Shania Twain: I Would Have Voted For Donald Trump … Sorry!

Shania Twain has done worse than her Dancing With The Stars appearance. In a new interview, she stated that if she’d been able to vote in 2016, she would have voted for Trump.

Fans — in many cases, now ex-fans — were quick to take to Twitter to share that Shania’s words didn’t impress them much.

Shania, it seems, has no intention of becoming the next Roseanne Barr, and has issued an apology.

Speaking to The Guardian, Shania Twain said that Trump would have gotten her vote in 2016.

“I would have voted for him because, even though he was offensive, he seemed honest.”

She (thankfully) could not vote in the US election, because she is Canadian.

“Do you want straight or polite?”

Some would ask why anyone would ever want someone to be impolite, ever.

“Not that you shouldn’t be able to have both.”

If someone is being very direct and honest without being polite, then that person is just impolite by nature.

“If I were voting, I just don’t want bulls–t. I would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent.”

One wonders if she would want, say, a surgeon to come across as being as unpolished as she apparently likes politicians.

“And politics has a reputation of not being that, right?”

A person’s first thought might be: “Gee, but the Country Music crowd is totally onboard the Trump Train” or whatever. But that’s not entirely true.

Not everyone in rural areas or even every conservative is a Trump fan. Also, when it comes to singers like Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood, a lot of Country music fans are gay men.

Though, from the tweets that followed the article, Shania has lost a number of fans.

“Bye Shania.”

Short and to the point.

“More like Shania Twain’t.”

Very groanworthy.

“The same impeccable judge of character that she used to pick her best friend and her husband.”

Famously, Shania Twain was heartbroken when her husband left her for her best friend. She is not over it. That’s very understandable.

Another followed up a screencap of the article title with an image of Shania saying: “That don’t impress me much.”

Shania Twain response tweet gif

Then there’s this, marking the exodus of many of her former fans who will just never look at her the same way again.

The person in that video is saying “bye, b–ch.”

Some of Shania’s fans expressed bewilderment or even outrage at the idea that people would stop liking her because of her “opinion.”

When someone’s opinion identifies them with the viewpoints of someone who has done everything in his power to oppose human rights, at home and abroad, that “opinion” becomes dangerous.

It’s not like picking a favorite color. The color yellow may be ugly, but it never tried to ban Muslim refugees.

That is why Shania’s comments felt like such a betrayal to so many fans.

Shania noticed, of course, and issued an apology and clarification on Instagram.

“I would like to apologize to anybody I have offended in a recent interview with the Guardian relating to the American President.”

She says that her answer came from a lack of preparation.

“The question caught me off guard. As a Canadian, I regret answering this unexpected question without giving my response more context.”

Okay, we’re admittedly curious about what the context may have been.

“I am passionately against discrimination of any kind.”

That’s good … though also odd to hear from someone who would have voted for the man whose administration is rolling back historic LGBT+ protections.

“And hope it’s clear from the choices I have made, and the people I stand with, that I do not hold any common moral beliefs with the current President.”

Shania Twain Apology

So why, exactly, did she decide tos ay that she would have voted for Trump?

“I was trying to explain, in response to a question about the election, that my limited understanding was that the President talked to a portion of America like an accessible person they could relate to, as he was NOT a politician.”

Again, we’d ask if she’d want a surgeon who is super prepared to perform surgery, or a surgeon who is casual and every bit as incoherent as someone’s racist uncle.

“My answer was awkward, but certainly should not be taken as representative of my values nor does it mean I endorse him.”

So she’s not for Trump, but we suppose that she’s saying that his apparent authenticity would have tricked her into voting for him? Weird. And worrisome.

“I make music to bring people together. My path will always be one of inclusivity, as my history shows.”

At least she apologized.


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