Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: The Truth Comes Out

It was all joy for the cast of Sister Wives when Maddie returned home for her baby shower, but as is always the case on this series, nothing ever goes to plan. 

When Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 8 got underway,  it was all about Mariah and her relationship with Audrey. If you watch Sister Wives online, you will know that Meri has never had the best relationship with her daughter. 

Seriously, it seemed like hell was going to freeze over before they ever got on good terms again. 

But here we are, and Meri is trying to plan a family dinner to introduce Audrey to the wild family formally. Surprisingly, Audrey got along with EVERYONE. 

If you thought Kody would be complaining about the things his family has faced over the years, you were sadly mistaken. Instead, Kody was open and honest with Audrey, and she respected that. 

Caleb and Maddie were also at the event, and it allowed them to show off the baby bump. The size of the bump was the topic of the conversation, and many wondered whether she had more than one child. 

Madison was letting the comments get to her, and she told them to stop talking smack, or she would have to make them pay for it. 

Elsewhere, we learned the sad news that Ysabel’s scoliosis was causing her trouble. At the time of the diagnosis, she was told to wear a night brace to try and reduce the issues with her spine. 

This was not good for Ysabel because she found it uncomfortable, but Christine found a program that had success with helping to reduce the issues. 

While Christine and Kody had to agree about the best course of action for their daughter, it was clear they were still having problems int their marriage. 

As such, they continued to go to therapy on a regular basis. Then there were the issues between Kody and Meri. Meri still wanted to buy the bed and breakfast. 

In Kody’s defense, he felt like Meri would turn to the family for financial help if anything went wrong with the venture. He wanted to know that Meri could sustain it all on her own. 

At therapy, the pair reached an agreement, and Kody said he would try to offer as much support as he could to her, but he stopped short of saying he would like to get intimate with her. 

At Ysabel’s appointment, we learned that the doctor was ready to follow through with surgery and that meant she did not need to wear the brace anymore. 

However, she had to build up muscle memory because she was going to be in a tough position after it with physiotherapy. 

All of this resulted in Kody and Christine getting closer together, and that made them happy. It’s been a long time coming, but they are finally back together and showing a united front. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Ami Brown Reveals the Truth About Her Cancer

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown’s health has seemed to take a turn for the better.

Some fans wonder if her cancer was cured in a Christmas miracle. Others wonder if she ever really had cancer to begin with.

Ami Brown is speaking out directly, for the first time in a long time.

In a new interview with PeopleAmi Brown describes how her battle with cancer has come to, for now, a happy ending.

Of her meeting with her doctor, Ami says:

“I was expecting great news.”

That might make her the only one. Just a few months earlier, Billy Brown had described Ami’s condition as “grim.” And the couple’s youngest daughter, Rain Brown, admitted that she didn’t know if her mom would make it.

But it sounds like Ami knew her own body.

“I could just feel it.”

Ami reveals that “all signs” of the cancer that had spread through her lungs and her back had vanished.

Billy Brown notes that he wasn’t the only one surprised by the good news:

“The doctors were as shocked as we were.”

As you know, cancer treatments like the radiation and chemo that Ami experienced can be hell on the body. Ami found herself unable to eat 

She had dropped to 77 pounds, which is a life-threatening weight for an adult.

We’re all happy to hear that Ami is back up to 104 pounds (she’s still tiny, folks), and is once again enjoying midnight snacks.

Ami admits that it’s not all rainbows and roses, or whatever. It’s just better.

“I’m still a little weak and tired and I get a little sickly, but I do some walking around the house now.”

Compared to how things were, though, she’s walking on sunshine.

“My last treatment was December 7 and it took about a month for the pain to go away. It was so bad and the radiation treatment hurt so badly.”

Fighting for your life is agonizing.

“To take a sip of water just hurt so bad and I couldn’t eat anything. It progressed in strength, the hurting.”

A major thing impacted what Ami’s diet.

“I went from [eating] ice cream and mashed potatoes and stuff to [eating] nothing at all. I’d like to develop a protein sucker for people.”

But she’s turned all of that around.

“But now I’m so hungry. I used to not be a big food person but now I am so appreciative of food.”

(Some folks spend every day in anticipation of their next meal, but for others, it’s just a thing that they do. We guess that the latter perspective lends itself better to living in the wilderness)

As for what food Ami is eating now?

