Oscar De la Hoya Trashes McGregor-Mayweather Fight, ‘Circus’ Could Ruin Boxing

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Sugar Bear’s Wife Trashes June Shannon: You Lost Him Because You Were a Bitch!

June Shannon has a hot new body and it’s become the focal point of her WeTV series, Mama June: From Not To Hot. 

We can’t be the only ones still reeling from the shocking body transformation for the reality TV star. It turns out, June’s TV series is filled with drama. 

On last night’s episode, it was all about Sugar Bear’s wedding to Jennifer Lamb. June was invited to the wedding, but Jennifer decided at the last second to dis-invite her. 

Maybe she was worried that June would upstage her at the wedding. There’s no denying that Lamb probably sees June’s transformation as a revenge body and is worried Sugar Bear could jilt her for his former love. 

Yes, it would make for some tense and amazing reality TV scenes, but it would never happen. All of the drama seemed to go into overdrive when June revealed that her date was no longer attending the nuptials with her. 

“Well, about that, Jennifer disinvited you,” Alana Thompson revealed to her shocked mother. After the daughter dropped the revelation, June questioned when the conversation happened. 

Turns out, it was quite some time before her surgery, but June was not ready to give up. 

“Does [Jennifer] really think that I’m going to allow Alana to come to her house without me? Negative!,” she barked at the camera. 

Later, Alana tried to turn the tables on Jennifer to get June back on the invite list. Sugar Bear had no idea that Jennifer had said she could not attend. 

Alana then dropped the bomb that she would be going to the event if her mother was not invited. 

“I hope that Mama Sugar Bear and Jen get along one day, even though it’s practically impossible,” Alana said to the camera.

Unsurprisingly, Sugar Bear turned to his wife-to-be and took Alana’s side. 

“If Alana can’t be here, there won’t be a wedding,” he said. “I’m putting my foot down. You’re going to have to re-invite June.”

Jennifer reluctantly agreed, but was adamant June would not step foot in the house. Sugar Bear was willing to compromise and agreed to her terms. 

When the wedding arrived, June was invited into the house, but Jennifer got ready for war and called her enemy out. 

“You’ve always been a bitch. You’ve always been rude. That’s why you don’t have him anymore.”

June replied, “I don’t want him,” to a stunned Jeniffer, before making a swift exit from the event. It was nice that June immediately retreated, so Jennifer did not have the satisfaction of saying she ruined the wedding. 

We’re dying for the pair to cross paths again. Bickering always makes reality TV so much better. 

What do you think about all of it?

Sound off below!


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