Thomas Markle to Daughter: Give Me Some F-ckin Money!

According to a startling new report, Thomas Markle may be nothing more than a greedy old man who wants to cash in on his daughter’s fame and fortune.

Stunning, right?

We’ll give you a few moments to pick your jaw up off the ground…

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Over the past several weeks, as you likely know by now, Meghan Markle has been dragged to the ends of the scorched earth by her father, Thomas, and her half-sister, Samantha.

(Samantha and Meghan shared a father, but not a mother; are 17 years apart in age; and did not grow up in the same household.)

Thomas has gone around running his mouth to any outlet with a microphone or a website, saying he hung up on Prince Harry, he’s responsible for everything Meghan has become

… and so much more ridiculous, mean-spirited nonsense.

Thomas, of course, missed the Royal Wedding in May because he was suffering a few health problems at the time — and also because he was embarrassed by a scandal in which he confessed to accepting money from paparazzi members in exchange for his permission to be photographed.

A general recluse living in Mexico, Thomas seemed to content to remain far out of the spotlight while his daughter grew into her life as The Duchess of Sussex.

That’s what we thought this spring, at least.

But, boy, were we ever mistaken!

Thomas clearly wants a relationship with Markle and, as he’s said so often, with his future grandkids.

However, that isn’t all he wants, a source tells The Daily Mirror.

“While he was working, Tom supported all his children. He was generous,” this insider says, adding of Markle’s mindset and ongoing motivation:

“He made no secret that he expected… the money he spent on them would be repaid.”

By whom? By his kids, of course!

“He says they have not given him a fuc-ing dime back,” this source says of Markle.

“He is growing increasingly bitter about it, and it has not been helped by how his ex-wife, Meghan’s mum, has been so welcomed into the royal fold.” 

Maybe that’s because she’s nice? And generous? And doesn’t think a parent is owed anything of monetary value simply because a parent did all he or she could for his or her child?

Just a theory.

“The fact she could be moving to England has not helped the situation while he is in a pokey home in Mexico,” concludes this insider.

Markle, to her credit, has not let her father’s actions and insults affect her.

At least not in public.

She has maintained the highest of high roads, just going about her Royal business and embracing her new role in life; awful relatives be damned!

The Duschess has even said she would talk to her dad again, under two specific conditions.

As for Thomas? He’s denied accusations that he’s basically seeking a payoff to shut up, but he does think Meghan owes him something.

“My daughter said she’d take care of me in my declining years,” he said recently. “I’m not talking money, I’m talking about taking care of me. That’s important to me.”

You know, it’s probably important to Meghan that her dad doesn’t act like a self-centered, entitled jackass to the press every hour of every day.

But here you both are.


Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel: It’s Over! For Good This Time!

Earlier this month, it looked like Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel were over. But in the space of a day, Ashley insisted that they were now back together.

Now, however, the embattled Southern Charm star and the extremely confrontational nurse are over. Officially.

Ashley broke the news herself.

In a tearful Instagram Live session, Ashley Jacobs revealed that she and Thomas are over. For real this time.

“I don’t want to comment but there are just some things I’m trying to handle privately,” Ashley explains.

“Before I say too much, I love Thomas and I’ll always love Thomas,” Ashley clarifies. “I’ll always care about him.”

Not everyone feels that way now that Thomas Ravenel has been accused of rape by a couple of women and others have come forward to share tales of upsetting behavior from him.

“I’m still trying to work it out,” Ashley explains. “Not work out getting back together, but I’m still trying to figure it out.”

Ashley Jacobs is Sad on Instagram Live

“I think everyone’s been through breakups before,” Ashley says. “But it’s hard.”

It is difficult. Emotions are a curse.

“It’s not easy,” Ashley admits.

“Sometimes,” Ashley says. “You just want to stay quiet and figure out what the next move in your life is going to be.”

That sounds very smart.

Ashley explains: “I’m just trying to take care of myself the best way that I can.”

“You guys know some eligible bachelors,” Ashley jokes. “Hook me up.”

