Joy-Anna Duggar Turns 21, Celebrates In True Duggar Fashion!

While fans debate over whether Joy-Anna Duggar is already pregnant again, she hit a very different milestone.

Over the weekend, the young mother turned 21 years old.

That birthday is a huge deal, but being a Duggar, Joy-Anna’s celebrations were a little different from what you’d expect.

Sunday, October 28, was Joy-Anna Duggar’s 21st birthday.

Did she go wild, take her first real sip of alcohol, and let loose?

No, of course not. She is a Duggar, and they are essentially never allowed to do anything that might risk having real fun.

(There are lots of ways to have fun without drinking, folks! But the Duggars aren’t allowed to do most of those, either)

As you can see in her photo with Jill, Joy-Anna doesn’t have any red solo cups at her party.

In fact, it doesn’t look like she even whipped up a virgin cocktail.

Now, a gathering at home with a big ol’ balloon isn’t all that Joy-Anna did.

Her husband and a couple of her brothers took her — and baby Gideon — out to eat.

Given the fact that they posed in front of Longhorn Steakhouse, many have guessed that they got some sort of discount.

(The Duggars are notorious for using social media to advertise where they eat in exchange for discounts or other kickbacks)

Going to a fairly normal restaurant might not be the birthday treat that you’d expect from a family of wealthy celebrities.

But the Duggars go out of their way to seem more down-to-earth than their income bracket suggests.

Joy-Anna did not limit her pre-birthday celebrations to home and a restaurant.

Seizing upon the opportunity to travel as a group, she and her brothers went to participate in early voting.

In case you’ve been harboring illusions to the contrary, she made it very clear on her Instagram which political faction has her support.

“We Early voted!!” Joy-Anna announced in her captions.

She then included the tags: “#govote” and “#republican.”

Joy-Anna’s followers were not surprised.

Many of them were also not happy.

“She is giving us the middle finger!” one responded.

Another commented: “Good reason to unfollow.”

“Didnt know yall are republican,” one naive follower wrote in surprise.

Yet another commenter wasn’t shocked at all, writing: “They’re obnoxiously pro-life, they love guns, and are extremely against LGBT community.”

Joy-Anna’s visit to Longhorn Steakhouse also attracted some attention.

This time, the conversation was less about the contents of her midterms ballot and more about the contents of her womb.

Is Joy-Anna pregnant again?

From the way that she held baby Gideon in front of her belly, some wondered if she was hiding a baby bump.

But there is another, more likely, and less bonkers explanation for Joy-Anna’s current shape, folks.

Baby Gideon was, in medical terms, “super f–king huge.”

Okay, so we’ve all known babies who were more than 10 pounds, but it’s still a huge size for a baby.

And Gideon was the largest Duggar baby, ever.

It takes time for a body to recover from pregnancy.

The extreme post-baby body selfies from the likes fo the Kardashians can make you forget that.

Joy-Anna didn’t drink at her birthday because she’s a Duggar, not because she’s pregnant Again. Probably.


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: A True Story

Keeping Up with the Kardashians finally answered one pressing question this week:

Where the heck did the name True come from?!?

We refer, of course, to the only daughter of Khloe Kardashian and that rotten dirty cheater, Tristan Thompson, who welcomed a child into the world this past April.

A child named True.

On Sunday evening, viewers tuned in to see Khloe (still ignorant to Tristan’s cheating ways) host a grand baby shower for her friends and loved ones.

The expectant parents asked their guests to write down name suggestions on a wall, with Kris Jenner’s mother, MJ, actually be the person we can all blame thank for coming up with this unusual moniker.

“Grandma, do you want to help pick a name?” Kim Kardashian asked her relative. “True, your grandfather?”

Your grandfather,” MJ corrected. “T-R-U-E.”

So there we have it apparently.

mj image

While the name was a major topic of conversation, so was Khloe’s pregnancy itself.

“Out of all my kids, I worried for a second about whether or not Khloe would have a baby,” Kris said at one point, adding through tears:

“It’s such an amazing blessing. We are beyond excited and thrilled to welcome my ninth grandchild, that’s a lot of people.”

Khloe was equally psyched, although she chose to fly out to a pretty boring city in Cleveland in order to be near Tristan when she gave birth.

Scott Disick actually met her there, full of jokes and insults.

“For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to go to Cleveland to see where Khloe lives,” Kourtney Kardashian’s ex quipped. “But I just didn’t know if there was anything to do there.”

