Kylie Jenner: Talking to Tyga Behind Travis Scott’s Back?!

When you first heard the news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, did you think that it would be a nice, happy, peaceful time in her life?

If you did … well, bless your heart.

Bless Kylie’s heart, too, because the poor girl must just be having a heck of a time with all of these huge life changes.

She’s 20 years old, she’s famous for being on a super dramatic reality show, and she’s expecting a child with a guy she hasn’t been dating all that long.

To be clear, the baby will be born well before Kylie and Travis Scott celebrate their first anniversary.

On top of all that, there’s also the matter of Tyga.

Kylie was with Tyga for at least a couple of years — we’re not sure exactly when they began dating since they kept things quiet for a while because of their age difference.

They would break up, then get back together, then break up again. Last spring, they broke up, and she began dating Travis pretty much immediately afterwards.

And you know what happened from there.

It would make sense if Kylie has some leftover feelings for Tyga, or if she feels a little confused because they really didn’t seem to get any closure in their relationship.

According to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life, that’s exactly what’s going on now.

“They occasionally still text and remain in contact,” the source revealed. “Bad timing was the reason they ended things — Kylie knew she was too young to settle down.”

Right, so it makes perfect sense then that she got pregnant right after dumping him.

“She really misses having him around daily,” the source continued.

Another issue is that “Kylie is excited about being a mother, but the pregnancy, with her hormones running wild, is also making her miss Tyga’s son, King Cairo.”

“She knows that having Travis’ baby makes reconciling with Tyga difficult right now, but she’s still open to rekindling things in the future.”

“She misses Tyga and is keeping the door open for a possible happy ending with her first true love,” the source added.

All of that definitely makes sense, especially since Travis hasn’t been around all that much lately.

And that’s where another report from another Kylie insider comes in!

“Travis has been spending more time with Kylie the past few weeks,” the source explained. “He’s got some downtime and he’s finally making her a priority.”

“But he’s still not as present as Kylie would like. When he’s at her place he’s always on his phone, he’s very distracted and that gets Kylie upset.”

When that happens, when Travis ignores her, “that’s when she starts texting with Tyga.”

The source even claimed that “Travis would be shocked if he knew how much she’s in contact with Tyga lately.”

“Anytime she’s mad at Travis she texts Tyga. There have been times she’s been messaging back and forth with Tyga while Travis is in the other room.”

Does this surprise anyone? Even a little?

… Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Kylie is probably still a little immature, which is pretty normal for a 20-year-old.

Hopefully she’s able to pull things together in the coming months and figure out what it is she really wants — even if, for some bizarre, inexplicable reason, that turns out to be Tyga.


Travis Scott FINALLY Breaks Silence on Kylie Jenner Pregnancy

Travis Scott has done it at last.

He has spoken out on the baby Kylie Jenner is allegedly expecting as a result of the rapper and the reality star having had unprotected sex about six or seven months ago.

But did Scott actually say anything of substance?

Did he reveal his baby mama’s due date? Or the gender of the impending child? Or verify his relationship with Kylie is still going strong?

Or, heck, even acknowledge the 20-year old is pregnant?!?

Simply put: no, no, no and no.

“I don’t want to talk about that. They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing,” Scott told Billboard this week when asked about becoming a father.

Doesn’t exactly sound like someone excited to welcome a new life into the world, does it?

Yes, the celebrity gossip community is “fishing” for information on Kylie’s pregnancy.

But this just means various rumors are floating around; from wondering whether Jenner is Kim Kardashian’s surrogate…to whether she contemplated an abortion… to whether she’s actually already had the baby.

You would think Scott or Jenner would want to clear this chatter up. To set the record straight.

For whatever reason, they are remaining totally mum on the topic instead.

Is this their right? Absolutely.

Does it make us sound hypocritical, that we’re so often mocking Kylie for being too open with her life… and now we’re giving her a hard time for staying private?

Not really.

Pregnancy is a HUGE deal!

With so many outlets having confirmed this news, no one is wondering any longer whether Kylie will have a baby this spring.

Instead, her silence has simply caused us to wonder just why she’s being silent.

