Tonya Harding Advances to DWTS Finale, Fans Tweet Their Fury

Ever since it was announced that Tonya Harding would join Dancing With The Stars to compete against other athletes, controversy has been building.

From the moment that it was announced, fans were disgusted that she was giving a shot at public redemption after the Nancy Kerrigan assault during their '90s rivalry.

Now, Tonya and her dance partner Sasha have continued to avoid elimination throughout the competition.

After their Rumba, they are advancing on to the finale.

Tonya's story — from mourning her father to feeling that she's been unjustly blacklisted for years — has won over some fans who are rooting for her.

Others are not won over, and they are incensed that she's made it this far. In fact, some think that the show is deliberately keeping her on in order to boost ratings.

1. Some are mad at the voters

Tonya tweets 01
Remember, Dancing With The Stars has a panel of judges, but fans and viewers also cast their votes.

2. Some people watch with their parents

Tonya tweets 02
Those who remember Tonya from the ’90s may find her less sympathetic than those who are just now seeing her on television.

3. Some fans are enraged

Tonya tweets 03
No, please don’t time-travel back to 2002 and destroy a TV. They were so expensive back then!

4. Other fans are simply bewildered

Tonya tweets 04
For government or for a reality competition, democracy is one hell of a system.

5. Some think that casting her is morally irresponsible

Tonya tweets 05
Those who feel this way see the error being compounded with each episode that features Tonya.

6. Tonya’s history is hard to forget

Tonya tweets 06
Speaking of which, yes, plenty of folks have joked that Adam Rippon should be extra careful.

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Tonya Harding Blasted for Fake Crying, Diva Attitude on DWTS!

On the most recent episode of Dancing With The Stars, infamous Olympics legend Tonya Harding pulled off the Foxtrot.

Her performance was pretty good, but it wasn’t perfect. And Tonya broke down in tears afterwards.

An insider’s report says that Tonya’s competition think that her tears are fake, and are more than ready for her to go.

RadarOnline reports that Tonya Harding’s fake tears were the last straw for the other dancers.

“Tonya’s tears just did not sit well with the other contestants.”

They were not charmed. And she was apparently already on their last nerve.

“And they are already getting fed up with her theatricals.”

Okay, so “theatricals” is a nonsense word. A person is theatrical. A theatrical person might display theatrics.

“Everyone is saying that she completely faked her crying episode on-screen during the premiere.”

And apparenlty they all know what she’s really like, behind the scenes.

“Because she is not that emotional in real life.”

It was more than just crocodile tears that rubbed them the wrong way.

“She is such a huge drama queen and it seems that she believes she is the star of the show already.”

And the insider says that she believes that for a not-too-bad reason.

“The producers seem to agree.”

They’ve been putting her front and center in their promos.

“Because they are using her imagery for most of the promotion of this current season.”

Weird, consider that Adam Rippon is the huge star from, you know, this century.

But that’s none of our business, we guess.

Apparently, Tonya’s “theatricals” and other antics have people thoroughly exhasperated.

“Everyone is already just so sick of her.”

Perhaps they wouldn’t mind her so much if she were dominating the competition?

But she hasn’t been doing too badly. She hasn’t been sent home, anyway. Yet.

“And the other contestants all agree that they all need to up their game.”

They apparently have one goal in mind — aside from victory.

“And get her eliminated as soon as possible.”

Hey, it’s a competition. This sounds like fair motivation.

We will play devil’s advocate for a moment.

Let us consider, for example, that it is easy for people to hold a negative opinion of Tonya.

She is, of course, implicated in the infamous attack on Nancy Kerrigan.

Honestly, among younger people, many would not even remember her name were it not for that legacy — and the recent I, Tonya film on the subject.

So it is easy to see how people might view Tonya through the filter of their preconceptions.

At the same time … Tonya’s reputation probably didn’t come out of nowhere.

Tonya Harding has been disgraced ever since Nancy Kerrigan’s attack.

She’s had a number of less-than-ideal moments in terms of public relations and optics. She may have been hoping that Dancing With The Stars would be her redemption arc.

But the show itself will thrive on drama.

