Tyga to Kylie Jenner: I Miss Having Sex With You!

Back in February, Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child.

Fans feared the worst when news of Kylie’s pregnancy went public, but believe it or not, the pampered 20-year-old seems to have adjusted to new motherhood with remarkable ease.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Kylie is still dating Travis Scott, and it looks as though the two of them and little Stormi have formed quite the happy little family unit.

Of course, when you’re as famous as Kylie, flaunting your happiness is the same as begging someone to take it away.

So we guess it should come as no surprise that the lip kit mogul’s most infamous ex has come back around to complicate her situation.

You may remember that there was a time when Tyga thought Kylie’s baby was his.

That matter was reportedly cleared up when Tyga requested a paternity test and Kylie gave in in hopes that he would go away for good.

Predictably, that didn’t work, and Tyga is still very much darkening Kylie’s doorway.

In fact, according to In Touch, the rapper has not relented n his efforts to win Kylie back.

“Even though they’re not together, Tyga misses Kylie. For real,” a source tells the tabloid.

“He misses her sexiness. Her body. The lavish life, connections, money and exposure she gave him. He misses all of that and kicks himself every day for letting their relationship die.”

Um … sounds like he doesn’t miss Kylie so much as he misses having a young, hot meal ticket.

Apparently, Tyga looks at Travis and sees a man living what was supposed to be his life:

“What’s worse: she’s got a baby with Travis. That gnaws at him,” the insider continued.

“He wanted to be the one who gave Kylie a baby.”

The source adds:

“He wanted that so much but she was opposed. Tyga’s pissed about that. But even still, he forgives her because he loves her. And he knows he could still have a baby with her later down the line if they were ever to rekindle the passion they once had.”

We don’t know what to tell you, T-Raww. Guess you’ll have to find another attractive bajillionaire to impregnate.

We hear a few of Kylie’s sisters are single!


Tyga and Iggy Azalea: Actually Dating?!

What happens when two has-beens lock eyes across a crowded music festival?

Well, in the case of Tyga and Iggy Azalea, it appears that they’ve decided to embark on a combination revenge romance/publicity stunt that will no doubt fail to capture the attention of their exes or their jaded former fans.

Tyga and Iggy

Yes, the two public figures who we could generously be described as rappers were reportedly spotted getting very friendly with one another at Coachella over the weekend.

According to Hollywood Life, T-Raww and I-G-G-Y have been an item for quite some time.

But either they were keeping it a secret, or no one 

“Tyga and Iggy have been tight for a long time—they’ve collaborated and performed together, and hung out as friends multiple times,” a source tells the outlet. 

“There’s always been an attraction between them, a definite chemistry.

The insider says Iggy and Tyga have been friends for several years, but never hooked up due to timing issues.

In other words, she was ignoring the constant Nick Young cheating rumors, and he was still riding Kylie Jenner’s coattails.

“Recently, their friendship has turned physical,” the source claims.

“They’re not at the stage of dating yet though, they’re more just friends with benefits, but it looks like it could definitely be on the cards in the future.”

Sounds like they’re in that early stage in any relationship where you get butterflies in your stomach thinking about how doing a feature for the other person’s next album might revive your long-dead music career.

Tyga, of course, has been in the news lately thanks to questions about the paternity of Kylie Jenner’s baby.

We know now that Tyga is not the father, and insiders say he’s quite upset about it.

It’s sort of a “reverse-Maury” situation. 

As for Iggy, sources say she briefly dated French Montana last year, so she only has a couple degrees of separation from the Kardashian family, herself.

We’re guessing these days, Iggy and Tyga spend long hours staring into each other’s eyes and hatching plans about how to get back into the Kard clan’s good graces.

Be careful, Kendall. It’s only a matter of time before they call you and propose a threesome.


Tyga Actually Comments on Kylie Jenner Paternity: Is He Stormi’s Dad?!?

Tyga has finally addressed the elephant in the room.

By which we mean… the baby in the crib.

Indeed, following several weeks of speculation and innuendo, the rapper has come out and answered the most pressing question in Hollywood:

Did he actually knock up Kylie Jenner?

Is he truly the biological father of Stormi Webster?

This possibility has been on the minds of celebrity gossip followers almost since various outlets confirmed Kylie was pregnant last year.

They just couldn’t believe that a rebound such as Travis Scott would be the one to impregnate Jenner, not after all she went through in dating Tyga for about two years.

Morever, there was talk that Tyga himself was pushing for a paternity test because he believed that his sperm was responsible for fertilizing Kylie’s egg.

So… is that the case?

