Kim Kardashian Reads a Kanye Mean Tweet to Jimmy Kimmel!

We all love those "celebrities read mean tweets" segments that Jimmy Kimmel does. Honestly, we sometimes wonder if some of the hateful tweets are really just attempts to get on TV.

Well, to celebrate Jimmy Kimmel's birthday, the show put together mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel — giving him a taste of his own medicine — and had his various celebrity friends read them to him.

There are a lot of gems, here. But what might be the best one is Kim Kardashian reading a mean tweet about Jimmy … written by Kanye West.

Kimmel mean tweets chris hemsworth

Ray Romano is Kimmel's birthday guest, and the tweet that he read was:

"Jimmy Kimmel needs a kick to his d–k hole."

That would take some impressive aim.

Michael Keaton, one of those rare actors who's played both a superhero and supervillain (Batman and also The Vulture), read the first of many tweets that shame Jimmy's appearance.

"I thought I saw Jimmy Kimmel @ Home Depot. Turns out it was just a sloppy dude with big dimples."

That's not actually one of the meaner ones.

Halle Berry, who is looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous as always, reads: 

"@jimmykimmel you are a jackass d–k sucker keep your mouth shut and do your little Tv show or get the f–k out of our country."

That bit of nuanced opinionating sounds political in nature.

Blackish star (and former Law & Order star) Anthony Anderson shared a strangely introspective hateful tweet:

"@jimmykimmel you represent everything I hate about myself. You bloated douche bag."

Kimmel mean tweets kristen bell

Controversial radio host Howard Stern jumps in, after wondering how he managed to get roped into doing this bit:

"Is Jimmy Kimmel crosseyed or just ridiculously ugly?"

He dismisses that particular mean tweet as "stupid." He's right.

David Spade seems a little too enthusiastic as he reads:

"@jimmykimmel go suck a gorilla d–k u dumb fatass."

Honestly, all that we can think about when we see David Spade is his feud with Danielle Bregoli.

Kimmel mean tweets larry david

Chris Hemsworth reads a backhanded compliment, though he's distracting in his handsomeness … and in that he trips over one word.

"@jimmykimmel is a comedy god. Like a deformed, lame, hideous god, such as ancient Greece's Hephaestus. But that ugly bozo was still a god."

As you'll see in the video below, Chris really struggles with the name Hephaestus. Way more than anyone should, since most people learn about the Olympians in elementary school. Maybe not in Australia?

(Since Thor: Ragnarok was absolutely incredible and probably the best MCU film to date, we'll give Chris a pass on that)

Speaking of stars of excellent media, Kristen Bell reads a tweet that body-shames Jimmy Kimmel in more ways than one:

"@jimmykimmel R u kidding me w that flabby body? What the f–k – get 2 the gym man. Do u really shave ur pits??? Scary!"

That's rude. Also hair-removal doesn't have to be gender-based.

(You know she's starring on The Good Place, which was so good that I binged the first season in one day … whoops)

Kimmel mean tweets jon stewart

Jon Stewart, who's not doing much recently other than getting roasted by Kathy Griffin on Twitter over his response to the Louis C.K. revelations, reads:

"Jimmy Kimmel is that same fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money who grew up to become that fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money."


Larry David's might be the funniest (as you'll see, he just about loses it) but also one of the meanest:

"This is going to sound fantastic, but I forgot Jimmy Kimmel's name so I googled 'Ugly late night talk show host' and I got him, top link."

Kimmel mean tweets kim kardashian

There are plenty of others, including actors Liam Neeson and Jennifer Lawrence and convicted rapist Mike Tyson.

But who really got our attention was Kim Kardashian.

Most of these stars were reading tweets from random, quasi-anonymous internet strangers.

Kim Kardashian, however, was reading a tweet from a fellow celebrity … who is also her husband.

Kanye West's words, as read by Kim:


Kim seems to think that it's a fair point.

Watch the full video below!