The friends came up with a name for their podcast in Cleveland (The Lord and His Lady), but Disick ended up getting on Khloe’s nerves because she wanted to focus on the tiny human set to come out of her vagina…

… not on Scott’s antics.

“I love Scott and I love hanging out with him, but I really want to learn how to give a baby CPR,” Khloe complained to the camera. “He’s hamming it up for the podcast, probably more than usual, but it’s f-cking annoying right now.”

ELSEWHERE, Kylie Jenner recently had her baby and was coming to terms with new new body.

She felt really insecure after posing for a Calvin Klein photo shoot alongside her siblings.

My body’s not, you know, what it used to be,” the 21-year-old beauty mogul explained while baking with sister Kourtney.

“It is a shock to the system to see your body, especially at such a young age, change so drastically, just not be the same size.”

Later, sorting through clothing in her closet to see if anything fits, Kylie confided in Kim.

“We’re getting rid of everything. … Nothing in my closet fits me,” Jenner said. I feel like my hips, they just spread.”

Kim, of course, has been here before.

She’s given birth to two kids and irritated the Hell out of the Internet by talking about only her need to lose weight for many weeks afterward.

“I know it’s really early and Stormi’s so little, but you just have to roll with it,” Kim told her sister, adding:

“You just have to be confident, get some things that make you feel good about yourself and find your balance.”

To her credit, Kim ended the episode by heading to D.C. for the March for Our Lives really.

She talked to students there about the need for better gun control laws in America.

“Seeing these kids taking up their time to talk about issues that are so important, I think is just so selfless and so great of them,” Kardashian concluded.

“I honestly feel like there’s so many adults out there that can learn a thing or two from these kids.”


To see what the teenagers had to say, use the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online right here and now:


Khloe Kardashian Shows Off the CUTEST Photo of Baby True!

The new Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer shows Khloe first reacting to Tristan’s cheating scandal … and it also shows her go into labor.

The fruit of that labor is her precious baby, True Thompson.

In the new photo that you’re about to see, Khloe cannot help but gush about True — and when you see it, you’ll feel the same way.

“I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day. Talking About My Girl,” Khloe writes int he captions of the photo that you’re about to see.

On either side of her words, Khloe has used music note emojis to add a little clarity and animation.

Those are, of course, lyrics from “My Girl” by The Temptations.

You can understand why Khloe is so overwhelmed with maternal love, and it’s more than just a surge of oxytocin when she looks at this cheeky little baby.

True looks adorable and she is sporting some bright, cheerful colors.

True! Looks! So! Cute!

We love everything about this, from the wrap on her head to the way that she is sitting and staring off into the warm autumn sky.

(You may nave recognized her color scheme, but we’re pretty sure that Khloe putting True in the colors of the pansexual pride flag was a coincidence)

True is just two weeks shy of six months, and she is already growing up and looking like a little lady.

It’s no wonder that Khloe feels like singing when she looks at her.

To be fair, True is absolutely adorable in every photo.

Khloe recently opened up about motherhood and confessed that, in some strange ways, she misses being pregnant.

“I miss being pregnant for a few reasons,” Khloe shared. “But I really miss being pregnant because I used to have an excuse.”

She would use her pregnancy as a free pass “to be antisocial and go to bed early and not feel any type of way.”

One, that’s not “antisocial.” But two, Khloe, aside from your responsibilities as a mom, you can just … do that.

Millionaire adults can set their own bedtimes.

Earlier this month, Kim shared a photo of Chicago, True, and Stormi, referring to the cute cousins as “triplets.”

Since racists will happily ruin everything, from America to valid criticisms of the Star Wars Sequels, we suppose that it’s no surprise that trolls targeted True.

True, for her darker skin, was targeted as “ugly” or even “too dark” by truly vile racist (and colorist) comments.

In retaliation, Khloe turned off Instagram comments for a while.

No one wants to hear racist morons attack a baby, but Khloe was understandably even less willing to look at that kind of verbal abuse.

We should note that she turned comments back on for this newest pic of True.

True is incredibly cute. One day, she will be old enough to see that kind of vitriol for herself.

We only hope that in the 12-and-a-half years between now and when she’s old enough to be allowed to use social media on her own, the world has become a kinder, better place.

That might be a little optimistic of us to even dream, but it would be amazing to see these youngest Gen Z kids — kids like True — exist in a world where people don’t treat vulnerable strangers as emotional punching bags.

