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MAGA Hat Student Nick Sandmann KY Prosecutor Warns … Prison Sentences for School Threats


The Kentucky prosecutor investigating threats against Nick Sandmann‘s high school wants to punish anyone threatening physical harm … with prison time.

Rob Sanders, whose jurisdiction includes Covington Catholic High School, tells us he’s deadly serious about seeking incarceration for people threatening Sandmann’s teachers and classmates … because it’s a Class D felony in Kentucky, punishable by 1 to 5 years in a state penitentiary.

As you know … threats against Nick and others at his school have been pouring in via email, phone calls and social media, ever since his confrontation with Native American elder Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial.

Sanders says the threats include burning down the school, blowing up the school, shooting up the school and attacking students … and he wants to set an example for the nation — threats made on social media have real-world consequences.  

Sanders makes it clear he doesn’t have a political dog in the fight. His only point is it’s totally unacceptable to ever threaten kids, and watch … he’s not about to stop with fines.

R. Kelly Alleged Victim to Talk Threats, Retaliation


One of R. Kelly‘s alleged victims is coming forward to talk about the singer’s threat and retaliation against her at an 8:30 AM PT news conference … and TMZ will be streaming live.

The alleged victim and her mother will be flanked by their attorney, Gloria Allred, in NYC … where they’ll talk about alleged threats and retaliation against them. The mother of another young woman who alleges she was victimized by R. Kelly will also speak.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has opened an investigation into allegations made against the singer in ‘Surviving’ and Chicago prosecutors are contacting alleged victims. The D.A. is not commenting but has asked other alleged victims to contact the office through its hotline. 

Enes Kanter To Turkey President: Jail Threats Don’t Scare Me!

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Enes Kanter says he won’t be bullied into silence by the President of Turkey — saying jail threats against him and his family are only inspiring him to be MORE critical of Recep Erdogan

The NY Knicks star is doubling down on his decision to remove himself from a team trip to the U.K. — claiming he’s more susceptible to Erdogan’s hit squad overseas. 

“If I’m in America, I’m safe. I feel very safe,” Kanter told CBS News. “But, if I step outside of America,  it will be a very dangerous situation.”

Kanter says he’s been under fire from Turkish officials for years for insulting Erdogan publicly — even calling the guy the “Hitler of our generation.”

Other U.S. officials, including Rep. Peter King, have told TMZ Sports … Kanter’s fears are warranted because Erdogan is a bad dude and runs Turkey like a police state. 

Kanter has been labeled a terrorist for his comments — and says officials have even locked his father as retribution. 

“If you speak out against Erdoğan, that means you’re a terrorist. If he cannot put you in jail, then he will take your family away and put them in jail and say, ‘if you don’t stop running against me, then I’m gonna keep your family in jail.'”

“That’s what he’s trying to do, did that to me, that he tried to put my dad in jail, so he thought that I was gonna stop talking, that made me even talk about this more so the world can see it.”

As we previously reported, ex-NBA player Hedo Turkoglu — who’s also from Turkey — ripped Kanter on social media … saying his claims against the President are baseless and reckless

Then again, Turkoglu also serves as an advisor to Erdogan.