Meghan Markle’s Dad Thomas to Undergo Heart Surgery and Can’t Attend Wedding

Thomas Markle is not going to walk his daughter, Meghan, down the aisle Saturday, nor will he travel to England, because we’ve learned he’s dealing with something far more serious … major surgery. Thomas tells TMZ, he will go into surgery at 7:30…


Britney Spears: Did She Undergo a SECOND Boob Job?!

Having survived child stardom, one of the most famous celebrity meltdowns in recent memory, and even Kevin Federline, Britney Spears has officially attained the status of immortal pop goddess.

But while she exists on a different plane than her fellow '90s songstresses (Sorry, Christina and Jessica. Hey, you're still doing alright for yourselves!), Britney is still subjected to the same tabloid rumors and social media speculation that's plagued her from day one.

Lately the scrutiny has been focused mainly on perceived changes in Brit's famous physique.

Yes, just as they were in the early days of her career, Britney Spears boob job rumors are everywhere these days.

The latest source of this breast obsession is the workout videos that Ms. Spears has been posting to her Instagram page in recent months.

In a video uploaded yesterday, Brit hoists kettlebells while listening to her own music (a display of hubris that onle she and Mariah could get away with) and the clip has fans convinced that she recently went under the knife.

“Britneyyy girl you look so hot! Did you get a boob job?” commented one follower.

“OMG LITERALLY SHOOK. Britney is working out to her own music AND got another boob job???” wrote another.

A third officially made it weird, asking, “But who is your surgeon? I need to know because I wanna look just like u.”

Insiders claim Spear's first plastic surgery experience was a boob job with her mother's consent when she was 17.

Now, fans believe she's gone under the knife for a little maintenance.

Hey, we all have to take extra steps as we get older, right?

And whatever she's doing, Brit obviously looks fantastic.

Check out her buzzed-about workout video below.

Britney spears did she undergo a second boob job

Rob Kardashian to Undergo Gastric Bypass After Reaching 300 Pounds, Source Says

Rob Kardashian’s struggles with his weight have been well-documented, and the reality star has been open about his efforts to shed the extra pounds in recent years.

Just last month Rob was hospitalized after a flare-up in his diabetes symptoms, reportedly brought about by an episode of extreme binge eating.

Now, it seems the incident may have inspired Rob to go under the knife as part of his effort to regain his health.

According to OK! magazine, Rob is planning to undergo gastric bypass surgery after learning that he’s surpassed the 300 pound mark.

“He’s not lost any weight at all and he’s all but given up on it happening the hard way,”  

“He considered a stomach stapling last year, but Chyna talked him out of it and got him in the gym.,”

For a while, the non-surgical approach appeared to be working, but Rob’s weight loss seemed to stall around the same time that he and Blac began experiencing their latest wave of relationship troubles.

Rob’s hospitalization took place just days after he tweeted that Blac had left him and taken their 2-month-old daughter, Dream Kardashian, with her.

Shortly thereafter, sources indicated that the move was preceded by a violent fight, during which Blac drunkenly beat Rob and had to be physically restrained by Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

Shockingly, the couple later reconciled, and sources say Blac is not pleased that Rob has decided to go the surgical route.

“She’s disappointed he’s going to do this – it’s a pretty extreme op,” says one source.

The insider claims that Blac is concerned about Rob’s weight, but there’s reason to believe that she wants him to hold off on the procedure for purely selfish reasons.

When they first got together, Blac vowed to help Rob lose weight, and it was rumored she planned to use his transformation as a launch pad for a career as a professional fitness guru.

Obviously, the fact that she was unable to help her own fiance slim down despite daily access might lead many to question Blac’s ability to help others get in shape with a series of overpriced DVDs.

Fortunately, she’ll soon have Rob’s last name to fall back on.

We’ll have updates on Rob’s surgery plans as more information becomes available.