Anna Duggar Returns to Twitter, Gets Roasted By Fans

Anna Duggar is something of a controversial figure.

Some view her as one of the many victims of her husband, while others believe her to be complicit in the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

Whatever your personal take on Josh’s controversial wife, it’s not hard to see why she’s mostly decided to avoid social media in recent years.

And it’s also not hard to see why her recent return to Twitter resulted in an avalanche of criticism.

The mother of five returned to the social media platform with belated holiday wishes and a photo of her ever-expanding family.

“Merry CHRISTmas!” she captioned the photo, not so subtly reminding her followers that she’s all about JC.

Needless to say, the pious greeting coupled with a photo of a known child molester didn’t sit well with many Twitter users.

And some of them were quite vocal in their criticism of Anna.

“How can you all proclaim to be followers of Christ yet turn a blind eye to Josh’s horrific Child molestation?” one follower posted.

“I never even heard him apologize,” she added, which is a fair point.

For all the apologies that heve been issued on his behalf, for all the excuses and equivocations and tearful pleas for unserstanding, we’ve never once heard Josh actually admit to any wrong doing and simply apologize.

Some say Anna is putting her children in harm’s way by not leaving Josh and demanding full custody.

Others, however, believe she’s one of her husband’s many victims, and may feel that she has no choice but to stay with him.

As you may, recall in the months after the world learned that Josh molested five young girls, it was revealed that he had gone to great lengths to try and cheat on Anna 

It was only then that Josh checked into rehab for sex addiction treatment, a move that led many to believe the Duggars take marital infidelity more seriously than child molestation.

Shortly after he returned home, it was revealed that Josh and Anna were expecting a fifth child, and many further criticized the long-suffering mother and wife for bringing another kid into a dangerous situation.

Obviously, the situation is complex, and it’s entirely possible that Anna is both victim and accomplice.

Whatever the case, it seems she won’t be receiving the warm welcome she used to enjoy on Twitter anytime soon.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Ellen Pompeo Slams “Fool” Woody Allen on Twitter!

You know how some celebrities always look the same in photos? Woody Allen’s one of those. He tends to look bewildered.

And bewildered is how many feel every time that they see Woody Allen out and about instead of, you know, rotting in a jail cell. 

Ellen Pompeo is courageously speaking out and slamming Woody Allen. Honestly? “Fool” is, relatively speaking, one of the nicest thing’s Allen’s ever been called.

Ellen Pompeo quoted a HelloGiggles (love that site) tweet that read:

“A journalist went through Woody Allen’s personal journals and found he was obsessed with teenage girls.”

Pompeo quoted that tweet with, well, what we were all thinking:

“I haven’t gone through his personal journals and I knew that… shocked the people that work with this man #ambition is [blind].”

And that was only the beginning of what she had to say.

When someone in a now-deleted tweet apparently tried to suggest that Woody Allen had “made mistakes” in the past (that’s what we infer that they said,” Pompeo replied:

“I don’t call it a mistake… he married his daughter…people see what they want to see or don’t…Kind of hard not to see who this fool is.”

Like we said — “fool” is pretty much the nicest word for Woody Allen, considering the damning accusations that he molested Dylan Farrow as a child. Also he married his daughter, Soon-Yi.

But Ellen Pompeo was just getting started

Ellen Pompeo continued by targeting Woody Allen’s alleged racism, tweeting:

“And while we’re on the subject & I’m fired up has this fool ever put one poc in any of his movies ever?” and “What about Hispanic or Asian actors? Or are asians only for him to molest? You know me when I get started.”

Woody Allen’s casting tends to be about as white as snow on a golf course, but one follower pointed out that Penelope Cruz won an Oscar for her role in one of his films.

Pompeo acknowledged this, but notes that she genuinely doesn’t know about who’s in his films, because:

“I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch that bougie s–t.”

Honestly, it’s always nice to see Ellen Pompeo go off.

One tweeter mentioned to Ellen Pompeo that some people try to “separate the professional from the person.” 

You know, like going to Chick-fil-A despite their politics, or seeing a Johnny Depp film despite the abuse allegations, or seeing a film by Brett Ratner or Roman Polanski or Brian Singer or … well, there are way too many names.

Ellen replied: “You know what I call that?? Ducking predators and chasing trophies…it’s WEAK AF.”

Ellen went on to talk about how, too often, black women’s voices are ignored when they accuse a man of sexual predation. 

She cites the many accusations against Bill Cosby, the first of which were ignored for years and years and years before soem famous white women spoke out.

And, in the mean time, famous actresses who should know better — actresses whom I admire, like Selena Gomez and Blake Lively — continue to work with Woody Allen.

It takes people like Ellen Pompeo using their platforms to keep momentum going.

Woody Allen has not had his Weinstein moment yet. While many people eagerly await the day that Woody Allen is no longer among the living, it’s their hope that he’ll die in prison rather in the comfort of his home. 

He’s 82-years-old and those who want to see him brought to justice and publicly disgraced know that the clock is ticking.

