Jill Duggar Wears Pants In Public For First Time EVER!

The Duggar family has faced down just about every kind of scandal imaginable over the past few years, but we don’t think anyone could’ve predicted their latest controversy.

It all started back in March, when Jinger Duggar wore pants in a photo posted on her Instagram page.

If you’re only passingly familiar with Jinger’s family, you might be wondering what the big deal is.

The Duggars have strict rules about … well, about everything, really, but they’re particularly uncompromising when it comes to their dress code.

According to rules devised by parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, women are to wear long skirts or dresses at all times, even when playing in sports or engaging in other physical activities.

So Jinger wearing shorts, pants, and above-the-knee skirts is more than just a fashion statement–it’s an act of rebellion.

Jim Bob and Michelle had no choice but to accept her decision, as once Duggar women are married off, it’s their husbands, not their  parents who decide what they’re allowed to wear.

For months, it looked like Jinger would be alone in freeing her legs from their floor-length denim shackles, but now, Jim Bob and Michelle’s worst fears seem to be coming true:

Yes, Jinger’s older sister Jill Duggar is wearing pants, too.

Again, the decision to wear pants might not seem like an earth-shattering act of defiance.

In fact, putting on pants one leg at a time is such a commonplace activity that it’s become an idiomatic expression used to convey normalcy.

But imagine engaging in that activity for the first time as a 26-year-old mother of two.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, no one in the Duggar clan has been more devoted to the family’s code of conduct than Jill.

As the first of her sisters to marry and start a family, Jill seemed to believe it was her responsibility to set an example by carrying on her parents’ ideals.

She’s spoken proudly of her family’s belief in “modest dress” and has gone to great pains to adhere to Jim Bob and Michelle’s guidelines.

When Jill worked as a volunteer firefighter, she even went so far as to modify her uniform, altering the pants into a sort of flame-retardant skirt.

Technically, the Duggar women are within the parameters of the family dress code if they keep the area from their neck to their knees covered, so as not to inspire any impure thoughts in the men in their lives.

But the floor-length skirt has long served as a symbol of female subservience and commitment to traditional gender roles for Jill and her sisters.

So opting for a pair of Levi’s is a simple act that sends an unmistakable message.

Sources close to the family say Jim Bob has been butting heads with his sons-in-law over their more progressive views, and he’s likely to take Jill’s decision to wear pants as another sign that he’s fighting a losing battle.

Jill was no doubt aware of how her latest pic would be interpreted before she posted it, which is why Jim Bob’s many detractors are singing her praises today.

Like taking a knee before a football game, sometimes a move as seemingly simple as wearing a pair of pants can serve as a powerful act of protest.

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Kevin Spacey: Facing Jail Time Over Latest Sexual Assault Allegations?!

It’s only been one week since actor Anthony Rapp went public with accusations that he was sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey at the age of 14.

But in that short time, the former House of Cards star has watched his career and public reputation come tumbling down in dramatic fashion.

Earlier this week, Spacey was fired by Netflix over allegations of misconduct, and as with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby before him, Spacey’s list of accusers just keeps getting longer.

The latest to level charges against the 58-year-old actor is a former Boston news anchor named Heather Unruh.

Baco on October 13, Unruh tweeted that “a loved one” had once been assaulted by Spacey.

“The #weinsteinscandal has emboldened me,” she wrote.

“I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell.”

Today, Unruh went into shocking specifics.

At a press conference held this afternoon, Unruh revealed that her then-18-year-old son was groped by Spacey last year:

“[Spacey] stuck his hand inside my son’s pants and grabbed his genitals,” Unruh told reporters.

“Nothing could have prepared my son for how that sexual assault would make him feel as a man,” she added.

“It harmed him and it cannot be undone.”

Forced to answer the usual questions about why her son didn’t immediately file a police report, Unruh responded:

“He knew the kind of attention that would result from making an accusation about such a public person. I can assure you that this is not the kind of attention anyone wants.”

