Ex-Disney Star Orlando Brown Arrested in His Underwear by Bounty Hunters in Crazy Video

Orlando Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant, but not by cops — by determined bounty hunters who busted into a man’s house and found the former “That’s So Raven” star hiding … in his underwear. We’re told the crazy video footage –…


Kim Kardashian Posts Underwear Selfie, Gets Slut AND Mom Shamed!

In many ways, Kim Kardashian is the embodiment of the American dream.

Now, before you go hurling rotten produce at your computer screen or tossing your mobile device into a dumpster and then lighting the dumpster on fire, hear us out:

Kim came from a reasonably well-off family, it’s true, but who could have ever predicted she would grow up to be one of the most famous women on the planet?

In her early twenties, Kim was basically Paris Hilton’s errand girl.

By the time she reached her thirties, Kim had not only eclipsed Paris in terms of fame and fortune, she’d become a bonafide international icon and a one-woman media empire.

These days, she continues to rise to new levels of fame, all while raising three children and remaining in flawless physical condition.

We point all of this out only to highlight how absurd it is that Kim still gets ragged on by basement-dwelling trolls every time she posts a pic that they deem too risqué.

Kim posted the above photo to Instagram this week, along with a caption reading:

“Found this pic I took in the bathroom on set of My @calvinklein shoot #MyCalvins #ad”

Now, in terms of Kim Kardashian underwear selfies, this one is pretty tame.

Nevertheless, the trolls and haters came out in full force to 

Mom-shaming Kim is one of the internet’s favorite activities, but this pic seemed to bring out all manner of trash-talkers.

There were the plastic surgery-shamers, who said things like:

“She looks a bit more natural here. Is this an old pic?”

And then there were the classic body-shamers who like to pretend that 1. Kim would ever show any interest in them, and 2. They would totally pass if she did.

“If u still looked like this id crash but u garbage now,” wrote one such troglodyte.

And then there are those who seem to completely misunderstand the nature of Kim’s career and social media presence:

“Will your thirst ever be quenched?” these people ask, ironically quenching their own thirst in the process.

Folks, allow us to explain something important:

It’s not called “thirst” when you’re just carrying out the basic requirements of your job.

This is what Kim does for a living.

She identified the pic as an ad, which means she got paid (probably a staggering sum of money) to post it.

On top of that, this is how she’s amassed the following of tens of millions of fans that allows her continue cashing in on this sort of thing.

But please, continue telling us how taking a selfie in front of a mirror makes her a bad mom.


Kim Kardashian Taunts Mom-Shamers with Underwear Selfie!

Kim Kardashian isn’t backing down after being mom-shamed for nudity on Instagram.

Remember that Kardashian clan underwear photoshoot where Kylie was still farcically pretending that she didn’t have a baby bump? Well, Kim is offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at her own body.

As you’ll see in this photo below, Kim looks absolutely stunning.

Kim Kardashian is doubling down on her love of showing off her body without needless shame.

This time, she’s sporting Calvin Klein underwear and flaunting her body’s perfect curves.

She’s offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her body for that Calvin Klein campaign of her family’s.

Her caption is short and simple: “bathroom selfie on set @calvinklein #MyCalvins.”

And here’s the photo:

She looks extraordinary for a woman who’s just had her third child!

Okay, we joke. Kim’s new baby was born via surrogate. Kim doesn’t have any Chicago West weight to shed — another perk of surrogacy!

(Though, despite her difficult childbirths, Kim is famously adept at immediately shedding her pregnancy weight and regaining her pre-baby body. She did it with Saint faster than most people would believe)

Now, these Calvin’s aren’t exactly what you probably picture for sexy underwear. They’re … white. They look soft to the touch.

But we think that the point behind this particular campaign (at least in part) was that this sexy underwear is wearable in your real life. Kim and her family are the ones who are showing it off as sexy.

Sometimes, the reflex to be contrary works against us. It can lead to self-destructive behaviors.

in Kim’s case, however, her defiance is a huge, triumphant middle finger to the body-shamers, mom-shamers, and avowed misogynists who simultaneously demand that she cover up while happily objectifying her exposed body. 

These haters perpetuate old, tired, patriarchal values that treat women as commodities who shouldn’t be in control of how and where they display their bodies.

These are the same “values” that tell people to hate sex workers, or make people sex-shame women for promiscuity while praising men who do the same as “studs.” These are the same pernicious cultural elements that condemn selfies as “narcissistic.”

Kim has zero chill about shutting down that kind of talk. She’s stated that she’ll go on taking nude selfies until she dies.

As part of her personal campaign Kim Kardashian has posed for multiple photos of herself in bed.

Whether she censors herself with her hands or digitally, she looks astonishingly beautiful and yet Instagram appropriate.

In photos that are presumed to have been taken by Kanye, Kim lounges topless in a thong or under sheets.

No one person can destroy harmful patriarchal values, but Kim’s cultural impact is significant. Like it or not, the Kardashians are a huge part of why butts — the larger the better — are now openly appreciated in American culture.