Now is the perfect time to talk about this. Even the Golden Globes, with Oprah’s epic speech and Debra Messing taking a stand for pay equality, had its flaws.

James Franco, accused of having an inappropriate interest in underage teen girls, won for The Disaster Artist last night. And accused wife-beater Gary Oldman won Best Actor.

Society has a long, long way to go.

But even among other controversial and despised figures who still roam free, Woody Allen continues to stick out like a sore thumb.


Amber Portwood Reveals Baby Name on Twitter!

Back in November, we learned that Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

Amber revealed that she’s expecting a boy, but other than that, she’s been mostly tight-lipped about the pregnancy.

Given some of the negative reactions to Amber’s recent social media posts, we suppose we can’t blame her.

After all, it was just earlier this week that Amber was slammed for posting an “inappropriate” photo of her daughter.

There was nothing provocative about the pic, but the girl was apparently positioned too close to Amber’s boyfriend for some fans’ liking.

It’s a jungle out there, and Portwood’s plight isn’t made any easier by the fact that her new dude, Andrew Glennon, has a seriously sketchy past.

The point is, we can see why Amber isn’t big on sharing the details of her personal life these days.

Unfortunately for her, the life of a reality star doesn’t allow for much in the way of privacy.

Amber’s every social media interaction is scrutinized by millions of fans, and it looks as though Teen Mom: OG obsessives have unearthed some information that Amber may have preferred to keep private.

The intel comes courtesy of a Twitter conversation between Amber and her brother Shawn.

Shawn posted an obscured photo of Amber’s homemade Christmas present without revealing what it was.

Along with the image, he posted this message:

“I finally completed your gift. However, I’m not going to show it to you so you’ll see it tomorrow. I will send you this though.”

“Awe Bubby I can’t wait!! I’m sure little James will love it!” Portwood replied.

Yes, it seems Amber and Andrew will be naming their baby James.

The moniker was reportedly selected due to the fact that it’s also Glennon’s middle name.

Amber has yet to delete the tweet, but we can’t imagine she intended to make the reveal in such a low-key fashion.

Whatever the case, the name is out there now, and fans have been vocal in their praise for Amber’s classic selection.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to relive the many, many times that Ms. Portwood did not make the right decision.


Britney Spears Lip Syncs New Year’s Eve Concert, Gets Roasted On Twitter

It’s 2018, and Britney Spears still has a career.

If you’d made that prediction eleven years ago at peak of Bald Britney-mania, you would’ve been shunned from society and forced to spend your remaining days in the mountains, shearing alpacas, or something.

Yes, the simple fact that Britney is alive, healthy, and continuing to make millions is downright remarkable.

Still, there are those who expect more from her.

They’re not satisfied by the fact that Brit has full custody of her kids, is no longer under the sway of either a psychiatric hold or the master manipulator the neighborhood children called the Federline.

These people see fit to criticize the divine Ms. Spears for such minor offenses as “not actually singing at her concerts.”

The nerve of these ingrates!

Yes, Britney rang in 2018 on the confusingly-titled Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, and sure she didn’t actually sing, but at least she didn’t just stand around asking for hot tea.

But apparently, some folks on Twitter haven’t gotten the memo tht Britney has officially reached Mariah-level icon status, which means she can spend the rest of her days just showing up places and being paid to do literally nothing.

The same haters and losers who want Donald John Trump to stop tweeting and govern also want Britney to stop being fabulous, and … sing.

“Performing” at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Britney moved around on stage to the tune of “Work B-tch” and “Toxic.”

And sadly, she began the year by being savagely corn-cobbed on Twitter.

“Oh great, Britney is going to mime AND lip sync another song for us,” tweeted one blasphemer.

“I think they should just put a cardboard cut out with a musical recording of Britney Spears singing. All she does now is seemingly lip sync. #RockinEve britney,” remarked another.

Who does @britneyspears think she’s fooling? If your dance moves aren’t the same as 2006, clearly your vocals wouldn’t be either…. good try though. #RockinEve,” echoed a third betrayer of the queen.

Yes, folks, it seems you can go take your hopes for a better and more just world in 2018 and toss them right in the trash.

Here’s hoping the world will be more appreciative of Britney’s terrible lip-syncing in 2019.


Jenelle Evans-Kailyn Lowry Feud Heats Up on Twitter!

When Jenelle Evans sent cease and desist letters to her Teen Mom 2 cast mates last month, fans were understandably curious about all the secrecy surrounding Evans' personal life.

Jenelle gave the impression that she was simply tired of her co-stars spreading false rumors.

But as she proved this week, the newly-married mother of three certainly isn't above spreading fake news on her own social media accounts.

Kailyn Lowry recently decided to call Jenelle out on her hypocrisy, and predictably, things got ugly in a hurry… 

1. Happier Times

Jenelle and kailyn
Jenelle and Kailyn were never exactly BFFs, but there was a time when they were able to at least remain on civil terms with one another. Needless to say, those days are long gone.

