Tristan Thompson: Did Kris Jenner Force Him to Pay $10 Million For Cheating?!

In the wake of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian with numerous women, it’s safe to say that Tristan has fallen out of favor with … most people.

A new report says that Kris Jenner has found a way to penalize him for it — financially.

And she allegedly has a major threat hanging over his head to keep him from doing this to Khloe ever again.

OK! has an explosive report that claims that Kris Jenner forced Tristan Thompson to sign over some serious cash into a trust for his daughter, True Thompson.

This isn’t a college fund or a childcare agreement.

The reported amount is to the tune of $ 10 million.

In addition, Kris also allegedly got him to agree — on paper, contractually — that he will fork over an additional $ 10 million into this fund every time that he gets caught cheating.

That amounts to massive, automatic punitive damages if he ever steps out on Khloe again.


A source dishes to OK! on where Kris is coming from.

“She’s been through it all with her girls.”

Having children exposes you to a lot of new experiences. Having six children exposes you to many, many new experiences and can impart valuable lessons.

“And at this point, she knows exactly how to take control, no matter the situation.”

(I once had a dream that Kris Jenner was a queen — a literal queen. A friend remarked: “Oh, so she was just herself.” Accurate)

“Of course Kris hopes the contract will deter him from future bad behavior.”

A $ 10 million penalty is one hell of a deterrent. Unless you’re a corporation.

“But if it doesn’t she’ll make sure there’s a payday for her family.”

It sounds like Kris has a bit of a Xanatos complex. No matter what the outcome, she wins.

Most people’s first question is … can Tristan really afford all of that?

After all, not all famous sportsball dudes make the kinds of riches that so many people assume.

But Tristan is making major money.

His net worth is reportedly about $ 20 million.

And he apparently makes about $ 15 million per year.

That said, Tristan has been benched by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Some say that this is connected to his cheating scandal.

I’m no sports expert, but if Tristan isn’t contributing to his team, how long is he going to continue making $ 15 million per year?

There’s no question that Kris Jenner would go above and beyond to protect Khloe from further embarrassment, betrayal, and heartbreak.

But it sort of defies belief that Tristan — or anyone else — would sign such a document.

The $ 10 million that he would allegedly set aside for his daughter, who will never want for anything in life, would be half his net worth.

And opening himself up to $ 10 million penalties in the future, when he has to know good and well that he’s not going to suddenly have a change in personality and keep his penis to himself?

(Again, this is a guy who allegedly got his side piece pregnant while cheating on pregnant Khloe, whom he started dating while his ex was pregnant)

That would be bonkers.

It sounds more plausible to most that Kris has advised Khloe to take her baby and leave Tristan and Cleveland in the dust and come back to Calabasas as soon as the doctor clears her to fly.

Most people feel that, realistically, it makes the most sense for Khloe to just dump Tristan and he can see their daughter … as often as custody agreements will allow.

After all, Khloe is not known as the forgiving type. And given that this seems to be a long-running pattern for Tristan, it’s difficult to imagine that he’ll change.

(Beyond getting more secretive)

If you want to bang every attractive person you meet, you should either avoid getting into a committed relationship … or find a partner who is totally fine with you, shall we say, putting your ball through other hoops from time to time.

If Khloe isn’t down for sharing her man, she needs to find a man who feels the same way. Also, one who hasn’t humiliated her in front of the entire world.


Tristan Thompson: Kicked Out of His Home By Khloe Kardashian?!

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard the rumors:

Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with his child.

We say “allegedly” for legal purposes, but anyone who’s seen the damning video evidence knows full well that at best, Tristan was engaging in some seriously sketchy behavior.

And at worst, he was sleeping around all over the country without a care for his pregnant girlfriend at home.

Speaking of “home,” Khloe took a major risk by uprooting her life and relocating to Cleveland for Tristan.

Needless to say, that risk hasn’t quite paid off.

But it seems that the new mom is intent on making the best of a bad situation.

Sources say a large segment o of the Kard clan descended on Cleveland in time for the birth of baby True.

