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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Confirm Miscarriage, Break Everyone’s Hearts

If you watched last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, then you know that it contained some pretty heavy scenes.

And if you didn’t … well, just prepare yourself for these heartbreaking spoilers, OK?

During the episode, we saw Farrah lose her mind, just like always, we saw Gary deal with some paternity stuff, and we saw Maci consider a new treatment to deal with her PCOS.

But when it came to Catelynn and Tyler’s story, the story we’re going to be talking about right now, things got just a little more tragic.

For much of this season so far, we saw Catelynn and Tyler discuss having another baby. We saw her doctor’s visit when she had her IUD removed, and then her positive pregnancy test.

We saw her tell Tyler the good news, then we saw them tell their families.

But in this week’s episode, we learn that she suffered a miscarriage.

“It’s very traumatic,” Tyler explained to a producer after it happened. “When you see her shaking and she’s got blood everywhere … you don’t really know what to do.”

“She kind of cleaned herself up, and we kind of figured out what was going on. Spotting is normal, but all the clotting is not.”

After that, he said that they “just sat in the bed and cried and just held each other.”

Tyler then somehow managed to make the story even more tragic by saying “I mean, here’s nothing you can really do, so it felt very similar to Carly.”

Carly, of course, being the daughter they placed for adoption when they were teenagers.

“I mean, Carly’s a little different,” he admitted, “because we have to … we get to see her every year, but it’s a loss, and you feel it.”

“Like, I feel like you process it as a loss. So I guess it’s something I didn’t really understand before.”

Catelynn tried to deal with the loss a few different ways — she practiced breathing exercises, she used a mantra, that kind of thing.

But then a producer told Tyler that Cate had called her and told her that “she wanted to kill herself.”

We already know what happened from there — she checked into a treatment center in Arizona to deal with everything, spent six weeks there, and after a few weeks of being at home she went back for another round.

We never had any doubt that she truly needed the help, and honestly anyone who’s ever watched Teen Mom would likely agree, but after seeing this episode, we’re extra glad she took those steps to take care of herself.

It’s a good thing that Tyler’s been getting some therapy of his own, too, because it’s obvious the miscarriage affected him greatly as well.

As he explained on Twitter after the episode aired, “That baby may have not been fully grown in the womb… but it was fully grown in our hearts.”

“For every parent out there who has lost a baby…it is not your fault & it is more than acceptable & understandable to mourn the loss of that baby & take your time to grieve.”

It was a touching message, and it’s clear that it resonated strongly with many of his followers.

“Last night’s episode was hard,” one person replied to his tweet, “and you two are so damn strong! I wish I had someone who would have done for me what you did for Cate.”

“I’m sorry you guys had to go through that,” another person wrote. “I have had 2 miscarriages.. to most people it was just a lost pregnancy but for me I lost my 2 babies. I love you guys stay strong you will get through this in your own time and your own way.”

One women even commented that she’d had nine miscarriages, and that “it is the hardest thing in my life I had to go through.”

“I wish more people were vocal about it, as it stands it feels so taboo to talk about and makes you feel so alone when you have a miscarriage.”

As difficult as it must have been for Catelynn and Tyler to film throughout all of this, it’s obviously an important topic for many, many people.

As always, we wish them nothing but the best.


Tyler Baltierra: Catelynn Lowell’s Mental Illness is Not My Fault!

Hasn’t Tyler Baltierra been through enough lately?

In case you haven’t been keeping score, he really, really has.

Things have been ridiculously rough for the past couple of months, as we’ve been seeing on Teen Mom OG and as he and Catelynn Lowell have been revealing on social media.

Last fall, he and Cate began trying for another baby, and she quickly became pregnant, but as we’ll see in next week’s episode, she had a miscarriage not long after they began announcing the good news to family.

We don’t know the exact timeline yet — we assume it’ll all become more clear as the season goes on — but it’s easy to imagine that the miscarriage led to her worsening depression.

In November, she made a statement about how she’d been thinking of various ways to kill herself, and afterwards she checked into a treatment center.

Tyler was extremely supportive of her decision, but just before all this happened, he sent his father, Butch, off to rehab for his lifelong struggles with addiction.

