Serena Williams Covers Vogue, Gets Bashed By Racist Trolls

Yes, we know everyone wants Oprah to be president after her Golden Globes speech on Sunday night, but for our money, if there’s anyone who can unite this divided country, it’s Serena Williams.

Serena is one of the world’s most dominant athletes; she’s an inspiration to millions; she won a freakin’ Australian Open while pregnant, and she’s married to a tech gazillionaire.

What we’re saying is, we will personally engage in fisticuffs with anyone who has even the slightest complaint about Serena.

Which sadly means we’re gonna have to fight a bunch of basement-dwelling, bigtoted troglodytes.

As you can seen, Serena covers the new issue of Vogue with her adorable 4-month-old daughter.

And as further proof that we’re living in the Darkest Timeline, people are upset about it.

Yes, as hard as it might be to believe that anyone could be so bitter about their own crappy life that they would take issue with a photo of a world-class athlete and her 4-month-old baby, it seems the goal of 2018 is to remind us each and every day that the planet is populated by humans so cartoonishly evil that they wouldn’t be welcome in Slytherin House.

As you may already know, Serena is married to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.

You would think that as one of the creators of the internet’s most popular anonymous sh-t talking dens, Ohanian would be beloved by anonymous sh-t talkers. 

But apparently that’s not the case.

In fact, it seems many of the people who commented believe Serena and Alexis should never have married or reproduced because–long, pained sigh–she’s black and he’s white.

“Serena is a disgrace to her parents, grandparents, African ancestors because she married and mated with a European knowing that his ancestors owned Africans as SLAVES,” wrote one commenter who’s probably a lot of fun at parties.

A good rule of thumb is that no one who uses the word “mated” in casual conversation is even remotely sane.

As usual, there were also people who talked disparagingly about Serena’s appearance and even–anguished, audible groan–the appearance of her baby.

But we’re not going to reproduce those comments here.

In fact, we’re leaving all that negativity and BS in 2017, folks!

It’s all positive vibes and hydration and whatnot from here on out!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have Real Housewives to make fun of.

Damn, we’re messing this up already, aren’t we?


Body-Positive Woman Claps Back After Trolls Claim She’s Too Heavy for Her Boyfriend!

In another incident of body-shamed women clapping back at haters, body positive Instagrammer Melissa Gibson is speaking out after trolls flooded the comments of her New Year’s Eve photo.

This time, the shamers weren’t just giving her a hard time for daring to exist in her very curvy body.

They were slamming her and her slender boyfriend — claiming that she’s “too heavy” to be dating him.

Melissa Gibson is a law student. She’s also a body-positive Instagrammer.

She knows that any time that she posts a photo, she’s going to have haters trolling the comments.

Some will pretend to be concerned for her “health.”

Others will just be straight-up hateful. Why? Ultimately, they probably hope to make her feel bad in order to feel powerful. Which is profoundly sad.

Like other body-positive women on the internet, Melissa knows this. She sadly expects these comments.

But when she posted photos of herself and her boyfriend, Johnathan, ringing in 2018 together, she got a different kind of criticism and hate.

She was told by haters that she was too large to be with her boyfriend, who is smaller than she is.

That’s a horrible thing to say. Or think. (And we’d wager that fewer of these haters would have said anything if it had been a smaller woman beside a larger boyfriend)

Speaking to People, Melissa Gibson spoke about the response that she received.

“As a fat woman on the internet, comments about my weight and health are very common.”

That’s terrible on its own.

“But these were especially disturbing because they were in reference to my relationship on a post that was about us celebrating the New Year together.”

And, as she points out, it wasn’t even a post in which she was drawing attention to her size. She was literally just standing beside her boyfriend, fully dressed.

“The post was innocent, nothing about our bodies — but simply being visible with my thin boyfriend became an opportunity for strangers to express their opinions about fatness, my body and our relationship.”

Melissa waited a couple of days after receiving the negative comments, and posted another photo with her boyfriend.

This time, her caption was prepared for this particular strain of haters.

“When taking a picture in a sparkly dress next to the man you love makes people comment about your body, question your relationship, make judgments about him for loving you.”

It’s a sort of fat-shaming by proximity, where people assume that there’s something wrong with her partner that “explains” why he’s with her.

Her caption continues:

“Our relationship is political. Even though we both know how natural and right it feels. And if the world won’t just let us be, we will keep fighting for our love, for our space, for our right to be seen, accepted without question, and celebrated.”

