.

In no way, shape or form does one need to show proof of identification when shopping for food.

As you might expect, social media users jumped all over this gaffe, pointing to the obvious fact that Donald Trump has likely not set food inside of a supermarket in decades.

In and of itself, this isn't a big deal.

Plenty of rich people do not do their own shopping.

Still, most of these people are likely aware that one doesn't need an ID to simply buy some fruit… right?

There are a few slightly bigger deals surrounding Trump these days than the misguided notion he espouses in the video featured here, like how he pays off mistresses and is at the mercy of Vladimir Putin.

But it's interesting to note how times have changed.

Just look at the article and headline below:

Way back in the ay, it was FRONT PAGE news in the New York Times when George H.W. Bush came across like a fool when touring a supermarket.

He had no idea how the entire checkout process worked.

And this was so shocking and so troubling to voters that the aforementioned newspaper thought it deserved above-the-fold coverage.

Yup, in the late 1980s, THIS is what qualified as a major scandal.

How we long for that era…

Donald trump thinks you need an id to buy groceries

Meghan Markle’s Dad Thinks the Royals Have Stolen His Daughter

They say that when you marry someone, you marry their family, too.

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, his new wife Meghan Markle has a cool-ass mom but the rest of her relatives are flat-out garbage people with garbage souls.

For a long time, it looked as though Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, would be the worst of the lot.

But in the weeks since his daughter became a duchess, Meg’s dad, Thomas Markle, has been giving Samantha a run for her money in the terribleness department.

First, Thomas Markle skipped the wedding for reasons that still aren’t completely clear.

Then he proceeded to give a series of bonkers interviews to less-than-reputable outlets like TMZ, in which he seethed about everything from the way he’s been treated in the press to the fact that Donald Trump gets to meet the queen.

Those closest to Thomas say he feels as though he’s been abandoned by both Meghan and the royals.

He reportedly believes he’s been hung out to dry without anyone helping him to navigate the rough waters of constant media scrutiny.

“Thomas adores his daughter and swears he never wanted attention from the interviews,” a source close to Thomas tells Us Weekly.

“All he’s ever cared about is protecting Meghan.”

The insider adds that Thomas expected an open line of communication with the royals, saying:

“He wants the royals to stand by his side, but of course so far they haven’t.”

But if Thomas is waiting for an apology, we hope he’s not holding his breath.

Because apparently, Meghan thinks he’s the one who should be saying he’s sorry.

“Meghan hasn’t spoken to Thomas since the day after her wedding,” says a palace insider.

The source adds that the royals are “frustrated” that Thomnas continues to talk to grant interviews.

“Thomas is walking a fine line,” says a different informant.

“This blabbing needs to stop if he wants to maintain any relationship with Harry and Meghan.”

Needless to say, that seems extremely unlikely.

If we’ve learned anything about the Markle family, it’s that blabbing is what they do best — and Meghan made the right call by moving an ocean away from them.


Matt Lauer Actually Thinks People Want to See Him on TV Again

Matt Lauer reportedly thinks enough time has gone by for no one to care any longer that he’s an (alleged) rapist and (alleged) serial sexual harasser.

Seriously, folks:

The disgraced former Today Show host is (allegedly) plotting his return to television.

Lauer, of course, was fired by NBC in November after allegations from an ex-Today staffer surfaced in which she accused Lauer of acting in a very inappropriate manner toward her.

At the time, NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said he and his fellow executives didn’t hesitate to make this decision… largely because they had reason to believe Lauer had acted in a very inappropriate manner on many occasions.

Toward many ex and current staffers.

This is what Lack said upon canning the long-time anchor:

On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer. It represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company’s standards.

As a result, we’ve decided to terminate his employment.

While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he’s been at NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.

Since this development, numerous other reports have detailed a handful of Lauer’s supposedly heinous actions; from gifting interns with sex toys… to carrying on an affair with a subordinate… to, in one case, flat-out raping someone.

We can’t say for certain which of these accusations are legitimate and which are inaccurate.

But it’s been widely accepted by nearly everyone at this point that Matt Lauer is a rather terrible and egotistical human being who frequently abused his power at NBC.

Whatever, though, Lauer thinks these days!

That was, like, seven months ago!

“Matt and his people think if enough time passes, he will be forgiven,” a source tells Radar Online, adding:

“He believes the only thing he’s guilty of was engaging in a consensual affair in the office.

“His view is that he was unfairly caught up in the rash of #MeToo abusers and did nothing that merited getting fired.”

We’d LOVE to see Lauer make this argument in public.

For the first few months after he got fired, Lauer basically lived in exile, hanging out around his house in Long Island and staying far out of the spotlight.

More recently, however, he’s been spotted around NBC’s Rockefeller Center studios in Manhattan, probably just to passive aggressively remind folks in the business that he still exists.

Although this same update claims that Lauer is also being actively aggressive.

“Matt’s been meeting with loads of his former producers, including Deborah Kosofsky – and Don Nash, who was also fired by the show,” an insider tells Radar.

After Hoda Kotb was announced as Lauer’s permanent replacement, ratings for Today soared.

But they have since leveled off and the show is once again getting beat each week by Good Morning America.

“Matt believes those numbers should be more than enough to convince the network to bring him back,” the source said, concluding ominously:

“Matt is certain he can work his way back to the top anchor spot in time. He is convinced he’ll be back on TV by the end of the year!”

We’d say this sounds crazy, but have you seen who is in the White House?

Anything is possible.