So all during that time, he was concerned about his father and his wife, he was dealing with all the emotions from the miscarriage, and he was also taking care of his and Cate’s daughter, Nova, by himself.

It can’t be easy for him right now.

And unfortunately it looks like some people are going out of their way to make things even harder.

OK, so Jenelle did an interview on a podcast last weekend with some people named Vince and Noel — this is the interview in which she admitted to doing drugs during her last pregnancy.

We’re not sure if they talked about Catelynn and Tyler during the podcast, but it looks like Noel made this post on Facebook last month:

Catelynn depression joke

As you can see, she’s making light of Cate’s depression, which simply is not cool, especially not now that Cate is having such a hard time with it.

Earlier this week, Tyler saw the screenshots of the post and tweeted them, writing that “This is the most ignorant, vile & insensitive thing I have ever seen. To mock my wife’s suicidal ideation & depression is just sickening to the core!”

He tagged Noel and the other people involved in the podcast and told them that “you’re part of the reason Mental Health has the stigma that it does.”

She defended herself by saying that she has depression herself, and that she uses that kind of humor to deal with it, which kind of makes sense.

But still, she doesn’t know Catelynn, and she was joking about her on social media. It’s understandable why Tyler was so upset.

After Tyler’s tweet, he and Noel had an exchange, and it seems like she deleted some of her tweets. Here’s a screenshot of part of one:

Noel tweet

So that part where she wrote “Do you want to take responsibility for Cait’s mental health?”, that’s the part we’re going to talk about now.

She attached a shot of Tyler’s infamous comments about not wanting a “heifer for a wife,” which, yes, was obviously not his greatest moment.

And he responded with a lengthy statement of his own.

“I take full responsibility for what I say,” he began. “This conversation was constructively edited to appear more insensitive than it actually was. We have addressed this many times before, but I will explain it once again.”

Tyler statement

Tyler said that during that conversation, Catelynn told him that “she doesn’t desire a ‘muscle headed tool’ because that’s not attractive to her & I responded.”

“We started a diet together,” he continued, “and asked to hold each other accountable to our commitments. We have been together for 12 years, so there isn’t too much we won’t say to each other.”

“Yes, I can be abrasive with my delivery. Yes, I can be ignorant with how my delivery impacts other people. Yes, I make mistakes. But I own up to them.”

But still, Tyler said, “to state that I am the cause of her mental health struggles is yet again, another very ignorant opinion.”

“Her mental health struggles derive from the chaotic and unstable upbringing we both endured. We are both actively working on those struggles.”

He finished by telling Noel that he understands she’s getting a lot of hate for her comments, “but attempting to play ‘tit for tat’ & scorekeeper with me is quite a pathetic approach to justify your insensitivity.”

It’s a pretty great statement, right?

And he’s definitely right — for anyone to try to say it’s his fault that Catelynn has depression is just completely ignorant and hurtful.

Good on him for standing up for himself, and for explaining that perhaps we don’t know the ins and outs of his marriage or Catelynn’s complex mental health problems.

It’s just sad that some people need that explanation.


Tyler Baltierra: On the Verge of a Breakdown Himself?!

If you keep up with all the latest Teen Mom gossip, then you know that things have been rough for our favorite middle school sweethearts.

And they’ve been tough for a good while now, too.

In November, Catelynn Lowell revealed that she’d been suffering from suicidal thoughts, and that she’d be checking into a treatment center in Arizona to get help.

She checked herself out early before Christmas because she reportedly felt guilty for being away from her family for the holidays, but it didn’t last — she returned pretty much immediately after leaving.

In late December, she finished her treatment and returned home, but just a few weeks later, she returned for another six weeks of therapy.

She’s been there about four weeks so far, and there’s been no definite word on when she’ll come home this time.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to know that Catelynn is going through such a hard time, but as the weeks go on, it’s becoming clear that Tyler doesn’t exactly have it easy himself.

He’s been staying in Michigan with their daughter, Nova, and running their clothing business on his own while Catelynn gets the help she needs, and it really seems like he’s running himself ragged.

Last month, he tweeted “I just don’t know if I can do this anymore,” and the next day he revealed that he was getting therapy, too.

“I’m doing a little self care today, you know what I mean?” he explained. “Sometimes you gotta put yourself ahead of other people sometimes in life.”

