Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: FINALLY Getting Divorced?!

Rumors about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott getting divorced have been circulating since … well, about the time that the troubled couple got married.

But this time around, it seems Dean has actually taken steps toward bringing an end to what might be Hollywood’s most dysfunctional marriage.

According to Radar Online, McDermott has moved out on Spelling and is expected to file for divorce in the near future.

Sources tell the site that Dean moved out after spending the Fourth of July holiday with Tori and their five children.

He reportedly has not been back to the house since.

“Tori’s behavior has sent him to a breaking point,” says one insider.

That behavior includes a number of emotional breakdowns, the worst of which prompted Dean to call the cops on Tori for behaving erratically.

After those episodes, Spelling and McDermott assured fans that they’re still married, but they’ve been quiet in the weeks since.

Tori’s recent mental health issues may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, but they certainly weren’t the first sign of trouble for her and Dean.

For years, fans have been expecting a divorce announcement, as the couple continues to make headlines with their marital issues.

The trouble seems to have started when Dean was caught cheating on Tori with mistress Emily Goodhand.

To say the years that followed weren’t always kind to the McDermott clan would be a massive understatement.

Tori and Dean went broke, drove up seven-figure debts to their creditors, and were forced to downsize to a much smaller home in not-so-posh Encino.

Their financial stresses show no signs of letting up, and just last year, Dean was almost imprisoned for failure to pay child support to his first wife.

Needless to say, it’s not hard to see how all of this might have put a considerable strain on Tori and Dean’s marriage.

Reports the couple is on the brink of calling it quits date back to early 2018, when sources say they began living separate lives.

“Tori and Dean have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for the past six weeks,” a family insider told Radar back in April.

“Things have been very bad at home between them.”

Spelling and McDermott have been quiet on the matter thus far, but if we know them, they’re feverishly pitching a reality show about their crumbling marriage at this very moment.


Tori Roloff Confirms: Baby #2 is on the Way!

For Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff, the cat is now out of the bag.

In the form of a very cute dog, that us.

Confused? Allow us to explain…

A few weeks back on Little People, Big World, Zach and Tori talked about having a second child.

Yes, precious son Jackson is just over a year old, but fans of the couple are clearly anxious about just when he’ll be joined by a sibling.

And they aren’t alone: Zach is anxious, too!

“Being a dad’s been great. Jackson’s the cutest little thing,” he said on the aforementioned installment. “I would love to have, like, a little pack. I definitely want to have more kids.”

Tori, of course, gets a rather big say in this plan, however, and she responded to her husband’s statement thusly:

Let’s get a dog first. Until then, my “shop is closed.” (LOL, right?)

Fast forward a few weeks and … look! Down below! The Roloffs have adopted a dog!

This is very cute and very exciting… and also very revealing?

Does it mean that Tori’s “shop” is once again open (LOL again, right?) and that the famous couple will soon be trying for baby number-two?

Many astute viewers and readers responded to the arrival of the puppy above by wondering this very same thing.

murphy response

Tori, meanwhile, then made the mistake of telling her followers to ask her anything — which prompted this very question.

Is the shop open again? Can we start to get excited for another adorable Roloff child in the near future?

“LOL, I can’t believe I said this on national television,” Tori responded, referring to how she basically told millions of viewers that she would be halting the spreading of her for her husband.

She then added:

“We def want to expand our family soon.”

So there you have it!

tori family

Folks really need to chill out now for a little bit.

Yes, the way this has played out has been funny and enjoyable.

But it’s a very big deal to decide to have a second child and, to be frank, it can also be a difficult ordeal.

It’s really none of our business just when Zach or Tori (or anyone) has a kid. Let’s leave them in peace until they eventually spill the exciting news that a baby really is on the way.

And if that day never comes… whatever! It’s their life and their choice.

Elsewhere, these Roloffs have made a choice to remain on Little People, Big World.

Earlier this month, Jeremy Roloff surprised fans by announcing he and wife Audrey were done with the series.

However, “we’re not going anywhere,” Tori said shortly afterward, because “we feel like we’re not done telling our story.”

This is wonderful news because we’re not done learning about their story.

Expect new episodes of Little People, Big World to air late this year or early next year.