“Chicken, salmon, meatloaf, rice, and enchiladas. It was so hard just to get to 80 lbs. and then 90, to actually get to 100 was incredible.”

But let’s be totally clear about this: her cancer is “gone” but remission is not a forever-cure. People who beat cancer face an increased chance of cancer returning.

Ami knows that.

“I have to go in every three months now for the rest of my life and be scanned to see if it’s back or not.”

Four times a year, every year, she’s going to be bracing for the worst possible news.

“It’s going to be a part of my life forever.”

Ami takes the opportunity to speak to her fans about how her faith was a source of comfort during this ordeal.

Like so many reality stars, Ami Brown is a Christian. She says:

“But I want to encourage people to enjoy every moment and walk every moment with God because he knows what it’s about.”

And she has a very succinct piece of advice:

“Never give up faith.”


The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: The Truth About DeVoe

DeVoe was playing the long con with Barry on The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

The big bad tried to make Barry and his team think he was a professor caught in the crossfire of all the drama that was going on in Central City with the metahumans. 

Barry turned to his friends and family because he could not shake the feeling that DeVoe was putting on a front, and was actually the villain of their nightmares. 

Barry managed to steal a mug from the villain to check if the DNA was that of a metahuman. To his surprise, the test came back negative, and so his mission continued. 

Iris was not impressed because she felt like Barry was going to extreme measures to prove something that was not there, to begin with. 

“For the sake of your job and my sanity, please, let it go,” the future Miss. Barry Allen asked her fiancé.

Barry then breaks into DeVoe’s home, and he is landed with a restraining order and a suspension from his work. Looks like DeVoe’s plan to make Barry look bad is paying off. 

Iris was shocked that Barry continued his mission, but Barry claimed that he has more to lose now than ever and that’s why he was worried about the way everything was playing out. 

While Iris successfully put Barry’s fears at bay, but things went into high gear when Barry got confirmation he was the villain he thought he was all along. 

“For such a fast man, you’re rather slow,” Devoe barked at Barry when the scarlet speedster realized he had been played all along and now looked crazy in the eyes of his co-workers. 

How else would he be able to move on from this crazy occurrence?

We got some insight into how DeVoe became the fastest mind. He asked his wife to help him bring his design to life for a cap that allows his brain increase to an infinite capacity. 

It was then revealed that Harrison Wells turning on the particle accelerator helped bring the project to life. DeVoe was refreshed and ready for world domination. 

While DeVoe’s mind was in a speedy place, his body started to deteriorate. His wife removed his scalp and put him into the chair to help keep something in the way of the energy. 

That’s a wrap! Next week, it’s crossover time! 

What did you think of all the action?

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Jenelle Evans Reveals the Truth About Her Teen Mom 2 Reunion Fight!

So the Teen Mom 2 crew came together over the weekend to film the customary reunion special, you may have heard about it.

You may have also heard about how Jenelle Evans completely lost her mind over Nathan Griffith and his new girlfriend.

As the story goes, Nathan’s girlfriend, Ashley Landhardt, saw Barbara Evans while she was leaving, and she gave her a hug — a hug which Jenelle witnessed.

She proceeded to flip out hard, yelling at her mother that she shouldn’t be hugging her ex’s new lady, so then Nathan came in to defend Ashley’s honor.

To keep the fight fair, Jenelle called in David Eason, and they all screamed at each other for a while. Nathan accused them of being high, they accused Nathan’s mother of being high.

The situation was so bad that production came to a halt, and it was made worse by the fact that most of the kids on the show were right there to witness it all.

The thing is that apparently the crew was able to catch the entire thing on camera, and most of the cast members were around to hear the fight. It’s not a great scenario for a “he said, she said” thing.

But you know Jenelle is going to try anyway.

The girl made the decision to get on Instagram Sunday morning to do a live video explaining exactly how things went down.

“If you haven’t heard,” she said, “there was an article that you know, they had a sh-t ton of production and that Jenelle and David were acting crazy, blah blah blah.”

Before getting to the fight, she tried to explain what happened on Friday night — that thing where David pulled a knife and started stabbing balloons.

