Blac Chyna: Yup, I’d Get Back Together with Rob Kardashian!

Blac Chyna has been through a lot with Rob Kardashian.

They have a child together. They were engaged for a brief period of time. They starred on a reality TV show together. He posted revenge porn-type photos of her on the Internet.

You know, the usual ups and downs of most couples.

kard and blac

By this point, if you’re reading this website, we’re guessing you’re quite familiar with the sordid history between the Instagram model and the sock mogul.

But did you know that Chyna would be down with repeating it?

Or somehow thinking it might change for some reason?

In other words: She wants to get back together with her one-time fiance and baby daddy!

At the very very least, she’s open to this possibility.

Asked in an interview with DailyMailTV if she would reconcile romantically with Rob, Chyna didn’t rule it out.

“Maybe, but we’ll see,” the 30-year old replied simply and surprisingly.

It’s clear these two have a strong connection, but it’s also clear that connection has led to a handful of extremely uglu arguments and confrontations.

This tension culminated in July of 2017 after Rob released several lewd photos of his ex and nearly got arrested for doing so without her permission.

In Chya’s defense, however, she never threatened to keep Rob from their daughter, Dream, during the fallout from this scandal

As understandably mad as she was at Rob, she never used their child as a pawn. This actually sort of says a lot about her.

The stars dated on and off from January to December 2016 and much of their relationship was documented on their E! docuseries, Rob & Chyna.

Nearly every episode centered on some giant fight between the couple, but Chyna says now that she doesn’t regret anything about the program.

“I wouldn’t change nothing with Rob & Chyna at all ‘cause that was our reality,” she told DailyMailTV, adding:

“The good, the bad and whatever else. I feel like a lot of people misconstrue the whole situation. There’s no way I could have a beautiful baby girl as super-smart as Dream.

“You can look into her face and just tell she was made with love. She’s, like, perfect.”

Make fun of Chyna all you want (Lord knows that we have), but that is an exceptionally grounded and mature way to look at things.

The former stripper, of course, is also the mother of five-year-old son King with ex Tyga, whom she dated from 2011 to 2014.

She says that being a parent has changed her for the better:

“Before, it was all about me. I was kind of, like, really selfish.

“But now I have these two little ones, so I have to be more cautious, more aware and more attentive of these little people I created. It’s so different.”

In closing, Chyna said she doesn’t want to “jinx” anything, but that another starring reality show turn may be in the works.

Probably not opposite Rob, however.

That said, the former lovers have found a way to parent in peace and to not tear each other into pieces online or in person.

“Chyna and Rob are coparenting a lot better than anyone thought they would,” a source told Us Weekly in May. “They’re getting along. Everything is fine.”

Who ever would have thought that was possible?!?


Josh & Anna Duggar Make Rare Public Appearance Together: See? We’re Totally Still Married!

Folks, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it’s been a difficult few weeks news-wise.

And now, we might all be forced to endure another public spectacle that no one asked for or expected …

We’re talking, of course, about a Josh Duggar comeback.

Yes, if you’re a Duggar aficionado you might have noticed a lot more Josh in your life lately.

And, like everything else the Duggars do, that’s 100 percent by design.

For years, there have been rumors of Jim Bob and Michelle helping their son to return to public life, and now it seems it’s actually happening.

Perhaps they’ve been emboldened by the current political climate, or perhaps they simply feel enough time has passed that fans will have forgotten the severity of Josh’s sex crimes.

Whatever the case, the effort to rebuild Josh’s public image and welcome him back into the Duggar media empire has begun in earnest.

It started with Josh appearing in several Duggar Facebook posts back in September.

It continued as Josh and Anna celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their engagement this month — as though that’s actually something people celebrate.

Those festivities prompted rumors that Josh and Anna’s marriage is a sham, as Anna appeared undeniably miserable in all of the accompanying pics.

So that was an unexpected bump in the road of Josh’s recovery, but Jim Bob is every bit the PR genius that Kris Jenner is, so he was well-prepared for the inevitable rumors that Josh and Anna are headed for divorce.

As In Touch Weekly reports, longtime Duggar family friend Josie Bates married Kelton Balka this week.

The Bates are reality “stars” in their own right (though not nearly as famous as the Duggars), so this qualified as a public event.

And that makes it the first time Josh and Anna have attended a non-family related public event since he was embroiled in multiple consecutive sex scandals back in 2015.

So you can bet it won’t be long before Josh starts making appearances on Counting On again.

Will Duggar fans turn their backs on the family in protest?

We’d like to think so, but something tells us that won’t be the case.


Demi Lovato: Getting Back Together With Wilmer Valderrama While In Rehab?!

It’s been nearly two months since Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that nearly claimed her life.

After spending more than a week recovering in a Los Angeles hospital, Lovato headed straight to rehab, where she’s been devoting herself to the hard work of getting sober ever since.

Fortunately, Demi enjoys the support of a vast network of family, friends, and fans who are committed to assisting her in any way they can.

And it seems one special person in the singer’s life has really been going the extra mile to ensure that she knows she’s not alone during this dark and difficult time.

Despite the fact that Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama broke up back in 2016, the pair have remained close as friends, and it seems Demi has been leaning heavily on her ex in recent weeks.

According to TMZ, Demi recently transferred to a different rehab facility.