She then goes above and beyond to assure her followers that she is not a gold-digging famewhore.

“They don’t have to have money,” Ashley insists. “I’m okay with that.”

Ashley’s willingness to uproot her life after five dates to live with Thomas across the country, and the fact that she seemed to flirt with other wealthy men on Southern Charm, gave a different impression.

“I just want someone to love me for me,” she says.

Again, Ashley insists: “It’s never been about money.”

There were also rumors that Ashley Jacobs is an escort, which she found hurtful — though, of course, there is nothing wrong with sex work.

“Like I said, I work hard,” Ashley continues. “I wouldn’t quit my job.”

Ashley is a registered nurse.

“I drive my cute little Honda,” Ashley says, reassuring fans. “I’m okay.”

Ashley posted something much more vague to her Instagram page.

“I am who I am today because of my failures,” Ashley writes. “I am compassionate because I’ve failed.”

“I am understanding because I’ve failed. I am more emotionally aware because I’ve failed,” Ashley continues. “I’m smarter because I’ve failed.”

“And I understand the values and beliefs of the things that matter in life because of those failures,” she explains.

“So I would never take them back,” Ashley insists. “I would never go back in time and change a single thing.”

Ashley tagged her post: “#NewMe”

You know what? She may have been a Southern Charm villain, but we’re strangely happy for her.

Go live your life, Ashley.


Thomas Ravenel Quits Southern Charm, Plays the Victim Amidst Rape Allegations

Thomas Ravenel is leaving Southern Charm.

But he isn’t going away quietly.

The lead cast member on this Bravo reality series has been under fire for weeks after TWO women accused Ravenel of sexual assault.

First, there was a nanny, who was hired to care for Ravenel’s two kids.

She alleges that the wealthy Charleston resident came home after a night out in 2015 and tried to kiss her.

After she left one room of his house and went into another, in an attempt to extricate herself from the awkward situation, Ravenel allegedly followed her, closed a door behind her and dropped his pants.

“He proceeded to rip my clothes off,” the nanny told People Magazine, with insiders confirming Ravenel has been under investigation for “first-degree forcible rape.”

Ravenel, meanwhile, is also accused of raping a woman with whom he went on a date three years ago.

In this instance, the alleged victim’s daughter went on record with how Ravenel reportedly pushed his date onto a bed, grabbed her wrists and “stuck his fingers inside of her vagina as well as her anus.”

Ugly, heinous stuff all around if these accusations are true.

With Southern Charm cast members hesitant to film with Ravenel again and pressure mounting from viewers, the former United States Senate candidate Tweeted the following on Tuesday evening:

I’m not doing the show anymore.

In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me.

I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.

First: What a pompous statement.

Second: Did Ravenel really quit or was he fired and is now just trying to save his reputation?

Ravenel is owning up to nothing here, instead trying to somehow claim that he’s been portrayed in an unfair manner on the series itself…

… despite these rape allegations having nothing to do with anything we’ve seen on Southern Charm air.

Shortly after the two assault stories came to light, a lawyer for Ravenel said the following:

“My client enjoys a certain degree of fame, which has unfortunately made him a vulnerable target for such claims.

“The person this woman describes is simply not the man that I know. My client is a loving father, successful businessman, and upright member of the community.

“He is appalled and hurt by these allegations – and is committed to defending his reputation in the appropriate legal forum.”

Ravenel did not film the season 5 reunion special, although girlfriend Ashley Jacobs did attend the taping to defend the father of two.

“I have seen a new Thomas,” she said there, explaining in further detail as follows:

“I mean, it’s humbling, of course, and now he’s [like] let’s stay in, let’s watch movies, let’s cook dinner, let’s just stay under the radar right now.

“And I’ve just seen a much softer, more sensitive, kinder, more supportive boyfriend. You know, everyone wants to be with you when you’re on top.

“Who’s with you when you’re down there? And I’ve told him, I’ve just said, I’m not leaving.”

Except that she reportedly did leave… only to come back a very short while later.

