Tori Roloff Shares Stunning 8-Month Update on Jackson

Tori Roloff is back with a pressing update about her son.

As she excitedly does once per month, the Little People Big World star has shared a new photo of Jackson Kyle and, along with it, has dropped some fun little nuggets about her bundle of joy.

What is he doing at eight months old?

How has he changed since he was seven months old?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Look at Him Now!

Jackson at 8 months
Roloff posted this ADORABLE photo of her only child in celebration of him turning eight months old, opening her caption as follows: “… and somehow Jackson is 8 months old..” We can’t believe it, either.

2. A Second New Photo

Jackson in a cap
Holy cuteness. We love this cap on him. “This stage is hands down my favorite (so far). He’s so happy and smiley all the time and I fall more in love with him every. Single. Day,” continues Tori.

3. A Third New Photo

A third new photo
Tori couldn’t just share one or even two. This was the third image she shared of Jackson in honor of the occasion.

4. Here’s What We’ve Been Up to This Month…

Tori roloff and jackson window blinds
And thus started Tori’s monthly update, which we SO appreciate. This was the first fact she shared: “Had our first Christmas (and all the fun that’s comes with that.) We slept through our first New Years.”

5. What Else?

Tori zach and jackson roloff
“We can sit up on our own for like 20 seconds (or until we get distracted usually by our feet).” (LOL, Tori!)

6. What About That Cute Mouth That is So Often Smiling?

Jackson tori and zach
“We have FOUR teeth,” Tori says. (Only 16 more to go, Jackson!)

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This is Why Fans Think Tori Roloff is Pregnant Again

Is the Little People, Big World universe on the verge of getting even bigger?

Thanks to the impending arrival of another little human being?

That's what some followers of Tori Roloff think at the moment, based on not just a single caption the reality star has posted on Instagram – but a single word in that caption.

Scroll down for a bit of background and to learn why a few TLC viewers are excited about the possibility of a sibling for Jackson Kyle…

1. A Party of Three

Tori zach and jackson roloff
Ever since welcoming son Jackson into the world in May of 2017, Tori has used the hashtag “#zandtpartyofthree” along with most of her family photos. Cute, right?

2. Party of Four on Tap?

Play time with jackson
It’s only been eight months since Jackson was born, but fans are convinced Tori is expecting again based on this photo. Or, to be specific, based on the caption Tori included with the photo.

3. This is What the Caption Said:

This is what the caption said
“This right here ladies and gentlemen is the reason why I married this man. The fact that he gets down and plays with his kids. He so good to Jackson and I. I love you so much babe uh! This photo also just makes me so excited for the future … I literally see daddy and j plotting their next big adventure.”

4. Did You Catch It?

Zach roloff and jackson roloff watch soccer
No? You didn’t see the clear reason why so many Internet users think Tori is pregnant? It’s because she used the words “kids,” as in, the plural of “kid.”

5. Wait…That’s It?

Waitthats it
That’s it. As you can see above, though, it was enough to get the pregnancy chatter started.

6. Really, This Was a Popular Opinion on Tori’s Instagram Feed

Really this was a popular opinion on toris instagram feed
Here are two more people who interpreted one plural word to mean A LOT.

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Tori Roloff Has Some Very Exciting News to Share

Tori Roloff is ringing in the new year with a very cool announcement.

In her latest Instagram post, the Little People, Big World star surprised fans by telling them of her new business plan…

… and it sounds pretty darn exciting.

Along with the quote/photo below, Roloff shared the following caption with 636,000 fans.

“I finally opened an etsy shop!!!!! I am starting with digital files!” she said, clearly psyched about the project and adding:

“You can download and print and then frame for decorations in your home!! I will eventually be taking custom orders so please stay tuned!

“Make sure to follow @zandtcreationsbytori because that’s where I’ll be posting! I want to keep this profile for Baby j cuteness and babe uh fun!!

“Thank you guys so much for the support! I am so excited about this new adventure!!! #ZandTCreations.”

ZandTCreations, huh? We’ll start following that new account right now and we’re anxious to see what Tori comes up with going forward.

Tori r message

It will also be interesting to see how fans react to this news.

Amy Roloff has received some backlash over the past few months for often including sponsored posts on her Instagram account and/or promoting various products, even while posing with her family members.

To an even greater extent, Audrey Roloff has really heard it from critics for constantly pushing her line of clothing.

Or not just for pushing it, but for doing so while also doling out marriage advice or quoting the bible.

Will Tori see followers turn on her in a similar manner?

Up until this point, she was one of the few Roloff family members who didn’t look to monetize her social media page.

There’s nothing wrong with doing this, of course.

Heck, you could argue there’s a whole lot right about it if it means Tori will be earning money that could go toward her son’s education or even more basic needs.

We’ll be curious to see what comes of this business plan, both in terms of what Tori creates and what people say about it.

We certainly wish her the very best of luck.

She and Zach seem like a happy, loving and supportive child… and little Jackson Kyle is just SO cute.

Don’t believe us for some reason?

Scroll down to see what we mean!


Tori Roloff Has Something to Say About Motherhood

Tori Roloff is not exactly known as an outspoken individual.

From what we gather when we watch Little People, Big World online and when we follow her on social media, Tori is relatively quiet and extremely kind.

Her usual Instagram photos and messages?

They mostly consist of family snapshots such as the one above, along with harmless captions such as the affiliated one below:

“Sun…? At the beach…? In December…? Dream.”

But Roloff appears to have finally been pushed too far.

She just took her 634,000 Instagram followers by surprise after sharing a somewhat pointed message (at least by her standards) aimed at critics of parenthood.

