Tori Roloff Teases Fans; Is She Pregnant?!

Last week, Little People, Big World fans were treated to an update on Jackson Roloff at 11 months. This little treasure will soon be one year old!

Jackson already has a younger cousin, the precious Ember Jean. But … is he going to become a big brother?

His mom, Tori Roloff, is teasing fans that she wants another baby. And it might happen sooner than you think.

In the photo below, Tori poses with sweet baby Jackson Roloff and with Brooklyn Rose, the super cute baby of her friend, Erica Meichtry.

“Just the two best friends,” she writes.

Then she confesses:

“I could totally have a second kid.”

She follows that up with a smirking emoji.

Tori Roloff Could Have a Second Child

This is such a sweet photo!

Tori could have just shared the snap and been done with it. A smiling mom with her baby and her friend’s baby — who could ask for more?

But she deliberately chose to add that caption.

The “I could have another baby” line sounds like an almost neutral, factual statement on its own.

But when she throws in that smirking emoji … are she and Zach already making plans for baby number two?

For that matter … is Tori already pregnant?

We don’t know. And, right now, she’s just teasing.

But this isn’t the first time that she’s teased fans into believing that she’s pregnant.

Last summer, her anniversary post to husband Zach Roloff raised some eyebrows — and hopes — that 

“Two years ago today I said ‘I do’ to the man of my dreams,” she wrote at the time.

“This last year has been amazing and heartbreaking all at the same timel and I am so thankful for the man who stood by my side.”

Here comes the line that had people wondering if she was already pregnant with Jackson’s little sibling.

“I am so lucky that my kids get to call you dad and even more blessed that I get to call you mine.”

(This photo is of Jackson Roloff learning how to swim)

In that anniversary post, Tori referred to “my kids.” Plural. Jackson is just one baby.

Clearly, she was at the time talking about possible children she might have in the future.

Now, though she’s not quite announcing that she’s pregnant, she’s strongly hinting that she’d be open to it.

And that smirking emoji … it sure seems like an indicator that she’s ready to get pregnant, if she isn’t already.

Then there’s the fact that she wrote that down and shared it with her followers. That’s a choice. Some wonder why she’d make such a teaser if it isn’t to let fans know that they have something to look forward to.

Ultimately, we can’t read too much into Tori’s post for one simple reason.

She’s posing with her friend’s kid, and her friend already has a bunch of photos up of her (adorable) baby.

So if Tori was plugging her friend’s baby by including her friend’s url, then this snap’s caption may have been carefully crafted to attract attention.

The more people who look at the photo, the more people will go to her friend’s page.

All of this teasing may have just been for her friend’s benefit, because Tori is a sweet person.

That said … we don’t doubt that her message is also true.


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Are Their Kids in Danger?

Marital problems? Divorce rumors? 911 calls and fear of mental illness?

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott apparently have a response to many of these rumors making their way around the Internet, and that response is this…

What Marital problems?!? What Divorce rumors?!? What 911 calls and fear of mental illness?!?

Over the past several days, Spelling and McDermott have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

First, McDermott called 911 because his wife was reportedly acting erratically, prompting Spelling to be hospitalized for an evaluation of her psyche.

Next, McDermott called 911 again because he was unsure where Spelling had gone and he was concerned about at least one of his kids, who may have been with her.

Then, new rumors of a split sprung up all around the Web, with insiders saying the only reason these stars are remaining together is because they can’t afford the process that would legally tear them apart.

So… tough times all around for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

This is nothing especially new or groundbreaking, of course, considering McDermott has confessed to cheating on Spelling in the past and considering we can’t recall a time when the couple was not facing financial difficulties.

Still, you wouldn’t think anything was wrong based on Spelling’s Instagram page.

She shared the first photo above on Monday, giving fans a look at her, Dean and their kids out and about for St. Patrick’s Day and writing as a caption:

“Yesterday we had the #luckoftheirish. We celebrated #stpatricksday as a family!”

Does this mean everything is all well and good?

Not according to many of Tori’s spelling, who are gravely worried about the couple’s five (yes, FIVE!) kids.

