Michelle Duggar Defends Treating Children Like Servants: They Love It!

If you’re a fan of her family’s reality show, then you’re probably aware that Michelle Duggar is a mother of 20 (she and husband Jim Bob adopted their nephew, Tyler Duggar, last year).

No one in their right mind would dispute the fact that Michelle is mother to a truly insane number of children — but there’s some disagreement regarding just how much how much mothering she’s actually done.

Yes, depending on how closely you pay attention to the Duggars’ social media accounts and Michelle’s comments on child-rearing, you might fall into one of two schools of thought regarding her skills as a mother:

There are those who feel she’s the uber-mom, named not for her weekend ride-sharing gig for her astonishing ability to attend to the needs of double-digit offspring without letting of her children feel left out.

And then there are those who believe that Michelle is essentially running a child-rearing sweatshop or pyramid scheme, essentially passing off the demands of the household to her oldest kids, who then burden the younger kids with those duties once they’ve been properly trained.

And what does Michelle have to say about these controversial practices?

Well, as the folks at In Touch Weekly point out, she just can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem with her division of labor.

“The little ones love to help,” Michelle once stated.

“They have such a servant’s heart.” 

Yes, there’s nothing kids love quite as much as being servants.

Fortunately for Michelle, it seems all 20 of her children have the exact same disposition and none of them would prefer to be outside playing with their friends or otherwise being children.

The Duggars are taught from a young age that chores are second only to procreating on the list of acceptable activities to be engaged in when Jesus comes back.

As such, when they take on a new responsibility because the previous laborer left the nest or simply became too decrepit, a sacred torch has been passed.

That’s 9-year-old Jordyn Duggar doing a load of laundry.

The family made a congratulatory video to mark the occasion.

She inherited the duty from Joy-Anna Duggar, who in turn inherited it from her grandmother.

“This is my jurisdiction, Grandma washes it all and I do put it away and…do the shoes,” Joy-Anna once remarked in one of the Duggars’ YouTube videos.

To ensure that all of the tasks around the Duggar compound are properly completed, the family has designed a stringently-enforced system of rewards and punishments.

An important part of this system is the chore pack, explained in the video below by top enforcer Jana Duggar:

Yes, when they’re finished with their chore pack, the Duggar kids report not to their parents, but to their older siblings.

It’s a system that brings to mind the prison practice of allowing more seasoned inmates to run the cafeteria instead of the guards.

It also might help to explain why Duggar children are so quick to start families of their own and fly the coop.

Perhaps Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth at 19 because she fell madly in love … but even if that’s the case, the possibility of escaping laundry duty may have also factored into her decision.

And why would Jana Duggar remain single and resign herself to such brutal conditions?

Well, there’s something to be said for being at the top of the hierarchy — as well as for the power of Stockholm Syndrome.

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Meghan Markle Dragged by Sister: Stop Treating People Like Trash!

With the Royal Wedding date swiftly approaching, excitement continues to mount for fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Markle’s family, in the mean time, continues to make it clear why none of them — save her mother — were invited.

But this time, it’s the bride-to-be’s sister blasting the royal family for something kind of major. Does she have a point?

Samantha Markle Twitter Pic

As a huge gesture, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have invited the serfs — sorry, the common non-royal people — to attend the wedding from a respectable distance.

But these guests, who will not actually be entering the chapel where the ceremony will take place, have been advised to bring their own food for a picnic lunch … as they won’t even have the option of buying food.

Samantha Markle couldn’t see that and not respond with a tweet.

“For the , instead of shuffling homeless people to the outskirts of Windsor, there should be a tented area with steak dinners, music, job corps, and housing representatives, set up to improve their lives.”

(The 1,200 guests were selected from various charities that the royal couple supports)

Samantha continues her tweet, saying:

“Homeless people are human. Treat them with dignity. Namaste”

Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting often used in the West during yoga.

Samantha followed up that tweet with another, in which she expresses further outrage … allegedly on behalf of these guests.

“Wow do they get sent to dungeons if their children get grouchy and express that they’re hungry with no catering?”

That’s … not something that’s been within the power of the British Royal Family for generations.

“Bring your own picnic basket? Really?”

She compares this wedding to other events, and may be throwing a little shade at Meghan’s career.

“Even low-budget film sets have roach coaches selling burgers and taquitos.”

While the term roach coach is a little much, it’s worth noting that only because of decades of hard-fought union battles are actors and others who work on set entitled to craft services.

In an op-ed in The Guardian that Samantha Markle shared, the writer considers it tacky and hypocritical for the royal family to invite these guests and not feed them.

That opinion piece likens inviting these guests to calling in a bunch of “TV extras” for the wedding ceremony.

Others have voiced similar criticisms, comparing these 1,200 spectators to “props” and calling the invitations themselves and empty gesture.

It’s easy to see where these critics are coming from — after all, you have to think a lot of yourself to consider that allowing others to glimpse you getting married is a “gift.”

That said, this is a royal wedding. Of course people are excited to be invited to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Now, Meghan Markle’s estranged sister has had a lot to say in recent months.

Samantha Markle has been exposed as a lying opportunist by her own ex-husband.

As people watch her go off on Meghan as she approaches her wedding day, it’s easy to understand why her name wasn’t on the guest list.

At the same time, it’s difficult for many to imagine why she won’t give her own sister a moment’s peace.

However, others can understand why she would be so outspoken.

Especially if she could potentially profit from the media coverage.

Samantha Markle has since responded to headlines referring to her “shading” Meghan, writing:

“The world has gone mad and it’s quite comical that the new word for the ‘truth’ is #shade.”

She displays a fundamental misunderstanding. Shade is insulting someone indirectly; it is akin to a backhanded compliment or a subtle jab.

Tea is the word for “truth.” Just so that we’re clear.


Travis Scott: FINALLY Treating Kylie Jenner Right?!

It’s been almost three months since Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child, and it seems the 20-year-old has adjusted to her new role in life with far greater ease than anyone expected.

By all accounts, Kylie is entirely devoted to baby Stormi, and she’s been proving the naysayers wrong on a daily basis.

Of course, Kylie certainly hasn’t been doing it alone. 

For one thing, in terms of both her financial situation and her support network, she enjoys advantages that most first-time moms can only dream of.

On top of that, despite concerns about his ability to step up and be a dad, Kylie’s boyfriend – rapper Travis Scott – has reportedly risen to the occasion in a major way.

“Kylie and Travis are doing well,” a source close to the situation tells People magazine.

“They are a great family,” the source adds.

“Kylie is very in love with Travis. He is an amazing dad and loves spending time with their daughter. He has very much stepped up.”

Of course, we’re still living in 2018, so mom-shaming Kylie remains one of the internet’s favorite pastimes.

But amidst all the predictions of disaster, it seems Kyle and Travis have learned to support one another so that they can better support their daughter.

In fact, it seems Travis has basically put his music career on hold so that he can focus on being a dad.

“He hasn’t been working much and is instead focused on spending time with Kylie and Stormi,” the source adds.

“Kylie’s family is very happy with him. He is young, but acts much more mature. After all the Tristan drama, they are especially happy that they don’t have [similar problems] about Kylie. She loves being a mom and she is very happy with Travis.”

Generally, when you hear a new dad “hasn’t been working much,” it’s not a good thing, but money has never been an issue for Kylie or her sisters.

No, what’s been in far shorter supply for them is supportive men with concern for anything other than themselves.

We hate to say it, but perhaps some of Kylie’s older sisters could look to her advice.

At 20, Kylie is poised to become a billionaire, and she’s already built what appears to be a stable family unit.

Hell, maybe we could all look to Kylie for advice!