Jill Duggar Posts Transphobic “Prayer,” Gets Bashed By Fans

It often seems that not a day goes by without some sort of Jill Duggar parenting controversy.

More often than not, mountains are made from molehills, and Jill is criticized or praised for behavior that’s not all that different from what most moms do on a daily basis. 

See, for example, yesterday’s debate about Jill’s parenting that centered around her decision to let her son watch television.

However, today’s mini-scandal is actually legitimate and serves as a reminder that even the most modern Duggars are still holding onto some very outdated ideas.

Back in November of 2017, Derick Dillard was fired by TLC after he launched a transphobic tirade at fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

Jill quit the show in a gesture of solidarity and was slammed by fans for standing by her man’s bigotry.

This week, she reminded those same fans that she very much shares Derick’s beliefs:

Jill posted the above photo to Instagram yesterday, along with a caption reading:

“I got this at a #MOPS meeting my amazing momma was speaking at a few months ago.

“Not sure where she got it from, but it’s super good.” 

Fans zeroed in on the last item on the list, which reads, “that our boy would be glad to be boys and our girls glad to be girls.”

As In Touch Weekly points out, many interpreted the prayer as a shot at the transgender community.

“The last one was totally a dig at transgender people. Not good,” wrote one commenter.

“Wow… the last prayer blatantly asking to not have a transgendered child. What the f–k,” remarked another.

Others defended Jill by insisting that she’s not necessarily transphobic … she just hopes she doesn’t have a trans kid.

“What is so wrong with being happy with the gender you’re born with? Isn’t that ultimately the goal?” questioned one supporter.

“It never said ‘pray you don’t have transgender children’ It said pray that your children are happy to be who they are.

The commenter continued:

“Being transgender is often a tough thing for many people and causes them damage because they struggle with identity for a while.”

We understand the argument, but we also think it’s abundantly clear that Jill and Derick would not be okay with raising a transgender child.

This might not be the most blatant instance of Duggar bigotry, but it’s a troubling reminder that some of the family’s most backward beliefs live on in the next generation.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


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Jax Taylor SLAMS Derick Dillard After Transphobic Tweet!

Jax Taylor is the often-shirtless Vanderpump Rules star whose existence seems to be an answer to the question: “What if Jeffrey Dean Morgan were actually as handsome as your mom thinks he is?”

Well after Derick Dillard’s bigoted tweet about Jazz Jennings, Jax Taylor is taking shots at his fellow reality star on Twitter — and he has zero chill about it.

Not all heroes wear capes, folks.

TLC’s Twitter account tweeted out a promo for one of their shows — I Am Jazz.

That’s what every network’s Twitter account exists to do, basically.

The reality series, starring Jazz Jennings and featuring her life as a trans teen girl and her activism, just began its third season at the end of June.

Jazz Jennings has been recognized for her advocacy and her bravery as a teenager and she’s honestly amazing.

Like, she’s an immeasurably better role model for young trans kids than Caitlyn Jenner, sorry not sorry.

Derick Dillard, husband of Jill Duggar, also appears on TLC on Counting On, the Duggar spinoff that was basically created to let the Duggars get more airtime for their creepy patriarchal lifestyle despite the fact that they covered up Josh Duggar’s history of child-molestation.

(Apparently that’s all water under the bridge now, as far as TLC is concerned, which is honestly pretty appalling but it’s not surprising.)

Derick Dillard liked a tweet that supported gay rights — at least, the right to not be fired from their job just for existing.

(Though the tweet also mentioned that a person shouldn’t be fired just for being a Christian, which is also true and may have been Derick’s focus)

Fans online took notice and Derick may have been aware that they noticed and panicked.

But whatever his reasons, there’s no excuse for what he did next.

Derick quoted TLC’s promo of I Am Jazz by saying that transgender folks, who have existed since before recorded history, are a “myth” and then later tweeted that he didn’t have any problem with Jazz — though he refused to use her name or correct pronouns.

That’s about as disrespectful as it gets.

Derick’s own fans were overwhelmingly outraged.

