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UFC’s Greg Hardy ‘I Hate People Thinking I’m a Cheater’


Greg Hardy is adamant the illegal knee he landed during his fight Saturday night was NOT intentional — telling TMZ Sports it was a “rookie mistake” and he desperately wants a shot at redemption. 

Hardy was disqualified from the Jan. 19 fight against Allen Crowder for throwing a powerful knee to Crowder’s head while his opponent’s knee was still on the canvas. 

“I feel bad,” Hardy told us … “You never want to break the rules.”

The ex-NFL star has only been fighting professionally for less than a year and says, “It was a rookie mistake and I’m a rookie.”

Hardy says he’s still trying to get a grasp on all of the MMA rules — but wants the public to know his intention was NOT to take out Crowder with a cheap shot. 

Now, Hardy says he would love another crack at Crowder — and hopes to prove he’s serious about becoming a top UFC fighter. 

The good news for Hardy … Greg says Dana White spoke with him after the fight and was incredibly supportive, even though Greg was in a “bad place” mentally. 

As for Crowder, he tells TMZ Sports he forgives Hardy and would be down to fight him again if the money’s right. 

UFC’s Allen Crowder I Forgive Greg Hardy … Knee Wasn’t Dirty


Allen Crowder — the UFC fighter who took a vicious knee to the head from Greg Hardy on Saturday — says the move was NOT a dirty one … telling TMZ Sports, “sh*t happens.”

Hardy and Crowder squared off in the co-main event of UFC on ESPN+ … but the match ended in the 2nd round after Greg blasted Allen with a right knee to the temple while he was still down.

Hardy was DQ’d … and given his troubled past — many wondered if the ex-NFL player who has been previously accused of domestic violence MEANT to throw the illegal shot.

But, Crowder says he doesn’t think Hardy had any malicious intentions with the move … saying, “it’s a fight. It’s the heat of the moment.”

“There’s a lot of people that have made the same mistake. I have no hard feelings against him at all. He was tired, and sh*t happens. I have no hard feelings about it at all.”

For his part … Greg says he didn’t know the knee was illegal — saying, “it was not intentional.”

FYI … Crowder says if officials had given him another 30-or-so seconds — he woulda gotten up and continued the fight.

As for a rematch … Crowder says he’d be down — if the price is right.

UFC’s Rachael Ostovich ‘Grateful’ to Fight After Domestic Violence Attack


UFC fighter Rachael Ostovich says she’s “grateful” to be fighting on Saturday night —  after a domestic violence incident in November nearly derailed her MMA career. 

“I’m feeling so grateful to be here,” Ostovich told us in NYC … “There was a point where I wouldn’t have been here.”

As we previously reported, Ostovich suffered a broken orbital bone when she was allegedly attacked by her MMA fighter husband in their Hawaii home on Nov. 18. 

Ostovich initially pulled out of her fight with Paige VanZant due to the severity of the injuries — but after she was cleared by another doctor, she asked Dana White to be put back on the card. 

Ostovich says she’s received a ton of support from a bunch of UFC fighters — including VanZant.

“She’s an amazing person and she’s been very supportive and I love that,” Ostovich said. 

We also spoke with Paige who says she has a TON of respect for Ostovich — but the bottom line, when the cage door closes … they’re going to war. 

UFC’s Henry Cejudo Blasts T.J. Dillashaw ‘I’m Gonna Behead That Snake’


UFC champ Henry Cejudo says T.J. Dillashaw is OUT OF HIS MIND if he thinks he’s gonna be the first “Champ Champ Champ” … saying he ain’t even gonna make it out of January with two belts. 

Of course, Cejudo and Dillashaw are set to do battle on Jan. 19th for Cejudo’s UFC flyweight title — and when we told Henry about T.J.’s plans to win 3 belts in 3 weight classes this year, Henry ripped the guy. 

“I think T.J. Dillashaw is dehydrated … he ain’t thinking straight,” Cejudo tells TMZ Sports

“I’m gonna behead that snake.”

