Ben Affleck Lied About His “Fake” Back Tattoo & Now He’s Getting Roasted on Twitter

Back in 2015, a photograph of Ben Affleck sporting a huge back tattoo made its way around the interwebs, and a good laugh was had by all.

Being the kind of guy who pretends he doesn’t care what anyone thinks but who actually lives for public adulation, Ben claimed the tattoo was fake.

He insisted the garish phoenix rising from the ashes was airbrushed on for a movie he was directing and starring in called Live By Night.

“[It’s] fake for a movie,” Affleck very explicitly stated in a 2016 interview.

“I actually do have a number of tattoos but I try to have them in places where you don’t have to do a lot of cover up they get sort of addictive, tattoos, after awhile.

Since no one actually saw the film, no one pieced together that Ben’s Prohibition-era gangster never actually disrobes to reveal a giant, brightly-colored, anachronistic tattoo.

Rumors about the big ugly ink persisted, but Ben made headlines for so much other bad behavior that fans never launched a full-blown investigation.

Remarkably, Ben has kept his torso pretty well covered over the past two and a half years, but that might have more to do with booze-bellied dad bod and less to do with hiding the big bird.

(Feel free to use that as a euphemism for sex, btw.)

Sadly, Beantown Benny slipped over the weekend when he removed his shirt for a beach scene in a movie he’s filming.

Hopefully, the Ben’s character is the type of guy who collects samurai swords and lost his virginity to a prostitute at 29, because this tatt is not the sort of thing that can be edited out in post-production.

Yes, we now know for sure that Ben was lying about the tattoo being a fake, and Twitter is having a field day.

“Don’t mock Ben Affleck’s phoenix tattoo. It symbolises how he has risen from the ashes, reborn as a guy with a tattoo that sucks,” tweeted Pixelated Boat.

“I’ve been following the Ben Affleck back tattoo drama more closely than the Mueller investigation,” quipped Sophia Benoit.

“Ben Affleck’s back tattoo is, and I’m saying this without hyperbole, one of the funniest goddamn things I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Dashiell Driscoll opined.

All we need is Dril and DaShareZone to sound off on this thing, and all of Twitter will have had its say.

So how is Affleck reacting to ironically being roasted for a phoenix tattoo.

Well, thus far, he’s about the only one who hasn’t sounded off on it.

Even Ben’s ex Jennifer Garner flamed his ass, telling Ellen DeGeneres that she “take[s] unmbrage” at being represented as the ash from which Ben’s metaphorical phoenix arises.

Must suck to realize you spent a massive chunk of your life married to a guy who would not only get that fugly of a tattoo but would proceed to lie to the whole world about it.

Hmmm … we may have finally figured out what horrible revelation came to Garner at the Oscars.


Derick Dillard Attacks Jazz Jennings AGAIN, Gets Torn Apart on Twitter

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, then you’re probably already aware that Derick Dillard has been fired from Counting On as a result of his decision to berate and harass fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

Back in November, Dillard directed an unprovoked social media tirade at Jennings, a transgender teen who also stars in a reality show on the network.

In the months since, neither Derick nor his wife, Jill Duggar, has filmed any scenes for her family’s popular series, and it doesn’t look as though they’ll be returning to the spotlight anytime soon.

These days, it seems that Derick is trying his best to make amends, but as usual, he’s just digging himself a deeper hole.

The latest Derick dust-up has had to do with the former reality star’s views on the national gun control debate.

Last week, Dillard attacked the survivors of the Parkland school shooting for behaving in a “ridiculous” fashion.

Needless to say, his comments were not well-received.

Yesterday, he tweeted a link to an article in which he was criticized for being critical of traumatized teens.

“No, I criticized the media’s use of kids again…like @TLC uses Jazz,” Derick tweeted in his own defense.

“My heart goes out to the victims, but all ideas should be heard, and subjected to criticism.”

He probably would’ve been better off not bringing up Jazz up again, but ultimately it was a pretty tame comment by Derick standards.

