Catelynn Lowell: Farrah Abraham’s Family Is Pure TRASH!

The feud between Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell has been simmering for several years, but only in the last few months has it truly erupted.

As is so often the case, things really got bad after Farrah ran her mouth in one of her signature semi-coherent tirades.

Farrah expressed her unfounded belief that Catelynn is on drugs and that her husband, Tyler Baltierra, is gay.

It didn't come out of nowhere, obviously, but the rant left many fans wondering just what Catelynn and Tyler did to make Farrah so very mad.

Now, it looks like we're finally getting some background information on what's shaping up to be one of the great Teen Mom fueds of all time!

1. It’s Been Fun, Farrah!

Farrah abraham blonde photo
Farrah was recently fired by Teen Mom OG producers due to her refusal to stop performing in online sex shows. Abraham’s continued involvement in the adult entertainment world has long been a point of contention for her employers.

2. Making Enemies

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra snuggles
Of course, several of Farrah’s castmates were happy to see her go, including Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who have been the targets of Abraham’s embittered vitriol several times in the past few months.

3. Farrah Lets Loose

Farrah lynn abraham
Back in December, Farrah went off on Lowell and Baltierra in a seemingly unprovoked Twitter tirade. “Catelynn smokes weed in her car, Tyler’s gay still doesn’t admit it, I travel the world & know how to run businesses,” Farrah wrote.

4. Why the Beef?

Farrah abraham red hair
Obviously, Farrah’s insults were pretty weak (very few young people would be offended by being called gay or a pothead these days), but still, fans were intrigued, and many wondered why Farrah was so angry at Tyler and Catelynn.

5. No Help Here

Tyler baltierra teen mom og
Catelynn was in a rehab facility at the time of the attack, but Tyler clapped back on Twitter. Unfortunately, his reply didn’t shed much light on the matter. “In order for her to really insult me, I would first need to value her opinion and the lion does not dwell on the opinions of sheep,” he tweeted.

6. The Truth Is Out There

Farrah abraham castle selfie
At first, the most common theory was jealousy. Tyler and Catelynn had recently launched a business venture, and Ms. Abraham likes to think of herself as the only true mogul on the cast. Now, however, we know that there was far more going on than we realized at the time…

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Kardashians Trash Travis Scott: He’s Ridiculous!

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child earlier this month.

Reports about Kylizzle’s new life as a 20-year-old mom have been everywhere lately, but if you’re not a fan of contemporary hip-hop you might not know much about her baby daddy, Travis Scott.

So here’s a quick crash course:

For starters, he’s apparently successful enough to hand out Ferraris as gifts.

Yes, Travis gifted Kylie with a $ 1.4 million sports car as a “push present.”

The trend of husbands giving gifts to new moms has increased in popularity in recent years, but these tokens of appreciation usually take the form of a new tennis bracelet or a certificate for a spa day.

Obviously, Travis took things to a new level.

The gesture is more than a tad ostentatious, but if there’s one thing that the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner clan love, it’s their wealth wealth, right?

Well, yes, but apparently they’re not too crazy about this particular lavish display.

According to People magazine several members of the Kardashian clan were already on the fence about Travis, and his attempt to impres them with his success didn’t go over well.

“Everyone thinks it’s the most ridiculous ‘gift’ ever,” a source tells the magazine.

Apparently the family is quite picky when it comes to Kylie’s suitors.

They felt Tyga wasn’t successful enough to be her partner, and now it seems they think Travis is a bit too impressed with herself.

As for the nature of the present – well, a 7-figure sports car might seem like an odd choice, but apparently flashy vehicles are the way to Kylie’s heart.

But it’s not because she’s a closet gearhead…

“[Kylie] has been obsessed with cars for a while. It’s just like a status thing,” says the insider.

“She gets a kick out of the fact that people will stare. She likes to show off her wealth,” 

You’d think that as one of the most famous young women on the planet, Kylie would be getting sick of the stares and wouldn’t feel the need to remind everyone that she’s rich.

But at the same time … it’s not like we’d expect her (or any 20-year-old) to turn down a $ 1.4 million car.


June Shannon Talks All the Trash About Daughter’s Baby Daddy

June Shannon, role model?

Yes, according to June Shannon, that is.

In the following clip from this week's new episode of the WEtv reality series From Not to Hot, Shannon lays into her daughter's fiance and baby daddy, some dude named Josh Efird.

The 38-year old is simply stunned and aghast that little Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon has gotten herself knocked up at the age of 17 and is actually going to stay with this Josh fella.

"Josh gets on my ever-loving last God damn nerve,” June vents in the clip below to her boyfriend, Geno, adding of her future son-in-law:

“I told him he needs to get a better job if he’s going to support my grandchild. Every time he thinks that I let my guard down, I’ll be right behind him saying, ‘Boom motherf-cker."

But, wait, didn't June also have a child at the age of 17?

TWO children, in fact?

Yes, but she held down three jobs at the time and was responsible, she tells Geno.

"Pumpkin doesn't understand bills. Like, she's always coming [to me saying], ‘Hey, I need $ 100. Hey, I need gas.'" June explains here.

"But if Josh thinks I'm always going to be him and Pumpkin's safety net, they got another damn thing coming."

Geno (who, it bears repeating, is dating June Shannon on purpose) does his best to comfort his previously overweight lover.

But June is on an angry roll in this video.

"Pumpkin knows ain't none of my babies' daddies stuck around. But I don't want the same thing to happen to her…

"Pumpkin, I'm always going to be there for her, but Josh, he needs to shape up or ship out."

Lauryn, meanwhile, gave birth in December.

She is now the mother to a little girl named Ella Grace.

But when June first learned her teenager was expecting, she WENT OFF on the guy whose sperm made this possible.

"Pumpkin is f-cking pregnant. This not what I envisioned for her – at 17 to be f-cking having a baby," she yelled at Josh on an earlier episode, adding:

"I mean, what plans do you have? I mean, do you have any idea how much it takes to raise a baby? Coming home, working nine to five, eating f-cking ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese for the next 18 years.

"Are you ready for that? Ding dong!"

Watch June's latest slamming of Josh below:

June shannon talks all the trash about daughters baby daddy

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