Also, less racism would be awesome.

Cute babies and photos of them, however, are always welcome. No matter what we may think of their fathers.


Kim Kardashian Shares First Photo of Chicago, True, and Stormi!

Khloe Kardashian has finally chosen her daughter’s legal guardian in case the worst should happen, but that’s not the most exciting True Thompson news.

Over the weekend, Kim shared a photo of baby cousins Chicago, True, and Stormi, all seated side-by-side in one shot.

It is a very precious photo — though some vile trolls saw it as a chance to cyberbully one famous baby in particular.

From left to right, you’re looking at Chicago West, True Thompson, and Stormi Webster!

Kim, Khloe, and Kylie’s respective babies were all born just a couple of months apart during the first several months of 2018 — with Stormi in the center.

Chicago was born first, on January 15. Stormi was born on February 1. True came last but not least, on April 12.

These babies aren’t even a year old yet and they all look unspeakably cute, with many commenting that they could be sisters.

In fact, it was Kim who captioned the photo: “The Triplets.”

True Thompson criticism comments yikes

Unfortunately, there are some truly unpleasant people in this world who are somehow so shameless that they feel free to write nasty things about a literal baby.

“I hate that True is so dark,” writes one troll. “The other two are a nice mix … she’s a cute kid just too dark.”

Fun tip: a music playlist can be a nice mix. Do not use that phrase to refer to a human being — literally ever!

“Not being mean, but True is not cute at all!” insisted another hater. “Don’t @ me!”

You will be pleased to know that dozens of people did, in fact, @ this person.

Another was even more blunt.

“True is so ugly …” they wrote. “Don’t at me!”

True is not ugly and, thankfully, people did @ this hater.

“True is not a cute baby at all,” another commenter claimed. “Y’all can agree with me too.”

Weird, because we have all of these pictures of True looking super cute, and not a single photo or video of True not being an adorable little baby.

Unfortunately, what is at play here is more than just haters calling a baby ugly — it’s racism.

There is a reason for which these trolls singled out True over Chicago and Stormi, and that reason is her skin tone.

Some of the comments even admit it, calling her “too dark.” That is vicious and hateful.

Most of the trolling at True’s expense is straight-up racism.

Some of the comments are racism’s less famous sibling, colorism, which exists even within minority communities and exalts light-skinned people while disparaging those with darker skin pigment.

The fact of the matter is that True looks a little more like her father, while both Chicago and Kylie have a stronger resemblance to their mothers.

There’s more to it than True’s skin tone, but it’s no surprise that emboldened racists don’t see anything beyond melanin.

In reality, we can see that True is very, very cute. Sadly, this may be a preview of comments to come unless we make a lot of social progress.

We shudder at the thought of True entering her teens and seeing this kind of hate directly.

Hopefully, the world will be a kinder place in 2031. For True, her cousins, and the rest of us.


Tristan Thompson Dances with True in Sweet Daddy-Daughter Video!

We know that Khloe's been claiming that Tristan Thompson is a great dad, and now she's doing her best to convince the world that the notorious cheater is actually a family man.

It was Khloe who posted a short, sweet video of Tristan dancing wth baby True.

And we have to admit that the father-daughter dance video is heart-meltingly adorable.

Tristan thompson dances with true 01

In the video, Tristan almost appears to be dancing by himself at first.

(But it's clear that he's focused on something, which quickly becomes apparent)

As Tristan turns, while rocking backa nd forth with his hips, baby True comes into the photo.

True seems a little perplexed by the situation, and it may be the height. Tristan is 6-foot-9, which is taller than the vast majority of all humans alive and also throughout history. Most babies don't get that vantage point.

At one point in the short clip, which Khloe shared to Snapchat, Tristan can be heard speaking to his daughter.

"Do a little dance, baby," he says.

Tristan thompson dances with true thompson

From what sources tell HollywoodLife, it sounds like Khloe is konfident that she was right to not kick her cheating baby daddy to the curb.

"Khloe feels she made the right decision on giving Tristan another shot," their insider reveals.

The Revenge Body author has this feeling "because she feels that he has stepped up big time."

Tristan, Khloe feels, is now a worthy partner, the source dishes, "and he is a great father."

The insider continues, describing Tristan as "now much better of a person to be in a relationship with."

Tristan thompson dances with true 02

Khloe thinks that Tristan has learned his lesson.