Unfortunately, when fans responded to the tweet, Derick chose to engage with them in offensive fashion:

When one Twitter user accused Derick of bullying Jazz, Dillard responded:

“Hi, please realize that I never said anything against him.

“If you read that in a tabloid, I encourage you to be extremely skeptical of anything put out by any opinion or gossip publication.”

Yes, while claiming that he can’t understand why people think he’s being unkind to Jazz, Derick once again misgendered the girl.

Not surprisingly, fans weren’t having it:

“If you are uncomfortable or against using the pronoun ‘her’ you could just use the name ‘Jazz’,” wrote one follower.

“You don’t have to go out of your way with the ‘he’ and ‘him.’ It would be the kind thing to do. Just sayin.”

“You are a hypocrite and a child abuser and a bully,” tweeted another.

A third slammed Derick as an “ignorant piece of sh-t.”

Dillard has yet to respond to the latest round of criticism against him.

As for the Parkland issue, however, Dillard is sticking to his guns – literally.

He recently tweeted a link to a post about a conspiracy theories and alleged anti-gun media biases with this description:

“True; I think it’s pretty obvious.  My wife has over 200,000 followers and still hasn’t been verified.”

Well Der, if it’s any consolation, now that you’ve gotten her kicked off her show, Jill probably won’t have that many followers for long!

Watch Counting On online to relive better times for the Dillards.


Kim Kardashian Eats Noodles Naked, Twitter Loses Its Mind

If there were an Oscar for Achievement in the Field of Creative Nudity, Kim Kardashian would win it every year.

You see, Kim is naked a lot, but she almost never serves up the same type of nudity twice.

Take the latest addition to her body of work, which we call Noodles in the Nude:

Yes, that’s Kim eating what appears to be some sort of udon dish while topless.

Obviously, this is very dangerous, as hot liquids and nipples are a bad combination.

But Kim is happy to do it for the ‘Gram, as the kids say, and for that, we thank her.

As usual, the comments on Kim’s latest nude are a mixed bag.

Most people were just duly appreciative of some unexpected boobs, but for some reason, mom-shaming Kim Kardashian is one of the internet’s favorite activities.

“Like no, put on some clothes, like at this age with how ever many kids you have and you doing this, isn’t working for you,” commented one user who seems like a lot of fun at parties.

“You should be embarrassed to show your body as much as you do with your ridiculous wigs,” wrote another Mom of the Year candidate.

“Your a very poor role model for your children. I watch your photos as you post them for many years but never say anything. Somewhere you really need to stop.”

You’d think before criticizing the parenting of a person you’ve never met, you’d edit the living hell out of your comment to make sure your grammar was 100 percent on point.

But apparently, Kim’s haters don’t have time to distinguish between “your” and “you’re.”

Anyway, Kim is obviously fully aware of the fact that living well is the best revenge.

Rather than take the time to respond to the trash-talkers, she simply continues having an amazing life and looking impossibly good while naked.

It’s a wonderful method of coping with douche-baggery that’s unfortunately not available to everyone.

Some of us still have to handle things the old-fashioned way.

By which we mean crying, deleting our account, and then quietly reactivating it like three hours later.


Amy Duggar: Nude on Twitter!

We don’t think Jim Bob will approve of this!

The Duggar family’s resident rebel, Amy Duggar, had a bit of an embarrassing selfie fail this morning, and we think it’s safe to say the pic she posted doesn’t conform to her famous uncle’s ideas about “modest attire.”

The photo, which was promptly deleted from Twitter just minutes after it appeared, showed Amy sitting in her bathtub without any clothes on.

(Which is how most people take baths, but you never know with those Duggars.)

It seems Amy’s intention was to only show herself from the legs down, but she didn’t realize she’d fallen victim to an unfortunate reflection:

“I took a pic of me relaxing in the tub just knees down… but I forgot the faucet is reflective and omg… now I’m horrified and deleted it so quickly but still!” Amy tweeted.

She added the hashtags: “#neveragain #nobubbles #ahhhhhh.”

