Tragedy Strikes: 17-Year-Old Passes Out in the Shower and Drowns

Sometimes, tragedy strikes without warning or reason or even an intelligible sequence of events.



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This awful, tragic story may remind some people of the Final Destination horror films.

But Brianne Rapp was a very real 17-year-old girl whose family, friends, and classmates are all grieving.

On Friday morning, it appears that she either slipped or lost consciousness while showering while getting ready for school.

What sounds like a frightening accident became worse when, it is believed, her hair somehow stopped up the drain of the shower, causing water levels to rise.

Brianne remained unconscious despite the water, and investigators say that she drowned in her own shower.

This is a senseless tragedy, and her family is deeply in mourning.

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Brianne was a junior at Butler Area Senior High School. 

Her father, Michael Rapp, who is still reeling from the loss of his daughter, does his best to describe what unfolded on Friday morning.

He says that, because of her thyroid condition, Brianne had to take a medication that could occassionally cause blackouts.

"We’re thinking she blacked out in the bathtub and fell and hit her head and was found by my ex."

Brianne's mother was asleep while Brianne got ready.

Michael can only guess as to some details.

"We don’t know if maybe hair clogged the drain but the tub overflowed."

Brianne rapp 04

Michael says that he learned this when his ex called him.

"She was hysterical on the phone and she told me she was gone."

That is a vague way of telling him, but sometimes people have trouble putting such dire news into words.

"I thought maybe she ran away or something."

That would be any parent's nightmare, but still preferable to this tragedy.

"I didn’t realize she meant she passed away."

He says that he is proud that his daughter was such a beloved person to have so many people saying such kind things about her.

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As we mentioned, Brianne is mourned by many of her friends and classmates.

Her friend Kaylee eulogised her on social media, writing:

"RIP Brianne Marie Rapp."

This must have been so difficult to write.

"I am gonna miss you so much, we had so many plans that we didn't get to. But that's okay because I got tons of memories with you."

When you lose a friend suddenly, you treasure what you had together.

"You were always there for me and I was always there for you. We were sisters."

She is not the only one to describe Brianne that way. That is so sweet.

"So while you are up there, so show them people the crazy you because if you don't show them that then they won't know the true you."

She signs off.

"I love you so much [black heart emoji] Fly high babe."

Brianne rapp 03

Brianne's parents — and her brother — aregrappling with this unimaginable loss.

So are her friends and classmates. A sudden tragedy like this can change how you view the world and the entire rest of your life.

And very few teenagers have the experience that would prepare them to deal with this. 

We hope that all who are grieving get the support that they need.

Rest in peace, Brianne.

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Tragedy strikes 17 year old passes out in the shower and drowns

Chester Bennington’s Widow Releases Statement: My Life Is a Tragedy

Last week, the music world was shocked by the news that beloved Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington had passed away at the age of 41.

Shortly thereafter, investigators confirmed Bennington’s cause of death.

Perhaps mimicking the recent suicide of his friend Chris Cornell, Bennington had hung himself in his Los Angeles home, where his body was discovered by a housekeeper.

He died on what would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday.

Hundreds of thousands have paid tribute to Bennington online, including many of the famous friends he made over the course of his 17-year music career. 

Today, the singer’s grief-stricken widow made her first public statement since Bennington’s passing.

Her words reflect not only her own heartbreak, but also the grief endured by those who knew Bennington best, including his six children.

“One week ago, I lost my soulmate and my children lost their hero – their Daddy,” Talinda Bennington wrote.

“We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy.”

Talinda went on to say that she hopes her love for her children will sustain her through this incredibly difficult time.

She also reminded fans that their words of support are deeply appreciated.

“How do I move on? How do I pick up my shattered soul? The only answer I know is to raise our babies with every ounce of love I have left,” Talinda stated.

“I want to let my community and the fans worldwide know that we feel your love. We feel your loss as well. My babies are so young to have lost their daddy. And I know that all of you will help keep his memory alive.”

She concluded with a tribute to her departed husband that’s sure to leave many fans in tears.

“He was a bright, loving soul with an angel’s voice,” Talida wrote.

“And now he is pain-free singing his songs in all of our hearts. May God bless us all and help us turn to one another when we are in pain. Chester would’ve wanted us to do so. Rest In Peace, my love.”

Bennington’s family members have stated that while they appreciate the well-wishes from fans, they plan to lay the singer to rest in a private ceremony.

Our thoughts go out to Chester’s loved ones during this difficult time.


Ariana Grande and Mac Miller: Closer Than Ever Since Manchester Tragedy

The Manchester bombing was a despicable act that targeted the most innocent in our society.

It’s one of those attacks that sort of changes things and makes you wonder when the next concert will be hit. It’s also a tragedy that’s likely to be linked to Ariana Grande’s name for a long time.