And in the days since, they’ve been desperately trying to convince Khloe to return to LA.

But it seems like Khloe has planted her flag in C-Town and she plans to stay put on Tristan’s home-turf.

“Khloe appreciated her sisters coming to see her and True in Cleveland, but she made it clear, she isn’t going to be leaving anytime soon,” an insider tells Us Weekly.

“It’s important for Khloe that Tristan spend time with their daughter.”

The source adds:

“Were Khloe and True to leave Cleveland, it could be a bit of time until Tristan would be able to spend any significant time with their daughter in Los Angeles.”

That’s awfully nice of her, especially considering everything Tristan has done.

But it seems like the situation isn’t entirely a win-win for Thompson.

According to People magazine, Tristan “is not living in his house with Khloe.”

Instead, it seems the place is occupied by Khloe, Kris, and an army of caretakers.

Yes, Tristan gets to spend time with his newborn daughter, but it’s probably not his ideal situation, especially since his team is currently competing in the NBA playoffs.

But hey, he knew the risks he was taking when he hooked up with Lani Blair and his other side-pieces.

All-in-all, it seems Tristan came out of this relatively unscathed.

Hopefully, Khloe is just waiting until after the playoffs are over to make him pay. 


Tristan Thompson: The REAL Reason He’s Been Benched by the Cavs!

FACTTristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian will multiple women.

FACT: Tristan Thompson did not play any meaningful minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first two playoff games since news of this scandal broke.

RUMOR: Fact number-two is a direct result of fact number-one.

You’ve likely read this rumor all over the Internet, haven’t you?

Multiple celebrity gossip websites out there are trying to allege that Cleveland Head Coach Tyronn Lue has determined that either:

1. Thompson has become so much of a distraction, due to his off-the-court behavior, that he would negatively effect the team on the court.

2. Thompson does not deserve to see any playing time as punishment for stepping out on at least two occasions on his baby mama.

But are either of these statements true?

Would LeBron James actually risk a shot at his fourth NBA title because a teammate slept with a few Instagram models?

The truth is that Thompson only averaged 20.2 minutes per game this season, about seven-and-a-half minutes fewer per game than his career average.

He lost his spot in the starting lineup before the opening game even tipped off, as Coach Lue decided to start Kevin Love at center in order to optimize the offensive spacing on the court.

Thompson never seemed to recover from the slight.

He averaged a career-low 5.8 points per game in 2017-2018 and essentially tied for a career low by only averaging 6.6 rebounds per game.

Moreover, Cleveland made-over its roster almost entirely at the February trade deadline, acquiring four new players, including Larry Nance Jr.

Nance is a younger and more athletic version of Thompson, playing basically the same position, but doing so with more energy and with a higher shot-blocking rate.

In other words:

Thompson saw his minutes decline throughout the season, and then saw them take a precipitous drop once Nance Jr. joined the team.

The power forward only played 15 combined minutes in the third-to-last and second-to-last games of the season, prior to racking up nearly 30 minutes in the final regular season contest…

… only to end the game with plus/minus of -24. Against the awful New York Knicks, no less!

Thompson is simply an anachronistic basketball player.

Yes, he signed a five-year, $ 82 million contract as recently as 2015, but the league since then has emphasized three-point shooting and spacing on offense.

Thompson plays for a team that employs arguably the best driver and best passer in basketball.

Someone who cannot shoot from outside three feet simply clogs the lane for James, who is at his most unstoppable when his squad spreads the floor and gives him many options to whom he can pass.

The game has mostly passed Thompson by.

This may explain why he didn’t care about partying all night in early April with some random side piece, allegedly taking her back to his hotel room very early in the morning to have unprotected sex.

If he’s not gonna see any action between the lines that week, why not stay awake for awhile and see some action between the sheets, right?

With the Cavs playing the Pacers, who start Myles Turner at center, we doubt we’ll see much of Thompson at all this series.

Turner shot over 35% from three-point range this season and would drag Thompson away from the basket, mitigating Tristan’s one supposed skill: rebounding.