Fortunately, it seems Amy was able to see the humor in the situation, and her followers mostly 

“Laughing and cringing at the same time!” one follower tweeted.

“Omg horrifying but so funny,” another remarked.

Of course, Amy is still a Duggar so you know at least one follower had to adopt a position of moral superiority, but thankfully, Amy wasn’t the target of her harsh judgment:

“I didn’t notice anything. If someone looked that closely at your photo, they are the true definition of a sicko,” wrote the angry fan.

Amy has shown more skin than her aunt and uncle approve of several times in the past, but while she’s a rebel to her family, she’s downright demure by the standards of the rest of the world.

So we’re inclined to believe her when she says this was a genuine mistake.

Of course, she may still be subjected to some harsh words from her famous family, but we’re sure she’s used to it by now.

After all, Amy has butted heads with Jim Bob and his ilk on several occasions, and they’ve always seemed to find her a formidable opponent.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Macaulay Culkin SLAMS Oscars in Epic Twitter Tirade

Macaulay Culkin was apparently home alone on Sunday night.

And bored.

As a result, the actor decided to live-Tweet the Oscars, tossing out one unfunny joke and reference after another.

It was an impressive display of terrible jokes, each perhaps more cringeworthy than the one before… yet all adding up to a Twitter rampage that really should not be missed.

Scroll down for a summation of the actor's very profound and very lame thoughts on the broadcast…

1. Let’s Do This!

Live tweet
Without even watching the show? This Culkin guy is good.

2. Shade… Thrown!

Dd diss
At Dustin Diamond, though, so does it really count as shade when everyone agrees?

3. Easy Targets

Bad joke
We didn’t hear this anywhere else. We think Culkin may have made it up.

4. What Was First?

The world is dying to know.

5. Ramen Time!

Ramen time
In a tuxedo? Sure, why not?!?

6. Okay, This One is Pretty Funny

But we somehow doubt there will be an Emoji Movie sequel.

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Safaree Samuels Nude Photos Leak, Twitter Loses Its Mind

If you hear someone say that she'd rather "be on safari," she might be talking about Safaree Samuels.

There was a time when he was best known for being Nicki Minaj's ex, or perhaps for getting a beat-down from Meek Mills.

Right now, his biggest claim to fame might be his leaked nudes.

And we do mean biggest. Based on Twitter's response, it looks like Safaree is what one might call anatomically blessed.

Obviously, no one deserves to have their nudes leaked. Those are private photos and for someone to broadcast them to the world is a terrible violation.

But those who saw the images — often without looking for them, as leaked nudes make quite a splash and it's easy to see them without ever meaning to — couldn't help but comment.

Social media is a great platform for comedy, and many of these responses were next-level.

Take a look:

1. Safaree Samuels

Safaree samuels on twitter
Here’s the man himself in a clearly-not-nude photo that he shared. So that we’re all on the same page as you read these reactions.

2. Naturally, someone had to involve Kylie Jenner in this

Safaree samuels 01
Honestly, it’s always nice to see a “this photo made me pregnant” joke that isn’t directed at One Direction. 2012 was a different time.

3. It looks like some men just aren’t measuring up in comparison

Safaree samuels 02
Not the last Simpson’s meme

4. Safaree’s getting new fans, it seems

Safaree samuels 03
A “stan” is a diehard fan, folks

5. They think that Safaree might make some new "friends"

Safaree samuels 04
Most of the Kardashians are a little busy popping out babies left and right.

6. Safaree’s been the butt of jokes in the past

Safaree samuels 05
People view him in a different light.

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Twitter Destroys New York Times Over Anti-Leggings Rant

In recent years, a lot of people rallied to the New York Times, giving them a level of subscriptions not seen in recent years — largely to spite Donald Trump.

The problem, however, is that the New York Times has … issues, and that's not a newspaper joke. The sorts of content that they promote in their "Opinion" pieces can at times be absolutely horrifying.

