Adam Lind: Still on Drugs, Threatening Suicide?!

Adam Lind is currently in the middle of one of the biggest downward spirals we've seen from a Teen Mom cast member.

Considering that other Teen Mom cast members have been filmed nodding off while driving, shooting up heroin, and assaulting their boyfriends, that's saying a lot.

Earlier this year, we learned that Adam failed a drug test with steroids and meth in his system — a "substantial amount" of meth, even.

"How does it get worse than meth?" you may be wondering.

Well, just sit back, relax, and let's have a good, long talk about this douchebag …

1. The Worst

Adam lind shows off his body
Adam has been a terrible human being since his very first appearance on Teen Mom 2, let’s just be real about that. He once called Chelsea Houska a “fat stretch marked bitch,” and he even asked her where he could sign his rights away for “that mistake,” referring to their daughter, Aubree.

2. Seriously, He’s Awful

Adam lind and chelsea houska on mtv
Besides the truly disgusting way he’s always treated Chelsea, Adam has quite the extensive criminal history. He’s been arrested literally dozens of times — he’s had tons of DUIs, he’s violated probation, he’s had warrants out for his apparent inability to pay child support for his two daughters.


Adam lind pitches protein bars on instagram
But while we’ve known for a long, long time that he’s a terrible person, it’s been relatively recently since we’ve learned about his drug habits. Back in the spring, he failed a court appointed drug test with traces of meth and steroids found in his system.

4. Poor Paislee

Taylor halbur and adam lind
Shortly after that meth bombshell dropped, we heard Taylor Halbur, Adam’s ex and the mother of his second child, Paislee, accuse him of being abusive, controlling, and of killing her puppies. Killing. Her Puppies.

5. It’s Just Sad

Adam lind chelsea houska randy houska
After that, both Taylor and Chelsea got extra serious about monitoring their children’s interactions with Adam — Taylor’s not afraid to take the issue to court, and we’ve seen Chelsea deal with the issue of Adam time and time again during this season of Teen Mom 2.

6. Domestic Violence

Adam lind meth
Most recently, Adam was arrested a couple of weeks ago on domestic violence charges. We don’t know the details about what happened or who he allegedly assaulted, but we do know that he spent the night in jail and has a court date set for next month.

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Kailyn Lowry: Threatening to Release Javi Marroquin Sex Tape! Feuding With Jenelle Evans!

Well, if you watched last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, then you know that the stuff hit the fan between exes Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin in a significant way.

And perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Jenelle Evans played a role in the drama.

As you’re no doubt aware, one of the most unexpected developments of this year’s off-season was the news that Kailyn was pregnant with her third child.

For months, Kailyn denied being pregnant, before eventually admitting that she was indeed knocked up.

Last night, we bore witness Lowry’s astonishment when she learned that word of her pregnancy had gone public without her knowledge or consent.

Lowry was stunned to see that her castmate and frequent rival Jenelle Evans had tweeted news of Kailyn’s pregnancy to her 1.3 million followers.

“Congrats on your pregnancy girl! Heard the news from the crew. Super happy for you. Having 3 is hard but totally worth it!” Evans tweeted.

“I haven’t announced my pregnancy publicly yet, but last night the news came out from an unexpected source,” Lowry said in the episode.

She then revealed her reason for holding off on making an announcement.

“My pregnancy has been hard and I wasn’t really telling anyone. I didn’t want to talk about it in public or anything. I’m afraid of not having control of my own story, my own life.”

Later in the episode, Jenelle vented to a friend about Jenelle’s long history of throwing passive-aggressive shade:

“She said she heard it from the crew, but I talked to MTV and I don’t think the crew leaked it,” Kailyn ranted.

“I don’t know if she was doing it to be a smart a** or if she was doing it thinking she was really congratulating me. I feel like I would text someone that. I was upset because I had not had my 20-week scan yet. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

It does seem like the sort of thing someone would text you, rather than putting it out there in a public forum.

Also, any time it looks like Jenelle might be engaging in shady behavior, she 100% is doing exactly that.

We’re fully Team Kailyn on this one.

Jenelle, of course, deflected blame by claiming that Javi Marroquin was the source of the leak, and so Kailyn re-directed her rage at her ex.

She even went so far as to accuse Javi of cheating on her while he was overseas with the Air Force, claiming she has hard evidence that he was unfaithful.

“What a dumb a–hole. So how about I air all his dirty laundry?!,” Lowry said of Marroquin.

“I could show video of him having sex with someone overseas. But I won’t.”

After the episode aired, Javi addressed those allegations in a lengthy Instagram post that reads as follows:

This is the only comment I’m going to give on tonight’s episode because I’ve realized I can’t change the opinion on every single one of you.

“So issue #1: The castmate saying I leaked Kailyn’s pregnancy… waste of caption space so I’ll save my breaths. Issue #2: A while back, a picture had surfaced someone sent Kail trying to say it was me and all this other nonsense. 

“Kail approached me and I told her it wasn’t me (dude was wearing white ankle socks at that). Whether she believes me or not, I cannot control.

“I watched tonight’s episode and I’m upset she brought up that picture saying it was me when I had already told her it wasn’t.”

Yes, it seems Javi is pissed not only that he was accused of cheating on his then-wife, but also that Kailyn’s giving people the idea that he wears white ankle socks.

Hard to say where this situation might lead, but it seems clear we’re in for a very entertaining season.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to get caught up on this wealth of dramatic developments.