And if Thompson isn’t camped out under the basket boxing out opposing players, there’s really no point in having him on the court.

In closing, Tristan Thompson may be riding two to five side pieces these days, but that’s not why he’s riding the pine for Cleveland.

He simply isn’t very good at modern NBA basketball


Scott Disick to Tristan Thompson: Here’s How You Can Win Khloe Back!

Scott Disick knows a thing or two about falling out of the Kardashian clan’s good graces.

But amazingly, despite the many ways in which he’s been a terrible partner to Kourtney Kardashian over the years, Disick has managed to remain on good terms with her mother and sisters.

So at this point, Scott might be the only one who can offer useful counsel to Tristan Thompson.

As you’ve no doubt heard, Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with his child.

Just days after news of his infidelity went public, Khloe gave birth to a baby girl.

At this point, it’s unclear what Khloe and Tristan’s relationship status is, but we think it’s safe to say the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is in the doghouse.

It’s a piece of real estate that Scott knows quite well, and it seems he may have reached out to Tristan in an effort to help.

“Scott’s been in contact with Tristan, he likes the guy,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

And somewhat amazingly, it seems that Khloe is actually cool with the situation:

“[Scott] is not being shady, he fully has Khloe’s permission. Most people in her life are shutting Tristan out, and she’s happy that Scott isn’t,” says the insider.

It seems Khloe has not yet made up her mind regarding her future with Tristan, so she’s actually okay with Disick helping him out so that he can remain on decent terms with her family, should she decide to take him back.

“Scott’s been trying to help Tristan navigate things with Khloe’s family,” says the insider.

“Scott has told Tristan to focus all his efforts on Kris Jenner, that’s his biggest piece of advice. He says she’s the most forgiving. Scott gave Tristan all his best tricks for charming Kris.

Apparently, Disick’s advice on how to win over Kris has ranged from obvious to downright weird.

“He’s told Tristan what flowers to send, her favorite candles, chocolates. Scott even told Tristan to flirt a little with Kris, he’s shameless,” the tipster claims.

According to the insider, Scott has told Tristan that once he wins over Kris, he’ll have no trouble getting Kourtney and Kim to accept him.

Tristan is supposedly doing all of this while rasing two children under the age of 1 … oh, and did we mention his team is currently in the NBA playoffs?

Let this be a lesson, kids – if you cheat, you’re gonna have to put in a ton of work to make things better.


Rob Kardashian to Khloe: Dump Tristan Thompson During the Playoffs!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian last week.

Thompson denies the allegations, but he’s already been convicted in the court of public opinion and the news of his infidelity couldn’t come at a worse time.

Khloe welcomed her first child just days after news of Tristan’s illicit affairs went public.

And while that’s certainly the number one reason that the timing of the accusations was so disastrous, many Cleveland-based basketball fans are upset for reasons that have nothing to do with baby True.

The NBA playoffs kicked off on April 14, and the Cavaliers currently have their work cut out for them against the Indiana Pacers.

Sources close to the couple say Khloe has yet to come to a decision about her future with Thompson, and the couple has basically tabled the conversation until after the playoffs are over, so as not to distract Tristan.

That’s probably a choice that the people of Cleveland fully support.

But Khloe’s biggest fan is reportedly pressuring her to kick Tristan to the curb ASAP.

“Rob is pleading with Khloe to not wait until the Tristan is done with the playoffs, but to break up with him immediately. Rob thinks it is horrible what Tristan has done to his sister,” an insider tells Hollywood Life.

“Rob feels Tristan not only embarrassed himself, but Khloe and the entire family so he wants him cut off now,” 

Yes, Rob Kardashian is pissed, and we suppose it’s understandable.

After all, Khloe is not only his sister, but his favorite sister, and he’s no doubt tired of seeing her jerked around by awful boyfriends.

That said, Rob really doesn’t have much room to get on his high horse here.

After all, this is the same guy who posted nude photos of Blac Chyna in order to punish her for the crime of sleeping with someone else after the two of them had already broken up.