She could release a brief statement and then go into hiding if she so desired.

But is she simply embarrassed by her baby bump? Could she be considering adoption for the child and then pretending that she never even had it?

No one knows.

No one even knows if Scott and Jenner are still together or if they broke up over Christmas, as has been bantered about.

For his part, Scott admitted to Billboard that he sees Kanye West “everyday,” but claimed the two never really talk about romance or parenthood.

He started dating Jenner in early 2017 and she’s supposedly due in February or March.

This would mean Kylie got pregnant just a couple months into the relationship, which makes us believe it was an accident.

This doesn’t mean Jenner won’t love her daughter or that everything won’t turn our great in the end.

But it would explain the awkwardness at play here; Scott is just 25, Kylie is just 20 – and both are focused on their careers.

We somehow doubt they really want a baby right now.

But she’s coming, guys. Pretty soon, in fact.

So you better embrace that fact, get used to talking about it…and prepare to shower that child with all the love in your heart.


Kylie Jenner: Dumped by Travis Scott on Christmas?!

Man, it sure has been a hell of a year for Kylie Jenner, huh?

And not really in a good way, either.

She’s had more success with her cosmetics company, but it hasn’t been without controversy — who could forget when she tried to charge people hundreds of dollars for a cheap set of makeup brushes?

She debuted her very own reality show, Life of Kylie, and while that was an accomplishment, the show was garbage. The content, the ratings, it was all just so bad.

Another big that that happened for Kylie in 2017 was that she finally broke up with Tyga for good.

That was very exciting, but instead of taking time to herself, to chill and have fun like a 19-year-old should, she immediately began dating Travis Scott.

And a few seconds after they got together, she got pregnant.

Yep, Kylie’s pregnancy is no doubt one of the biggest celebrity stories of the year, and for good reason.

There is not one single thing about the whole entire thing that is not, as the kids would say, juicy AF.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the story is getting even juicier now — because Travis may have just set Kylie up to become a single mother.

In a new report that will shock literally no one, a source tells Radar Online that on Christmas, Travis told Kylie that he simply “can’t do this anymore.”

“He finally plucked up the courage to tell Kylie he’s done,” the insider claims, “that he loves her and will always be around for the baby, but they’re not compatible as a couple.”

And what’s worse, “Kylie was totally blindsided even though everyone else in her life saw this coming.”

“She’s still refusing to admit it’s over, and begging him to stick around.”

Poor Kylie … but like the chatty source here says, everyone else in her life saw this coming. Even the people who just observe her life from afar.

Depending on her exact due date, she and Travis were dating for maybe a month or two before she got pregnant. Nine times out of ten, you’re not going to get a fairytale ending from that kind of situation.

Besides that, we’ve been hearing for a little while now that things haven’t been all that great between them.

Reports claimed that they’d been fighting about where to spend their first Christmas together — he wanted to bring her home to his family in Texas, and she wanted to stay with her family in L.A.

They did take a photo together at Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve party, so it looks like we know who won that fight.

Before that photo, however, they hadn’t been seen together for a while, and that’s at least in part because Travis has been touring a lot while Kylie’s been in hiding.

He’s even performing a concert in Miami tonight, so they’d have missed their first New Year’s Eve together, too.

You know, if he hadn’t dumped her on Christmas anyway.

We’d say that 2018 will be a better year for Kylie, but let’s be real … does anyone actually think she’s going to take to motherhood right away?

Babies are hard, and they’re probably harder when you’re a 20-year-old mega celebrity who’s used to flying around in private jets and dedicating 95% of your time to wigs and lip injections and dumb selfies.

Bless this mess. Just … just bless it.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: Actually Spotted… Together!

Kylie Jenner is refusing to show the world her baby bump.

But the pregnant reality star has finally given fans a fresh look at the man responsible for the ongoing shame Jenner is apparently feeling over said bump.

We write, of course, about Travis Scott.

The little-known rapper started dating Kylie earlier this year.

It seemed more like a rebound relationship than true love, considering Kylie wasn’t that far removed from having banged Tyga for about two years.

But then came word than Kylie was pregnant with Scott’s baby – and everything changed.