Is Tyga aware of these rumors and is there any truth to them?

The artist finally addressed the chatter on Twitter this week, writing:

“I’ve never said anything about someone else’s child or family insinuating my involvement; and will never do so.

“Please, Stop spreading false stories and attacking people’s families.

“I have nothing to do with any of that.”

tweet by tyga


Well… darn.

Tyga concluded his pointed, and really pretty mature, statement by adding:

“People should be able to live in peace.”

We guess Stormi really does belong to Scott, huh?

We guess we need to accept that Tyga and Kylie are almost definitely over, which is not to say they couldn’t reconcile even if they aren’t the parents of a baby.

After all, other recent rumors allege that Tyga is desperate to get back together with his ex-girlfriend.

There have been multiple reports of him drunk dialing Kylie from the road, attempting to convince the 20-year old reality star that they are meant to be.

“He’s still blowing up her phone. He usually calls after his show when he’s had a few and his guard is down,” an insider told Hollywood Life in February, adding that Tyga “cries” during these chats and is very “lonely.”

Which is possible.

This could be the case even if he’s not the father of little Stormi.

But we have some very bad news for Tyga if this is claim is accurate:

More recent reports have stated that Jenner is shocked and thrilled that Scott is taking on such an active role in Stormi’s life.

She didn’t expect him to be so hands-on and, as a result, she wants her hands on Travis forever.

As in: Kylie supposedly wants to marry Scott. And as soon as possible, some say.

Is this allegation accurate? It’s really hard to say when it comes to Kylie and her love life.

But it does sound as though we can finally put one piece of gossip to rest:

No, Tyga did NOT bed Jenner a year ago and have unprotected sex with the rarely-clothed Instagram star. Or maybe he did! Just, no baby came from it.



Kris Jenner Finally Answers: Did Tyga Knock Up Kylie or What?!?

It’s the question that has been surrounding Stormi Webster ever since birth.

What will be her first word? Gosh no.

More like this:

Whose sperm was actually used to fertilize Kylie Jenner’s egg and create this brand new life?

Was it really Travis Scott, as Kylie has of course claimed and which most of the Internet accepts as fact?

Or might Tyga have actually swooped in and knocked his ex-girlfriend up?

The latter rumor has been making its way around social media over the past several days, gaining momentum as various blog consider the possibility and even compare photos of Stormi and Tyga?

Really. This is happening.

See what we mean below:

While most folks probably don’t really think Tyga is Stormi’s baby daddy, the issue has become prominent enough that Kris Jenner was actually asked about it during a radio appearance on Sunday.

Speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O. show on Sunday, Jenner was asked about this chatter directly — but she barely let the question of Stormi’s paternity leave the hosts’ lips before she chimed in.

“Tyga was chiming in saying maybe it was his baby, I thought, oh god, this is going to get messy” host Kyle said during the interview.

(He was probably referring to the rapper captioning a since-deleted screenshot of Jenner’s pregnancy news with the comment, “Hell nah thats my kid.”)

At this point, though, Kris replied and tried to shut down the topic as best she could.

“Oh no, no no. I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual,” Kris said. “Business as usual on the Internet.”

That may be true.

Or it may be true that Tyga actually asked for a paternity test.

You never know!

Saying that the hosts should just call her any time they want the truth about her family, Kris pivoted in this sit-down to the ongoing “exciting time” for her loved ones.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just welcomed a third child, Kylie is now a mother and Khloe Kardashian is due to give birth any week.

Indeed, she has been filled with “so many blessings and so many grandchildren,” Kris said on air.

With her ninth grandchild on the way thanks to Khloe and Tristan Thompson, Kris joked:

“I am officially outnumbered.”

True, but she can also now start her own Kardashian-Jenner baseball team as a way to make money off these new relatives.

And, let’s face it, isn’t that Kris Jenner’s main area of focus on a daily basis?

What do YOU think of this Tyga talk?

Could he actually have fathered little Stormi? Do you think he and Kylie will eventually get back together?

Or is Travis Scott in this for the long haul?


Tyga: Drunk Dialing Kylie Jenner! Desperate to Reunite!

Tyga is on tour in Europe at the moment, rapping his lungs out.

But while this body part may be a continent away, another body part remains in the vicinity of Calabasas. At least metaphorically.

We’re talking about Tyga’s heart, guys.

Indeed, a new report by Hollywood Life details just how much Tyga is missing Kylie Jenner these days and the answer is lot.

Tyga is missing Kylie Jenner A LOT.

