James Franco Uncomfortable on Seth Meyers’ Show Talking About Ally Sheedy

James Franco had some super uncomfortable moments Wednesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” when the host asked the actor about Ally Sheedy. You’ll recall, after Franco won Best Actor during the Golden Globes, Sheedy tweeted, “Why is a man…


Vin Diesel Hits on Journalist, Makes Us Really Uncomfortable

Forget being fast and/or furious.

Vin Diesel has made headlines for acting inappropriate and awkward while being interviewed by YouTube star Carol Moreira.

In the following video, the action star is talking to Moreira about how Tom Hanks helped him become a star (true fact: they worked on Saving Private Ryan)… until he can no longer help himself.

He simply has to speak out.

So Diesel goes ahead and interrupts himself to tell Moreira the following:

"God, you're so beautiful. God, she's so beautiful."

This may be true. But it's also disrespectful and irrelevant to the interview taking place.

Diesel wasn't done, either.

He actually turned to people behind the camera and asked:

"Am I right or wrong? I mean look at her. How am I supposed to do this interview? Look at this woman. She's so beautiful. Talk to me, baby."

Oh God, Vin.

Clearly unsure what to do or how to react, Moreira was able to get the interview back on topic…

… until a few minutes later when Diesel returned to hitting on the journalist after she brought up the pair's shared interest in Dungeons and Dragons.

"I'm anything like you because I love you," he said. "Guys, really? Look how beautiful she is. You guys think this is a joke. How am I supposed to sit here when I'm looking at such beauty? She's so beautiful. I'm in love. I'm in love with the interviewer!"

Watch the video below – which begins with Moreira explaining how Diesel made her feel very “uncomfortable” – to also see the chauvinist actor practically drool over how “f-cking sexy” Moreira is.


Vin diesel hits on journalist makes everyone really uncomfortabl