So many people have to do that, still, in 2018. It’s so sad.

“In all honesty it’s silly to think it bothers people so much, but when privileged people base their value on attraction and relationships, it results in the plethora of relationships that look like mine being erased and delegitimized. Like somehow I don’t deserve him or our love isn’t real.”

That’s a little complex, but basically, sometimes people feel threatened by people who don’t look like they do, and by relationships that don’t look like their own.

“We are exactly what each other wants, and guess what, our bodies are a part of that. It’s not a abnormal or a fetish. It’s simply natural. So while you insist on yelling your insecurities and bigotry at me, realize I’m not playing the game you play any longer.”

Speaking to People about that follow-up post, Melissa writes:

“I wrote that post not to the people who made judgments about our relationship, but for every person who has ever felt like they did not fit into the mold of what our society believes relationships look like.”


“I wanted to give a voice to the normality and naturalness of my relationship and other’s that look like mine.”

Plus size women, women of color, disabled women, and trans women can all have to deal with people called chasers. People who fetishize them for the same qualities that make bigots loathe them.

Some of these haters assume that Johnathan must be one such chaser.

But that’s not what Melissa Gibson describes. She’s just in a loving relationship that is, frankly, none of anyone’s business.


Sarah Michelle Gellar Accused of “Abuse” by Trolliest of Trolls

To quote Jerry Seinfeld from an episode of his beloved sitcom:

People. They're the worst.

At least some people on some occasions, that is.

Sarah Michelle Gellar recently found this out the unfortunate way after sharing what seemed like a cute and harmless photo of her son on Instagram.

As you're about to find out below, however, this is not how some social media trolls interpreted the picture…

1. The Actress Has Two Children

The actress has two children
Sarah Michelle Gellar has two kids with husband Freddie Prince Jr., a daughter named Charlotte and a son named Rocky. This sad story centers on the latter five-year old.

2. How Dare She?!?

How dare she
Gellar shared some images on Snapchat of Rocky getting his nails done. What a fun thing to do with his mother, right?!? Wrong, according to Internet critics.

3. They Match!

They match
The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star and her son got a matching color. But these trolls weren’t exactly focused on that cute fact.

4. Look at Me!

Look at me
Rocky seemed pretty happy about his nails. But, again, certain sections of the Internet do not care about a child’s happiness, only about their warped ideas of right and wrong.

5. Here Comes the Hate…

Here comes the hate
Yup, Gellar was totally “brainwashing” her son. This was part of a larger, evil plan; not simply a fun mother/son outing.

6. Yes, Outlawed

Yes outlawed
This individual wants to make it ILLEGAL for a mother to take her son to the nail salon. THIS, of all things, is apparently “child abuse.”

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UFC’s Tim Kennedy to ‘Star Wars’ Trolls: ‘I Will F’ing Gut You’ Over Spoilers

“I will f**king gut you! I will make you bleed. Pain. Pain. A lot of pain.” That’s Tim Kennedy — UFC and U.S. Army Special Forces vet — telling all the internet trolls what he’s gonna do to them for spoiling “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Tim’s a…


UFC’s Tim Kennedy to ‘Star Wars’ Trolls: ‘I Will F’ing Gut You’ Over Spoilers

“I will f**king gut you! I will make you bleed. Pain. Pain. A lot of pain.” That’s Tim Kennedy — UFC and U.S. Army Special Forces vet — telling all the internet trolls what he’s gonna do to them for spoiling “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Tim’s a…


Kate Gosselin Dares to Share Pics of Daughters, Gets Dragged by Trolls. HARD.

Darn you, Internet.

You’ve really gone ahead and done it now.

You’ve made us feel bad for Kate Gosselin.

Over the past few weeks, hatred for the reality star and mother of eight has seemed to hit near-record numbers, as Gosselin cannot share anything online without hearing it from a bunch of trolls.

Just a few weeks ago, for example, Gosselin posted a few photos online of her kids in their Halloween costumes.

We’re pretty sure every single celebrity alive does this.

And yet followers called out Kate for the snapshots, mostly because they did not include son Collin, who has been enrolled in a program away from home for behavioral issues.

Details regarding his status remain scarce, which has prompted haters to bring up him every chance they get.

Gosselin even received backlash, as it relates to Collin, when she shared throwback photos of her twin girls on the occasion of their 17th birthday.

And now Kate has gone ahead and shared new throwback pictures, this time of daughter Alexis.