The D-List artist is “obsessing about Kylie,” an insider tells this website, giving us a pretty clear example of how this feeling is manifesting itself on a frequent basis:

“He’s still blowing up her phone. He usually calls after his show when he’s had a few and his guard is down.

“He drunk dials her and cries about how lonely he is without her.”

If this is actually taking place, it’s heartbreaking.

Who among us has not drunk dialed an ex and then felt silly about it the next day?

Tyga, of course, split from Jenner just a few months before she moved on with Travis Scott.

He was considered a rebound at the time of their initial hook-up, but even a fling can lead to a baby… as Scott and Kylie have since proven.

The relationship that was only supposed to last a handful of weeks may now last all of eternity (or for at least 18 years) because Travis and Kylie have a daughter named Stormi to raise.

(Yes, we’ve quadruple checked. The baby’s real name is Stormi.)

HOWEVER, some folks out there believe Tyga is actually Stormi’s real father, believing the rumors that he and Kylie slept together at some point early in her romance with Scott.

Among the people who apparently believe this?

Tyga himself!

At least one report claims Tyga has been demanding a paternity test from Jenner.

Alas, she is yet to agree to one.

(Because she’s afraid of the world learning the truth?!? Or because this is a silly allegation without an ounce of truth to it? Hmmm…)

Jenner, meanwhile, is glad that Scott has stuck around so far.

But this doesn’t mean she wants nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend.

“Kylie is very happy with Travis right now, but she still loves getting the calls from Tyga, it’s such a huge ego boost,” this same website writes, adding:

“Kylie doesn’t feel guilty about it because she never picks up the phone when Tyga calls.

“She just lets it go to voicemail and then she’ll listen to his long messages with her friends when Travis isn’t around.”

This source says Scott “has no idea” these drunk calls are being placed, which makes us wonder what will happen if he ever finds out.

He’ll likely be pretty upset, right?

We sure would be.


Tyga Fans are Convinced the Rapper Fathered Kylie Jenner’s Baby

Congratulations are in order for Tyga.

According to the rapper’s loyal Instagram base, that is.

In light of the semi-talented musician sharing yet another mysterious social media photo, some Internet users are now convinced that Tyga is actually the guy who had unprotected sex with Kylie Jenner about 10 months ago.

What about Travis Scott?

What about him?!? they would respond to that question.

Indeed, while a video released by Jenner depicted Scott at the hospital with her, shortly before Stormi Webster entered the world, neither Kylie nor Travis has actually confirmed the latter is the tiny human’s father.

This has been the prevailing notion, of course, which is what Tyga fans think their hero is referring to in his latest Instagram caption.

It reads:

Tell me that the stories all lies now yeh.

Yes, Tyga may be insinuating about the rumors surrounding Kylie and Scott, everything you’ve heard is a lie.

In other recent posts, fans also suspected Tyga was sending cryptic messages to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, although others think he was simply reciting lyrics from his new album.

(Both sides could be right, FWIW.)

“Is this what u need to feel better?” he wrote in one post, adding elsewhere last week:

“Am I talkin foreign when I say I miss u.”

And also: “All I wanted was to talk to u.”

These captions come on the heels of a report that claims Tyga wants to take a paternity test because he really does believe he is Kylie’s baby daddy.

The musician did date Jenner for about two years prior to their split in late 2016, which was followed by Kylie quickly rebounding with Scott.

Mere months later, she got pregnant.

Yes, Scott would easily (and likely) have knocked her up.

But it’s also conceivable that she backtracked and found her legs spread once again for her ex-boyfriend, considering the clear connection she shared with Tyga.

This is what his most ardent supporters believe.

“It’s all lies! That’s your baby!” one follower wrote in response to Tyga’s most recent Instagram post.

Another referring to him as “Stormi’s daddy,” while another chimed in with:

“Ayeee! Congrats on the baby!”

We find it very hard to believe that these commentators are right.

But an insider tells Hollywood Life that even Kris Jenner has questions about Stormi’s paternity.

“Kris has started saying she thinks that there’s a chance the baby could actually be Tyga’s,” this source says, adding:

“Kylie swears up and down it’s not possible, but Kris is still hoping.

Tyga thinks it could be his baby and Kris very much wants that to be true.

“She’s scheming with Tyga to do a paternity test behind Kylie’s back.

“But even if Tyga’s not the baby’s biological father, he may end up stepping in, at least that’s what Kris would like.”

What do YOU think, celebrity gossip readers?


Tyga Posts Cryptic Messages on Instagram… to Kylie Jenner?

Tyga is in the middle of promoting a new album, of this we have no doubt.

But is he also in the process of courting Kylie Jenner?