And Ariana, personally, was devastated.

Fortunately, we know that she’s hanging in there. We even know how — through the support and presence of boyfriend Mac Miller.

According to an insider, Ariana has been having nightmares — a pretty standard PTSD symptom — but Mac has been there for her every step of the way.

“Mac has not left her side, holding her at night, helping her fight back the tears.  While the bombing has been terrible in every way, it has brought Ariana and Mac closer together than ever as a couple,” the insider says.

“She doesn’t know how she would be getting through this ordeal without her loving boyfriend.”

That’s not surprising. Holding her at night is pretty par for the course as her boyfriend. But he’s also canceled some of his own gigs — remember, he has a music career, too, and they collaborated a couple of years ago — to stay by her side. That sounds like exactly what she needs, and he sounds like a very devoted boyfriend.

We could be cynical and say that this is the advantage of dating a guy when you’re totally out of his league, but let’s not. This is just a super loving relationship.

Unfortunately, political opportunists have given Ariana more need for emotional support than just the horrific attack.

Her critics have stated that her sexy persona made her a “perfect target,” effectively blaming her — one of the victims — for what happened.

Conservative commentators have lamented that she hasn’t made xenophobic or Islamophobic statements about “border security” or other usual racist euphemisms.

In their minds, not agreeing with their politics means that she doesn’t care. It’s kind of the literal opposite.

Let’s remember that Ariana is a victim in this, too.

We don’t mean that her brand is a victim, or that lost revenue makes her a victim.

She was there when the bomb went off, just like everyone else. You don’t have to be hit by the blast to come away shaken.

Trauma is a very real thing and it’s very likely that she’s feeling a misplaced sense of guilt. It was her concert, after all.

Obviously, acts of terror are the fault of the perpetrators, not of the victims. And she’s going above and beyond for the victims.

That’s why it’s so good that she has support mechanisms. Not just Mac Miller, of course.

Just look at her incredible mother, Joan Grande. This is a strong, wonderful woman — you just have to follow her on Twitter to know that.

This is also the same woman who reportedly ushered a group of nearby audience members backstage when the blast hit. She’s the sort of person who’s always going to help as many people as she can.

And let’s not forget Ariana’s fans. Sometimes referred to as Arianators, because why not, they’re a passionate collective covering a pretty large age range.

They love Ariana and they know that it was fellow fans who were the direct victims of the Manchester attack. Her fans are supporting her online, and they probably always will.

It sounds cheesy, but it’s kind of beautiful to see love and hope in the face of adversity, you know?


Katy Perry Slammed for Controversial Statement on Manchester Tragedy

This week, many, many celebrities have taken the time to make statements about what happened Monday night at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

That night, a man named Salman Abedi set off a bomb in the venue, killing himself and 22 others.

Over 50 people were injured, and countless others were undoubtedly traumatized by the attack. Abedi’s brother has been arrested in connection to the horrific events, and ISIS has taken responsibility.

Details are still coming out about the bombing, but the basics are that at least one man plotted to kill numerous teenagers and children during what should have been a happy event.

The whole thing is just too horrific for words, but still, people are trying.

And Katy Perry is one of those people.

In an interview, Katy said “I think the greatest thing we can do now is unite as people, as fan bases, all of it.”

“Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other.”

“No barriers, no borders,” she said, “we all just need to co-exist.”

It’s a harmless statement, right? Katy obviously means well, and she’s just trying to spread a simple message of love and peace — and she’s specifically talking about fan bases here, too.

But to some people, her words were really and truly offensive.

A writer for The Blaze theorized that with this point of view, Katy is “putting at least some of the blame on the people who were blown up.”

“The terrorist was led to strap on an explosive vest stuffed with nails because the world has failed to ‘unite,'” the article read.

“It was not his own decision and his own wickedness that caused him to massacre kids; it was our society with its borders and its barriers and its intolerance.”

The writer criticizes Katy for talking about unity when she couldn’t even stay united with her former husband, Russell Brand, and for saying “no barriers, no borders” when she hires bodyguards.

Fox & Friends’ Michelle Malkin also commented on Katy’s “bodyguards and security systems,” adding that she has “no sense of reality.”

Katy actually responded to Michelle on Twitter, writing “The media has edited my words out of context, I was talking about online fan culture and how we must unite now.”

Speaking of Twitter, many users have also been slamming Katy for her remarks — one person wrote “Katy Perry lectures that we need to co-exist with ISIS but she can’t manage to co-exist with Taylor Swift.”

Which, to be fair, is pretty good.

But the point is that it doesn’t make any sense that all these people think Katy Perry is going to give a thoughtful, intelligent statement on national security.

She made her statement, which wasn’t even about the world at large, it was about pop stars and their fans, and it didn’t hurt anyone.

Let’s save the outrage, just this once.