Along with the cute snapshot above, the Kate Plus 8 star wrote:

The girls and I were looking through old pics the other night together…reliving our MANY fun times over the years…

it’s cute when your teenagers screech about how cute they were and play argue over ‘who was the cutest.’

To me, they were and are all equally ‘edible’ and adorable and I told them so. They then tried to convince me to ‘eat them first’! It’s always a competition in a big family, I tell you!

Anyway, there are many, but these pics of Lex make me laugh every time I come across them! How can you not?

She’s always been the perfect dose of humor when I need it most… on this day, when she was 5, she entertained me while I showered!

Pretty basic and definitely harmless, right?

Nope, wrong apparently.

Yes, some followers showed Gosselin support and clearly appreciated this cute snapshot:

lex tweet

“She is so precious! Where did the time go?” asked another fan.

Others, however, definitely seemed to be focused on the wrong thing.

“Wait, you take your phone into the shower,” inquired a confused follower, while a second person chimed in with a similar take:

“You took your phone into the shower or bath? Um yeah ok kate.”

lex in shower

These, of course, are mostly mundane issues.

The true trolls, though, didn’t just inquire about Collin and his whereabouts.

They accused Kate of not liking her sons as much as her daughters!

For real:

where are boys?

Look, it takes a lot for us to be on Team Kate Gosselin.

We mostly see her as a greedy, self-serving and manipulative annoyance.

But come on now.

We’re not gonna pick on Kate just because she shares some precious pictures of her kids.

What’s the alternative? What else would she do on Instagram? Go all Kylie Jenner on us and pose nearly naked?

God forbid, right?

So you see: it could be a lot worse. Remember that.


Tiffany Thornton Remarries, Slams Trolls: I DID Love My Husband!

Tiffany Thornton is more than just a former Disney star. She’s a mother and, both now and in the past, a wife.

Just two years ago, Tiffany became a widow when her husband died in a tragic accident. That she’s been able to find love and now remarry is wonderful.

Unfortunately, some vile trolls tried to give her a hard time, and have even sunk so low as to question whether she ever loved her first husband.

Back in 2015, Chris Carney, who had starred in the MTV reality series twentyfourseven, was struck and killed in a deadly automobile collision.

Chris’ marriage to Tiffany hadn’t been perfect.

In May of 2014, Chris Carney accused Tiffany Thornton of abducting their children when she departed with them to stay at her parents.

His claims were undercut when his own mother, the mayor of Hot Springs, Arkansas, shared that Carney had a serious drinking problem and that she had assisted Tiffany in leaving.

That conflict didn’t last forever, however, and Tiffany was well and truly devastated when Chris Carney died. It was so sudden and senseless, just like all vehicular collisions. 

(Seriously, can self-driving cars dominate roadways sooner rather than later? I, for one, look forward to when fatal car accidents become rare news instead of a regular occurrence)

The former Sunny With A Chance actress who had starred alongside Demi Lovato was working as a radio host by that point, and her friends and listeners mourned with her. 

Fastforward to just a few days ago …

Tiffany Thornton got married!

Josiah Capici is a pastor and now her new husband.

Along with one of her wedding photos, Tiffany shared a lengthy caption in which she hit back at her haters (despite saying that her love trumped her need to “snap back” at them, so this is one of those responses that’s “not” a response).

In the post, she defends her love, her new marriage, and cites her faith as a huge and powerful force in her life. Which, you know, isn’t super surprising since she’s marrying a pastor.

“This. This is love. That all encompassing, enduring, accepting, near perfect love. The kind that trumps my need to snap back at people who have the audacity to comment on my Instagram about whether I loved my first husband or not,” she wrote.

Obviously, anyone shaming a woman for remarrying is a special sort of scum.

Especially when her wedding is two years after her husband’s death. Is she supposed to throw herself on the fire, too?

Tiffany continues:

“But let me take a moment to explain something to you. There is no timeline for grief or for when God moves in your life in undeniable ways. There are a lot of people who think it isn’t good to be transparent on social media but I say forget that.”

We’re all about transparency on social media for celebrities.

“I’m going to be open and honest because God wants me to. It’s part of my testimony and it needs to be said. I was a mess yesterday during our wedding ceremony. So many emotions flooded my heart as I walked down those balcony steps to the arms of my gift from God.”

But she also thought of her late husband, even as she walked down the aisle.

“I thought of Chris watching us and knowing he would have loved the choice I made, for me and for the boys. I thought of Chris’s amazing parents sitting front row and how much of a blessing they have been and will forever be in our lives.”