Tori and Zach Roloff Adopt Puppy (And You Know What This Means!)

Tori and Zach Roloff have expanded their family.

No, not in the way you might be thinking or hoping.

Not yet at least.

Late this week, Tori presented maybe the cutest picture in the history of the Internet to her Instagram followers, posing with a brand new dog Murphy.

“Guess what?!?! world: meet Murphy! We are so excited to bring this friend home. Our world just got a little crazier,” wrote the TLC star as away to introduce the puppy to fans.

Murphy, who is absolutely frickin adorable, is a Bernese Mountain Dog; just like the canine Tori and Zach lost last year, Sully.

His inclusion in this beloved immediate family has been met with the requisite ooooh’s and aaaaah’s by Little People, Big World followers.

Partly because he is so precious, yes.

But also partly because of what his adoption may mean for the couple.

Already parents to a one-year old son named Jackson, Tori and Zach will have at least one more child.

This much is clear.

On a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Zach made it clear that he would love for Tori to get pregnant right now. He’s ready for another child.

Tori, however? She placed one condition on adding to her gorgeous brood:

They had to get a dog first!

Tori to hilariously tell her husband that “the shop is closed” until this dog is added to their lives, taking away the possibility of another kid entering their universe.

dog and kids

We don’t know if Tori really abided by this funny threat, we just know Murphy is now a Roloff!

“We fully disagree on the dog situation and what child we want next,” Tori said to conclude this segment on the aforementioned episode.

It looks like she got her way, though.

So… are you pregnant again yet, Tori?

Elsewhere, Zach and Tori assured viewers this week that a new Little People, Big World season was on tap and that they would be a part of it.

They wanted to make this clear after Jeremy Roloff confirmed that he and Audrey Roloff were done with the series.

“Back at it,” Tori wrote as a caption to photos of her and Zach, alerting us that filming was already underway on the new season.

“We’re not going anywhere!” Tori announced on her Instagram Story, prior to engaging with fans and responding to some of their inquiries.


This would have been exciting enough before, but now we have more glimpses of Murphy to look forward to as well!


Little People, Big World: Are Tori and Zach Roloff Leaving, Too?

Little People, Big World are reeling right about now.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jeremy Roloff made an announcement that took fans of this TLC franchise by surprise:

He and wife Audrey Roloff will leave the series after this upcoming season.

“It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride,” wrote Jeremy on Instagram, explaining that he and Audrey made the choice to depart about a year ago.

Roloff did say something positive in his heartfelt post, at least:

“We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on!”

Will he go on past this season?

And, if so, which family members will be a part of Little People, Big World?

TLC is yet to provide an answer to the first question, but Tori and Zach Roloff has now provided an answer to the second — and it can be summed up by the photo below.

“We’re not going anywhere!” Tori announced on her Instagram Story, prior to engaging with fans and responding to some of their inquiries.

“Will Z & T be staying with LPBW?” one user asked.

“YAS! And J too,” Tori replied, referring to the pair’s son Jackson, whom they welcomed in May 2017.

Elsewhere, a fan asked why the couple has chosen to remain on the show after getting married; sort of an odd question, but one Tori responded to anyway:

“Because we feel like we’re not done telling our story.”

Tori later said that her favorite part of filming is “getting to share our story with our fans.”

TLC has not yet announced whether or not it will bring Little People, Big World back for another season.

We’ve had our doubts of late because Matt Roloff is moving to Arizona and Amy Roloff has expressed some doubt about remaining on the farm.

Zach and Tori, however, have simply been enjoying life as parents for about a year now and recently moved into a new home, one close to the family farm.

They aren’t going anywhere.

The same can’t be said for Jeremy and Audrey, however.

“We’re not disappearing,” Jeremy assured fans in his statement. “We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the world that the Lord has called us to!”


The cable network has now released a statement of its own, confirming that the show WILL be back in 2019!

“We wish Jeremy, Audrey, and Ember the best, and are excited to continue to keep up with other members of the Roloff family when Little People, Big World returns next year,” TLC says.

Meanwhile, Tori told her more than 700,000 followers that sharing their lives with the television universe can be weird, but the family does not hold back.

