Jenelle Evans Responds to Uproar Over Hurricane Florence Tweets: You Haters Can All Suck It!

On Wednesday, Jenelle Evans tweeted about Hurricane Florence numerous times.

We can certainly see why the topic is at the forefront of her mind, as that's probably the case with just about every coastal Carolinian at the moment.

But Jenelle's tweets were different from those of the other folks offering live updates from her region.

While many expressed concerns, Jenelle posted rain-drenched bikini selfies.

While others detailed their evacuation plans, Jenelle announced her intention to stay put … along with her three young children.

Obviously, she took a lot of flak for downplaying this potentially deadly storm, but don't worry, today she offered a detailed explanation:

It seems those who criticized her were all just jealous haters who can suck it.

Jump into the gallery below for her full response, which is 100 percent, uncut classic Jenelle:


1. Jenell-fie

Jenelle evans hearts hurricanes
Jenelle kicked things off with this selfie. Many of her followers rightly felt that the lighthearted, exuberant tone of the pic didn’t jibe with the seriousness of the situation.

2. Get This Girl Off Twitter

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Jenelle was stunned by the negative reaction to her tweet, but instead of deleting it and offering up a sincere apology, she decided to make things much worse.

3. Mad Mom

Jenelle evans fake boobs
Jenelle, as you may know, is an angry person. Like, you’d have a hard time finding an angrier person who’s not currently behind bars for a violent crime. And she likes to let the hate flow through her on Twitter.

4. Jenelle Evans: Confused, As Always

Jenelle evans confused as always
Jenelle doesn’t understand. But to be fair, the girl’s not feigning ignorance. She genuinely doesn’t understand the situation.

5. Explain It Like She’s 5

Jenelle evans weird bikini pic
When many, many people attempted to make it clear to Jenelle that using an impending natural disaster to call attention to your thirst trap bikini pics is horrendously inappropriate, she got even more upset.

6. Still Missing the Point

Still missing the point
Jenelle can’t see how people could possibly view her bikini pics as obnoxiously narcissistic. And because this is Jenelle we’re talking about, she’s been getting angrier and angrier as the day goes on …

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Laura Lee: Beauty Guru Loses Sponsorships Over Racist Tweets

Are you familiar with Laura Lee?

If not, then you just need to know that she’s a YouTuber known for doing makeup reviews and tutorials, and she also has her own makeup line.

Laura Lee

And she’s in a whole, whole bunch of hot water right now.

To give a little bit of background, Laura was recently on a trip with some other beauty gurus, and they all posed for a photo together with their middle fingers up.

The person who shared the photo on Twitter captioned it “Bitch is bitter because without him, we’re better.”

Most people took it as a dig at Jeffree Star, a former friend of all the people in the photo, including Laura.

But the thing is that Jeffree’s fanbase is really, really intense, so even though none of those people went after him directly, his fans still took it upon themselves to dig up any dirt they could on them.

Laura Lee photo

They succeeded.

Some screenshots of tweets that Laura made several years ago have been going around, and they’re pretty awful.

And by “pretty awful,” we mean super racist.

“Tip for all black people,” one of the tweets reads, “if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster.. #yourwelcome.”

In another, she wrote “Ni**as in Paris? Whaaaaat I thought they couldn’t afford to leave Compton! LOL!”

Laura Lee selfie

In one last tweet, just in case you weren’t disgusted enough, she asked “How do you blindfold a Chinese person? Put floss over their eyes!”

If you can even believe it, she actually added “#dumbgook” to the end of that one.

Because she is garbage.

When it became clear that her old tweets were becoming a big deal, Laura deactivated her Twitter, then came back after deleting several tweets.

She also posted a lengthy apology, explaining that “the girl who tweeted that isn’t who I am today.”

Laura Lee picture

Her story was that she’s just “a small town girl from Alabama” so she didn’t know any better, but she was 24 years old when she wrote all of those tweets.

Most 24 year olds, even ones from small towns in Alabama, understand racism.

Laura also said in her apology that she planned on “getting involved with foundations that focus on educating the importance of equality and social justice.”

To wrap things up, she said that she hoped she’d be able to earn her fans’ respect back.

Laura Lee pic

It did not work out like that.

Her followers weren’t happy with the apology because it didn’t feel sincere, and also how dumb is it that she tried to act like she didn’t know any better because she’s from the south?