“I kinda feel sorry for her kids, especially the older ones,” wrote Lee Ann Bierie Helvenston as a comment to this holiday-themed image.

Same here.

These older children probably need to hear students at school gossip about their parents and/or see negative headlines about them on the Internet.

Someone named Angela Clevenger, meanwhile, writes that Dean has “NOT EVER PUT HIS FAMILY FIRST” and that he’s a cheater who will “always [be] a cheater.”

And then Gina Skipworth chimes in by saying this relationship is doing “more damage to their kids than not. Sad, sad, sad.”

We can’t know if this is actually the case or not, of course.

It’s an age old question of whether a couple who doesn’t get along ought to stay together for the sake of their kids…

… or split up because they are not raising these kids in a healthy environment if there’s so much tension in the air at all times.

why tori

Where do you stand on this sort of issue?

Should Spelling and McDermott just cut the chord already?

Are they doing more harm than good by staying together?

Or this is all a load of BS and they are trying to garner publicity for another season of a reality show or exclusive magazine interview or something?

You can really never know for certain with celebrities.


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Would Get Divorced, But…

As previously reported, the police have been called on Tori Spelling on two separate occasions over the last two weeks.

But while the actress is very possibly dealing with some kind of mental breakdown, a new report suggests that she and husband Dean McDermott may want to place a phone call to someone else…

… a bankruptcy attorney.

If that have any interest on actually going their separate ways, that is.

The latest controversy surrounding these parents of five got underway on March 1 after authorities were called to Spelling and McDermott’s home in response to claims of a domestic disturbance.

When they arrived on the scene, they found the actress behaving in erratic fashion, according to various outlets.

Spelling was then taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Fast forward six days and McDermott calling the police to their home again because he was concerned about Spelling leaving their home with at least one of their children.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirmed this second call, but said in a statement that it was much ado over nothing on McDermott’s part.

“Deputies located her in Thousand Oaks, spoke to her for a few minutes and determined she was fine,” the office shortly after this story went viral, adding:

“That was that. She was fine and no further action was taken.”

Perhaps Spelling was A-OK at this time, but it’s evident that she and McDermott are having some major issues once again.

“They argue several times a week,” a source tells In Touch Weekly, explaining in a bit more detail:

“Their fights can be heard throughout the whole neighborhood. Tori’s yelling and hysterical crying are unmistakable.”

The stars have been through A LOT over the years.

Most notably, McDermott have confessed to cheating on his wife, while money issues have plagued Tori and Dean nearly since the day they exchanged vows.

Heck, McDermott was almost jailed for failure to pay child support last year

Why don’t the two just go their separate ways?

For this exact reason, Life & Style writes.

The tabloid quotes a family friend who thinks Tori and Dean are “too broke to divorce,” citing expenses involved in such a process such as payment to lawyers and other tasks.

It’s a rather terrible sign for a couple when they are forced to be together because they literally can’t afford any other option. But here we are.

“She loves him and has always tried to keep the relationship together, but she’s at the end of her rope,” the source tells Life & Style.

He or she goes on to say the following:

“[They] are at each other’s throats over so many issues – everything from their dire financial situation to neither of them having a steady job to not being able to adequately support their five children.”

Very reasonable concerns, that’s for certain.

Spelling and McDermott are parents to a 10-year-old son named Liam, a nine-year-old daughter named Stella, a six-year-old daughter named Hattie, a five-year-old son named Finn and a one-year-old son named Beau.

That’s a lot for any couple to handle, let alone a couple that rarely gets along well for any extended period of time.

For the sake of all these kids, let’s hope Tori and Dean work things out.


Tori Roloff: Look What My Son Can Do Now!

Another month, another informative update from Tori Roloff in regard to her son.

The Little People, Big World star has once again taken to Instagram in order to tell her 665,000 followers what son Jackson Kylie has been up to.

He’s 10 months old now.

Can you believe it?!?

Tori doesn’t seem like she can, based on the way she opened this always-welcome and helpful post.