Cejudo ain’t no punk — he dethroned Demetrious Johnson back in August at UFC 227 … ending Mighty Mouse’s legendary streak of 11 straight UFC title defenses.  

In fact, Henry says once he gets through Dillashaw, he wants a rematch with DJ — which would be complicated since Johnson was just shipped from the UFC to the ONE Championship promotion in the first MMA trade in UFC history. 

By the way, we also asked Cejudo for an update on the Olympic gold medal he lost in a fire back in 2017  — and it sounds like he’s on track to get an official replacement soon. 

Remember, before he was a UFC champ, Cejudo won gold in freestyle wrestling at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 

UFC’s Polyana Viana Here’s How I Destroyed Alleged Gun-Toting Thief


UFC badass Polyana “Iron Lady” Viana is telling TMZ Sports exactly how she disarmed and throttled a man who was allegedly trying to rob her at gunpoint … and it’s VIOLENT.

Dana White has already heaped praise on Viana — a 26-year-old fighter with a 10-2 pro MMA record — but now, she’s giving us the blow-by-blow herself. 

It all went on Saturday night when she was approached by a man outside of her Rio de Janeiro apartment. Viana claims he pulled out something claiming to be a gun and demanded her cell phone. 

Worst. Mistake. Ever.

Polyana says she noticed the so-called gun “bent” when the guy touched it — realized it was made of cardboard (not metal) … and realized the only person who was in danger was the crook!!!.

“[I] thought, ‘That’s not a real gun.’ So, I got up and threw 2 hooks.”

“After that [I] just threw a kick to his face and that’s the damage you all saw in the photos.”

Polyana says those shots took the fight outta the alleged thief … so then it was just about subduing the guy ’til cops arrived.

“He sat where he was and [I] grabbed him in a rear naked choke. He tried to hip escape a little bit. [I] was afraid he had a knife or anything that could hurt [me.] So, [I] didn’t want to lose that position.”

Authorities showed up, arrested the man and hauled him off to jail.

As for Viana, Dana White — who’s a helluva smart businessman — booked her to fight a UFC 235 card in March.


UFC’s Tyron Woodley I’ll Smash Kamaru In March … and Colby In June


Tyron Woodley has a busy 2019 — telling TMZ Sports the plan is to destroy Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 in March … and then get back in the Octagon to face Colby Covington at UFC 238 in June. 

Both Usman and Covington have been angling for a shot at Woodley’s welterweight belt ever since Tyron smashed Darren Till at UFC 228 back in Sept. … but it wasn’t clear who was gonna get the first crack. 

Tyron tells us he signed his deal to fight Usman on March 2 in Las Vegas — and WHEN he gets the victory, the plan is to get right back into fight camp to prep for Covington. 

Colby is currently the #1 ranked welterweight contender, Usman is #2. 

We asked Tyron if he’s got a fight strategy for Usman yet … and shocker, it’s violent. 

Woodley is currently out in Hawaii where he’s been shooting an episode of “Hawaii Five-0” … and training with fellow UFC superstar Max Holloway

Jon Jones Jesus Act Is a Crock Says UFC’s Corey Anderson


Ya can’t praise Jesus on one hand while popping steroids and cocaine with the other … so says UFC fighter Corey Anderson, who says he’s sick of Jon Jones pretending to be a man of God. 

Anderson — a religious man himself — is the #6 ranked light heavyweight and angling for a title shot. He tells TMZ Sports it’s not just about the belt, he wants to teach a lesson.  

“He puts things, ‘Oh, God this and God that,’ but then goes out and does drugs. Ya popping steroids and ya failing your tests. You’re hitting pregnant women and running from the scene. Ya can’t sit there and mix God and still live that life.”

Long story short … Anderson thinks Jon is a phony who’s been putting on an act to win over the public for years — and says it’s offensive that he would tattoo a bible verse on his chest while living an ungodly life. 

“There’s a lot about him that’s just fake to me. The fact that he keep quoting these bible verses,” Anderson says … “I’m the type of person, I wake up in the morning and read my bible. I’m a God-fearing man.”