At all.

“Our philosophy is if we aren’t willing to share something with others we probably shouldn’t be doing it,” she wrote.

“Plus something we’re going through can ultimately help others (even though that still baffles me today).”


Tori Roloff to Mommy-Shamers: Do NOT Try Me!

Tori Roloff does not have time for your misguided disdain, haters.

She has things to do and a baby to raise and she’s not going to sit around and be victimized by your finger-pointing idiocy.

Got that?!?

The Little People, Big World star has been around the Internet block long enough to know how this all works.

She knows that she may have shared a couple harmless and precious photos on her social media page this weekend, but she also knows that various trolls live to bring others down on the World Wide Web.

They revel in it.

This is why Tori made the bold, astute and sort of hilarious move of cutting them off before they could even spit out their vitriol in her Comments section in response to these photos.

Allow us to explain…

“This life we’ve been given is a gift indeed. I love you Zach. You’re the best dada and husband ever,” wrote Roloff as a very sweet caption to the image above.

It depicts her husband and her son happily sitting on top of a tractor.

Along with the hastags “#zandtpartyofthree #babyjroloff #summernights,” Tori then foresaw what some parent-shamers would say about child safety and added:

Before I get ripped apart in the comments please take into consideration my husband and I would never put baby j in harms way. Kthanksenjoy.

HA! We love it.

Tori, of course, is referring to the assumption that a horde of users would make remarks about Tori and Zach placing their son in danger by sitting him on board a tractor.

And she’s speaking from experience:

Because this is exactly what happened when Zach shared a similar photo of his son in April!

Numerous commentators reacted with horror to the image below, prompting a follow-up from Zach as an assurance that the vehicle was not actually turned on when this picture was taken.

Tori can also look to her relatives for example of how cruel and unfair the Internet can be.

Just a few days ago, Audrey Roloff thought she was posting a very sweet and simple photo of her husband and her daughter.

Instead, though, a bunch of morons went on the attack.

Just weeks before this incident, Audrey shared cute images of herself and her child on the beach…

… only, once again, to get dragged for extremely dumb reasons.

So we totally see where Tori was coming from here and we admire her for taking a proactive step to shut the critics up.

Don’t they have anything better to do than shame a complete stranger?


Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: Getting Sober to Save Their Marriage?!

Even though that their marriage seems to be one long rough patch, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still together after 12 years.

This despite the fact that Dean’s been caught cheating on multiple occasions and the two of them don’t even really seem to like each other.

Lately, it’s Tori and Dean’s money troubles that have grabbed them the most tabloid headlines, and it’s not hard to see why.

After all, these aren’t typical celebrity money problems like when Johnny Depp was forced to sell his yacht.

No, this is coupon-clipping, mayonnaise sandwich-eating, regular folk poverty.

Last year alone, Tori and Dean were sued twice by American Express for separate outstanding debts totaling $ 87,595 and $ 37,981, respectively.

Add to that the couple’s two federal tax liens for  $ 707,487 and $ 184,390, and it’s plain to see that Tori and Dean are pretty screwed.

Last year, Spelling and McDermott sold their mansion in posh Calabasas and relocated to the considerably less-posh Encino.

But apparently, that wasn’t enough to pull them out of the hole they’re in.

Even after taking several severe austerity measures, McDermott was nearly imprisoned for unpaid child support.

It’s enough to make outsiders wonder what the hell Tori and Dean are doing wrong.

In all likelihood, a combination of factors and circumstances have landed the couple in their current predicament, but those who know them best say the McDermotts’ substance abuse certainly isn’t helping their situation.

It’s sort of a chicken-and-egg situation, as Tori’s pill-popping has reportedly worsened in response to her financial woes, but the consensus seems to be that both she and Dean need to sober up before it’s too late.

“They know their lives and the lives of their kids are hanging in the balance,” a source close to the pair tells Radar Online.

“They have to pull it together before it’s too late.”

Being born extremely wealthy is objectively good in most respects, but it doesn’t prepare you for financial difficulties later in life.

And it seems Tori is beginning to crack under the pressure.

“Tori is losing it, mentally and physically. She’s been depressed, anxious and behaving erratically,” says the source.