Does Jacobs think Ravenel assaulted these women?


Does she think he’ll be cleared of the charges?

“Of course, yes,” she said at the reunion.

“And it’s all hearsay. I mean, he’s not been charged with anything. These are just allegations. It used to be, you know, you’re innocent until proven guilty.

“Now you’re guilty until proven innocent.”


Thomas Markle: I Actually Hung Up on Prince Harry!

Like so many people who have followed Thomas Markle’s reign of terror in the media, Meghan Markle has been driven to tears by her idiot dad’s cruel comments.

Now, Daddy Dearest has given yet another embarrassing interview. He claims that this interview will be his last.

In it, he says that Prince Harry gave him a hard time right after his heart attack — and that Thomas then hung up on his son-in-law.

In a new interview with The Daily Mail, 74-year-old Thomas Markle says that his relationship with Prince Harry went downhill after his photo scandal in May.

“Harry told me that I should never go to the press,” Thomas says of an early conversation. “That it would end in tears.”

Thomas describes the advice that Harry gave him about the entertainment news media: “He said, “They will eat you alive.””

Unlike Harry, Thomas had not spent his entire life as one of the most famous people on the planet. He was not prepared to deal with people who need to make headlines and to sell photographs.

“He was right,” Thomas admits.

Back in May, it came to light that Thomas had been posing for paparazzi photos in exchange for a little money — in an effort to improve his image.

When Harry first called to ask him if it was true, he admits that he lied by denying it. After further details came to light, though, he admitted it.

Thomas says that Harry told him: “If you had listened to me this would never have happened.”


“Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead,” Thomas recalls having said to his son-in-law. “Then you could pretend to be sad.”

“Then,” Thomas reveals. “I hung up.”

As you may recall, there were adorable paparazzi photos of Thomas.

Some featured him reading a book about Great Britain.

Others featured him getting fitted for a suit.

These were, it turned out, staged.

Thomas had apparently become obsessed with his coverage in the media, and concerned about a paparazzi photo that featured him holding a can of beer.

You know what’s really odd?

For months, Thomas Markle, just like a couple of Meghan’s horrible siblings, has done nothing but make her newly wedded life more stressful by constantly blabbing to any microphone he can find.

But Good Morning Britain read this new, “final” interview with Thomas and the hosts all seemed to feel sorry for the man.

They lamented that Harry and Meghan haven’t visited Meghan’s family, and that Prince Charles didn’t personally call Thomas after walking Meghan down the aisle in his stead.

In the view of those hosts, the Markle’s are “more real,” and the bad behavior that the world has witnessed is a consequence of the royal family not giving them enough support.

In real life, however, individuals are usually responsible for their own misbehavior.

Thomas Markle trashes his daughter at every turn and comes across as a drama queen.

His constant blabbing makes it impossible for Meghan to trust him enough to contact him, and then he whines about not having heard from her.

Meghan Markle’s vile sister Samantha Grant may be the intentionally hurtful and cruel one, but Thomas’ endless stream of nonsense is every bit as harmful to Meghan, no matter his intentions.

If this really does end up being his final interview, well, maybe he really does intend to be a better father from now on.

But even if he keeps his word, it could be a very long time before Meghan or Prince Harry are willing or able to trust him.


Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs: Wait, Now They’re Back Together!

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs simply can’t quit each other.

Not for longer than a day or two, at least.

On the heels of reports that the Southern Charm stars had broken up, we now hear the exact opposite.

Or, to be more accurate, we know hear that Ravenel and Jacobs did, indeed, split this week…

… only to get back together more or less right away.

Kate Casey said on her podcast (Reality Life) just a couple days ago that Jacobs recently called her and confirmed her ditching of Jacobs, adding in this conversation that she had “blocked” Ravenel’s number.

The podcast host said that Jacobs had decided to “set up a new life, away from Santa Barbara, in another state across the country.”

Good for her, right?

Good riddance to Ravenel the accused rapist and altogther shady dude, right?

Nope. Wrong, apparently.