She and Chris had a couple of kids together, too. Pastor Josiah is joining their family.

“How happy they are for the boys and I and how much they already love Josiah. I am so completely humbled by the love I receive from this man. Jo came along EXACTLY when God knew I needed him.”

It’s not unusual for people to say that their love is divinely ordained.

This is where Tiffany’s words take a weird turn, however.

“It wasn’t my choice to fall in love so quickly after chris passed but I was growing so comfortable with being alone that it was becoming unhealthy. Looking back now I think God saw that if I went too long without love that it would become increasingly difficult for me to submit to the authority of a husband after being set in my own ways.”

Like, the part about spending too much time alone is fine — that can be a symptom of depression, even.

But “submit to the authority of a husband” … what the everloving flip does that mean? That sounds like something from The Handmaid’s Tale.

That phrase is going to echo in our nightmares.

Anyway, Tiffany continues, saying things that don’t sound like lines said by small-town characters in horror movies that end in human sacrifice.

“When I say ‘Jo is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me’ that in no way indicates that I didn’t love my first husband with all that I had. How dare any one of you judge me and say that on a social platform,” she says.

Yeah, claims that she didn’t love her first husband because she’s in love with her current one are preposterous and deliberately hurtful.

“It doesn’t make you any better of a person to cast judgment on others and sit in the seat of mockers. I will always love chris and jo knows that. And I will always love Jo.”

We’ll try to remember “sit in the seat of mockers,” which is a little clunky but a good line.

“The beautiful thing about love is that it multiplies as new blessings come into your life. I don’t have to share one bucket of love with the special people in my life. Each one has their own bucket. Get it? Isn’t that amazing?? God’s timing is not our own. And I praise Him for that. You should too.”

That’s a fantastic way of viewing the world, honestly!

Love is not supposed to be a competition! Well … except on The Bachelor.


Chelsea Houska Slammed by Trolls for “Poisoning” Her Baby!

Of all of the Teen Mom 2 moms, Chelsea Houska is the shining beacon of sense, right? The worst thing she’s done is anger the FTC. She’s sort of the last person you’d expect to see called out for “endangering her baby.”

And yet that’s exactly what’s happening under her comments on social media.

Why? Because, in the next episode, Chelsea Houska’s son Watson is getting vaccinated. Some fans threw a fit — but Chelsea came prepared and responded.

In case you needed a reminder that a lot of people don’t understand science or even trust it, rapper B.o.B. is trying to raise money to “see if the Earth is really round.”

Because he’s a flat Earth theorist.

And also because apparently the “conspiracy” is too deep for him to just fly to Europe and then to Australia and then to Hawaii and then back to the US, we suppose.

Then there’s climate change denial which I don’t even want to get into because it’s way, way less funny than the flat Earth folks.

I even have a friend who has relatives who “don’t believe in gravity.” Which is honestly amazing. I have so many questions.

So you can understand why Chelsea had already been bracing herself for some anti-vaxx trolls one day. Especially since an upcoming Teen Mom 2 will feature Watson getting vaccinated.

What you might have trouble understanding is why the spark that ignited a flurry of comments was sparked by … this photo.

Watson is a cute baby!

Like, all babies are cute, but his little cheeks are just hypnotic and his smile is precious beyond words.

Chelsea doesn’t say anything about … well, anything other than Watson. Nothing about doctors or vaccinations or whatever.

But since next week’s episode is about vaccinations, we guess that trolls and anti-vaxxers decided that this was the ground on which they wanted to wage their little war.

One commenter wrote:

“People will believe any thing. They think doctors are god, their is doctors that openly admit they never learned anything about vaccines.”

That would be an amazing thing to hear from a doctor.

“Theirs so many diseases that they don’t vaccinate for that are far worse .. people look nothing up ! They just don’t want to listen it’s sad . The CDC schedule is new and clearly new things need to be tested on someone”

One: the reason that there aren’t vaccines for those “far worse diseases” is because those vaccines haven’t been invented yet or are still undergoing testing.

And that is definitely not how the CDC works.

“So these people hand their babies right on over .. my thing is .. if I’ve never received those combined shots and adults are getting sick and hurt from them no way my baby is receiving something I’ve never tested on my self first.”

Like every anti-vaxx post, it’s a combination of deliberate misunderstandings about how the world works and about medicine mixed in with absolute blatant lies.

But hey, we’ll give this one points for not mentioning “mercury” in this particular post.

The discourse goes both ways, though.