Kim kardashian reads a kanye mean tweet to jimmy kimmel

Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED for Katy Perry Boobs Tweet

Ellen DeGeneres is best known for making people laugh.

But many people on the Internet don’t find a recent Tweet shared by the comedian to be particularly funny.

In honor of Katy Perry turning 33 years old on Wednesday, DeGeneres posted a picture on social media of herself, wife Portia de Rossi and the birthday gal herself.

The picture featured Ellen ogling Katy’s chest and included the following caption:

Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!

Not exactly Ellen’s best material, but critics haven’t turned on DeGeneres because she missed the mark with this Tweet when it comes to humor.

They’ve turned on her because they think this message and this image are offensive, inappropriate and they turn DeGeneres into a pretty huge hypocrite.

ellen bday wish

In what sense?

Following the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, DeGeneres has been an outspoken critic of the troubled movie producer and a strong supporter of women who have been victimized in any way by gross men around the world.

Many Internet users were quick to note that this Tweet wouldn’t be acceptable if a man posted it.

Some have used the hashtag “#doublestandard” in response to Ellen’s birthday wish, while others went as far as to compare her to Weinstein and refer to her a “pig.”

Take Piers Morgan, for example:

“If a man made this joke, Ellen would lead the cries of ‘SEXIST PIG!'”

Added Michael Rapaport, referencing the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback for some reason:

“Imagine if Cam Newton or any other Man sent out this tweet & photo. If a DUDE said this the World would stop.”

DeGeneres is not a man, of course.

She is a lesbian, however, meaning she’s attracted to Perry’s gender and is therefore sort of akin to a man in this sexual setting.

“‘Ellen Weinstein?’ Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED for ‘tasteless’ tribute to Katy Perry,” read another Tweet on this topic, while another user called DeGeneres out for not backing up her words with her actions:

“For Ellen’s next trick, she’ll explain to us all how objectifying women is a bad thing.”

Shortly after the Weinstein news broke, DeGeneres dedicated her opening monologue to denouncing the growing environment of sexual harassment in Hollywood with an impassioned speech.

“This is not a male thing or a female thing, it is not a Hollywood or political thing, this is a human thing and it happens in the workplace, it happens in families, it happens all over the world and we are all the same,” she said this month, adding:

“We all want the same thing, we want respect, love and kindness. And if I could have those three things and an iPhone X, I’d be happy.”

Ellen has not yet responded to those offended by her Perry Tweet.

Do you think they have a point?

Or did Ellen really mean no harm here and folks should just chill out?


Tristan Thompson: Did He Tweet About Khloe’s Pregnancy, or What?

2018 is going to witness the birth of three new Kardashians. Kim is pregnant via surrogate. Kylie is going to become a mom at 20 thanks a her rebound boyfriend.

Oh, and Khloe Kardashian is pregnant. Finally.

But when it comes to Tristan Thompson’s perceived reaction to this news going public, not everything is quite as it seemed.

We’ve been hearing increasing chatter about Khloe and Tristan for a while now.

It wasn’t long ago at all that we mentioned that Khloe was trying to have Tristan’s baby.

And now it’s finally happening.

That’s sweet news, though … Khloe is only “tall” in a family of particularly tiny people. She’s 5-foot-10.

(The last time that I was that height was 8th grade, but it’s a fairly normal adult height and slightly on the tall side for women)

So she’s going to be an average-sized woman from a tiny family who’s going to carry and give birth to a Tristan Thompson-sized baby.

That’s gonna be fun.

When the news broke yesterday evening, everyone was talking about it.

Particularly on Twitter.

Khloe didn’t come out and confirm it — clearly she’s taking her cues from Kylie or, more likely, from Kris.

But many saw Tristan Thompson’s enigmatic tweet as a response.

The basketball star tweeted two pairs of large eyes (in emoji form, of course) without immediately apparent context.

Not necessarily as a confirmation, but … you could read it as a pretty epic subtweet.

He could have meant it as a nod towards the news and how he and Khloe had first reacted.

