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The Pointer Sisters’ Bonnie I’m Still So Excited … After Throwing Up Onstage!!!


Bonnie Pointer lost control, and it doesn’t look like she liked it … but she’s a real trooper for powering through a puke and singing her heart out.

The Pointer Sisters cofounder was performing at the historic Wattles Mansion in Hollywood Saturday night when she got ill onstage and threw up … in her hand.

But, check out the video — almost immediately afterward Bonnie starts dancing to the beat of the group’s most famous song, and is fully composed to belt out the opening verse and chorus of “I’m So Excited.”

That’s a true show-woman.

Unfortunately, the Pointer Sister got sick again after her initial recovery and had to be helped offstage before the song came to a close.

Always leave them wanting more.

Danny Trejo Trump’s Wall Idea Sucks … It’s ‘Throwing Money Away’


Danny Trejo‘s got a big problem with Donald Trump‘s master plan to build a big beautiful wall along America’s southern border … he doesn’t think it will work.

We got the “Machete” star at Los Angeles Mission Friday helping serve food to the homeless, and asked for his take on the President’s demand for border wall funding and the government shutdown.

Danny tells us Trump’s wall plan is futile, because no matter how high it is … he’s not accounting for how far below ground it needs to go. The actor also suggests POTUS has delusions of grandeur … and just wants his name on something rivaling China’s famous landmark.

Trejo’s not against more border security, though … he just believes there are much smarter ways to use funding for it.

BTW, Trump revealed an interesting potential design for his border wall Friday … it definitely doesn’t address Danny’s concerns.

As for the government shutdown — which Trump declared “The Democrats now own” — Machete calls BS on that too.