“She is crying to anyone who will listen that she feels backed up on a ledge.”

The insider adds that Tori was prescribed various anti-anxiety medications by her doctor, and has since become addicted to the pills:

“Tori has been dependent on the meds,” the informant says.

“They were affecting her behavior. She and Dean decided it would be best for her to wean herself off the pills, so she could be 100 percent present for her husband and her children.”

For his part, McDermott sobered up in 2014 after decades of alcoholism, but he’s reportedly fallen off the wagon in recent months.

“Dean’s drinking led to him cheating on Tori in December 2013,” says the source. 

“And this only added to Tori’s stress.”

The insider claims that neither Tori and Dean are completely sober yet, but both have taken steps to curtail their substance intake.

“Once Tori began to get her meds under control, Dean decided to get sober, too,” said the source.

“They know it’s their last chance.”

Yeesh. Look, we might make fun of Tori and Dean a lot here, but it sounds like these two are in desperate need of serious help, and we certainly hope they get it.

It’s not fun to rip on them unless they have their sh-t at least partially together.


Zach and Tori Roloff are Selling Their Home: What Does It Mean?!?

Little People, Big World…

… Major Changes Ahead?

According to Radar Online, Tori and Zach Roloff are the latest cast members of this popular TLC series to take a significant step toward their future, one that leaves us wondering what it will mean to the future of their program.

Before we wildly speculate, however, this is what has gone down:

Property records indicate that Tori and Zach have placed their Portland-area home on the market.

This residence – which has been featured on Little People, Big World plenty of times – was purchased in 2013 for $ 260,000. And it’s now on sale for $ 429,500.

That would be quite the handsome profit for the reality stars if they sell anywhere close to asking price.

Many questions naturally abound from this news, starting with the following:

Where are Tori and Zach headed?!?

We presume someplace nearby, if only because we’d have heard otherwise if they were planning some huge move far away that would impact both their show and their relationship with their relatives.

But even if it is nearby, we must then wonder:

Why? Why are Tori and Zach moving?

The home that’s now for sale isn’t huge; it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Might they be upgrading to a larger house because they plan on soon having a larger family?

It’s no secret that one-year old son Jackson will have at least one sibling at some point, as Tori and Zach openly discussed the possiiblity on last week’s episode of Little People, Big World.

“We’ll probably be having our second kid here very soon,” Zach told the TLC cameras, visibly stunning his wife, who chimed in as follows:

“Ooh, nope. We’re not having kids for a while. We’re gonna get a dog.”

Later on, Tori admitted she would like to have a daughter, but also said she’s not in a huge rush to do so.

“After Jackson, I definitely want more kids,” she said on air. “But I want like six months to be independent and then I definitely want another one. And I want to get a dog first.”

Jackson was only born last May. The Roloffs certainly have a whole lot of time to wait, be patient and then still have multiple kids down the line.

“Being a dad’s been great. Jackson’s the cutest little thing,” Zach said, clearly anxious to procreate again. “I would love to have a little pack, so I definitely want to have more kids.”

Meanwhile, fans of this long-running TLC program are also curious whether Zach and Tori’s move will impact the series itself at all.

Remember: Matt Roloff is moving to Arizona for part of the year.

And Amy Roloff has admitted that she may sell the farm at some point and start anew with boyfriend Chris Marek.

It’s hard not to be afraid that the end may be near for Little People, Big World.

Zach and Tori have lived in their current home since they got married.

We’ve never seen Amy nor Matt reside anywhere but on their farm.

It makes perfect sense that things would change and evolve and that life would take various family members in various directions.

We’re just curious if this is all leading to the end of one of the most enjoyable reality shows out there. Let’s hope not.


Tori Roloff: I’ll Have Baby #2 on One Condition!

We may have overlooked something in our latest recap of Little People, Big World.

As has been the case over the past few weeks on this TLC favorite, most of the installment centered on the rising tension between Matt and Amy Roloff, which appears to even be placing the future of the family farm at risk.

But what about the future of Tori and Zach Roloff?

Is the couple really getting set to welcome a second child into their adorable fold?

Granted, these Roloffs have only been parents for just over a year, having said an excited hello to son Jackson Kyle last May.