Or he could have been expressing (or feigning) surprise, either casting doubt on the story or acting as if he’d somehow been out of the loop.

Not so fast, though.

Less than an hour later, Tristan tweeted his excitement about sportsball.

“Can’t wait for the season to start!!!”

(He followed that with a purple devil emoji)

Now, I personally don’t know a football home run from a basketball hole-in-one, but even I know that he’s a basketball player.

And, thanks to all of the press coverage and “controversy,” I know that football season has already begun.

With those facts in mind, Tristan Thompson was very probably talking about the NBA.

Almost certainly about his own team, the Cavaliers.

Dwayne Wade was reportedly signed with the Cavaliers, and Tristan was likely excited to welcome a new teammate … but since it was just a report and not an official announcement, he didn’t want to be the one to confirm the news.

Tristan must have been in an awkward situation, having two huge stories break that both relate to him — yet not be in a position to confirm either one.

But, hey, he got a new teammate!

And, we’re betting more significantly on every level, he and Khloe are going to have a baby!

Even with Kylie’s pregnancy likely to overshadow Khloe’s for a host of reasons, Khloe’s pregnancy is going to make headlines and, very likely, outshine Kim.

(Because Kim is pregnant via surrogate, really — you can’t get excited over seeing someone’s baby bump if it’s all happening in someone else’s uterus)

Tristan Thompson is used to headlines — he’s a famous athlete and he’s dating a Kardashian.

But juggling work secrets and home secrets must be interesting.

And we’re betting that this isn’t the first time that one of his vague tweets is going to leave us wondering what he means.


Khloe Kardashian SLAMS Body-Shamers with One Simple Tweet!

All of the Kardashians have dealt with shamers of some form or another, but it’s probably safe to say that none of them have faced as many body-shamers as Khloe Kardashian has.

Khloe’s reaction was to basically transform her body and her entire lifestyle. And hey, that’s totally one way to handle criticism.

Now Khloe’s getting body-shamed again … accused of hiding weight gain under baggy clothes. And Khloe’s hitting back hard at trolls.

Around a decade ago, Keeping Up With The Kardashians was in its first season.

Viewers were still wondering what to make of these super rich, strange, quirky celebrities.

Kim was already the face of the family, but Kylie and Kendall were just kids at the time.

And Khloe?

Well, Khloe was basically unrecognizable when compared to the Khloe we see today.

We don’t just mean her hair or how she wears her makeup or how she dresses.

Khloe Kardashian has some regrets about KUWTK, or at least about how she did things when the show first began.

At the time, she was getting inexpensive blowouts and was doing her own makeup.

(Remember: makeup to look right on camera is not the same as makeup to look right in your everyday life)

She wasn’t “fat” or whatever at the time, but Khloe looked very, very different.

She carried her weight differently and her body looked soft, certainly.

And, people being the way that they are, she was given hell for it and body-shamed constantly.

Different people respond to fat-shamers in different ways.

Others don’t respond at all.

(Some say that that’s taking the high road; others say that not responding simply allows people to continue with their bad behavior without being called out on it)

Khloe’s response, ultimately, was to completely transform herself.

Her hair is different. Her lips are different. Her makeup is different.

Most significantly, her body is different.

Khloe now snacks on very specific foods throughout the day in order to keep her metabolism going at all hours.

She also gets up at 6am every single day in order to exercise.

(She’s a millionaire! If I had even half of Khloe’s net worth, sure I’d exercise but you would not catch me awake before noon under any circumstances ever again in my life)

The result of Khloe’s dedication, which is totally her choice, is that she dropped a lot of weight and sculpted for herself the exact sort of figure that she wanted.

Now, Khloe’s body is just about legendary. She’s known for her booty almost as much as Kim is.

If that’s what she wants, good for her.

If you’ll recall, Amy Schumer said that she felt betrayed by Khloe’s weight loss. That wasn’t really called for, since it’s Khloe’s body and she can have it be as large or small as she likes.

Well, fastforward to “modern times,” when Khloe still has that body and booty that she works so hard to maintain.