So we’d say that Kim is at least making a dent.

By continuing to bombard the internet with nudes and underwear selfies, Kim is also showing how multifaceted people can be.

She’s a mom. She’s a reality star. She’s a businesswoman. She’s a wife. She’s a mother of three. And yeah, she has a rocking bod and is happy to show it.

It’s possible that Kim sometimes gives herself more credit than is warranted, but we’re pretty sure that other people don’t give her enough credit for what she’s accomplished.

The Kardashians are a media and fashion empire, and Kim has been the face of them from the start.

Though Kylie may one day usurp her place.


Kylie Jenner Poses in Underwear, Remains in Baby Bump Denial

Give Kylie Jenner credit, folks.

The 20-year old has managed to pose for a new underwear campaign with her sisters…

… while STILL managing to hide her baby bump.

Jenner has been noticeably absent from the public eye for several weeks now, presumably ever since her pregnant stomach became impossible to keep on the Down Low.

The new Calvin Klein campaign in which she stars with all four of her sisters is the first time we've really seen fresh photos of Kylie in months.

And it's pretty hilarious just how far Jenner and her loved ones are going to keep her midsection hidden from the camera, even while she wears very few layers of clothing all around.

Scroll down and then all around for a look through these Calvin Klein images, while also being reminded of other ways Kylie has hidden her bump from fans in this final trimester…

1. In Their Calvins

In their calvins
Kylie, Khloe and Kim are posing here in their underwear, while all working to shield a certain baby bump that is likely very large on one of them.

2. We Love Our Calvins!

We love our calvins
Hmmm… we wonder why Kylie is holding a blanket in front of her belly here. Any ideas?

3. So… Many… Sisters

So many sisters
What? Huh? No baby bump here, Kylie Jenner is basically saying as she poses with her sisters.

4. White Wonders

White wonders
The Kardashiain sisters look very sexy in this snapshot. And, hey, look at that: Khloe’s hand is helping to cover Kylie’s stomach!

5. Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall

Khloe kourtney and kendall
Looking darn good, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall! The sisters rock Calvin Klein underwear here…and nothing else.

6. Kim in Undies

Kim in undies
Kim Kardashian is no stranger to posing in her underwear. Or to posing in nothing at all.

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Scott Disick: Watch Sofia Richie Dancing in Her Underwear!

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are still together, folks. And they're looking positively domestic.

The self-described Lord filmed a video of Sofia dancing in panties in his kitchen, as you'll see below. And she's dancing to her dad's music, which adds a whole other complicated layer to this.

You'll have to decide — is the video fun and festive and playful, or is it creepy?

Your opinion of the video will probably be based on what you think of Scott Disick himself.

Is Scott Disick a creepy older man taking advantage of a teenager … or is he just living out the fantasy of most straight men?

Or, quite frankly, is it both?

(It might be both)

We've heard that Lionel Richie hopes that Sofia and Scott split, so we know what side her dad takes in all of this.

Let's just hope that he misses this particular video.

There's no questioning that Sofia Richie looks gorgeous.

She's a 19-year-old model.

Also, she's dancing around in a santa top and she's not wearing any pants. But hey, a red top and white panties makes for a festive Christmas color scheme, right?

Scott Disick might be genuinely in love with Sofia … or she might unwittingly be some sort of revenge for Kourtney finding happiness with Younes Bendjima.

In the first part of this video, which Scott decided to share with the world, he appears to be tossing ice cubes, which Sofia is catching and tossing into the sink.

They're just goofily messing around. If you forget about their huge age gap or how Scott spent most of 2017 before settling on Sofia, you'd think that it's just a cute video of a girlfriend and boyfriend.

Which is what it is. It's just that the girlfriend is 19 and the boyfriend is 34.

If you don't feel like doing math, 19 x 2 is 38, which means that Sofia is literally half the age of Scott's ex and baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian.

At the same time, though, Sofia's an adult. Are critics of the relationship infantalizing an adult woman who can make her own decisions?

It's the second part of the video — where the dancing puts her panties on full display for the camera and therefore for Scott's many, many followers — that really has people talking.

Sofia's dancing looks great, don't get us wrong. And she has very muscular legs.

But she's dancing to her dad's music — when Lionel Richie is scared to death by her current relationship.

A little awkward, even if she claims that her dad totally supports her relationship choices.

The creepiness level — Scott filming a teenager's sexy dance while her father's voice sings — may be more unnerving than their age gap, quite frankly.

Scott Disick is a complicated man. More complicated than you'd imagine for a dude who drank and banged his way through 2017 in order to try to get over a breakup.

And Sofia, despite her youth, is an adult. She has actual thoughts and feelings and desires of her own, and perhaps shouldn't be reduced to "Scott Disick's hapless girl-toy."

When you watch this video below, which version of their relationship do you see?

A cute couple celebrating the holidays or a man showing off his nubile young conquest, flaunting her in the faces of everyone he dislikes?

And, again, might it be both?

Scott disick look at sofia richie dancing in her underwear