The drama of her winning or losing will work just as well. And if she’s poorly behaved behind the scenes … that honestly helps drive up interest in the show.

But if Tonya continues to be seen as difficult to work with … she could be looking at the end of her TV career.


Dancing with the Stars Fans are Disgusted Over Casting of Tonya Harding

Dancing with the Stars announced its full cast for Season 26 on Good Morning America today.

A shortened season, upcoming episodes will feature 10 past and present athletes competing for the Mirrorball Trophy, with participants including:

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The most famous women’s softball pitcher in history, Jennie Finch.

And Tonya Harding.

Yes, that Tonya Harding.

The very same Tonya Harding whose ex-husband confessed in 1994 to having masterminded an assault of Harding’s chief figure skating rival at the time, Nancy Kerrigan.

You can go look it up if you somehow aren’t familiar with this scandal:

Harding is VERY strongly believed to at the very least been aware of a plan to break Kerrigan’s kneecap just weeks prior to the Winter Olympics.

The former figure skater recently came out and admitted as much.

Despite Harding likely having played a role in severely injuring Kerrigan, and despite Harding showing absolutely no remorse in the years since, she has somehow been celebrated of late.

Heck, the disgraced ex-sports star even attended the Golden Globe Awards in January because a movie based on her life was nominated for Best Picture.

Fast forward a few months and Harding will now be placed in the spotlight on Dancing with the Stars.

She’ll be given a platform to resurrect her image… just one year after the show cast Kerrigan as a contestant!

We can’t imagine how Nancy must be feeling right about now, but we need not use our imagination when it comes to Twitter.

As you’re about to see below, social media users are aghast over ABC’s decision to team up with a basic criminal such as Harding.

“Have people forgotten what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan? Why is she being celebrated and part of this show? I don’t get it. #DWTS,” wrote one disgruntled individual, while another added:

“I won’t be watching DWTS this season, I have no use for Tonya Harding who has no right being showcased anywhere other than in a jail cell.”

TH reaction

Shortly after the Kerrigan assault took place, Harding received three years probation and was sentenced to 500 hours of community service.

She was also assessed a $ 160,000 fine.

Three years later, she was banned for life by the U.S. Figure Skating Figure Skating Association from all sanctioned events for her involvement in the scandal.

What has she done to her a second shot at fame and fortune?

She sat back while a studio made a movie about her.

Truly, that’s all that has happened in the decades since.

This really is pretty disgusting.

Where do YOU stand on Tonya Harding going Dancing with the Stars?


Tonya Harding, Adam Rippon Join Dancing With The Stars’ All-Athlete Season!

Watch out for your kneecaps! (Kidding!) 

Tonya Harding will be on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson and Olympic figureskater and media darling Adam Rippon will also be joining the cast.

The finale of Dancing With The Stars was last November, and it’s about time that the world learns who’ll be starring on this next season.

Well, Us Weekly reports that Tonya Harding will be one of the “stars” who will be dancing.

Harding was infamous in the ’90s after her ex-husband … who was also her bodyguard … orchestrated a “hit” on Nancy Kerrigan, designed to injure Harding’s rival so that she could not compete.

Harding did not order it herself, and complains that she has been unfairly condemned for it. But she did admit to knowing about the attack before it happened.

It’s worth noting that Kerrigan has competed on Dancing With The Stars before, during season 24.

This will be the dance competition’s first-ever all-athletes season, so this controversial Olympian won’t be alone.

Olympian Adam Rippon made headlines earlier this year over his back-and-forth conflict with Vice President Mike Pence.

Rippon is openly gay, Pence is notorious for holding extremely anti-gay views.

Donald Trump himself has reportedly joked that Pence would prefer to see gay Americans be executed by hanging.

And Pence’s history of espousing extremely conservative views and carrying those beliefs into government speaks for itself.

Rippon, however, turns out to be a media darling, adored by American fans for his unbridled honesty and his sense of humor.

He’ll make a great addition to this upcoming season.

As one of the best figureskaters on the planet, he’ll also be one hell of a dancer.

Jamie Anderson will also be on Dancing With The Stars.