2. Throwing Shade

Throwing shade
Jenelle posted an article questioning the paternity of Kailyn’s youngest son. As you can see, Kail was quick to call BS.

3. Jenelle Claps Back

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
Never one to shy away from a conflict, Jenelle was quick to address Kailyn’s claims as only she can…

4. Screenshots

Jenelle accused Kailyn of playing dumb with regard to the factually inaccurate content whe allegedly shared with her followers. “I have sent you screenshots of the tweets you’ve posted over the years. They we’re included in your letter but you don’t care to mention that part,” Evans tweeted.

5. The Thirst

The thirst
“For you to get on here AGAIN to tweet about some drama goes to show how thirsty you are for attention constantly, you try way too hard. It’s funny,” Jenelle added.


Just to drive her point home, Jenelle fired off this tweet without mentioning Kailyn by name. She clearly thought of this as her mic drop moment, but the beef was far from over…

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Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Go OFF on Each Other on Twitter!

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have never quite gotten along.

Even when they were engaged to be married, they fought constantly and did everything they could to tear each other down.

These days, the Jenelle and Nathan are locked in a custody battle over son Kaiser, and their vitriol has gotten more intense than ever.

Over the weekend, they basically engaged in a roast battle on Twitter … and fans had a front row seat for the action

1. Happier Times

Jenelle evans and nathan griffith
There was a time when Jenelle and Nathan at least pretended to get along. Needless to say, those days are long gone.

2. United By Kaiser

Jenelle nathan and kaiser
Both parties clearly want what’s best for their son, Kaiser. However, they often disagree about what that means.

3. Tough Times For Little Kai

Jenelle evans son kaiser photo
Kaiser is reportedly enduring some health issues these days. Unfortunately, rather than coming together to figure out what’s best for the boy, Jenelle and Nathan are publicly feuding about how best to handle the situation.

4. Nathan Sounds…Sane?!

Nathan soundssane
We hate to take sides, but in the first of many screen shots from the feud, Nathan actually comes off as a decent human being who’s prioritizing his son’s needs over the pettiness of his ongoing feud with Jenelle.

5. "Stay Positive"

Jenelle evans boyfriend david eason
“Just know we all go through ups and downs in our relationships,” Nathan tells Jenelle, clearly referring to recent rumors that the couple is headed for divorce.

6. "Being In the Public Eye…"

Jenelle evans with david eason
Nathan is obviously sympathetic about the fact that Jenelle and David’s rough patch is playing out on a public stage. But Jenelle has zero interest in her ex’s sympathy…

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Kailyn Lowry: Shading Keaton Jones on Twitter?!

Over the weekend, a Tennessee middle school student named Keaton Jones captured the hearts of millions thanks to a viral video in which the distraught … tearfully describing the bullying he’s endured at the hands of his classmates.

If you have yet to see Keaton courageously tell his tale, you can check out the full clip below:

Pretty heartwrenching stuff, right?

Not surprisingly, Keaton’s story has earned him the sympathy and support of hundreds of celebrities, many of whom have posted encouraging messages and even offered to meet with him.

But as is the case with just about everything in 2017, this situation isn’t as simple as it seems.

The video was recorded and uploaded by Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones, who presumably would’ve cleaned up her social media accounts had she known that her son was about to go viral.

Kimberly has allegedly posted several photos in which she’s seen waving an Confederate flag.

Not only that, some of her status updates are painfully ironic tone in the hours since she’s become an anti-bullying advocate:

Kimberly Jones Photo

“Dear butt hurt Americans, If you aren’t bleeding, no bones are sticking out & you can breathe, STOP crying! For the love, some folks clearly never picked a switch,” Jones recently wrote.

“And before y’all start talking to me about metaphorical, emotional, financial or historical blood & brokenness, Don’t. Join a group.”

Now, skeptics are calling for an immediate halt on donations to the GoFundMe page set up by Keaton’s mother until the situation can be sorted out.

Many beliebe that Mrs. Jones is at best an opportunist, and at worst a scam artist.

It seems one of those people is Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry:

In a since-deleted tweet, Lowry wrote, “People are really quick to throw money around before knowing the situation.”

She also retweeted an article about MMA Joe Schilling, who says he reached out to Kimberly and was shocked with the reply he received.

Kimberly Jones Messages

Schilling says that he offered to meet with Keaton and was appalled to find that his mother simply wanted cash.

Mrs. Jones has not spoken publicly about the allegations, but a source close to the situation says Schilling was communicating with a fake Instagram account.

Obviously, no matter how this situation plays out, Keaton is indisputably a victim here.

The question that remains is whether he’s being victimized by his classmates, or his bigoted parents.

Whatever the case, the support for Keaton highlighted the very best of humanity, while the allegations against his mother reminded us of the very worst.

Many have suggested that until the matter is sorted out, those who wish to offer their support to those whose lives have been affected by bullying can contribute to the fundraiser for the family of Ashawnty Davis, an elementary school girl who chose to take her own life rather than endure another day of bullying.