Look, if Tristan really did what he’s been accused of doing, then Khloe should absolutely give him the ax.

But Rob might not be the best person to ask for relationship advice.

In fact, he might be the absolute worst.


Tristan Thompson Feared He Got His Side Piece Pregnant

Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant.

This is really all you need to know in order to think the professional basketball player is a giant jerk face.

But new details have emerged regarding Thompson’s behavior over the past few months that will make you think he’s a HUGE giant jerk face.

As everyone with an Internet connection knows by now, Thompson almost definitely slept with multiple over throughout his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

Earlier this month, TMZ shared footage of Thompson walking into a New York City hotel very early on a Sunday morning with a woman he had been partying with earlier that night.

Elsewhere, The Daily Mail shared snippets of a surveillance video that depicted Thompson making out with one woman while being groped by another.

Tristan has not come out and denied reports of his infidelity are inaccurate.

Now, meanwhile, In Touch Weekly has run a cover story that highlights just how devious and irresponsible Thompson acted while he was out railing various side pieces.

One in particular.

The tabloid claims that Thompson hit on an unnamed woman last November in New York, when Khloe was four months along.

The woman apparently was aware Thompson and Kardashian were an item, although In Touch writes that Thompson never mentioned anything about his relationship or the impending baby.

Tristan allegedly brought his companion back to the Four Seasons Hotel in an SUV.

He exited the vehicle first and had her circle the block a few times before coming up to his room… where they proceeded to have unprotected sex.

Yes, according to this article, Thompson did not use a condom while violating Khloe’s trust and entering this woman’s vagina.

“She slept with him because he’s an NBA star, but she thinks he’s hot, too,” an insider says of this mistress, adding:

“She said that the sex was good.” 

The woman reportedly stayed the night with Thompson and even filmed a video of him in bed, which In Touch says it has obtained.

“He was definitely not careful at all about making sure that nobody knew who she was or that she didn’t have her phone,” the source tells the magazine.

He or she also says Thompson had two cellphones on his nightstand, presumably one he used a majority of the time and one he used just to set up hook-ups.

“It’s so sketchy,” says the source.

The morning after he banged this woman, Thompson supposedly texted her and asked if she had used “Plan B,” which is a pill a woman can take the day after sex to prevent pregnancy.

Three months passed before they hooked up again.

In Touch says Thompson texted the woman and invited her to see his team play in another city in February.

“He paid for her flight,” says the insider. “And she slept over again.”

Pretty darn shady all around, right?

No wonder Khloe is thinking of taking her daughter and leaving Thompson for good.

Can you possibly blame her?!?


Khloe Kardashian Unleashed Hell on Tristan Thompson After Giving Birth

Just two days after Tristan Thompson was exposed as a cheater, he witnessed Khloe Kardashian give birth to their baby girl.

Once baby True was taken out of the delivery room, Khloe reportedly turned to Tristan, the father of her first child.

… And put him on blast.

We know that they filmed Khloe when she gave birth, but we have to imagine that certain things — like the sight of the baby crowning — will never be shared.

We have a sneaking suspicion that the public will never see other things that went on in the delivery room.

RadarOnline reports that Khloe unleashed her fury on Tristan on the day of their daughter’s birth.

“When the baby was delivered and the nurse took her away from the delivery room, Khloe just snapped at him.”

Sometimes, people can lash out verbally during childbirth because they are in the greatest physical agony of their lives.

This, after-the-fact, sounds like it was Khloe talking, not the pain.

Just because she let Tristan watch his daughter get born doesn’t mean that she somehow forgot that he humiliated her in front of the world.

RadarOnline also delves into Khloe’s current dilemma: how involved does she want to be with Tristan?

They report that her momager has been offering some counsel.

“Kris has been telling Khloe she needs to set an example for her child.”

Little girls who grow up seeing their mothers accept being sidelined and embarrassed may grow up to let men do the same to them.

“So it got her thinking and the baby has changed her mindset about Tristan.”

Sometimes, being a parent gives you the strength to make the right call, even if you wouldn’t have made it for yourself.