An insider tells E! News that the Southern Charm-ers “immediately” got back together after this break-up, which is sort of how they’ve been rolling for awhile.

“They have been doing this a lot lately,” says this anonymous source. “It’s always up and down and they fight a lot. They find a way to lure one another back in.”

As for Ashley’s aforementioned plans to move and start anew?

She is still living in South Carolina with Thomas right now and they’re attempting to stay “low-key,” E! adds.

The reality TV star previously told a fan on Instagram:

“I don’t plan on addressing rumors or talking about my relationship status to social media at this time.”

Fair enough, we guess, although it’s always hypocritical of a reality star to demand privacy.

You can’t pick and choose when you want to share your life with the public; or, you can, we suppose, but you should then expect to receive flak for it, considering Ashley earns her entire living by supposedly being open and honest with viewers on television.

In related news…

E! News reports that the cast of Southern Charm has severed ties with Ravenel because they are “disgusted” by his actions.

Throughout season 5 of this obnoxious Bravo series, Thomas did little to squash the tension between Ashley and the mother of his children, Kathryn Dennis.

Then in May, two women came forward with sexual assault allegations against Thomas, both of which he’s denied.

Says an E! mole:

“The cast was very upset with Thomas and the situation surrounding Ashley, and cut him out of the group months ago after they stopped filming.

“The majority of the cast was also disgusted by his behavior and the support he gave towards Ashley’s actions.

“No one can believe he is staying in a relationship with Ashley and thinks it’s disgusting.”

Ravenel and Jacobs have been dating for over a year after having met in early May of 2017.

She even moved to Charleston, South Carolina, from her hometown of Montecito, California, to be with him.

Jacobs seems aware of the criticism of both Thomas and her relationship with him, but she also doesn’t seem to care about it.

“I only get one shot at living, so I’m living for myself without the influences of other people getting in the way of who I am,” Ashley wrote on Instagram just a few days ago.


Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel: It’s Over!

After Part 2 of the Southern Charm reunion special aired, it was reported that Ashley Jacobs had left Thomas Ravenel. Finally.

At the time, however, we cautioned that they had not officially broken up just yet.

Well, it’s time for some good news: because it’s over!

The cyber sleuths over at The Ashley caught wind that the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcost was spilling all of the beans on Ashley and Thomas’ breakup.

Apparently, Ashley Jacobs confirmed her split to Kate over the phone.

“She’s told me that she broke up with him,” Kate reveals. “And that she blocked his number.”

That sounds like good news and a very healthy step!

“But,” Kate says. “She’s in this weird position.”

No sex jokes, please.

“Because she changed her licensing,” Kate explains. “Or she got licensing to be a nurse in South Carolina.”

As fans were reminded when rumors suggested that Ashley Jacobs was really an escort, Ashley is a registered nurse. That’s her livelihood.

Ashley, Kate explains, had moved “and really had come to the conclusion that she was going to set up a new life, away from Santa Barbara, in another state across the country.”

“She, of course, did this hoping that she would ultimately be in a loving relationship” with Thomas in Charleston, Kate continues.

Kate says that Ashley had planned to make it work “with someone who has had two children with a woman he never ended up marrying.

Kate mentions that Thomas also “has served time in prison, and has all these allegations against him.”

Multiple women have come forward to accuse Thomas Ravenel of rape. Others, including his costars and friends, have admitted that they’ve witnessed alarming behavior from him.

Ashley wanted to make it work despite the obstacles. Kate says: “She wasn’t really able to see how that made absolutely no sense.”

Ashley was determined to live her life with Thomas, even though things had (literally) gone south.

“So,” Kate explains. “My strategy was to say things like, ‘Kathryn is not your enemy.’”

A lot of the time, directly telling someone that they need to break up doesn’t work or even backfires. Little nudges can be much more effective.

“Why,” Kate recalls asking Ashley. “Would you want to be with somebody who has all this chaos in their life?”

That’s a great question.

Fortunately, Kate says that Ashley saw reason in the end.