Or at least at those who have a misguided notion of what being a parent entails.

Along with the extremely sweet picture below of her husband and son, Tori penned the following speech on Thursday night:

One thing I’ve heard a lot lately on social media, and tv, and even in person has me a little upset… I hear people talking about how “life is over” when you have a kid. I think this is such a lie.

She went on to explain why she objects so strenuously to this notion:

I have found life after having a kid. I’ve found something I can completely pour my soul in to and something that gives me purpose.

I hear people tell others that “ah it’s all over from here”… what is? The fact that I can’t stay out all night partying (that’s cool my bedtime is 9 anyway).

Having a kid is honestly a gift I know i don’t deserve from God. Life isn’t over when you have a kid… it’s only just beginning!

Amen, right?!?

Tori rarely takes such a stance online and she rarely brings up her faith in this sort of manner.

But having a child can change you.

Tori and Zach Roloff welcomed son Jackson Kyle into the world on May 10 and have not been able to stop gushing over him ever since.

“I am so obsessed with every move he makes,” Roloff flat out said last week about her first child.

She added at the time:

“His little fingers. His coos. And I can’t even with his gummy two tooth smile. He literally breaks my heart (in a good way) every time he moves.”

Jackson has the same gene for dwarfism as his father, but both Tori and Zach have made it clear this won’t really have an impact on the way they raise him.

“Whatever he wants to do in life, we’re going to find a way to help him do it. That’s our job in life now,” Zach told People Magazine shortly after he became a father.

What a great attitude.

And what a terrific couple.

Tori and Zach are likely as “real” as it gets for a husband and wife featured on reality television.

We completely agree with Tori’s take here on parenthood and we continued to wish them good luck and happiness.


Tori Roloff Gushes Over Precious Baby Jackson Roloff!

While we all wait with bated breath for TLC to announce when Little People, Big World is coming back, we don’t have to wait for news of the Roloffs. Because social media exists.

And Tori Roloff is making use of it to tell us exactly how much she loves her precious baby, Jackson Roloff.

Or, as the family has taken to calling him: Baby J.


If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by Jackson’s cuteness, you’re not alone.

Not even Jackson’s own mother is immune.

In fact, if anything, Tori Roloff is

“I have such FOMO when it comes to this kid.”

Before you start googling things or, worse, trying to come up with your own guesses for that achronym, it means: fear of missing out.

“I am so obsessed with every move he makes.”

That’s human instinct in a nutshell, right there.

(Tori Roloff’s post continues, but first, let’s remember exactly how inescapably adorable Jackson Roloff is)

He’s. So. Cute.

Tori can only begin to list his most precious attributes:

“His little fingers. His coos. And I can’t even with his gummy two tooth smile.”

We can’t even, either.

“He literally breaks my heart (in a good way) every time he moves.”

That’s, again, human instinct. Your whole system gets flooded with oxytocin. (This doesn’t just happen with babies; making your favorite person laugh or looking at videos of puppies can do the same thing)

“I love being this kids mom.”

A lot of parents like to gripe about their kids (totally unfair), so it’s so nice to hear this from Tori.

“God has blessed me in such a way. He’s made me realize things don’t matter — people do.”

Different people have different views of materialism, but we can probably all agree that your children should come first.

Tori ends the beautiful note by reiterating her affection for her infant son, and referring to him by his nickname.

“Love you so much baby j.”

That’s followed by a cyan heart emoji and the tag: “#babyjroloff”

We like the name Jackson, but you know what? “Baby J” is sweet and has the same number of syllables as Ember Jean.

That’s probably not why they came up with the nickname — those tend to crop up organically — but it’s a cute little coincidence.

Jackson is adorable and, now that Jackson’s over 6 months old, it might not be long before he’s talking. Like, for-real talking.

(Different babies develop at different rates — some don’t talk until they’re over a year old, and that’s okay!)

For now, though, his parents and the rest of the Roloff clan can just enjoy how precious and sweet he is.

Baby J doesn’t need words to show them how much he loves them.

Ember Jean recently passed a couple of “milestones,” herself.

Not, like, developmental milestones — she’s still only a few months old.

But she went to “help” pick out a Christmas tree. And she had her first trip to the beach!

Right now, the developmental gap between Ember Jean and Baby J might as well be the grand canyon — just a few months, at their age, make a world of difference.

But, in just a few years, their age difference will seem almost meaningless. These two precious cousins will get to grow up, side-by-side.

We can’t wait to watch them every step of the way!


Tori Spelling: Could She Be Pregnant… AGAIN?!?

She couldn't be… could she?!?

Tori Spelling has five kids with husband Dean McDermott, along with a myriad of financial issues.

So there's no way she could actually be pregnant with yet another bundle of joy, is there?

The actress' latest holiday care has folks wondering. Find out why below…

1. The Family

The family
Tori and Dean have fivekids already: son Liam, 10; daughter Stella, 9; daughter Hattie, 6; son Finn, 5; and son Beau, 8 months.

2. The Couple Has Had Its Ups and Downs

The couple has had its ups and downs
Accusations of infidelity have often been leveled against McDermott, while the twosome has also faced
But perhaps they weren’t trying. Mistakes do happen.

4. Why Do Folks Think Tori is Pregnant?

Why do folks think tori is pregnant
Due to this holiday card. Is she using one baby to hide a growing one inside her belly? Moreover…

5. Consider the Caption She Included Along With It:

Consider the caption she included along with it
“So excited for our 2017 holiday card … I just couldn’t wait to show off our growing family! Happy Holidays from the McDermotts.”

6. GROWING, Huh?

Growing huh
Busy mama, huh?!?

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