Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Pay Birthday Tribute to Son Tyler: We Didn’t Forget This Time!

There are many challenges that come with raising 20 children.

You have to feed and clothe a small army, you have to yell out the right name when you’re angry, which is often a challenge even for parents with regular-sized families…

… and of course, you have to remember 20 different birthdays.

Lately, that last task has proven a considerable challenge for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Yes, despite their claims of being the planet’s foremost super parents, the Duggars have been forgetting birthdays lately.

But don’t worry, they’ve been doing their damnedest to cover their tracks.

First, they spaced on Jordyn Duggars’ birthday, and hastily threw together a last-minute celebration.

Shortly thereafter, Joseph Duggar turned 23, and his parents obviously forgot about his big day entirely.

They compensated by posting a video with a Jay Leno impersonator they’d just happened to run into, which sounds like something only the drunkest of stepdads would attempt to get away with.

Needless to say, the Duggars took quite a bit of flak, for their recent lapses in memory.

So it should come as no surprise that they’ve taken steps to ensure that no such errors occur again.

After all, forgetting your kids’ birthdays is one thing – being called out as anything other than models of perfect parenting is quite another.

Many fans of the family aren’t even aware of this, but back in 2016, the Duggars adopted a 20th child.

His name is Tyler Duggar and he celebrated his 10th birthday over the weekend.

Newly self-conscious about assuring the world that they remember the dates all their kids were born, the Duggars took to social media to pay tribute to Tyler.

The Duggars posted the above photo on Facebook, along with a caption praising the newest addition to their massive brood:

“Happy 10th birthday Tyler, a whole decade now!” Michelle and Jim Bob wrote.

“You are such a joy and a delight! We are so thankful for you! We wish you a happy birthday and look forward to another great year!!” 

Comments on the post served as a reminder that many fans were not aware of Tyler’s existence:

“Happy Birthday young man…Tyler. But, who is Tyler? All Duggar names start with a J,” one fan wrote.

“Who is Tyler? I thought all there [sic] kids’ names started with a J? Did they adopt?” another remarked.

So it looks like the Duggars haven’t been very good about celebrating all things Tyler on social media.

But hey, at least they remembered his birthday!

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Kim Zolciak: Desperate to Reclaim Full Time Role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Kim Zolciak is still one of the best known women from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She even has her own spinoff.

But while Don’t Be Tardy is still going, and despite the nasty feud between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes, Kim has been demoted from Real Housewife to Friend of the Housewives.

And according to this report, she’s desperate to reclaim her status … and willing to do anything.

As we’ve already mentioned in recent posts, Kim Zolciak’s demotion from being a full castmember of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to being a recurring guest is a pretty hefty change.

On scripted shows, when you see somebody go from a cast member to a recurring guest star, odds are pretty good that they’re getting killed off at the midseason finale.

Thankfully, the Real Housewives franchise doesn’t work like that (yet — nobody give Andy Cohen any ideas).

But, from the perspective of Kim Zolciak and from the perspective of her fans, the situation royally sucks.

And now a report reveals that Kim thinks so, too.

RadarOnline reports that, thanks to Kim’s demotion, she’s on fewer than half of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes.

Kim doesn’t go on any of the out-of-town trips with the full-time Housewives. She just pops in as a guest when they’re still in Atlanta.

You know that this is giving her fans a sense of whiplash.

Earlier this week, we talked about Kim Zolciak on our RHOA season 10 episode 9 recap. She’s still having an impact on the show.

But not the one that she’d like to have.

As RadarOnline reports, Kim is willing to make any compromise to reclaim her former place on the series.

According to their insider:

“Kim offered to take a big pay cut on Don’t Be Tardy in order to come back full time on RHOA.

That’s a hefty sacrifice … or at least it sounds like one.

But you have to remember that Real Housewives make bank. They have a much wider audience than Don’t Be Tardy.

“Kim told producers that she would be happy to not make as much money on her spin-off show if they would let her come back full-time on RHOA.

RadarOnline’s insider also reveals how producers responded to that offer.

“The RHOA ladies make so much money.”

It sounds like there are genuinely budgetary concerns that limit how many Housewives they can have each season.

“And most likely only Kenya is leaving after this season, so there might not be enough to bring her back.”

Without Kenya Moore, Kim will also have fewer people with whom to feud.

So that may take away incentive to bring her back into the fold, full-time.

Worst of all, it sounds like Bravo and Kim have different estimations of her value as a reality star.

“Kim might not be worth all the money she wants, even if she is willing to take a pay cut on her other show.”


Look, an inflated sense of self-worth is almost a requirement before becoming a reality star. It definitely goes with the territory.

But it’s sad that it may screw Kim Zolciak — and her fans — out of a whole heaping mess of airtime.


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