Ashley “has no intentions of getting back together” with Thomas, Kate reveals.

That’s great to hear!

But we should note that Ashley has yet to confirm this herself.

In fact, Ashley wrote on Instagram: “I don’t plan on addressing rumors or talking about my relationship status to social media at this time.”

That could mean that she’s trying to fade from the public eye.

Or it could mean that she secretly harbors hopes that she and Thomas will reunite as if they had never even broken up in the first place.

We really hope not. Even the Southern Charm stars whom Ashley targeted with vitriol and fury were clearly worried about her state of mind in her relationship with Thomas.

If your dating life is toxic, you should leave and not look back.

We hope to hear official, first-person confirmation of this breakup very soon.


Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel: Reunited Now That Ashley Jacobs is Outta Here!

Last week, we learned that Ashley Jacobs finally left that creep Thomas Ravenel, though the two have not officially broken up. Yet.

But fellow Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been spending time with her ex and baby daddy.

They took their two young children on Thomas’ boat, and with Ashley away, Kathryn and Thomas’ “family time” was drama-free.

Both Kathryn and Thomas took to Instagram to share little glimpses of their shared time with their children.

Kathryn wrote “Good Vibes Only,” perhaps a subtle plea for her followers to not bash her for spending time around accused rapist Thomas Ravenel.

She and Thomas have both made efforts to be there for their young children, Kensie and Saint.

Seeing their parents interact with each other in a healthy way is good for their childhood development, even though Kathryn and Thomas are exes.

They took their children on Thomas’ boat.

A source tells RadarOnline that Kathryn and Thomas had a pleasant time with their two young children.

“Thomas and Kathryn had a great time together with the kids,” the insider reveals.

Though Kathryn and Thomas can be dramatic people — they’re exes as well as reality stars — none of that flared up during this family outing.

“It was,” the source says. “Completely drama free.”

And that peace owes itself to one person in particular.

“With Ashley out of town,” the insider explains. “There were no conflicts at all.”

Thomas Ravenel has been dating Ashley Jacobs for a while.

The two met in Santa Barbara, went on maybe five dates, and Ashley packed up her whole life to move across the country to live in Charleston with him.

That was … a little sudden. What’s more is that Ashley went on to unleash hellish tirades on Thomas’ Southern Charm cast members.

In particular, Ashley clashed with Kathryn to a shocking degree. Also, she flirted with Whitney.

(Who does that? Well, as Patricia Altschul says, a gold-digging famewhore would!)

The cast very clearly and vocally cannot tolerate Ashley, but at the reunion special, they expressed their deep concerns for her well-being.

Thomas Ravenel was not at the reunion, because multiple women have accused him of sexual assault. Bravo and the Charleston police are investigating.

But Ashley was there for part two of the special, and the cast went from irate to concerned.

They said that Thomas speaks poorly of her to them, and that she shouldn’t stay with someone who is going to treat her that way.

Andy Cohen brought up a sobering accusations — that someone had seen Thomas throw food in Ashley’s direction.

Ashley had replied by saying that it was all he fault for being a “brat.”

Ashley’s brattiness was not the point — no one gets to throw things at you.

And as multiple castmembers pointed out, Ashley blaming herself for Thomas’ alleged outburst is a huge red flag.

(Keep in mind that Thomas has not only been accused of sexual assault, but of alarming outbursts of anger and aggression — which has been said by former dates and by his own friends and castmates)

The outpouring of concern was so great that Ashley “joked” by asking Andy if this was an intervention.

If the shoe fits, maybe you should wear it, Ashley.

Some may be angry with Kathryn for spending time with Thomas, but they should remember a few things.

One, she is not dating Thomas. They are forever linked by their two young children, and she is only spending time with him around them.

Two, Kathryn has made it very clear why she’s doing this. She’s captioned family pics with things like: “What matters most? My daughter’s happiness.”

She doesn’t have sole custody of her children, so coparenting is not optional. Whatever she believes about Thomas, she has to make the best of a bad situation.

She’s a mother, and her kids come first.