The other day, she was spotted wearing loose-fitting clothing while out and about.

Specifically, she was described as wearing a loose, black, long-sleeved shirt and some black sweatpants.

(And some fuzzy slippers)

Haters immediately decided to accuse Khloe of trying to hide weight gain by wearing loose-fitting clothing.

(Weight gain from fat or weight gain from pregnancy — both rumors are out there)

Khloe could have ignored it. She also could have posted a new selfie to remind people of exactly what her body looks like these days.

Instead, Khloe tweeted out an explanation for exactly why she was dressed that way.

“So rude of people to say I’m getting fat because I wore baggy clothes to get laser hair removal. It’s called being comfortable people.”

First of all, we’re huge advocates of dressing comfortably.

(I, personally, am the sworn enemy of all pants)

Second of all, she shouldn’t have had to explain that away, you know?

The size of her flesh prison doesn’t feel like it’s our business. Certainly not while she’s out running errands, at least.

Thirdly, though, the fact that she was going to get laser hair-removal — you know, a procedure to remove her laser hairs — really explains it all.

If you’re getting a procedure where you’ll need to take off your clothes, you don’t want to be in a form-fitting, glam outfit.

Now, she shouldn’t have to divulge information like that, but it sure helps to put her outfit choice in context.

(Though we’re kind of surprised that Khloe didn’t get all of her laser hair-removal done years and years ago)


Barack Obama Now Owns the Most-Liked Tweet in History

We have bad news for Donald Trump:

According to a The Hollywood Gossip poll, most readers think he’s a racist.

But now we have even worse news for Donald Trump, at least according to how he views the world and what he considers to be most important in life:

Barack Obama is more popular than the President on Twitter.

If it’s any consolation to Trump (not that we’re interested in consoling Trump at all), Obama is also more popular than anyone on Twitter. At least when it comes to one specific Tweet.

Following the deadly clash between neo-Nazi hate groups and protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, the man who preceded Trump in the Oval Office wrote the following:

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…

This was part of a quote by Nelson Mandela and it accompanied a photo of Obama peering into a window and smiling at young kids from different backgrounds.

The message quickly earned over two million Likes by Tuesday afternoon…

… and on Wednesday a spokesperson from Twitter confirmed that it now ranks as the most-Liked single Tweet in the history of this platform.

(“People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite,” reads the rest of this Mandela quote, which Obama added to a follow-up Tweet.)

Obama’s note and picture was shared prior to President Trump writing anything on social media.

Awhile after the violence broke out in Charlottesville, Trump posted a couple less meaningful and heartfelt messages on his account:

DJT tweets

As of this writing, Obama’s Tweet has garnered nearly 2.8 million Likes.

It has bumped Ariana Grande to second place, as her emotional message to fans after the deadly Manchester bombing attack at her concert received 2,703,448 Likes.

The third most popular Tweet in history belongs to Ellen DeGeneres, whose famous Oscars selfie from 2014 chimes in with 2,418,912 Likes.

Take a look below at the updated Top 10:

popular tweets

For the record, however, Obama’s above Tweet is only the fifth most retweeted tweet ever – trailing Grande, Louis Tomlinson, Ellen DeGeneres, and naturally, this beloved plea for Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

On Tuesday, meanwhile, Trump addressed the Charlottesville incident in a widely-panned press conference.

He “both sides” for what happened and added:

“I have no doubt about it, and you don’t have any doubt about it either. … You had some very bad people in that [White Supremacist] group, but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.”

His comments led to further outrage and protestors later held a vigil for Heather Heyer, the woman killed by a neo-Nazi on Saturday, outside Trump Tower on Tuesday night.

On a lighter note… here’s glance at some of the most hilarious Tweets on the website Obama can now say he owns:


Jax Taylor SLAMS Derick Dillard After Transphobic Tweet!

Jax Taylor is the often-shirtless Vanderpump Rules star whose existence seems to be an answer to the question: “What if Jeffrey Dean Morgan were actually as handsome as your mom thinks he is?”