And so was Jax Taylor.

Way back in 2014, Jill Duggar tweeted this:

“[Ring emoji] So glad to be engaged to the most awesome guy in the world! I [heart emoji] you, @derick4Him”

Jax Taylor apparently dug up that old tweet, because he quoted it and he was pretty merciless:

“Sweetie I wouldn’t brag about that speck of dust on your finger. You married a delusional piece of s–t.”

That is savage.

Jax then says: “And he’s probably hiding he’s [emoji that depicts two men holding hands].”

Now, we don’t find the suggestion that people who are anti-gay or anti-LGBT are secretly closeted or in denial to be helpful.

(Honestly, it’s borderline homophobic)

But Derick Dillard went after a 16-year-old girl, misgendering her and calling her existence a “myth,” which is vile.

We can see why Jax Taylor felt pretty heated about it.

Jazz Jennings’ own response to Derick Dillard was more tasteful.

The fact of the matter, sadly, is that Derick Dillard’s views are par for the course as far as the Duggar clan is concerned.

While many Christians — including conservatives — don’t feel a need to reject or discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation or gender, there’s still a very loud minority of bigots who can’t stand the idea of someone who might be different than they are.

And the Duggars are absolutely part of that.

The Duggars reject just about every aspect of modern civilization and society.

They reject equality, pluralism, human rights — whether they’re women’s rights or children’s rights or LGBT rights.

Normally it’s Ben Seewald who seems to occasionally be at odds with Jim Bob’s edicts over theology, so for Derick Dillard, coming across as even hypothetically accepting of gay people might have blown up into a huge source of friction within his family.

But there’s never, ever an excuse for bigotry.

Still, even if his phrasing was kind of problematic, it’s good for celebrities to use their star power and social media platforms to take a stand in favor of basic human rights.

In Jazz Jennings’ case, we’re talking about the right to exist and be treated with at least the bare minimum of respect owed to another human being.

It would be interesting to see Derick apologize publicly and perhaps even on camera, but … we won’t hold our breath.

Jax Taylor may not have mentioned Jazz by name, but he at least stood up for her.

Someone tell Lisa Vanderpump that Jax Taylor does deserve a drink, this time.


Neil Patrick Harris BLASTS James Woods for Disgusting, Transphobic Tweet!

Does anybody else remember when they first learned that James Woods was a garbage human being? For most, it may have been his infamous Obama rant.

For some, it may have been when they saw his recent tweet — in which he directs his transphobic vitriol at an 8-year-old boy. That sort of thing gives pause, even to other bigots.

And Neil Patrick Harris, who’s known for being super friendly and generally a non-confrontational person, clearly got a little hot under the collar over that tweet — and did not mince words as he took James Woods to task.

Neil Patrick Harris really isn’t the guy you think of when somebody needs to get a well-deserved takedown on Twitter.

Usually, for that sort of thing, we might look to an unstoppable duo like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

But recent events clearly moved him to stand up for an 8-year-old whom James Woods called out in a tweet with an insult that … we’ll get to later.

Fair warning: it’s upsetting.

Because James Woods reblogged a photo from Orange County Pride, and singled out this one family for some vile commentary.

The photo itself, however, is great:

That’s Lori Duron, who runs the Raising My Rainbow blog, Matt, and their 8-year-old son, CJ.

All in all, she received a lot of compliments for her post and for the photos.

And, before you ask, we should just go ahead and clarify what gender creative means.

It’s not the same thing as being, say, gay or bi or trans, though someone who is gender creative might not be straight or might not be cisgender.

(Often, the term “gender creative” is applied to kids who are so young that things like gender and sexuality might still be really uncertain anyway)

Rather, a gender creative (or, more commonly known, a gender nonconforming) kid is one who doesn’t adhere to any set of strict gender roles, either internally or externally.

Gender roles are super weird anyway — why is one gender supposed to like certain colors? Why is one gender supposed to like grilling things? One gender is supposed to like decorating their nails and another is supposed to like foul-tasting fermented grain?