So Laura took a few days and then posted an apology video on her YouTube account.

And it is insane:

It doesn’t really matter what she said, because it’s mostly the same stuff she said in her written apology — that she’s way sorry and she’s not really a racist.

Interestingly though, she said several times in the video that she retweeted those racist things, when the screenshots clearly show that she wrote them herself.

But it’s strange because even though she’s sobbing through the whole thing, there aren’t any tears, and even though she’s clearly very emotional, she made a lot of edits to what’s supposed to be a raw video.

So yeah, most people think she’s being fake here, too, and that she’s not actually sorry for tweeting those awful things, she’s just sorry she got caught.

She’s probably extremely sorry now, since it’s starting to look like her career is over.

Laura Lee again

A few weeks ago, Laura celebrated reaching five million subscribers on YouTube, but now she’s down to about 4.5 million, which is a pretty extreme drop.

Her cosmetics company is also suffering — Ulta recently announced that they’d be carrying her products on their site and in stores, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening anymore.

A spokesperson for Ulta spoke with The Blast, saying “We have decided not to move forward with the launch of Laura Lee Los Angeles. Ulta Beauty values equality and inclusivity in all that we do.”

In addition to Ulta cutting ties with her, Laura has also been cut loose by Boxycharm, a beauty subscription service that carried her products, and Morphe and Colourpop, cosmetics companies that have worked with her in the past.

Things really, really aren’t looking good for her right now.

And that’s one of the many, many reasons why you don’t want to be a racist!


Rudy Giuliani Tweets the Word, “You” Gets Roasted By All of Twitter

Rudy Giuliani has a lot on his mind these days.

After all, he’s working for a guy whose employees keep getting fired and/or going to jail.

At this point, America’s Mayor is probably feeling like he has about the same job security as a defense against the dark arts teacher.

Paul Manafort is in jail; Michael Cohen has officially jumped ship; and at this very moment, Don Jr. is probably considering starting over in Moscow and dropping Kimberly Guilfoyle from some young Ruskie state propaganda mouthpiece.

That leaves old Rudy to swoop in and save the day, not unlike that time he came off the bench sacked the QB in his final game at Notre Dame.

We should probably fact-check that one, but who has the time?

Anyway, it looks like the pressure is starting to get to Rude Boy, who got mercilessly dragged over the weekend after experiencing his own “covfefe” moment on Twitter.

Giuliani Tweet

As you can see, Rudy tweeted simply the word “you.”

Now, as far as we can tell this isn’t some sort of profound statement about the importance of the ego in 21st century America.

In all likelihood, Rudy simply hit “send” when he didn’t mean to.

We like to think he was about to launch into a Seinfeld-ian “you ever notice”-type rant about the plastic things on the end of shoelaces. 

But that might just be an association we’re making because like the show, Giuliani should have stayed in 1990s New York.

This being 2018, Rudy was roasted within an inch of his life for his Twitter ineptitude.

Rudy Responses

Now, many of Ru-Giu’s defenders have pointed out that this is the sort of mistake that could happen to anyone.

And they’re absolutely right.

It’s easy to mess up on social media.

People tweet out the wrong thing all the time … just ask Anthony Weiner.

Which is a very good argument for politicians staying off of social media or at least being much more careful about the content that they post.

Sure, it’s not like Rudy threatened the president of Iran or anything, but it’s only a matter of time before someone in the Trump administration sparks an international incident, and it’s gonna be so embarrassing when future generations find out World War III started over an emoji.


‘Will & Grace’ Star Says Give Josh Hader a Break For ‘Silly’ Homophobic Tweets

“Will & Grace” star Leslie Jordan is calling for people to FORGIVE Brewers pitcher Josh Hader for his homophobic and racist tweets … saying everyone’s guilty of saying dumb things when they’re young. Hader was booed in San Francisco this…


Farrah Abraham: Dad Body-Shames Kailyn Lowry in Disgusting Tweets!

Farrah Abraham is so awful, right?

The kind of awful that you’re not just born with — nope, that kind of awfulness has to be learned.

And over the years, as Farrah and her family were featured more and more on reality television, it became painfully clear where she learned it.

Guys, her parents are THE WORST.

We usually talk about her mother, Debra Danielsen, because she’s so much more actively bad.

Remember the time she slapped Farrah on an early season of Teen Mom OG?

Or the time she got arrested for abusing her (and answered the door with knives in her hands when police came)?