“And we’ve got a 10 month old on our hands,” the beloved reality star wrote, prior to delving into the latest details surrounding Jackson’s life.

They include the following:

Jackson can wave hello and goodbye.

He can find airplanes and lights.

He has 8 teeth.

He wants to stand 24/7.

Eats eggs (when he feels like it) and chicken.

Still sleeps 11 hours.

As always, Tori also included a photo with this update.

And here it is!

“We love you baby J!” concluded Tori, including with her caption her usual pair of hashtags: #babyjroloff #zandtpartyofthree.

We learned yesterday that Little People, Big World will return with new episodes on April 3.

Us Weekly broke this exciting piece of news and wrote as a teaser on Monday that Tori and Zach Roloff will “discover the new challenges that raising a newborn brings.”

There sure are plenty of them to discover, but Tori and Zach also do an impressive job of making this whole parenting thing look easy.

In every photo of Jackson, he just seems to cute and so happy and Tori has been unable to resist gushing about her first child every chance she gets.

To wit:

“There are not enough hours in the day,” Roloff wrote a few weeks ago on Instagram, explaining herself as follows:

“Not because I didn’t get to the dishes or finish the laundry. But because there aren’t enough hours in the day to hang with this guy.

“I actually miss him when he goes to bed and literally can’t wait for him to wake up.”

She then addressed Jackson directly and wrote:

“I love you so much you toothy grin mister mister.”

Click on the video above to get your first look at new installments of Little People, Big World.

And then, after that, consider the positive messages Tori always tries to send to the world.

She knows there’s a lot of negativity on the Internet and she never wants to be known as someone who contributes to it.

“I so never imagined my life going in this direction and I thank God every single day that he has shown me how to love greater than I ever thought possible,” she also recently wrote to followers, concluding:

“My goal here is to continue to make people laugh and show everyone I’m just a normal girl who got thrown into extraordinary circumstances and you better believe I’m not going to waste a damn moment.”

Amen, Tori.



Tori Spelling Tries to Remain “Brave” in Face of Marital Crisis

90210? More like 9021… oh no, Tori Spelling.

That’s the sort of joke we’d typically make about the actress if she got into some kind of trouble or scandal that we deemed worthy of an article.

But we’re just not in the mood at the moment.

Not when Spelling appears to be spiraling so far down that a dig about how Donna Martin deserves to graduate simply feels trite and inappropriate.

To open the month, in case you forgot, police responded to a call from Spelling and husband Dean McDermott’s home.

Upon arrival, they discovered the mother of five reportedly acting erratically and irresponsibly, with sources claiming Spelling suffered a nervous breakdown of some sort.

She was taken to the hospital at the time for evaluation.

Was this episode caused by a fight with McDermott?

By the marriage being on the rocks and even nearing divorce?

We can’t say for certain…

… but we can say that McDermott called authorities for a second time on March 8, as he feared for his wife “well-being,” sources confirm, due to her strange behavior.

Deputies spoke to Spelling after this incident and determined that no action needed to be taken.

But fans are suddenly extremely worried about Spelling’s mental state.

Should they be?

Is the veteran actress, who has become more known these days for giving birth to lots of kids and struggling with both her relationship and her finances, on the verge of legitimate breakdown?

Perhaps, although Tori sought to quell these concerns on Instagram over the weekend.

tori inspires

 “I’m strong. I’m amazing. I’m beautiful. I’m wonderful. I’m worthy. I’m loved. I’m brave. I’m sweet. I’m happy. I’m me,” wrote the 44-year old as a clear message to fans and critics.

She even circled the words “I’m me” in red to make them stand out.

Spelling later shared a quick clip of her one-year-old son, Beau, trying sushi for the first time.

(Spelling and McDermott also share four other kids: Liam, 10, Stella, 9, Hattie, 6, and Finn, 5. It’s a busy household, for sure.)

And while Spelling may have been trying to assure fans that everything is okay via this posting, an insider tells Entertainment Tonight that everything is NOT okay.

Not with her marriage, at least.

Simply put?