But there’s been constant chatter for weeks now that Tori is pregnant again… although the evidence behind these claims has been flimsy at best.

On this past Tuesday’s episode of Little People, Big World, Tori and Zach actually addressed the possiiblity of expanding their family.

No, it doesn’t sound as though Tori is expecting at this exact moment — but her husband sort of wishes she were.

“It’s a ton of work taking care of a child, but it’s very rewarding,” Zach said at one point to the camera, adding:

“Being a dad’s been great. Jackson’s the cutest little thing. I would love to have, like, a little pack. I definitely want to have more kids.”

It’s safe to assume this will happen eventually, and maybe it will even happen fairly soon.

But Tori has one demand before she’s willing to consider a brother or sister for her firstborn:

She wants to get a dog first.

This isn’t a common demand by a parent already dealing with a one-year old, but dogs are also totally awesome, so we can see where Tori is coming from.

Zach, however, countered that that if a dog entered the picture, then the hierarchy in the house was going to push him even further down. So he wasn’t really having it.

The reality star basically shot down the idea, prompting Tori to hilariously tell her husband that “the shop is closed.”

(We don’t need to translate this for our readers, do we? Just think about it, okay…)

Zach subsequently made us laugh at well, telling Tori that shutting her legs to him in bed will be her “loss.” LOL. We really do adore these two and their dynamic.

“We fully disagree on the dog situation and what child we want next,” Tori said to conclude this segment on the episode.

Oh well.

For now, we’re certainly content with photos of Jackson and with updates on Jackson, such as how he’s taking swim lessons and bouncing back well from injury.

And if/when Tori and Zach do announce that a sibling is on the way for him?

We’ll be the first website to send our congratulations!


Tori Spelling Gets Busted Photoshopping Body Positivity Swimsuit Pic

The acronym SMDH was basically invented for Tori Spelling.

The actress-turned-reality-star-turned-punchline has had the whole world shaking its damn head for at least the past decade, and it doesn’t seem like she’s planning to quit embarrassing herself anytime soon.

As you may already know, Tori welcomed her fifth child recently, and as you can see from the photo above, she’s been proudly flaunting her post-baby bump on social media!

Well, actually, “proud” might be a bit of a strong word, as Tori photoshopped that pic within an inch of its life before she posted it.

“After having my 5th baby I have to admit my body didn’t bounce back the way it did with the first 4!” she captioned the image.

“But I’ve been working at it and eating and playing to live my best life and I feel like it’s showing. Back in a one piece minus the coverup or shorts,” she added.

“[Dean] makes me feel great about myself no matter what weight I’m at. And I’m finally loving seeing my hard work start to pay off! Thanks Body! We got this!”

Yes, the woman uses some top-notch bait when she goes fishing for compliments, but unfortunately for her, the sycophants just weren’t biting today.

Instagram users were quick to point out that the image had been heavily retouched.

And then Tori confirmed their suspicions by deleting the post entirely.

She then called the paparazzi to her house (unless you’re the sort of person who actually believes the paps just show up to Tori Spelling’s backyard on random weekday afternoons) and had them snap photos of her at flattering angles in the same swimsuit.

We suppose the objective was to … prove the haters wrong?

Seems like the best way to do that would’ve been to not delete the original pic.

Some fans have grappled with the issue of whether they should laugh at Tori for this debacle or feel sorry for her.

That’s a question that you’ll have to answer for yourself, but there are a few things to consider while you mull it over:

Tori recently launched a pyramid scheme with the intention of conning her own fans out of their money.

Tori has racked up millions in debt, and those who know her best say she has no intention of paying it back and is still spending compulsively.

Tori might have invented a mistress and pretended her husband had an affair just to make herself more sympathetic for a reality show.

Suddenly the swimsuit situation is seeming pretty damn funny, no?


Rich the Kid’s GF, Tori Brixx, Suffers Brutal Face Injury from Home Invasion Attack

Rich the Kid wasn’t the only person who got seriously roughed up during a home invasion robbery Thursday night … as these photos of his girlfriend’s facial injuries clearly show. Sources close to Tori Brixx tell TMZ … she was pistol whipped by…