Fans started to wonder whether the couple planned to conceive or were now planning to get married… or if they were even still together.

Perhaps they had split and this explained why Jenner has been so hesitant to confirm the pregnancy herself; out of embarrassment for not even being with her baby daddy any longer.

Hence, the surprise over the photo above.

It was snapped at the Kardashian Christmas Eve party this past Sunday evening and it certainly implies that Scott and Jenner are still an item, doesn’t it?

This is the first time they have shared a photo of themselves in the same place since Kylie’s pregnancy was announced.

Not that Kylie has announced it herself just yet.

The 20-year old has been loudly quiet on social media ever since word spread of her impending child.

Some fans thought she would make her big reveal on the Kardashian Christmas card, but nope.

She wasn’t included on it at all, adding fuel to the fire of irritation going around the Internet.

Where is your bump, Kylie?!?!? followers are asking.

Are you actually Kim’s surrogate and that’s why you’re staying silent? others have actually wondered.

These questions will continue to circulate until Kylie speaks out on her pregnancy.

It’s well within her rights to do so at the time she chooses and in the manner she chooses.

But you can’t blame the public for being curious and making assumptions, either, not when Kylie has spent her adult life sharing every nugget of personal information with her supporters… until now.

The speculation has grown so fierce that at least one report alleged Jenner was considering an abortion.

We can’t possibly verify that claim in one direction or the other, but we do assume this pregnancy wasn’t planned.

It may simply be that Kylie is still adjusting, that she needs a whole lot of time to come to grips with all the ways in which her life is about to change.

This would mean she’s taking the pregnancy seriously and that would be a good thing.

As for Travis Scott?

He hasn’t said a word. We have no idea how he feels about this baby (reported to be a girl) and how involved he’ll be in its life.

But the photo at the outset of this article is a positive sign.

We’re happy to see Kylie and Travis getting along well and we hope this portends a healthy environment in which their kid will be raised.


Kylie Jenner Hides Baby Bump But Reveals She’s Still with Travis Scott at Christmas Party

Kylie Jenner didn’t show her baby bump in the photo booth at her mom’s Xmas party, but she did show something else … that she’s still with baby daddy Travis Scott. Kylie and Travis mugged repeatedly for the camera during a party that was filled…


Kylie Jenner: Did She Dump Travis Scott For Tyga?!

Yesterday, Khloe Kardashian bared her baby bump for the first time, thus confirming what everyone already knew–she’s pregnant with her first child.

Many fans hoped that Khloe’s knocked-up little sister, Kylie Jenner, would follow suit and finally publicly confirm her own pregnancy.

But that hasn’t happened yet.

In fact, Kylie’s personal life seems more shrouded in mystery than ever today.

And if you follow the 20-year-old on social media, then you know how unusual it is for Kylie to keep anything from her adoring public.

It’s enough to make her millions of fans wonder if Kylie has something to hide.

Despite rumors that Kylie is faking her pregnancy, there’s little doubt that she’s expecting a baby by rapper Travis Scott.

But there are plenty of questions about whether she and Scott are still an item.

According to Hollywood Life, Travis recently walked out on Kylie following a blow-out fight about his hard-partying lifestyle.

“Friends say they had a huge fight and Travis walked out,” an insider tells the outlet. 

“It seems like he just wants to have fun with his friends, and Kylie’s worried that when it’s time for him to be there for her and the baby, he won’t step up,” the source added.

Kylie reportedly went off on Travis when he came to her house late one night after clubbing until the wee hours.

Sources say the mom-to-be flipped out on Scott, leading him to storm off.

“Kylie thought that some tough love was what Travis needed, but it backfired and now there’s no telling whether he’ll come back,” one informant claims.

“Travis is a decent guy, and his friends think he will try to do the right thing by his child, but Kylie has to face the sad reality that things may be over between them for good.”

Yes, it seems Kylie over-played her hand and Travis basically called her bluff.

“Her nagging only makes him distance himself more. He couldn’t take it anymore and needed space,” the source says.

Now, rumors about Kylie getting back together with Tyga are circulating on social media, but those who know Kylie best say they doubt a reconciliation is in the cards.