Just because the anti-vaccine folks are the loudest doesn’t mean that they’re the majority.

“I would recommend talking to a person who has lost a child to a disease that could have been worse prevented by a vaccine.”

Or even just ask an old person. My grandmother remembers life before the polio vaccine.

“If you got sick, would you take medicine? If you got cancer, would you take vitamins to cure it? No medicine is 100% safe or effective. People can have reactions to ANYTHING!”

I, personally, am allergic to penicillin. I also had a one-in-a-million allergic reaction to one of my vaccinations as a baby. I still 100% recommend it to anyone who isn’t immunocompromised.

“Most reputable physicians recommend vaccinating your child. They have been through medical school. They know how your body systems work.”


The argument spilled from Instagram onto Twitter, where Chelsea Houska responded rather tersely.

Rather than engaging with these people — her followers can do that, but the chances of changing their minds are almost as small as the chances of a serious complication to a vaccination — Chelsea opted to tweet her disappointment.

Because, clearly, she had anticipated them.

“I was waiting for these tweets ….”

She followed that with an emoji that conveyed her disappointment.

Contrary to what Jenelle Evans thinks, Chelsea Houska is a good mom. And she did what good moms do — vaccinate her healthy baby.


Rain Brown: Alaskan Bush People Star Slams Trolls!

Alaskan Bush People and the Brown family get a hard time. People accuse the show of being fake.

Then there are accusations, like fans insisting that Noah Brown abandoned his family or even suggestions that Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis is exaggerated for drama or ratings.

Some of the toughest attacks have been against Rain Brown. And now she’s hitting right back. …

We don’t know what sort of person it takes to troll the Instagram comments of a 14-year-old girl.

Well … normally, yeah, it would be other 14-year-olds. In general, the 11-through-13 age range represents humanity at their worst, at least when it comes to social interaction.

But “Rainy” Brown has grown-ass adults harassing her on social media.

Sometimes they harass her for posting selfies or having the audacity to smile in her own photographs.

Why? Because her mother, Ami Brown, has cancer.

Sometimes, people who have never lost a loved one to the ravages of cancer or seen someone go through that fight seem to not understand that life continues.

They don’t understand that Ami Brown certainly wants her children to continue with their lives.

Rain has also gotten criticism after posting a video of herself singing.

The nasty replies? Suggestions that she get “singing lessons.”

Again, this is a 14-year-old girl, singing on her own social media account.

Some people have no shame.

Well, once again, Rain Brown is hitting back at her trolls.

And she’s being decidedly classy about it.

“The best advice I could ever give anyone is that you control how people treat you, if you’re mean people will be mean if you are kind people will be kind, if you allow people to run over you people will run over you if you stand your ground everyone will know they can’t run over you.”

We don’t necessarily agree — you control your actions and responses, not anyone else’s.

(And Rain certainly hasn’t been cruel to any of these people)

But there’s something to be said, under many circumstances, for the power of standing up for yourself.

“This really applies to just about everything, you get what you give, just remember that what you put into the world is what you will get out. Stay strong my rainbows, #staystrong #stayhappy #rain-spiration”

This is a sort of pragmatic version of more spiritual concepts of “you get what you put out” (whether someone phrases it as Karma or the Threefold Law, etc).

And can we just add that “#rain-spiration” doesn’t work as a tag, because hashtags don’t recognize hyphens.

No matter how “fake” parts of Alaskan Bush People might be, they did spend a lot of time in the wilderness. Most 14-year-olds wouldn’t even dream of using a hashtag that doesn’t work.

Most of all, her post is “advice” for her own trolls. Maybe it will make a few of them rethink their actions.

Rain Brown is a delightful inspiration.

The youngest of approximately eight thousand children (okay, there are just seven Brown children, but still) and one of only two daughters, Rain has grown up on reality television.

Remember, Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People may be in limbo, but there have been seven seasons of this show.

That’s half of her life.

The fact that she hasn’t either become a social media monster (as per Kylie Jenner) or completely removed herself from social media is, we think, a testament to her character.

She doesn’t deserve this hate.

Like, no 14-year-old does.

But especially not “Rainy” Brown.

But she’s clearly a resilient young woman.

As fans keep Ami Brown’s battle with lung cancer in their thoughts and prayers, we know that Rain is doing the same.

This is an ordeal for everyone in the family, no matter what the outcome ends up being.

No matter what becomes of Alaskan Bush People as a series, we hope that the Brown family can pull through and heal.

Even if many of them are going their separate ways.