Since then, he’s posted a few videos that show how much he’s struggling, including one in which he openly cried about his situation.

And sadly, it looks like things still aren’t getting better for him.

In a series of videos he shared on Snapchat over the weekend, Tyler gave a little rundown of his plans for the day, and it was obvious that he was struggling.

“So I literally got to get all these Tierra Reign orders in the poly mailers and then I got to take them to the post office before they close,” he said.

“And then I have to finish this laundry and then I have to pack our bags for a week — my bag and Nova’s bag.”

He has to pack the bags, he says, because “I’m off to Arizona for Cate’s family week program at her facility.”

“It’s going to be a super, super long emotional week and a pretty long day,” he explained. “Yippee.”

He added that “I literally have all those things to do and I just don’t have the energy for it but I have to do it because if I don’t do it, it won’t get done, like usual. What’s new?”

It sounds like Tyler is really and truly exhausted from dealing with all of this, right?

He’s had this certain tone lately that makes it seem like he’s a little bit resentful of Catelynn for being away for so long, which is understandable, but also pretty upsetting.

Unfortunately for Tyler, things may be upsetting for the foreseeable future.

According to a report from Us Weekly, Catelynn is set to leave rehab at the end of this month, but the reunion special for this season of Teen Mom OG is filming in the first weekend of March.

“The reunions are always extremely emotional and grueling,” the source says, and for that reason, Catelynn might skip it altogether.

“Catelynn’s appearance is still very much up in the air and will be determined much closer to the date, even as late as the day before,” the source explains.

“Her treatment team will decide if she should go.”

If she didn’t end up going, that’s definitely fair, and it makes total sense — she’s obviously going through a lot right now, and she doesn’t need to risk her wellbeing for some reality show nonsense.

But if she doesn’t, we’d have to imagine that Tyler will have to show up in her place so that the Baltierras are represented.

And really, he has enough on his plate already.


Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Pay Birthday Tribute to Son Tyler: We Didn’t Forget This Time!

There are many challenges that come with raising 20 children.

You have to feed and clothe a small army, you have to yell out the right name when you’re angry, which is often a challenge even for parents with regular-sized families…

… and of course, you have to remember 20 different birthdays.

Lately, that last task has proven a considerable challenge for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Yes, despite their claims of being the planet’s foremost super parents, the Duggars have been forgetting birthdays lately.

But don’t worry, they’ve been doing their damnedest to cover their tracks.

First, they spaced on Jordyn Duggars’ birthday, and hastily threw together a last-minute celebration.

Shortly thereafter, Joseph Duggar turned 23, and his parents obviously forgot about his big day entirely.

They compensated by posting a video with a Jay Leno impersonator they’d just happened to run into, which sounds like something only the drunkest of stepdads would attempt to get away with.

Needless to say, the Duggars took quite a bit of flak, for their recent lapses in memory.

So it should come as no surprise that they’ve taken steps to ensure that no such errors occur again.

After all, forgetting your kids’ birthdays is one thing – being called out as anything other than models of perfect parenting is quite another.

Many fans of the family aren’t even aware of this, but back in 2016, the Duggars adopted a 20th child.

His name is Tyler Duggar and he celebrated his 10th birthday over the weekend.

Newly self-conscious about assuring the world that they remember the dates all their kids were born, the Duggars took to social media to pay tribute to Tyler.

The Duggars posted the above photo on Facebook, along with a caption praising the newest addition to their massive brood:

“Happy 10th birthday Tyler, a whole decade now!” Michelle and Jim Bob wrote.

“You are such a joy and a delight! We are so thankful for you! We wish you a happy birthday and look forward to another great year!!” 

Comments on the post served as a reminder that many fans were not aware of Tyler’s existence:

“Happy Birthday young man…Tyler. But, who is Tyler? All Duggar names start with a J,” one fan wrote.

“Who is Tyler? I thought all there [sic] kids’ names started with a J? Did they adopt?” another remarked.

So it looks like the Duggars haven’t been very good about celebrating all things Tyler on social media.

But hey, at least they remembered his birthday!

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Tyler Baltierra: Cheating Allegations Resurface Following Tearful Confession

Last night, Tyler Baltierra posted an Instagram video that it’s earned him a good deal of praise from Teen Mom OG fans.