“She is hoping to make her and Travis be the end game,” one insider tells HL.

“She doesn’t see a future with Tyga in any way as it would be very weird to even be friends with him. So much has happened to give him another chance so it’s not going to be a possibility.”

Sounds like Kylie has an awful lot on her plate for someone has yet to reach drinking age.

(We know, we know–she shouldn’t drink while she’s pregnant. Just a way of emphasizing how incredibly young this near-billionaire expectant mom is. Sheesh!)

Our advice is that Kylie should find herself a rapper who’s actually successful.

As long as she’s attracting dudes who basically see her as a dollar sign with giant lips, things are unlikely to go her way.


Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott: Fighting Over Where to Spend Christmas!

After hearing that Travis Scott can’t deal with Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy hormones and has even turned to Kanye for advice on how to deal with Kylie, it’s not a huge surprise to hear that the expecting couple is fighting.

Especially since they apparently can’t agree on where to spend Christmas (which is in just 10 days). Travis and Kylie haven’t been dating long, so this is in fact their first Christmas while also being their last before the baby’s born.

Will this pair of expecting parents split before they even name their daughter?

Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby, and the news has turned Kylie’s life upside down.

She’s a 20-year-old hottie who’s accustomed to looking a certain way.

Now, she’s apparently so insecure about her radically transformed pregnant body that Kylie just plans to hide out for a while — possibly until the baby’s born.

And perhaps even for a while after.

(Kylie totally deserves a break, since she’s spent a decade as one of the most famous humans on the planet, but it’s sad to hear that she’s doing this because of body image issues)

Kylie’s still been surrounded by her family and her closest, most trusted friends. Anyone else, and she might worry about someone betraying her by snapping photos of her baby bump.

One person who hasn’t been spending as much time with her lately has been Travis Scott. He’s still touring. One imagines that he planned these concerts earlier this year and had zero plans to impregnate his then 19-year-old girlfriend. He might have not even been seeing Kylie yet.

As we mentioned when we discussed Kylie Jenner’s reported misgivings about the pregnancy, Travis Scott is probably going to stay busy with performances, off-and-on, right up until the due date.

While it’s nice for Travis to plan on spending time with his newborn, Kylie wants to see him here and now.

Being there for your child should always be your first priority, but you should also be there for your girlfriend.

HollywoodLife reports that Christmas threatens to tear the couple apart.

According to their source close to the couple:

“The one thing they’re having a little friction over right now is where to spend Christmas day.”

That’s a big decision for any serious couple.

“He wants to be in Houston with his family and he wants her to come with him.”

Travis has reportedly offered to fly Kylie to Houston on a private jet (which is nice, though seriously how else would she get there?)

If Kylie and Travis remain a couple in the long term, they could set up plans to alternate between their respective families on holidays. But this is their first Christmas.

Kylie, whose feelings are doubtless amplified by pregnancy hormones, is broken up about it.

“She’s trying to keep her cool about it, but she will be hurt if he doesn’t spend Christmas with her and the family.”

Kylie lives very, very close to many of her relatives. She’s probably needing to feel near them even more than usual right now.

And Kylie doesn’t want to do Christmas separately.

“They’re not going to have New Year’s together because he has a show in Miami.”

It sounds like she’s accepted that he won’t be with her to ring in 2018, at least.

“So, she’s hoping that she’ll get to have him with her for Christmas.”

It makes sense. Honestly, beyond emotional neediness and craving the familiar, she may just be nervous about traveling and being away from her family at this stage of her pregnancy.

“She feels like it’s only fair.”

Of course, while we don’t have the same inside scoop on Travis’ thoughts, we can imagine how he sees this.

He’s already spending time away from his whole family. Some while touring, some while spending time with Kylie.

Sure, Travis and Kylie went to Houston and we’re sure that they visited Travis’ family then, but we don’t imagine that he sees his family as regularly as Kylie sees hers.

And once their baby’s born, he’ll be spending even less time outside of Calabasas. He might see this as a great time to spend some quality time with his family before the overwhelming duties of being a new parent begin.

That’s a fair point, too.