"She feels like he needed the wake up call of being caught to change his ways," the source says.

What's more, she's become more comfortable with him in her life.

The insider continues: "and she has begun to trust him again."

That could be good … or it could lay the groundwork for him to cheat again.

But the source states: "She feels that things are very positive between the two and that it will continue."

Cradling true

According to the insider, Khloe feels this confidence "because they are now in a stronger relationship" than they were when she was pregnant with his child.

What changed, you ask?

The source acknowledges that Khloe believes that their bond was strengthened "because of all the infidelity."

You heard it (reportedly) from Khloe first, folks: cheating makes relationships … stronger?

That's a little counterintuitive.

Tristan thompson kisses baby true thompson

Say what you will about Tristan and his restless, wandering penis, but his daddy-daughter videos are extremely cute.

A lot of fans feel that Tristan is using his kids for photo ops to rehabilitate his image — and think that Khloe's behind it.

We can't say for sure, but … it's not difficult to believe. 

We look forward to a time when people can see cute videos and photos of True without second-guessing Tristan's motive for his fatherly affection.

As for Khloe and her newly regained trust for Tristan … trusting someone is a lot easier and less stressful than always being vigilant that they'll betray you again.

It's easier … but not always wiser. Good luck.

True thompson

Tristan thompson dances with true in sweet daddy daughter video

Kim Kardashian Shares Precious Photo of True Thompson with Chicago West!!

Happy birthday, Khloe Kardashian!

To honor her little sister’s birthday, Kim shared a family photo of her, Khloe, and their respective babies, Chicago West and True Thompson!

These two little cousins are absolutely darling and melting hearts everywhere. Take a look!

It’s Khloe’s birthday today!! She is now 34.

Big sister Kim took to Instagram to honor Khloe on her special day.

“Happy Birthday to one of my favorite souls on this planet! @khloekardashian,” Kim writes.

Kim then appears to allude to Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, but only indirectly.

“This year,” Kim writes. “You have shown strength like none other.”

Though Kim doesn’t care for Tristan, she writes to her sister: “I admire you for always following your heart.”

“I love seeing you as a mom and can’t wait for the years ahead,” Kim says.

Finally, Kim writes: “Let’s celebrate you today! I love you to infinity!”

That is so sweet.

But this photo is sweeter.

Kim shared this photo with her message.

In it, we see Kim (wearing her problematic braids again — she’s really doubling down on that, huh?) sitting beside the birthday girl, Khloe.

But it’s not the sisters who steal the show — it’s the cousins.

Seated in Khloe’s lap is precious baby True, who is just a couple of weeks past being two months old.

And on the other thigh is Chicago West, who is more than a week past being 5 months old.

They’re too cute for words!!

Both girls are adorable, but Chi looks noticeably older and more engaged.

For the sake of fairness, take a look at Chicago when she was about two months old.

As you can see, she’s grown a lot since then — that was more than half of her life ago!

(We know that it’s trite to say, but babies really grow up so unbelievably quickly)

Photos of Chicago are few and far between, as Kim Kardashian makes pics of her kids scarce — artificially inflating their value like the diamond industry does with little carbon prisms.

Fans have gotten to see many more photos of True, including a precious video that Tristan Thompson shared on Snapchat.

(That’s right, Snapchat — the next time that someone wonders who still uses Snapchat, just say “cheaters”)

A lot of Khloe’s fans and frankly a lot of Tristan’s fans consider his recent content to be a transparent ploy to soften his image and rebrand himself from a no-good cheater to a loving father.

But … these super adorable photos are very much appreciated.

True is not at fault for her father’s bad behavior. She is incredibly lovable.

Seeing her with her cousin, Chicago, is a real gift from Kim to all of us.

Khloe should have birthdays more often.

There’s a lot of disagreement over how many photos of celebrity babies and children are appropriate to share with the world.

Some parents believe that only some baby pics are okay. Some don’t see a problem wtih a constant stream of pictures of their precious bundles of joy.

And some don’t share any photos of their children and don’t think that any parent should — it’s that child’s face and it’s for them to decide when they get shown to the world.

As we mentioned, Kim limits how many photos of her kids go out into the world so that she doesn’t overexpose them and hurt their brands.

Khloe seems to be unable to resist showing off True. She’s a new mom, so we get it.

We don’t know what the right choice is with celebrity children, but we can’t see the harm in showing off a cute baby photo every now and then.