“The decision to leave him has been weighing on her.”

It sounds like, like Natalie Imbruglia before her, Khloe is feeling torn.

“She wants to be a good role model.”

Which would mean getting the hell out of Cleveland and never flashing Tristan Thompson so much as a smile.

“But she hasn’t made up her mind.”

It sounds like Tristan has been apologizing left and right.

“Tristan is begging her and telling her it’ll never happened again and he wants to be in Khloe’s life.”

Well, people in hell want icewater.

“He’s chalking it up to messing up.”

Tristan, it is reported, is making some incredible claims.

“Seeing the baby has changed his perspective and he says he’s a changed man.”

Isn’t that almost always what serial cheaters say once they’re caught?

But it sounds like his words are tugging at Khloe’s heartstrings.

Still, Khloe wants to be strong.

“She doesn’t want the baby to be affected.”

But she has concerns about being a single parent.

“But also doesn’t want her to grow up without a father.”

Smart money says that Khloe is prepared to leave Tristan and raise her baby in Calabasas near the rest of her family.

She’s only been staying in Cleveland because she can’t fly right after giving birth.

Plus, all of the nursery stuff is still at Tristan’s home. That’s where they had thought that they would raise their daughter together.

Alas, the same penis that helped bring a new life in the world has now ruined what could have been a happy situation.

But Khloe has the skills, support, and resources to raise True Thompson as a single mother.

Plenty of happy, successful children grow up with parents who aren’t together.


Scott Disick Supports Tristan Thompson Because Of Course He Does

You know what they say, right?

It takes a douchebag to know a douchebag.

Or something to that effect.

According to a new Radar Online report, there’s one person out there who is not saying mean things about Tristan Thompson.

There’s one person out there who isn’t telling Khloe Kardashian to hop on a plane back to Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

There’s one person out there who doesn’t understand why the world has turned against the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward.

And that one person, of course, is Scott Disick.

Indeed, the jerk face who prefers to party instead of hang out with his kids, and who allegedly cheated on Kourtney Kardashian back in the day, has reportedly reached out to Thompson during the latter’s time of need.

“If anyone knows how tough it is to be part of that family, it’s Scott and he’s got lots of sympathy for Tristan,” an insider tells Radar Online, sort of hilariously.

We’re pretty sure, after all, that the issue here is now how to fit in with the Kardashians…

… the issue is that Thompson continually inserted his penis into vaginas of women who were NOT Khloe Kardashian.

While she was pregnant with his child, no less!

“Scott’s telling Tristan he understands what he’s going through and that he’s there for him if ever he needs a friend,” Radar writes, adding:

“Scott’s been censured, too, in the past for his wild ways. His experience has taught him the Kardashians can be a prickly group.”

They sure can be!

They seem to hate it when the fathers of their children sleep with other females.

How sensitive of them, right?!?

Disick was accused of cheating on Kourtney Kardashian with Chloe ​Bartolli back in the summer of 2015/

It has never been confirmed that Disick and Bartolli hooked up, but Kourtney finally ended her romance with Scott following rumors of their escapades.

He has remained in the Kardashian picture ever since, but Kourtney has tried to make it clear to Disick that the two will never get back together.

These days, that question is commonly being asked about Thompson and Khloe Kardashian.

Could they possibly remain together?

Especially now that they are parents of a little girl?

Disick, meanwhile, is trying to keep his contact with Thompson on the Down Low.

He knows that it would be frowned upon by everyone the basketball player has scorned and/or made a fool of with his actions.

“Scott is reaching out to Tristan on the sly because he doesn’t want to make waves himself,” Radar concludes, adding:

“He still needs the family and their money.”

Elsewhere, People Magazine at least quotes a source that says Rob Kardashian is not following the lead of his quasi brother-in-law.

He is most certainly not on Team Tristan.

“Khloe has always been there for Rob and he hates that she was hurt – he knows what it feels like to be screwed over by someone you trusted,” says this source, citing Rob’s history with Blac Chyna and saying simply:

“Rob won’t forgive Tristan for this.”