Unruh says Spacey plied her son with “drink after drink” prior to assaulting him.

She says her son falsely told the actor that he was of legal age to consume, but adds, “whether he was over 21 or not, Kevin Spacey had no right to sexually assault him. There was no consent.”

According to Unruh, the molestation continued for over an hour and ended only when Spacey went to the restroom and a stranger advised her son to flee.

Unruh says she would like to see Spacey put behind bars for his crimes, and notes that she and her son have filed a police report in Nantucket, where the alleged incident took place.

We will have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Jackson Roloff Had the BEST Time at the Zoo!

Grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond. The Roloffs are certainly no exception.

Matt Roloff took to social media to share that it’s getting harder for him to spend time away from his grandbabies, even for just a few days.

And we can see why — because in the mean time, Zach Roloff took sweet baby Jackson on a surprise trip to the zoo. And these pictures are golden.

This year, Matt Roloff got to welcome two grandchildren into the world. His first two.

Early this summer, sweet Jackson Roloff was born. And then, only four months later, precious Ember Jean was born.

As a grandparent, that’s a dream come true.

(It’s also, we’re sure, exciting stuff for Zach and Tori and for Jeremy and Auj, what with becoming parents and all)

Here’s the thing, though.

Matt Roloff lives on Roloff Farms with most of the rest of his family, but he has a habit of heading down to Arizona.

Most of us are sick to death of this warm weather and would like to squeeze in a few weeks of fall weather before winter arrives, but Matt Roloff likes to enjoy downtime and the warmer weather that Arizona has to offer.

But he’s taken to social media to share how difficult that trip is becoming, for one — or two — adorable reasons.

Matt Roloff shared this precious photo of his son, Zach, and his grandson, Jackson.

Jackson, you can just barely tell, is still dressed like a pumpkin. What a delight.

Matt’s caption for the photo, however, proved to be bittersweet:

“Had to say good bye to these guys for a couple of days …”

Awww, we know that it’s not easy. Especially when you can’t explain to a baby why they won’t see you for a few days.

Matt continued: “Headed to Arizona in search of some warm sunny weather..”

Again, we’ve absolutely had our fill of warmth and sunlight for 2017, but some people like it more than others.

(And we should remember that Matt Roloff is a grandparent and some people, as they get older, become sensitive to cold, particularly in their joints)

“Getting harder and harder to leave even just for a few days. Can’t stand to miss even a minute with these precious grand kids.”

You know, that’s normal for grandparents who live exceptionally close to their grandchildren.

Kids can change overnight. What if your grandbaby learns a new word and you’re not there? What if they learn to walk?

And Zach Roloff took to Instagram to share what Jackson got up to.

Zach and Tori took Jackson on an impromptu zoo trip.

As Zach explains, he’s not usually a huge fan of the zoo:

“Great day at the Zoo and World Forestry Discovery Center Museum. Never been too much of a fan of zoos because all the people and the small enclosures but today was class. Nobody was there and the animals were all out. Great day with the family as well.”

The trick to visiting lots of places is to go there when it’s not crowded. It’s like going out to dinner on a Tuesday instead of on Friday night.

Zach also hinted at a reason that he, especially, might not be comfortable in big crowds … and it’s not his height. Not directly.

Zach ended his post with Samuel 16:7, a biblical passage about ignoring what a person looks like because what matters is what they look like on the inside.

Interestingly, in context, the passage is referring to a super good-looking man whom the faithful are supposed to reject, but we can see how the words could be a great comfort to someone who feels judged for his appearance by total strangers.

And speaking of being judged, Zach and these adorable baby photos got actual hate in the comments for going to a zoo.

Zoo animals are either born in captivity or rescued, folks. Often rescued from actual horrible conditions.

There are some bad zoos in the world, but most of them are essentially massive animal rescues with habitats and trained professionals.

Don’t hate someone for supporting an educational facility that brings joy to children while helping countless wild and even endangered species.\

Just relax and look at the cute baby: