Amber Rose Destroys Trolls: My Son’s Not Gay for Loving Taylor Swift!

Amber Rose’s five-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, is one happy, lucky boy. Fans may enjoy Amber Rose in the nude, but Sebastian enjoys that his mother is just a wonderful parent.

Unfortunately, some truly awful commenters have decided to troll Amber, attempting to shame her son for liking Taylor Swift, and speculating that he must be gay.

Amber Rose is clapping back, big-time.

This all came up when Amber decided to share the good news (and her thanks to Taylor) on social media.

As Amber reveals, Taylor Swift personally sent her son a Reputation gift set that included tickets to see her.

Most people would be excited to receive a personalized gift from one of their favorite singers, or tickets to see that singer on tour, or a gift set based on the top-selling album of 2017.

Young Sebastian was absolutely over the moon, which Amber shared with her followers.

Just look at how happy he is!

Unfortunately, she got some nasty trolls who decided that Sebastian liking Taylor Swift’s music is somehow an indicator of his sexuality.

Amber, who has thankfully never shied away from speaking her mind, posted a series of messages to her Instagram story to shut down that kind of thinking.

“Shout-out to all the hyper-masculine men and ignorant dumb-ass women that will call a 5-year-old gay for liking Taylor Swift.”

She is quick to point out that this kind of attitude is pernicious.

“This is why young kids kill themselves. and this is also why our society is so f–ked up.”

And she shoots down the idea that sexuality and music genres are intrinsically linked.

“Liking a certain type of music will not make you ‘pick’ your sexuality, you dumb f–ks.”

Amber Rose message

Amber is, of course, right.

Members of the LGBT+ community may joke about liking certain songs because of their sexuality, but … that is a joke.

In reality, the only reason that certain music genres are tied to sexualities is because toxic masculinity — as displayed by these trolls — discourages a lot of men from embracing the music that they like.

There are plenty of gay men who like Country and Metal, and there are plenty of straight men who love Ariana Grande and Britney Spears for more than how they look on stage.

But some people feel pushed by cultural norms to avoid the music that they enjoy the most.

Amber continued to talk about her wonderful son.

This time, she’s bragging.

“P.S. My son just got accepted into the most prestigious private school in Los Angeles because he’s smart as f–k and creative as f–k like his parents.”

Amber Rose is in that wealth bracket — where choosing a kindergarten is a status symbol and sets someone’s path to success.

(To be fair, there are counties in the U.S. where private schools are a necessary option, and L.A. is generally considered to be one of them)

She talks about what makes Sebastian so exceptional.

“We allow him to be himself. He can listen to whatever music he likes, he can like whatever color he wants, and we let him be passionate about whatever his little heart desires.”

Regardless of your child’s gender, you should never pressure them into preferring certain hairstyles or colors or activities. If your daughter likes truck-ball or whatever and your son wants to take ballet, just figure out how to schedule it for them.

“We don’t make our son live by society norms. That’s why he’s so special. Let’s do better for the next generation, people. Grow the f-ck up and teach your kids to love and not hate.”

That is wonderful advice.

Amber Rose thank you taylor swift

To be clear, Amber Rose is a vocal supporter of the LGBT+ community. She’s not offended by the idea of her son being gay.

“P.S.S. Regardless if he’s gay or straight, when he gets older, he will be around the most amazing, loving people that will support him no matter what.”

And Amber can’t help but remind these trolls that her son’s life is already better than theirs could ever be.

“He also has more money in his bank account than any of you trolls could even imagine. FOH.”

One can’t help but wonder how many of these haters were just jealous of Sebastian’s happy life and wished that he could have a childhood as unhappy and miserable as their own. Some people are like that.

But maybe some of them just really don’t understand sexuality.

Sadly, this isn’t even the first time that Amber has had to deal with this same issue.

One times, because she’s a fun mother who owns a lot of wigs, she let Sebastian don a wig for fun.

As you can imagine, the people who think that any hair longer than a crew cut belongs to girls were up in arms.

Amber clapped back then, too.

“Wow, you people are so smart, huh? Putting on a wig is going to make a baby gay?”

She suggests a hilarious experiment for anyone worried that this is how sexuality works.

“Straight guys, do yourselves a favor: Put on a wig and see if you’re turned on by another man. I’ll wait.”

And she excoriates homophobic women, too.

“And ladies, seriously, grow the f-ck up and educate yourselves. Throw one of your wigs on your boyfriend or your dad. Yay! He’s gay! Oh wait, you’re all just f–king idiots.”

A lot of people are probably wishing that Amber Rose were their mother.


Derick Dillard Trolls Universe with Bizarre Pro-Life Tweets

As Counting On fans know, Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard loves to use social media as a platform to troll pretty much everyone.

His latest missive was certainly no exception.

Yes, the man who calls out transgender teens and regularly comes up with new ways to scam fans for money still doesn’t know when to quit.

Derick, who was fired by TLC in late 2017, isn’t letting that slow him down – if anything, he seems more emboldened than ever.

Never one to back down from his views or defending them, the father of two has become downright antagonistic on Twitter of late.

On Friday, the staunchly pro-life Arkansan shared an article about a pro-life bill in Iowa that would ban abortion very early in pregnancy.

This state law would prohibit the procedure as soon as an embryo has a detectable heartbeat, and Derick couldn’t be happier about it.

Derick wrote in celebration of this news:

“This is great! Laws country-wide are getting closer to making ALL murder illegal. Progress IS being made. Equality for all!”

Now that is some serious trolling.

Twitter users immediately seized on the controversial star’s word choice of “equality,” given his, um, history of intolerance.

Specifically, Derick’s hateful and repeated transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings, which led to his firing from TLC.

“Hypocrisy at its finest,” one fan wrote.

The fan continued with this question:

“I’m wondering … does ‘equality for all!’ include transgender people, Derick? Just curious where your ‘for ALL’ line is drawn.”

Another Twitter responded that abortions should not be illegal because this could claim lives, not save them as Derick posits.

Terminating a pregnancy could save the life of the mother in certain situations, and banning the practice could be fatal to the mother.

His confusing response to that?

“What about all the people in this world who rely on somebody else to live??” Derick shot back. “Should we just kill all those people??!”

Other irate fans noted that Derick is a man, and thus is in no position to talk about abortions and female reproductive rights.

Not only that, but someone told him:

“You were literally a virgin up until about [two years] ago. Pretty sure your opinion about my uterus and my body is a moot point!!!!!”

Derick, of course, subscribes the well-documented Duggar family doctrine of chaperoned dates and side-hugging before marriage. 

Der Tweet

Dillard married Jill in June 2014, so he’s been boning for almost four years if you want to get technical, but the fan’s point was made.

In response, Derick … tried to invoke religion to try to establish some correlation between one’s virginity and ability to form an opinion.

Yeah, we’re as confused as you are. He wrote:

“Pretty sure Jesus Christ was a virgin his whole life, and the western world bases its calendar system on the man’s life.”

“And while we’re talking about moot points.”

Derick’s endgame is a mystery. It’s hard to understand what he’s going for with his scorched earth social media campaign. 

If Dillard’s goal is to make headlines and remain relevant by burning every remaining bridge he can find, then well done sir.

Well done.


Honey Boo Boo to Trolls: I’m White! Not Black!

Honey Boo Boo doesn't understand the criticism she's been receiving of late.

And she's hear to say something both confusing and pretty obvious about it.

The 12-year old – who rose to prominence on the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which chronicled her life as a child beauty pageant contestant – has recently been accused online of "acting black."

We assume this is a reference to how Honey Boo Boo occasionally talks and/or perhaps the gestures she uses while doing so.

We aren't about to step into very sensitive territory here, but let's just say it's not too difficult to imagine what some folks mean when they level the "acting black" accusation at Boo Boo.

(Or at anyone, really.)

Honey Boo Boo (real name: Alana Thompson) doesn't understand, however.

She's made that very clear in a new Instagram video.

"Let me just tell ya'll, someone just told me to stop acting black in my comments," she says below, getting worked up and adding:

"Honey! The last thing I am is black, honey, I'm white. Look at my face, hon. I'm white."

This is empirically accurate.

"And I want to know how the f-ck you act a color?" Alana continues, legitimately unsure how people are saying what they are saying.

"Like, oh you wake up one day and be like, 'Hm, let's see! I'm gonna be purple!"

Not exactly, no. There's some nuance here that Thompson appears to not comprehend.

We'd say her mother should try to explain it to her, but June Shannon is more focused these days on losing weight than teaching her children.

Alana concludes the video as follows:

"Ho, you can't act a color. You can be a color, but you can't act a color."

Do you agree with this assessment?

Or do you think certain cultures do have certain ways in which they generally act or sound?

This could actually be an interesting topic of debate… if it was being started by anyone other than Honey Boo Boo.

Check out her angry message below:

Honey boo boo to trolls im white not black

Jeremy Vuolo Talks Jinger Duggar Pregnancy, Trolls Jim Bob

It’s been almost a month since we first learned that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child, and the beloved 24-year-old is clearly enjoying sharing her excitement with fans.

While her sister Joy-Anna continues to keep a low-profile, Jinger has already shared her due date and posted a pic in which her long-awaited baby bump can clearly be seen.

Not surprisingly, it seems Jeremy Vuolo is every bit as psyched as his wife is about the idea of starting a family.

Vuolo sat down for a rare interview over the weekend, and he candidly shared his thoughts about becoming a father.

“Well, I have a family on the way here,” Jeremy said.

“My wife is pregnant and due in July with our first. But I think it begins with establishing that relationship with your wife and I think just walking through the word together.”

Jeremy went on to hold court about his religious beliefs in a way that’s very much in keeping with the Duggar brand:

“If you’re abiding in Christ and walking with Christ daily, I think it can look like sharing that and opening the lines of communication about your own walk with Christ,” he told the hosts.

“Where are you wrestling right now? How is scripture helping you? Just opening that communication and fellow shipping with your spouse and that’s gonna translate to your children.”

He concluded by sharing some thoughts on what he sees as the relationship between his religious beliefs and his duties as a husband and father:

“If you’re not spending the time in the work yourself, if you’re not disciplining yourself to walk with Christ in your devotional time,” he said.

“Then how do you expect to really pour into [your] family?”

Now, that may all seem perfectly innocent and perfectly in line with the Duggars’ message but there’s reason to believe that Jim Bob was less than thrilled about Jeremy’s latest interview.

You see, the podcast that Vuolo appeared on is called Calvinist Batman & Friends.

That may seem like an innocently dorky title, but it might have been enough to have JB buttoning up his angriest flannel and preparing for a very soft-spoken confrontation.

Much to his father-in-law’s chagrin, Jeremy is a Calvinist.

Jim Bob is decidedly not, and actually finds the belief system to be heretical.

Not surprisingly, this clash of beliefs has led to growing tension between Jim Bob and Jeremy.

But don’t worry, we’re sure it’ll all be resolved when the baby is born and Jeremy and Jinger raise it in such a way as to condemn its mortal soul to the fires of hell in Jim Bob’s eyes.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Hillary Clinton Trolls Trump, Reads Fire & Fury at 2018 Grammys

In all likelihood, Donald Trump did not watch the 2018 Grammy Awards last night.

After all, the president kicked off Sunday by firing off a combative tweet at Jay Z in response to the rapper's audacious suggestion that the current administration hasn't exactly been a boon to minorities and other groups specifically targeted by Trump.

So unfortunately, the Donald probably missed out on a ceremony that kicked off with a politically-charged performance from Kendrick Lamar and didn't ease up on the timely commentary throughout. 

It's tough to say what he would have thought of the show.

Trump hates being criticized, sure, but not nearly as much as he hates not being the center of attention.

Perhaps that's why for most of the night, the shade was thrown indirectly, with artists making their feelings about the president clear without ever mentioning him by name.

But there was one moment in which the anti-Trump sentiment was made quite clear with the help of some unexpected A-listers and a controversial bestseller.

Fire and Fury is Michael Wolff's scathing tell-all about the Trump White House that basically reads like an in-depth exploration of the reign of Prince Joffrey.

On last night's Grammys, several stars read excerpts from the book, including John Legend, DJ Khaled, Cardi B … and Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Trump's biggest political rival dropped a savage burn in the pre-recorded segment, reading from a portion in which Wolff reveals that the president eats McDonald's because he fears being poisoned.

All over this great nation, the Happy Meal-starved toddlers of America are jotting down a solid new argument to use on mom.

Watch the clip below and stay tuned for news of a Trump coronary event.

Hillary clinton trolls trump reads fire and fury at 2018 grammys

Serena Williams Covers Vogue, Gets Bashed By Racist Trolls

Yes, we know everyone wants Oprah to be president after her Golden Globes speech on Sunday night, but for our money, if there’s anyone who can unite this divided country, it’s Serena Williams.

Serena is one of the world’s most dominant athletes; she’s an inspiration to millions; she won a freakin’ Australian Open while pregnant, and she’s married to a tech gazillionaire.

What we’re saying is, we will personally engage in fisticuffs with anyone who has even the slightest complaint about Serena.

Which sadly means we’re gonna have to fight a bunch of basement-dwelling, bigtoted troglodytes.

As you can seen, Serena covers the new issue of Vogue with her adorable 4-month-old daughter.

And as further proof that we’re living in the Darkest Timeline, people are upset about it.

Yes, as hard as it might be to believe that anyone could be so bitter about their own crappy life that they would take issue with a photo of a world-class athlete and her 4-month-old baby, it seems the goal of 2018 is to remind us each and every day that the planet is populated by humans so cartoonishly evil that they wouldn’t be welcome in Slytherin House.

As you may already know, Serena is married to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.

You would think that as one of the creators of the internet’s most popular anonymous sh-t talking dens, Ohanian would be beloved by anonymous sh-t talkers. 

But apparently that’s not the case.

In fact, it seems many of the people who commented believe Serena and Alexis should never have married or reproduced because–long, pained sigh–she’s black and he’s white.

“Serena is a disgrace to her parents, grandparents, African ancestors because she married and mated with a European knowing that his ancestors owned Africans as SLAVES,” wrote one commenter who’s probably a lot of fun at parties.

A good rule of thumb is that no one who uses the word “mated” in casual conversation is even remotely sane.

As usual, there were also people who talked disparagingly about Serena’s appearance and even–anguished, audible groan–the appearance of her baby.

But we’re not going to reproduce those comments here.

In fact, we’re leaving all that negativity and BS in 2017, folks!

It’s all positive vibes and hydration and whatnot from here on out!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have Real Housewives to make fun of.

Damn, we’re messing this up already, aren’t we?


Body-Positive Woman Claps Back After Trolls Claim She’s Too Heavy for Her Boyfriend!

In another incident of body-shamed women clapping back at haters, body positive Instagrammer Melissa Gibson is speaking out after trolls flooded the comments of her New Year’s Eve photo.

This time, the shamers weren’t just giving her a hard time for daring to exist in her very curvy body.

They were slamming her and her slender boyfriend — claiming that she’s “too heavy” to be dating him.

Melissa Gibson is a law student. She’s also a body-positive Instagrammer.

She knows that any time that she posts a photo, she’s going to have haters trolling the comments.

Some will pretend to be concerned for her “health.”

Others will just be straight-up hateful. Why? Ultimately, they probably hope to make her feel bad in order to feel powerful. Which is profoundly sad.

Like other body-positive women on the internet, Melissa knows this. She sadly expects these comments.

But when she posted photos of herself and her boyfriend, Johnathan, ringing in 2018 together, she got a different kind of criticism and hate.

She was told by haters that she was too large to be with her boyfriend, who is smaller than she is.

That’s a horrible thing to say. Or think. (And we’d wager that fewer of these haters would have said anything if it had been a smaller woman beside a larger boyfriend)

Speaking to People, Melissa Gibson spoke about the response that she received.

“As a fat woman on the internet, comments about my weight and health are very common.”

That’s terrible on its own.

“But these were especially disturbing because they were in reference to my relationship on a post that was about us celebrating the New Year together.”

And, as she points out, it wasn’t even a post in which she was drawing attention to her size. She was literally just standing beside her boyfriend, fully dressed.

“The post was innocent, nothing about our bodies — but simply being visible with my thin boyfriend became an opportunity for strangers to express their opinions about fatness, my body and our relationship.”

Melissa waited a couple of days after receiving the negative comments, and posted another photo with her boyfriend.

This time, her caption was prepared for this particular strain of haters.

“When taking a picture in a sparkly dress next to the man you love makes people comment about your body, question your relationship, make judgments about him for loving you.”

It’s a sort of fat-shaming by proximity, where people assume that there’s something wrong with her partner that “explains” why he’s with her.

Her caption continues:

“Our relationship is political. Even though we both know how natural and right it feels. And if the world won’t just let us be, we will keep fighting for our love, for our space, for our right to be seen, accepted without question, and celebrated.”

So many people have to do that, still, in 2018. It’s so sad.

“In all honesty it’s silly to think it bothers people so much, but when privileged people base their value on attraction and relationships, it results in the plethora of relationships that look like mine being erased and delegitimized. Like somehow I don’t deserve him or our love isn’t real.”

That’s a little complex, but basically, sometimes people feel threatened by people who don’t look like they do, and by relationships that don’t look like their own.

“We are exactly what each other wants, and guess what, our bodies are a part of that. It’s not a abnormal or a fetish. It’s simply natural. So while you insist on yelling your insecurities and bigotry at me, realize I’m not playing the game you play any longer.”

Speaking to People about that follow-up post, Melissa writes:

“I wrote that post not to the people who made judgments about our relationship, but for every person who has ever felt like they did not fit into the mold of what our society believes relationships look like.”


“I wanted to give a voice to the normality and naturalness of my relationship and other’s that look like mine.”

Plus size women, women of color, disabled women, and trans women can all have to deal with people called chasers. People who fetishize them for the same qualities that make bigots loathe them.

Some of these haters assume that Johnathan must be one such chaser.

But that’s not what Melissa Gibson describes. She’s just in a loving relationship that is, frankly, none of anyone’s business.


Sarah Michelle Gellar Accused of “Abuse” by Trolliest of Trolls

To quote Jerry Seinfeld from an episode of his beloved sitcom:

People. They're the worst.

At least some people on some occasions, that is.

Sarah Michelle Gellar recently found this out the unfortunate way after sharing what seemed like a cute and harmless photo of her son on Instagram.

As you're about to find out below, however, this is not how some social media trolls interpreted the picture…

1. The Actress Has Two Children

The actress has two children
Sarah Michelle Gellar has two kids with husband Freddie Prince Jr., a daughter named Charlotte and a son named Rocky. This sad story centers on the latter five-year old.

2. How Dare She?!?

How dare she
Gellar shared some images on Snapchat of Rocky getting his nails done. What a fun thing to do with his mother, right?!? Wrong, according to Internet critics.

3. They Match!

They match
The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star and her son got a matching color. But these trolls weren’t exactly focused on that cute fact.

4. Look at Me!

Look at me
Rocky seemed pretty happy about his nails. But, again, certain sections of the Internet do not care about a child’s happiness, only about their warped ideas of right and wrong.

5. Here Comes the Hate…

Here comes the hate
Yup, Gellar was totally “brainwashing” her son. This was part of a larger, evil plan; not simply a fun mother/son outing.

6. Yes, Outlawed

Yes outlawed
This individual wants to make it ILLEGAL for a mother to take her son to the nail salon. THIS, of all things, is apparently “child abuse.”

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UFC’s Tim Kennedy to ‘Star Wars’ Trolls: ‘I Will F’ing Gut You’ Over Spoilers

“I will f**king gut you! I will make you bleed. Pain. Pain. A lot of pain.” That’s Tim Kennedy — UFC and U.S. Army Special Forces vet — telling all the internet trolls what he’s gonna do to them for spoiling “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Tim’s a…