What happened there, she said, was that MTV wouldn’t serve David any beer, so they went to leave and on the way, he decided to pop the balloons. With his knife.

“So supposedly David is a dangerous person because he was popping some balloons,” Jenelle joked.

No, Jenelle, David is a dangerous person because of his terrifying criminal history, and also because of the fact that he thought an appropriate reaction to anything was to pull out a knife and start stabbing balloons.

As for the fight, she said that it did begin because she saw Nathan’s girlfriend hugging her mother — she said it was “disrespectful” because Ashley hadn’t even introduced herself to Jenelle.

“My mom should’ve hugged me, but my mom didn’t even talk to me the whole time,” she complained.

Maybe because you’ve publicly said many times that Barbara isn’t your mother anymore and you don’t want her in your life? Maybe that’s why she didn’t hug you?

But wait, that isn’t how the fight actually started — the fight started because Jenelle saw Ashley filming something and she made a quiet, calm comment to her friend about it, and Ashley lost her mind.

She said that when she heard her comment, Ashley turned around “and started cussing me out, she’s like ‘Jenelle, you’re nothing but drama, why are you jealous of me?!'”

She sort of glanced over what happened next, so the next part of her story begins a little later when she goes to say goodbye to Kaiser, who was with Nathan.

It was at this point when Jenelle actually claimed that Ashley came after her so hard that security had to pin her against the wall and tell her to leave the building.

Ashley refused to leave though, and it sounds like she just sort of calmed down or whatever, because then Jenelle started talking about her fight with Nathan.

She said that both Nathan and his mother, Doris, tried to stop her from hugging Kaiser, and that Kaiser became very, very upset and started crying for his mommy and reaching for David.

Funnily enough, a moment later she said that things escalated so much that she had to call David, because he was outside for all of this. So perhaps Kaiser was reaching for … we don’t even know how to explain this insanity anymore.

When David came in, Jenelle said that Nathan started to “buck up” to him in an attempt to start a physical fight, but in all of his serenity, David told Nathan that he wasn’t worth it, and they walked away.

Sure, we believe that’s exactly how things happened. Jenelle and David have both been known to walk so peacefully away from confrontation in the past, you know?

But besides this little issue, she said that she had a good time at the reunion — especially with Briana DeJesus, because the two “really connected.”

She explained that they formed a bond because the other Teen Mom 2 girls sell stories about them, but “we’re not gonna comment about that sh-t, they can keep talking sh-t about us, and we don’t care. We’re just gonna live our lives.”

… ‘K.

Later in the video she started answering some questions from her followers, and when one of them asked if she was cool with the other girls on the show, Jenelle decided to continue her ranting.

“Me and Leah were cool,” she said, “and all of a sudden she just didn’t talk to me when we got to the reunion and acted two-faced.”

She confirmed that she did reach out to Kailyn Lowry before the reunion to tell her not to talk about her to the tabloids, but she explained that she understood if Kailyn decided to keep being “petty” because Kailyn “hates her life.”

Finally, when asked about her comments about quitting the show, she revealed that she’s still thinking about leaving unless she’s able to film things “from my own perspective.”

She blamed MTV for starting drama in her life, and she said that things had gotten too “toxic” for her and her family.

We’ll see soon enough whether or not she actually follows through on these threats to quit the show.

Just like we’ll see soon enough whether or not she’s telling the truth about what went down at the reunion.

For what it’s worth, we don’t have high hopes for either.


Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: Did the Truth Set Kelsey Free?

Kelsey and Garrett parted ways a mere few weeks ago, and Kelsey wasted no time in striking up a relationship with Alex, so why was she mad about Garrett moving on?

That was the big question when Siesta Key Season 1 Episode 9 got underway. After Garrett called Kelsey to let her know Juliette revealed all about her and Alex, Kelsey went on a mission to get some details. 

Kelsey arrived at Juliette’s, but Juliette did not even think she deserved to be invited into sip on a cocktail. Instead, the two women bickered in the parking lot about who was in the wrong. 

If you watch Siesta Key online, you will already know that the relationship between Garrett and Juliette came out of absolutely nowhere, so it seems like they are both in it for the revenge. 

Chloe put Kelsey in her place about the whole thing when she went to work whining about it. Here’s the thing: Everybody told Kelsey what would happen if she got with Alex. 

