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NFL’s Demaryius Thomas Crash Photos ‘I Thought Those People Were Dead’

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It’s a miracle Demaryius Thomas wasn’t killed in his car crash Saturday morning — with a key witness telling TMZ Sports he watched DT’s car flip 3 times … and was SHOCKED when he saw the NFL star get out of the vehicle mostly unharmed. 

We spoke with Michael Tafoya who happened to be driving in the Denver area around 12:20 AM when he saw the vehicle lose control, hit a curb and launch 20 feet into the air. The car then rolled 3 times before finally landing in a grassy median. 

Tafoya — who’s a registered nurse — says he ran over to the crash scene to help out and tried to get the door open to help the passengers, but it was stuck. 

Cops arrived to the scene a short time later and took over — managing to free Thomas and both of his passengers. Tafoya says officials used the Jaws of Life to help free Thomas from the car. 

The ex-Broncos star and the 2 passengers are expected to be fine, according to officials — but Tafoya tells us Thomas had a “hellacious knot” on his head.

Michael tells us the whole thing looked like a scene out of an action movie … adding, “I thought those people were dead.”

Thomas played for the Broncos for nine seasons before being traded mid-way through this past year to the Texans. He’s now a free agent after Houston released him last week.

Cops say the cause of the crash is under investigation.

Michael Costello To Bebe Rexa ‘F**k’ Those Other Fashion Designers … I’ll Dress You For Free!!!


Bebe Rexha needs to hit up an old friend, fashion designer Michael Costello, because he tells us he’s got the perfect look to show off her sexy curves at the Grammys … size 2 dresses be damned!!!

We got Michael, who appeared on “Project Runway,” outside his store in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday … and he shared some of his plans to highlight Bebe’s curvy figure at next month’s Grammy Awards — pro bono!

As you know … Bebe — who just got her first Grammy nomination — went NUCLEAR on fashion designers who she claims refused to dress her for the awards show because her figure isn’t small enough … telling them she doesn’t want to wear their “f**king dresses” anyway!

Michael, who dressed Beyonce when she picked up 3 Grammys in 2014, says he’s totally on board with Bebe and all those other designers can “f**k” off! 

Watch … Michael delivers his pitch to dress Bebe, and says he’s only one call away.

Omarion Party Like It’s 2000 … Just Kidding About Those B2K Reunion Tour Rules


Omarion didn’t leave his sense of humor in the Year 2000 … he’s telling us his social media post about blocking people 18 and under at the door of the upcoming B2K concerts was one big joke. 

Omarion was on “TMZ Live” Friday and confessed his Instagram post outlining exactly who and what was acceptable at next year’s B2K reunion tour shouldn’t be taken seriously. He’s inviting everyone to the throwback shows, no strings attached.

But, if you still feel like digging through your closet and busting out your best gear from the 2000s, he’s hoping to see tons of do-rags, Air Force 1s and oversize tees in the crowd!

As for Millennium Tour 2019 … Omarion explains how B2K got back together after breaking up 14 years ago, and dishes on the R&B blasts from the past who are also going on tour.