Or when she wasn’t allowed to see Farrah or Sophia after the arrest and she acted like she had no idea why that was?

Or, to go forward a few years, that time she got into an argument with Farrah in front of Sophia and started crying about how she wanted to die, because that’s appropriate talk for a child to hear?

There are so, so many instances of Debra being manipulative and weird and just totally inappropriate, but you know who else is just as terrible, but in a different way?

Her father, Michael Abraham.

He’s pretty much the opposite of Debra: instead of arguing with Farrah over everything to the point where she got cut out of her life, Michael agrees with everything she says, and she and Sophia have been living with him.

He seems to be on Twitter pretty much constantly, defending his daughter to anyone and everyone who has anything negative to say about her.

And that’s what he’s been doing over the weekend.

So you know how Farrah always goes on and on about bullies, about how she’s the victim of bullies and she’s so against bullying, even though we’ve seen her be a bully to countless people over the years?

OK, and you know she’s getting into those celebrity boxing matches, and even hopes to do one and donate the proceeds to an anti-bullying organization?

Lindsey Nicholson, who you might remember from 16 and Pregnant, took notice of all of that, and she decided to call Farrah out on Instagram.

“Really,” she asked, “you think you’re not a bully? Have you watched any of your episodes? You bully your mom dad, producers, cast members, & anyone you think is less than you.”

“Why don’t you get in the ring with me & try to bully me around and see how that goes.”

She hilariously referenced Farrah’s amazing feud with Drita D’Avanzo, saying that if Farrah wasn’t interested in fighting her, then she’s sure Drita “won’t have any issues doing this for all of America.”

Lindsey even offered to train Drita, because she’s sweet like that.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reached out to her, and she told the site that she really does mean what she wrote.

“I would never call someone out if I wasn’t [serious],” she said. “I don’t really play games.”

“It’s just strange she’s fighting to raise money for anti-bullying when she bullies everyone!”

She explained “I want to fight her because of the way she’s treated every single person I know who’s come in contact with her. She needs to be put in her place.”

Ideally, she said that she’d do an MMA fight with Farrah, “but I highly doubt she’d agree to it.”

Can you imagine? Can you even imagine how amazing that would be?

Hold on tight, because this is about to get even better.

Drita responded to all of this, directing a message to Farrah on Instagram that began with “Listen up #horseface I called u out … n u called a lawyer!!”

“Are u gonna have a cop as the referee 2???????????? I don’t want u wearing headgear!..i don’t want a referee stopping anything!…I rather be on the streets.”

She actually said that she told Farrah that she’d pay for her to come meet her for a fight, “since u are so desperate to use my name to make a dollar.”

“Howeva,” she continued, “I have a better idea…i love boxing but when it comes to u I rather fight in a cage #ufcstyle.”

Yes. Yes, please.

“Wanna do it legit,” Drita added, “no problem.. in a #cage where u belong u filthy #animal. Give me the date and time!!! I’m here! I’m ready!”

This story started getting some attention, and Lindsey tweeted about it, and she also asked Kailyn Lowry, one of her friends from the Teen Mom franchise, if she wanted in on the action.

“I’m in,” Kailyn responded.

And that’s when Michael decided to get involved in the cattiest way possible.

“To bad we won’t see Drita fight she is like me… way to old ‘age group’ and she is not one to promote anti hate,” he tweeted.

“And Kail is in a lot higher weight class so that won’t happen either lol!”

So rude, right? And Kailyn’s Teen Mom bestie, Chelsea Houska, called him out on it.

“Yikes,” she told him. “Horrible and low blow thing to say about Kail. Please don’t comment on a woman’s weight in any way.”

She’s completely right, obviously, and Michael had to know what he wrote was wrong — but of course he denied that.

“Chelsea I have the highest respect for you and your entire family,” he wrote. “No it was not meant as low blow towards Kail…”

“It’s a realistic statement backed by fact that in any fighting event weight classes are real and used as competitive classes.”

He meant that so much that he gave similar responses to several other people upset that he went after Kailyn like that — 34 times so far, if we’re being exact.

As for Kailyn, she thanked Chelsea for defending her, then wrote this gem of a tweet:

“Y’all coming for Michael for talking about my weight, thank you. But I’d be willing to drop weight for that fight so it’s not a problem.”

Can dreams really come true?

Guess we’ll have to wait until Farrah’s big match on November 3rd to see!