There’s a pattern here, and Juliette and Madisson had already been caught in the crossfire, so Kelsey should have known not to get involved with him. 

We’re not buying the whole schtick about her being young and making mistakes because that’s all she seems to say whenever she is caught out for acting sketchy. 

There was a completely bizarre scene with Alex talking about his relationship with Madisson, and you could tell every single person was uncomfortable. 

It’s so obvious the producers are trying to make the whole Alex/Madisson angle work, and it’s not going to. It’s best to leave this pairing in the past and move on. 

The drama scaled new heights when everyone made their way to the Beach Club to support Paul. But, it’s mind-boggling why anyone would want to be associated with him. 

All he seems to do is self-destruct and complain to everyone else about his life being so bad. Like, he had a horrible childhood, but he needs to move on and stop the past from wrecking his future. 

Not helping matters was the fact that the microphone kept dropping when he was rapping, but it seemed so clear he was the one pressing the button. Even Juliette thought so!

We at THG would like to thank whoever urged him to turn the microphone off. 

Was it an elaborate ruse to throw some much-needed drama into a tame episode? Probably, but it was a resounding failure. It was nice of Chloe to try and make nice with him. 

In the end, Kelsey flipped out at Garrett for getting close to Juliette right in front of her. Garrett was not fazed because of all the rumors he heard about his ex-girlfriend and Alex. 

With one episode left, there’s no telling how the whole thing will end. Everyone seems to be at odds with one another for some strange reason. 

What do you think of all the drama?

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Siesta Key continues next Monday on MTV!


Life of Kylie Recap: The Truth About Tyga

It was out with the old rapper and in with the new rapper on Life of Kylie this week.

The installment once again centered on the show’s main star whining about her fame and good fortune, specifically how being in the spotlight has negatively affected her dating life.

(Note to Kylie Jenner: Don’t want to be famous? Want to experience life a non-celebrity for awhile? Maybe don’t star in your own reality series.)

“I really want to live on a farm and have chickens and raise animals and have a family,” Kylie said early on, actually going with a realtor at one point to see about a farm for sale.

Despite her desire to be far away from the paparazzi, Jenner decided it wasn’t the right time to make this move – but she did at least pick up some chickens to raise at her Calabasas home.

We’re not kidding. 

“I can’t just not live my life and hide in the house,” she said.

Which is true. But, as mentioned parenthetically above, she could not invite cameras into that house.

After determining she’d stick around and stare down the celebrity gossip headlines straight on, Kylie touched on her split from Tyga.

(The stars dated for well over a year, but called off their romance this spring after many up, downs and rumors on both sides.)

“The hardest part about having a relationship, for me, is just that it’s blasted all over the Internet,” Kylie said, adding:

“I feel like I’m in a relationship with the world sometimes.”

As for why she and Tyga are no longer an item?

Kylie didn’t get into any real details, but she had nothing but kind things to say about the artist who will soon return to non-Kardashian obscurity:

“There was absolutely not one thing wrong with me and T. He and I will always, always have a bond.

“There was no crazy fight, we just decided…Well, I decided that I’m really young.

“I don’t want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he’s really not that type of person.”

Sick of the spotlight, Kylie took a break from filming late in the installment in order to go buy a new Bentley.

(Seriously, her life is SOOOO hard, you guys.)

Close friend and co-star Jordyn Woods tried to explain where her pal was coming from with the purchase, getting all profound for viewers by saying:

“Materialistic things can only make you feel so good. I really think that with Kylie, it’s really about trying to grasp something that you can’t control.”

Toward the end of the painfully scripted episode, however, Kylie had moved on from riding a new sports car to possibly riding a new man.

The 20-year old giggled at her phone while receiving a bouquet of flowers, even bringing producers into it because she simply could not contain her excitement.

“Did you guys see all my flowers?” she asked the crew while surrounded by quite a number of roses. 

“It looks like someone is obsessed with you,” a producer replied.

“I hope the person I’m dating’s obsessed with me,” Kylie said with a huge smile. 

This person, of course, is current beau Travis Scott.

To see what Jenner had to say about him, and to also see what Caitlyn Jenner had to say when she paid her daughter a visit, click on the above video to watch Life of Kylie online now.

Just be warned: You may grow very ill as you do so.