She is an extraordinarily talented snowboarder.

Anderson is one of the top slopestyle riders in the world, and demonstrated this at the Sochii Winter Olympics in 2014 and in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.

With four gold medals, five silver medals, and two bronze medals, she’s proven that she’s devastating in the snow.

But how will that translate to dance?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tonya Harding reentered the spotlight recently with the Oscar-nominated film, I, Tonya.

It appears that she hopes that this film can be part of her redemption in the eyes of the public.

“The media had me convicted of doing something wrong before I had even done anything at all,” she lamented last December. “I’m always the bad person.”

Honestly, she hasn’t always done herself that many favors, as she has sometimes taken odd stances in interviews over the years.

It will be interesting to see how well she takes the inevitable jokes at her expense when she appears on Dancing With The Stars.

To be clear, ABC has yet to officially confirm that Harding, Rippon, and Anderson will be on this season.

They’ll announce the full list of “stars” on Friday, April 13th, on Good Morning America.

Considering how interesting these three names are, we have to wonder who else will be among their competition.

And, for that matter, who their dance partners will be.


Tonya Harding: I Knew About the Nancy Kerrigan Attack Before It Happened

Tonya Harding is back in the news, and if you’re Nancy Kerrigan or any other human being with a sense of decency, you probably have very mixed feelings about that.

For the sake of our younger readers, we’d like to take a moment to explain why Harding is … well, not quite the OJ of the figure skating world.

She’s more like Tom Brady, if instead of ordering his equipment managers to deflate game balls, he had them bludgeon the other team’s quarterback.

Just weeks before the 1994 Winter Olympics, Harding’s biggest rival, Nancy Kerrigan, was clubbed on the knee in an attack that initially looked as though it would eliminate her from competition.

It was later revealed that Kerrigan’s attacker, Shane Stant, had been hired by her bodyguard, Shawk Eckhardt, and her ex-husband, Jeff Gilooly to carry out the assault.

Harding claimed the whole thing happened without her knowledge or approval, but she later pled guilty on several felony charges, striking a deal with prosecutors that allowed her to avoid jail time.

These days, Kerrigan is very much back in the news, thanks to I, Tonya the acclaimed, award-nominated film in which Margot Robbie portrays the disgraced ice queen with tremendous humor and compassion.

Biopics about scandalous figures are nothing new, but seldom have we seen an anti-hero treated with such admiration as Harding.

These days, Harding is being feted and celebrated across the media landscape.

She worked the red carpet alongside Margot Robbie at the 2018 Golden Globes, and she’s the subject of a popular new ABC News special that premiered this week.

Mostly, the doc just re-hashes the facts of the case and brings viewers up to date on what Harding has been up to in the decades since her name became synonymous with public disgrace.

But it occasionally sheds some new light on both the Kerrigan incident and Harding’s undeniable involvement with it.

The biggest bombshell, of course, is Harding’s admission–after decades of staunch denial–that she was aware that her ex and her bodyguard were planning something criminal.

Asked whether or not she had any role in planning the attack, Harding replied:

“No. I did, however, overhear them talking about stuff. ‘Well, maybe we should take somebody out so we can make sure [Harding] gets on the team.’

“And I remember telling them, I go, ‘What the hell are you talking about? I can skate.’”

If you’re thinking Harding could’ve done a hell of a lot more to make sure no one was “taken out” on her behalf, then you’re absolutely right.

Journalist Connie Chung, who previously interviewed Harding was stunned when told about the former skater’s admission:

“Unbelievable,” Chung remarked. “I can’t believe that she said that.”

Neither can we, Connie. Neither can we.

Memo to Margot Robbie: Maybe find a different date for the Oscars? Please?

Ray Liotta didn’t bring trot out Henry Hill on the red carpet, ya know.

(That’s a Goodfellas reference for all you under-30s out there.)


Tonya Harding Gets Pissed at Piers Morgan Over ‘Real Victim,’ Her or Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding kneecapped Piers Morgan, or at least her interview with him … abruptly cutting it short when he called her out for acting like she was the victim, and not Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya was on “Good Morning Britain,” and clearly expecting a…