This is the question many Internet users are being forced to ponder.

Over the past couple weeks, numerous reports have claimed that the rapper isn’t exactly ready to leave his ex-girlfriend alone.

Even though she’s now dating Travis Scott.

And even though she just gave birth to Travis Scott’s baby.

Toward the end of January, for example, a source alleged that Tyga was desperate to get back together with Kylie.

And even more recently, an insider claimed that Tyga is demanding a paternity test because he thinks he may be Stormi Webster’s biological father.

(We’re not sure here which is funnier: that rumor… or the name Stormi Webster.)

Tyga, meanwhile, has been updating his Instagram page frequently over the past several days.

Nearly every post includes a photo of himself and a mysterious caption, one that some believe was written with Jenner in mind.

To wit: 

All I wanted was to talk to u, Tyga wrote along with the image above.

Pretty straightforward, right? Pretty clear how some could interpret this as a message to Kylie, no?

The artist does, of course, also include the hashtags “#Temperature #Kyoto” with each caption, referring to his first single off the upcoming album and the album itself, respectively.

So there’s clearly a push at work here for followers to get psyched to hear new Tyga music. 

But the semi-talented rapper also wrote the following as a caption to the second picture shared above:

I been waitin right here, Still I been everywhere.

Those words seem like they truly could apply to Kylie.

As cited in this very article, there’s been constant chatter that Tyga is just waiting for Jenner’s relationship with Scott to fall apart; waiting to swoop in and be right there for the supposed love of his life.

Finally, Tyga asks a question along with this third image.

Is this what u need to feel better?

This one is a little more vague.

Does Kylie need a shirtless Tyga staring intensely at her right now in order to feel better?

Probably not. She probably just needs a good night’s sleep, considering the patterns of a newborn and everything.

Tyga and Kylie dated for about two years prior to breaking in late 2016.

Said Jenner during a scene from her terrible E! reality show last summer:

“There was absolutely not one thing wrong with me and T. Him and I will always, always have a bond. There was no crazy fight.

“We just decided, well, I decided that I’m really young.

“I don’t want to look back five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he’s really not that type of person.”

That’s fair.

And the split has seemed amicable. Neither side has bashed the other in public or anything.

But could Tyga now be trying to win the 20-year old back? Or might he just be posting non-Kylie related song lyrics into which we’re reading way too much?

It’s hard to say.


Tyga: Demanding Paternity Test For Stormi Webster?!

On February 1, Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child, a girl named Stormi Webster.

Aside from rumors that Kylie was dumped by Travis Scott, it seems the 20-year-old’s first weeks as a new mom have been relatively drama-free.

Until now, that is.

You may recall that throughout Kylie’s pregnancy, her ex-boyfriend Tyga claimed that he was the father of her child.

The unfounded claim smacked of desperation to remain relevant, and fans breathed a sigh of relief when Tyga finally gave up.

Unfortunately, now that Stormi has entered the world, it seems the rapper has resumed his campaign to reenter the spotlight.

According to Hollywood Life, Tyga is under the impression that Stormi is a dead-ringer for King, his son with Blac Chyna.

And he’s set out to prove that Dream Kardashian’s not the only one to receive some DNA from that ill-fated relationship.

“Tyga has heard through the grapevine that Stormi looks a lot like his little son King when he was a newborn,” an insider tells the outlet.

“Tyga wants to see for himself. He’s trying to get a picture so he can get eyes on Kylie’s little girl and be the judge.”

Yes, apparently Tyga has entered the baby photo black market in hopes of convincing a judge that he has grounds for a legitimate paternity claim.

It seems Tyga’s attempt to re-enter the spotlight is being recognized for what it is – a last-ditch attempt to remain essential to the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

No doubt there are some members of his inner circle egging him on, but it seems an unexpected voice of reason has emerged and is currently trying to convince Tyga to stop being a pest.

A source tells Hollywood Life that the rapper has remained friends with Scott Disick, and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex is doing his best to talk Tyga out of going forward with his court case:

“Scott has been encouraging Tyga to get over it and move on from Kylie,” the insider claims.

“Tyga has been complaining to Scott about his unresolved feelings for Kylie.”

The source adds that Tyga is at least being somewhat upfront with Scott about his motives:

“Tyga feels like he belongs in the Kardashian family and he still wants a DNA test to determine paternity of the new baby, which might be his last chance at actually being in the family. But Scott is not having any of it.”

Yeah, T-Raww we all feel like we should belong to some fabulously wealthy family who will take care of us for the rest of our days.

Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way.

Solid effort, though!