In the clip, Tyler comes clean about struggling with mental illness and admits that he’s going through a challenging time.

Baltierra doesn’t go into much detail with regard to the nature of his difficulties, and now, some Teen Mom OG fans believe there’s good reason for that.

Ever since Catelynn Lowell checked into rehab to be treated for her own mental health issues, rumors that Tyler is cheating on his wife have been spreading like wildfire on social media.

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, many TMOG obsessives believe that last night’s tearful message is a prelude to a cheating confession.

A source tells Radar Online that Tyler is well aware of the infidelity rumors and he’s “really upset” and “pissed” that fans are making a hard time for his family that much more difficult.

“He said ever since Cate has been in rehab, the rumors have started because he’s out doing things on his own, and people don’t seem to like that,” she source tells Radar.

“He said, ‘It’s like everyone wants me to sit on my ass depressed until she comes home. I have to work on myelf too. I have things to get done, for us.'”

According to the insider, a frustrated Baltierra added:

“It’s okay for me to have a life. I can’t even go to a damn concert and say hi to people without cheating accusations. It’s stupid.”

The source continues:

“It’s been hard on him. He misses her. He’s just not used to this scrutiny.”

Catelynn checked into rehab back in November after revealing to her Twitter followers that she’d been struggling with suicidal impulses.

On January 17, she checked back into treatment and has remained there in the weeks since.

Those who know Baltierra best say that while the separation has been hard on him, he would never cheat on Catelynn.

Now if only he could convince his fans of that.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive the difficult path the Baltierras have traveled together.


Tyler Baltierra Reveals Mental Health Struggles In Heartfelt Message

It’s been a difficult year for Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Back in November, Catelynn checked into rehab to receive treatment for trauma and other emotional issues.

She revealed to fans that she had been coping with thoughts of suicide, and she went public with her struggle in hopes of removing the stigma surrounding mental illness and encouraging others to seek help.

Now, Catelynn’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, is following her lead by opening up about his own struggles with depression and anxiety.

In a heartfelt Instagram video posted last night, Baltierra revealed that he was experiencing a “bad day” and hoped 

“Sometimes, you just don’t even really know what to say to your children. I don’t ever cry in front of [my daughter] Nova or anything. I don’t want her to feel any of that,” he explained in the video message.

“You have good days, and then you have bad days. And today is just a bad day.”

Tyler explained that he had doubts about sharing the video with his 2.2 million followers, but decided that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to offer help and support to his fans.

“But, I know I’m not the only one feeling like this. So if you’re in that same boat as me, just hang in there and you’re not alone and talk to somebody,” he said at one point.

He further explained that he was posting about his own issues not to seek help, but to assure others that they’re not alone in struggling:

“I’m posting this because I think it’s important for people to not feel alone in their struggles. We’re humans, we’re allowed to have bad days, hard times & weak moments,” Tyler shared.

“Don’t be ashamed of what makes us humans special. You’re loved. You’re worthy.”  

Tyler went on to say that he doesn’t expect all of his fans to understand his illness, but feels that if even one person is helped his efforts have been worthwhile:

“If I can at least connect with one person through this & let them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. It will make being vulnerable worth it #KeepFighting #KeepTalkingMH,” he wrote on IG.

The hashtag refers to the social media effort to get young people talking about mental health in a therapeutic fashion.

As reality stars, Tyler and Catelynn will always face questions about whether they’ve truly earned their level of influence.

But no one can deny that they’re using their platform to try and make the world a better place.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more from the fan favorite couple.


Tyler Baltierra: Catelynn Lowell Is Ruining My Diet!

Back in December, Catelynn Lowell left rehab after six weeks of intensive treatment for trauma and other emotional issues

Shortly thereafter, Lowell checked back in, after apparently deciding she wasn’t ready to return to her often hectic life.

It’s been reported that Catelynn recently suffered a miscarriage and has been struggling to cope with the crushing loss. 

That still hasn’t been confirmed by the Baltierras, but whatever the case, we know that Lowell is prioritizing her mental and physical health these days after going through a very difficult time.

The recovery process has reportedly required Catelynn to make some major changes to her diet.

Sources say she’s excited about the prospect of turning a corner with regard to her health.