Like "Why Yoga Pants Are Bad For Women," an opinion post that decries the wearing of leggings. Plenty of articles have tried to claim that leggings are "not pants" or shouldn't be worn out and about, but this goes a step further by claiming that they shouldn't even be worn while exercising.

Any sensible person knows that telling women how to dress — whether it's to not wear bikinis or to not wear a hijab — is kind of the opposite of women's liberation. The "right way" to dress is however you see fit.

This article, it seems, was not written by a sensible person.

Twitter took notice and got up in arms. 

Women who take yoga or simply have legs objected to the notion that they should let someone else instruct them on what to wear.

1. Here’s the tweet that earned so much ire

Nyt leggings response 01
Even without reading the article, you can see how the author tries to frame the argument as somehow pro-woman.

2. This woman’s ready to talk about wardrobes

Nyt leggings response 02
A lot of armor that women in movies wear is designed to be flattering instead of allow free range of movement. Leggings may be flattering or unflattering, but they don’t restrict you.

3. This tweet hits the nail on the head

Nyt leggings response 03
This kind of thing is bad enough when it comes from men. It’s worse when it comes from another woman.

4. Yoga pants are called yoga pants for a reason

Nyt leggings response 04
Lizard pose is … imagine holding yourself up like you’re doing a push-up. Now imagine bringing up one of your legs so that your knee is more or less at your shoulder and your foot is beside your hands.

5. This is a very accurate synopsis

Nyt leggings response 05
If you don’t like wearing a thing, don’t wear it. It’s so easy! Trying to project that choice onto others is wrong.

6. Athletes took issue with the article

Nyt leggings response 06
Sweatpants just aren’t cut out for the same job. Also, they’re warmer. They’re sweatpants.

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Blac Chyna Sex Tape: Twitter Reacts!

On Monday, many people on Twitter saw Blac Chyna's name trending and, innocently, clicked the link out of curiosity. Perhaps there was news about her lawsuits with the Kardashians

Not so.

Many a tweeter was subjected to a leaked Blac Chyna sex tape.

The Instagram-based gossip page, The Shade Room, reports on who they believe is allegedly responsible for the video's release:

"Yikes! #CardiB bestie @star_brim5 pulled a #RobKardashian move on #BlacChyna and released her sex tape (kinda)😩 #DisTewMuch #IssaLawsuit (Somebody said #LisaBloom rubbing her hands together like birdman right now)"

Blac Chyna did not initially respond to the leaked video. Star Brim, however, clarified that she didn't leak it, and that it was already "all over the internet" and that she has no beef with Chyna.

The video of Blac Chyna performing oral sex has been roasted across social media, as many were shocked to see a woman with Chyna's reputation as a seductress appear to be so very inadequate at oral sex.

Obviously, it's terrible that Blac Chyna and her unidentified partner were violated in this way. Leaking nudes and sex tapes is a terrible thing to do, whether it's revenge porn or simply for "fun."

But people on Twitter, who are not responsible for that violation, couldn't help but react when they saw the video. And their responses are a real riot.

1. In case you did not see the leaked video

Blac chyna sex tape leak 02
This tweet pretty much summarizes it.

2. Naturally, a reference to Tyga came up

Blac chyna sex tape leak
To be fair, Kylie was in high school, not middle school when Tyga started dating her. To be even more fair, that’s still super gross.

3. In fact, both Tyga and Rob came up

Blac chyna sex tape leak 03
People had assumed that Blac Chyna’s femme fatale reputation was accompanied by mind-blowing bedroom skills. Now they are second-guessing that assumption.

4. Though the man recording the video seemed thrilled …

Blac chyna sex tape leak 04
… The people who saw the video were thoroughly unimpressed.

5. The disappointment was almost palpable

Blac chyna sex tape leak 05
Some people admire Chyna for “scamming” Rob Kardashian into impregnating her.

6. This one’s like a mini-essay

Blac chyna sex tape leak 06
To be clear, there are many ways to, um, have value. Even to have value in bed. Maybe Blac Chyna’s just bad at this one particular thing. Or maybe this just wasn’t a good day.

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