“Tori and Dean’s marriage is in shambles despite having a sit down last week to try to make it work,” this outlet reports, adding:

“They made an attempt to use the tools given to them by their therapist to create a healthy environment for the kids but it isn’t working.

What’s the problem?

“One of Tori’s main issues with Dean is he isn’t helping with the kids as much as she feels he should,” ET writes.

“He used to do everything but has stepped away and started taking more time for himself.”

There’s been chatter for years that this romance is on the brink of disaster, but recent event make this rumors appear closer to reality than ever before.

“Dean is trying to be calm and handle things,” the source concludes. “He doesn’t want to raise his voice or say anything that she could misconstrue to the police.

“She panics every time he is out.

“If she doesn’t know exactly where he is, her anxiety goes through the roof. She seems to live in fear he will cheat again.”

We hope these stars work out their issues, considering they are the parents to five young kids.

And, if they do not, we hope Spelling finds some mental peace amid the turmoil.

McDermott seems to sort of suck anyway.

She can do better.


Tori Spelling: Family and Friends Worry After Mental Breakdown

Tori Spelling began the month of March with what’s been described as a mental breakdown, with police called for a domestic disturbance.

While reports vary on whether or not Tori was actually hospitalized and given the help that she needs, it appears that she’s in a bad place.

This whole situation has her family and friends very, very worried.

Two calls to emergency services in as many days?

Yes, appaently Tori called 9-1-1 the night before about a possible intruder — but it was just her husband, Dean McDermott. The next day, police were called about alleged psychological issues.

Those who care about Tori Spelling feel that this is cause for concern, reports Us Weekly.

Their source elaborates:

“Her friends and family are all very, very worried.”

And from the rest of this report, it sounds like there’s a lot of cause for concern.

According to this source, those close to Tori think that her marriage is taking its toll on her well being in multiple ways.

Some say that her nervous breakdown was caused by a fight with Dean.

But the source says that she won’t even hear suggestions of a split.

“You would think the cheating, money problems, and constant arguing would be enough for Tori to decide to divorce Dean, but she refuses to even discuss it.”

Apparently, she is preoccupied with how ending her marriage might look to judgmental members of the public.

“Tori believes a divorce would label her as a failure.”

Some people really buy into the stigma about divorce.

Behind closed doors, however, the source claims that the couple is having serious financial issues.

“They are heavily in debt.”

Also behind closed doors, it seems that Tori is reportedly frustrated by her husband’s lack of employment.

“Tori has had enough of Dean’s moaning about not being a working actor and is demanding he get a real job to support their family.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Per the source, Dean “will start a cooking school or take up another professional hobby, then give it up.”

Oh dear.

Remember, Tori and Dean aren’t just supporting themselves. They have five children, the oldest of whom is only 11.

(Liam is 11, Stella is 9, Hattie is 6, Finn is 5, and Beau just turned 1 on March 2nd)

Worst of all, she’s reportedly considering a sixth child. Given her circumstances, that’s getting her slammed by critics.

Reportedly, Tori and Dean are relying heavily upon Tori’s 72-year-old mother, Candy Spelling.

“Candy pays for all of the kids’ expenses.”

While Candy can certainly afford to take care of the needs of her grandchildren (her estimated net worth is over half a billion), no adult likes being dependent upon their parent’s support.

And it’s said that Tori in particular is preoccupied with what the world thinks of her and of her marriage.

“She is more concerned with perception than her own relationship.”

The source echoes what many fans are feeling upon learning all of this:

“It’s just very sad.”

It’s good to hear that, no matter what shenanigans Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott get into, their children’s needs will continue to be met by their grandmother.

A lot of critics don’t feel sympathy for Tori, since she made money as a celebrity and also comes from a lot of money and has still found herself in this financial predicament.

(People living paycheck to paycheck don’t tend to have a lot of sympathy for people who somehow blew through millions of dollars)

Even so, at least for the sake of her five children, let’s all hope that Tori can get through any psychological and financial issues.

And let’s also hope that they can rake in some money that doesn’t come from a relative. That might do some good for more than just their finances.