And one person who’s reportedly very happy about Catelynn’s new commitment to nutrition and weight loss is her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

As you may remember, Tyler was accused of fat-shaming Catelynn after he made some brutal comments about her weight on an episode of Teen Mom OG.

“That’s a big assquesadilla, it has a lot of chicken,” Baltierra said while Lowell was eating.

“It’s your body, you could do what you want. Obviously I don’t want no heifer for a wife!”

He later added:

“Would you want to be married to some big heifer?”

Sadly, it seems these days, he’s not being much more supportive.

Balterra has lost some weight in recent weeks, and he recently revealed that he did so despite – not because of – Catelynn.

Recently a Twitter follower asked Tyler if he’s concerned that losing weight so rapidly might cause Cateltynn to feel insecure and exacerbate her depression.

He basically responded that he couldn’t care less:

“The only one responsible for managing Cate’s emotions… is Cate. I have goals too that I refuse to put on the back burner,” Tyler tweeted.

Shortly thereafter, he accused her of sabotaging his diet:

“When I started my health kick Cate didn’t want to join me and kept ordering pizza and I had to eat my salad while staring at the beauty of that perfect looking, cheesy pepperoni greatness!” Baltierra tweeted.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more classy behavior from Tyler.


Tyler Baltierra Refutes Catelynn Lowell Cheating Rumor. HARD.

Tyler Baltierra would like your attention.

Does he have it?

Because the Teen Mom OG star has something he would like to say.

And that something is this:

He is not, in any way, shape or form, a cheater.

The steady boyfriend of Catelynn Lowell was forced to come to his own defense on Saturday after being alerted to a blind istem on some website called Crazy Days And Nights.

The item was shared a day earlier and read as follows:

This Teen Mom star has been cheating on his significant other for almost a year.

Eventually, when she starts having a clear head she is going to catch on and that could finally push her over the edge to suicide.

Because Lowell has been checking herself in and out of rehab over the past couple months due to a bit of mental instability, it was rather easy for readers to connect these dots.

This post is clearly implying that Tyler has been disloyal to Catelynn.

blind item

“Is this a joke or?!??! It’s kinda hard to tell these days,” Tyler initially Tweeted in response.

However, after other fans told Baltierra that the same website lobbed the same allegation his way last August, Tyler shot back far more forcefully.

“Okay, so yes, I should just ignore this & yes, since I know it’s not true I shouldn’t be paying attention to it,” he Tweeted, adding:

“BUT I’m a very stubborn individual & have always got a thrill from seeking out justice & facts. SO, Mr. @entylawyer here I am calling you out!

“Let’s see evidence.”

tb tweet

“Enty Lawyer” actually replied pretty quickly to this challenge, writing online:

“I haven’t revealed anything about you in quite some time. You seem defensive though. Anything you care to share?”

This account also looped in Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran, Baltierra and Lowell’s Teen Mom costars.

Shot back Tyler, quoting the website’s earlier blind item from last summer:

“So what is this then? A “blind item” revealed? Are you saying your sources are Farrah & Simon? Good lord help us all! It’s sounding more & more crazy, the more you talk.

“So please keep going…indulge me.”

blind item 2

The 26-year old added that he had nothing to fear…

… and wasn’t going to let his good name be sullied.

“A panicked person would keep their mouth shut & hope this all slides under the radar.

“Not me, I’m marching in & calling it all out! Because I have NOTHING to hide nor worry about.”

Baltierra has been trying to keep busy while his wife remains in treatment, posting footage on Snapchat this morning that featured him renovating the couple’s home, including putting in a luxurious master suite.

Despite rumors to the contrary, he insists he is not leaving Catelynn.

And it looks like Simon Saran is intent on helping Tyler keep busy, considering the trash he’s talking on social media.

“Are you for real with all that!? Coming from the dude that sleeps with Farrah & actually allowed that info to be filmed & aired for the world to see!?” Tyler wrote to his nemesis today, adding:

“God you really have lost your touch with your insults. I’m gonna need a little more from you Simon. Try again.”

Simon’s reply?

“Much rather sleep with her than what you have to sleep with. Trust me.”

Simon Saran tweets

Why do we have a feeling we have not heard the last from these two?

And why does that make us giddy and gleeful to see what’s next?