Anderson and Jones have been trading insults on social media — but Corey says he’s not just about that talk … he wants that action in a big way. 

“Hey Jon, if you watching, let’s go. All the smoke baby. You said, do I want the smoke? I want it all. Chain smoke. Cigar smoke. Weed smoke. Crack smoke. Whatever you smokin’, blow it in my face. Let’s get it.”

Anderson fought on the undercard at UFC 232 and beat Ilir Latifi before Jones defeated Alexander Gustafsson in the main event. 

As we previously reported, Anthony Smith is also gunning for a shot at Jones and says he’s already negotiating with UFC. 

Ain’t stopping Corey from shooting his shot.  

UFC’s Anthony Smith I’m In Talks to Fight Jon Jones … ‘I’m Your Guy’


Jon Jones is one step closer to his next fight … because Anthony Smith tells TMZ Sports his manager is already talking with the UFC to get a deal done. 

30-year-old Smith has clawed his way to becoming the #3 ranked light heavyweight after taking out Rashad Evans, Shogun Rua and Volkan Oezdemir in his last 3 fights. 

After Jones beat up Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 on Saturday, he and Smith talked trash to each other during the post-fight show on FS1. 

Now, Smith says he ain’t just blowing smoke — he wants smoke — and his manager, Jim Walter, is already speaking with the UFC honchos to hammer out a deal. 

No word on when the fight would go down but Smith says he’ll brawl with Jones “any time, any place anywhere … I’ll fight Jon this weekend if he wants to.”

Smith says he respects Jones as a fighter but wasn’t super impressed with his 3rd-round victory over Gustafsson — saying, “I’ve seen him look better.”

Of course, there are other fighters angling for a shot at JJ — including #6 ranked contender Corey Anderson … but Smith says no one wants to see that fight because Jones will beat his ass. 

We asked Smith if he had a message for Jones — “I’m ready. I’m ready and you know it. And I know it. I’m the only one that’s gonna push you.”

Stay tuned … 

UFC’s Jon Jones Fires Back at Cormier ‘Yeah, My Wife Does Have a Flat Ass!’


Jon Jones says Daniel Cormier‘s attack on his wife’s “flat” booty doesn’t faze him at all — telling TMZ Sports … Cormier is right! 

The UFC rivals have been going back and forth on social media — but things got crazy personal on Dec. 23 when they brought their wives into the feud. 

Jones started it … saying to Cormier, “I could slap your wife on the ass and you could literally do nothing about it. You’re my bitch D.C. that will never change.”

Cormier responded … “You couldn’t do sh*t you steroid abusing junkie! I swear I would never touch your wife’s flat ass lol.”

So, when we saw Jones after the UFC 232 press conference on Thursday, we asked if Cormier crossed the line by going after his wife’s cakes. 

“He said my wife got a flat ass? She DOES have a flat ass … but I love it!

He continued, “Oh, I love it. It’s nice. It’s good. I love my wife’s flat ass!” 

The takeaway here … Jon and Daniel finally agreed on something!!! 

UFC’s Al Iaquinta Conor’s a Washed Up Bum ‘Meet Me in the Alley’


Al Iaquinta is ready to take Conor McGregor‘s head off — telling TMZ Sports he’ll smash the Irishman if they ever step into the Octagon together … insisting Conor’s run at the top is OVER. 

Of course, “Ragin” Al defeated Kevin Lee at UFC on FOX 31 — and now the #4 lightweight fighter tells us he’s earned a shot Tony Ferguson, the #1 contender … which would open up a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov

Al fought Khabib at UFC 223 in April when he stepped in for Max Holloway on 1 day’s notice. Al went all 5 rounds with Khabib but lost by unanimous decision. 

Al says he looked WAY better against Khabib than Conor did when they fought in October — and says he strongly believes Conor has simply “lost it.”

But, more importantly, Al says his track record shows that he can wreck people when he gets more than 24 hours to prepare — and would LOVE to prove it in a fight with Conor. 

And, if you think it’s all about the money, Al says that’s BS — he’d gladly step into an alley for a chance to beat down McGregor for free.