Her whereabouts are being kept under wraps, but sources have confirmed that she relocated in part so that she could be closer to Valderrama.

The actor has been spotted visiting Demi at the facility several times, and witnesses claim that the two of them have visited a nearby Starbucks together several times.

The facility reportedly has an “open door” policy, and patients are permitted to come and go as they please.

In fact, going for walks and frequenting local businesses is said to be encouraged, as the treatment center is a long-term facility that seeks to help residents transition back into everyday life.

Sources close to the facility say that it features a group-based recovery program, a claim that seems to be confirmed by the fact that Demi has been spotted at Starbucks with large groups of fellow patients.

As for the question of her relationship with Wilmer, sources claim the exes are nothing more than platonic friends, but fans have their doubts.

There have long been rumors that Demi is still in love with Wilmer, and the fact that he appears to have put his life on hold in order to assist with her recovery has been interpreted by many as a signal that the two of them are romantically involved.

Whatever the case, we wish Demi all the best on her road to recovery, and we applaud Wilmer for sticking by her side throughout this life-or-death struggle.


Leah Messer Comes Clean About Secret Boyfriend: We Lived Together!

On Wednesday, MTV aired a special installment of Teen Mom 2 entitled Secrets Revealed.

And Leah Messer certainly helped the show deliver on that promise.

In one of the episode's most memorable segments, Leah opened up about her relationship with T.R. Dues.

Rumors about Leah and T.R. have been circulating for years, but this is the first time that Leah addressed the matter publicly.

And saying that some fans were shocked by her revelations would be putting it very mildly.


1. Shunning the Spotlight

Leah messer spray tan pic
Leah has a reputation as one of the most secretive Teen Moms. With the possible exception of Chelsea Houska, she seems to value her privacy more than any of her co-stars.

2. Leah Opens Up

Leah messer baby bump pic
On this week’s special, however, Leah spilled the tea in a major way, opening up about a period in her life that had long been shrouded in secrecy.

3. Happy Again

Jason jordan and leah messer
These days, Leah is dating Jason Jordan and appears to be happier than she’s been in years.

4. Darker Days

Leah messer and jeremy calvert together
Following her divorce from Jeremy Calvert, however, Leah went through a difficult time which resulted in her decision to check into rehab for emotional issues.

5. Keeping a Low Profile

Leah dawn messer calvert photo
Leah quite understandably shied away from the spotlight quite a bit in those days, hoping to protect her privacy, as well as that of her daughters.

6. It’s All Coming Together

Leah messer straight hair
And it seems it’s for that reason that Leah was so secretive about the relationship that helped her through one of the most difficult times in her life.

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Matt and Amy Roloff: What Are They Doing Together in This Photo?!?

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff are back together, folks!

In the literal sense.

That is, the former spouses are posing below in a photograph side-by-side.

We didn’t mean to imply that anything romantic was going on between the Little People, Big World stars are anything like that. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

But the parents of four, who still work together on their farm and who still interact on a very frequent basis in front of TLC cameras, had a common place to be on Saturday, as they both said goodbye to a long-time series crew member.

He didn’t die.

He just won’t be working on the show any longer.

“Our production crew,” Amy wrote as a caption to the image, explaining to followers just who is pictured.

She added in further detail:

“Had to say good bye to Dean (the guy in the middle w/ the hat and glasses). It was kind of sad- he’s been w/ us helping us film since the first season of LPBW. So many memories and good times.

“Im going to miss him not being a part of us. #lpbw #season14 #realityshow #amyssecondactcontinues.”

As you can see in the photo, Zach Roloff and his one-year old son, Jackson, also stopped by the gathering for a little bit.

Like we said, Matt and Amy are not on bad terms by any stretch of any imagination.

Is there some tension because Amy is seriously dating Chris Marek (above) and Matt is seriously dating Caryn Chandler (below)… while the Roloffs themselves continue to share the same land for both work and residential purposes?

Yes, absolutely.

But Amy and Matt were also married for over 26 years prior to splitting up in May of 2016.

They have four kids together.

There’s plenty of respect here and plenty of special feelings between the stars, no matter what some folks in the media try to say or write.

This occasion marks the second time in a couple monthts that Amy and Matt have posed for a picture together.

Previously, they happily and proudly accepted an award after setting a Guiness World Record.

“The Roloff family’s very exciting news to share with you all… We have – along with all of YOU – made history,” Matt wrote as a caption to the image below in June, adding at the time:

“We’ve been awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records for the most family-focused reality television shows in the history of television!!

“We couldn’t have done it without all of you.”

To be specific, Amy and Matt were able to hold up the framed certificate above because Little People, Big World aired its 298th episode in January, which meant it had aired more episodes as a family-focused reality series than any other program in this genre ever had in history.

How cool, right?

And how sort of random… but whatever.

It doesn’t look like any other show of this type is going to threaten that mark any time soon, either.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, for example, had only aired 214 episodes back when the Roloffs were awarded this distinction.

That said, Kim Kardashian and company may film for another 20 years.

But Matt Roloff is moving part-time to Arizona and Amy has spoken here and there about being prepared to leave the farm behind.

Moreover, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have already announced they will not return next season.

Little People, Big World may be on its final legs.

If that’s the case, though, what a ride it has been!