Well after Derick Dillard’s bigoted tweet about Jazz Jennings, Jax Taylor is taking shots at his fellow reality star on Twitter — and he has zero chill about it.

Not all heroes wear capes, folks.

TLC’s Twitter account tweeted out a promo for one of their shows — I Am Jazz.

That’s what every network’s Twitter account exists to do, basically.

The reality series, starring Jazz Jennings and featuring her life as a trans teen girl and her activism, just began its third season at the end of June.

Jazz Jennings has been recognized for her advocacy and her bravery as a teenager and she’s honestly amazing.

Like, she’s an immeasurably better role model for young trans kids than Caitlyn Jenner, sorry not sorry.

Derick Dillard, husband of Jill Duggar, also appears on TLC on Counting On, the Duggar spinoff that was basically created to let the Duggars get more airtime for their creepy patriarchal lifestyle despite the fact that they covered up Josh Duggar’s history of child-molestation.

(Apparently that’s all water under the bridge now, as far as TLC is concerned, which is honestly pretty appalling but it’s not surprising.)

Derick Dillard liked a tweet that supported gay rights — at least, the right to not be fired from their job just for existing.

(Though the tweet also mentioned that a person shouldn’t be fired just for being a Christian, which is also true and may have been Derick’s focus)

Fans online took notice and Derick may have been aware that they noticed and panicked.

But whatever his reasons, there’s no excuse for what he did next.

Derick quoted TLC’s promo of I Am Jazz by saying that transgender folks, who have existed since before recorded history, are a “myth” and then later tweeted that he didn’t have any problem with Jazz — though he refused to use her name or correct pronouns.

That’s about as disrespectful as it gets.

Derick’s own fans were overwhelmingly outraged.

And so was Jax Taylor.

Way back in 2014, Jill Duggar tweeted this:

“[Ring emoji] So glad to be engaged to the most awesome guy in the world! I [heart emoji] you, @derick4Him”

Jax Taylor apparently dug up that old tweet, because he quoted it and he was pretty merciless:

“Sweetie I wouldn’t brag about that speck of dust on your finger. You married a delusional piece of s–t.”

That is savage.

Jax then says: “And he’s probably hiding he’s [emoji that depicts two men holding hands].”

Now, we don’t find the suggestion that people who are anti-gay or anti-LGBT are secretly closeted or in denial to be helpful.

(Honestly, it’s borderline homophobic)

But Derick Dillard went after a 16-year-old girl, misgendering her and calling her existence a “myth,” which is vile.

We can see why Jax Taylor felt pretty heated about it.

Jazz Jennings’ own response to Derick Dillard was more tasteful.

The fact of the matter, sadly, is that Derick Dillard’s views are par for the course as far as the Duggar clan is concerned.

While many Christians — including conservatives — don’t feel a need to reject or discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation or gender, there’s still a very loud minority of bigots who can’t stand the idea of someone who might be different than they are.

And the Duggars are absolutely part of that.

The Duggars reject just about every aspect of modern civilization and society.

They reject equality, pluralism, human rights — whether they’re women’s rights or children’s rights or LGBT rights.

Normally it’s Ben Seewald who seems to occasionally be at odds with Jim Bob’s edicts over theology, so for Derick Dillard, coming across as even hypothetically accepting of gay people might have blown up into a huge source of friction within his family.

But there’s never, ever an excuse for bigotry.

Still, even if his phrasing was kind of problematic, it’s good for celebrities to use their star power and social media platforms to take a stand in favor of basic human rights.

In Jazz Jennings’ case, we’re talking about the right to exist and be treated with at least the bare minimum of respect owed to another human being.

It would be interesting to see Derick apologize publicly and perhaps even on camera, but … we won’t hold our breath.

Jax Taylor may not have mentioned Jazz by name, but he at least stood up for her.

Someone tell Lisa Vanderpump that Jax Taylor does deserve a drink, this time.