So, CJ is 8 and his family’s super supportive, which is great for a human being of any age, but especially for a developing child.

And then comes James Woods:

“This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you’ve done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage.”

If only he’d stopped after those first three words, right?

First of all, his parents aren’t doing anything but loving and supporting their child.

CJ’s older brother isn’t in the photo but he loves and supports his brother, too.

(Children can be amazing sometimes)

So the “what you’ve done” thing is weird, but unfortunately a lot of bigots make similar statements about parents of children who are gay or bi or trans.

As if somehow this is something that parents are doing to their children.

But the worst part is the end, of course, where James Woods evokes antiquated fears that associate trans people with serial killers.

Like … The Silence of the Lambs isn’t a documentary.

(Also, Buffalo Bill was explicitly stated in both the book and film as not being trans)

But James Woods knows that his bigoted followers will eat up his every word.

And that they’ll latch onto that awful image.

Neil Patrick Harris, however, wasn’t having it:

“Utterly ignorant and classless, Mr. Woods. I’m friends with this family. You know not of what you speak, and should be ashamed of yourself.”

That’s exactly what needed to be said.

Also, “you know not of what you speak” is the most elegant way of calling someone an ignorant fool who embarrasses themselves every time that they open their mouth.

James Woods is no stranger to bigotry, of course.

Remember when Twitter was ablaze with talk of Anderson Cooper’s famous eyeroll while talking to Kellyanne Conway?

James Woods chimed in with his inexcusable

“As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast…”

In addition to being a raging homophobe, James Woods seems to not know how butts work.

Maybe he should check out Teen Vogue‘s guide to anal sex so that he doesn’t keep embarrassing people with his ignorance.

It’s no wonder that so many people wonder when James Woods will shut up already.


Bryce Powers: The Bachelorette Contestant Under Fire For Transphobic Joke

The Bachelorette is still 12 hours away from its season premiere and contestant Bryce Powers is already stirring up controversy.

You don’t need to read The Bachelorette spoilers to know why, either. Just Powers’ own words, via a Q&A session on ABC’s bio.

Bryce (pictured above), is being slammed online over a negative comment he made about transgender people on the show’s website.

The network’s site devoted to The Bachelorette features Q&As with the 31 men who will be competing to win Rachel Lindsay’s love.

For that feature, Powers, a 30-year-old Florida firefighter, was asked the time-honored question, “What’s your biggest dating fear?”

His response? “The chick is actually a dude.”

Most likely nothing more than an attempt to be funny with a throwaway answer to a throwaway question he thought about for half a second?

That’s what we’re assuming. But many Bachelorette fans on Twitter were not having it once this response started to circulate online.

Bryce Tweets

Sharon Needles, who fans of reality TV may remember as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season four, tweeted in response

“Bryce from the Bachelorette’s biggest fear is trans women who are attempting to conceal their birth sex. I see why yer single, douche bag.”

Other transgender individuals were equally harsh on him. One took him to task for the comment with some pretty impressive shade.

“Dear Bryce, on behalf of trans women I can assure you: none of us what to date your bland preppy 1980s teen movie villain rhombus ass. xo”

ABC later removed the question and answer the bio.

“This comment does not reflect the views of ABC, Warner Horizon or [The Bachelorette star] Rachel Lindsay,” a studio rep said in a statement.

“We have removed it from ABC (dot) com.”

Pretty tone deaf of Bryce to say that, and perhaps more so of ABC to post his answer, even if there’s no negative intent there.

Powers has not commented directly on the controversy as of press time, and The Bachelorette Season 13 premieres tonight.

Perhaps, with talk of Bachelorette spoilers and other absurd antics playing out on TV in just a short while, this will blow over.

It appears that Season 13 will end in a proposal.

Rachel Lindsay is engaged, she confirmed last week during a conference call in advance of her debut in the starring role this week.

“I am getting my happy ending!” she said.

Will Bryce be one of the contenders, or will his time on ABC be as short-lived as that answer? See who he’s up against below!