Jacob Roloff Uses Baby Pics to Send Pointed Political Message

Jacob Roloff knows that a picture often says one thousand words.

But the former Little People, Big World star is here to tack on a few more words to a couple very cute pictures.

Roloff recently shared a pair of images on social media, one of which features himself as a very young child with his mother; and the other of which features himself as a very young child with his dad.

But Roloff doesn't want followers to see these snapshots and think "AWWWW."

He wants them to see these snapshots and think about the very troubling policy of our White House in response to immigrants trying to cross the Mexican-U.S. border.


Scroll down to see what we mean…

1. Jacob is the Most Outspoken Member of His Family

Jacob roloff outdoors
This isn’t saying too much, maybe, considering the lack of drama around the Roloffs usually. But Jacob is someone who quit Little People, Big World two years ago while simultaneously calling out the show and his relatives for being all fake and phony.

2. Down with Reality TV!

Jacob roloff lost in thought
In his new memoir, Roloff goes off in general on reality TV. It’s not an overly brazen stance, but it’s not something you hear often from an ex-star.

3. What About President Donald Trump?

Donald trump presser
You may not believe this, but Jacob has a few opinions about the Commander-in-Chief. (Spoiler Alert: He’s not a big fan.)

4. But Did He Really Stomp on the Flag?

Jacob roloff outside
There was outcry in July 2018 that Roloff took out his frustrations with Trump by stomping all over the U.S. flag. The photo of this alleged incident has been deleted and it’s unclear whether folks just read too much into Jacob’s foot placement.

5. Jacob Did Not Shy Away from His Feelings, Though

Jake view
In the wake of that flag controversy, Roloff invited fans to debate with him on Twitter, while making it clear that his political views represented who he is as a person.

6. Okay. So What’s Going On Now?

Jake t2
Roloff has posted this picture of him as a young boy, being held by his famous mom, Amy. Cute, right?

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Teen Uses Sign Language to Assist Deaf and Blind Man on Flight

Flying in an airplane can feel frightening and isolating for anyone. This can be powerfully amplified for disabled passengers.

When an Alaska Airlines flight asked if anyone might be able to help communicate with a passenger who was both blind and deaf, a California teen stepped up.

That teen believes that she was put on that flight for a reason.

Alaska Airlines Clara Daly 1

An Alaska Airlines flight made an announcement, asking if anyone onboard knew sign language.

As it happened, a teen girl who is a Calabasas native, Clara Daly, has been learning ASL (American Sign Language), and she jumped at the chance to help.

There was a man on the flight with her who was not only deaf, but blind. As a result, she had to sign into his hand in order to communicate with him.

“They thought that he might need something,” Clara would later explain. “And they weren’t sure how to communicate.”

As it turns out, she says, no emergency situations came up in which she needed to translate. But she was still happy to help.

“He didn’t need anything,” Clara says. “He was just like lonely and wanted to talk”

Alaska Airlines Clara Daly 2

Clara’s mother, Jane Daly, shared a series of photos of the encounter and explained what had happened.

“Clara and I flew home yesterday.” Jane writes. “Our original flight from Boston was cancelled (of course!) so Alaskan Airline placed us on an earlier flight out.”

There’s always something when you fly, it seems.

“Clara and I made a mad dash to the airport to make the new flight! (we did, phew)” Jane says.

“Shortly after the flight took off,” Jane says. “A flight attendant made an announcement asking if anyone knew sign language.”

Fortunately, there was just one such person on the plane.

“Clara has been studying American Sign Language,” Jane says. “So she rang the flight attendant button.”

There was a twist, however.

“They explained that the passenger was not only deaf, but also blind,” Jane reveals.

Yes, like Helen Keller.

Jane explains what the attendant told them: “The only way you can communicate with him was by signing into his hand.”

Alaska Airlines Clara Daly 3

From what Jane says, Clara was eager to help.

“Clara jumped up and went to see if she could help…” Jane says proudly. “And she did!”

Jane had started learning ASL because of her own dyslexia, figuring that it was just another way to communicate without writing or reading, since her mind jumbles those letters.

Jane shares: “Several times he requested her assistance throughout the flight.”

Which may mean that Clara was being too modest when she claimed that he didn’t need her help, even if there were no emergencies.

“Toward the end of the flight he asked for her again,” Jane reveals. “And this time he just wanted to talk.”

“She spent the remainder of the flight until landing with him,” Jane says.

“He asked her lots of questions,” Jane explains. “And she signed-spelled the answers into his hand.”

Alaska Airlines Clara Daly 4

“The flight attendants and the passengers around him were all taken by Clara,” Jane says. “They took these photos which they shared with me this morning.”

That is so sweet. And Clara suggested that it might have been no mere coincidence.

“After the flight,” Jane reveals. “Clara told me that she thought it was meant to be that our original flight was cancelled and we were placed on this flight so that she could be there to help this man.”

That is such a positive way of looking at an otherwise unfortunate flight cancellation.

“His name is Timothy,” Jane shares. “Our original flight was direct to LA. The new flight had a layover in Portland. Timothy was flying to Portland.”

Jane also says that Clara is being modest about the entire thing.

“She’ll probably kill me for posting this, but – Proud of my girl. #alaskanairlines

Of course, that very sweet story went viral. Good news is always welcome.

There is no shortage of horrifying viral stories, after all. Especially from flights.


Man Uses Alligator for Gender Reveal, Shocks Chrissy Teigen

File this under the Welp, We've Never See THAT Before category…

A couple in Louisiana gathered together many friends and family members this week in order to reveal the gender of their unborn child.

But they didn't use any balloons or cakes to surprise everyone (themselves included) with this piece of information.

They used an alligator.


Mike “T-Mike” Kliebert and Rebecca Miller are both trained alligator handlers and they took full advantage of their skills in this unique area by inviting one of their favorite reptiles to their party.

In the following footage, which has been viewed over 7 million times on Facebook, Mike feeds the alligator a small watermelon.

You can see the creator's mouth snap shut, prior to blueberry Jell-O pouring out forth, thereby indicating that Mike and Miller are having a little boy.

Hooray, right?!?

Family and friends are seen cheering along with the husband and wife.

The clip has gone viral because, well… you did read that a man used an alligator to reveal his baby's sex, right?

Among those who commented on the video was Chrissy Teigen, who has never met a social media moment she did not fully embrace.

"aaah yes the classic jello watermelon alligator snap gender reveal, who could ever get enough of these precious moments," she wrote in response to the reveal.

For whatever it's worth, meanwhile, the alligator is named Sally and has appeared in American Horror Story and is set to appear in upcoming movie Louisiana Caviar starring Katharine McPhee and Richard Dreyfuss.

What does the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries think of this stunt?

It does not recommend using alligators for gender reveals.

“It wasn’t harmful to the animal,” a spokesperson told The Huffington Post.

“But we discourage and don’t condone anyone using an animal as exhibition piece. Also, it is not wise to have a dangerous animal in such a demonstration so close to humans, especially children."

That's a fair point.

Watch the footage now:

Man uses alligator for gender reveal horrifies chrissy teigen

Kylie Jenner Says She No Longer Uses Snapchat, Company Loses $1.3 Billion in 24 Hours

Kylie Jenner’s recent hiatus from social media until she announced that she’d welcomed her baby girl had some wondering: Has she lost any social media clout during her absence?

The answer is no.

With one tweet, Kylie Jenner may have just delivered the killing blow to Snapchat. And it’s already cost them $ 1.3 billion.

Kylie Jenner spent months without pumping out new content on social media.

Part of that was because her body was busy constructing a tiny life form. That takes a lot of time and it also takes a lot out of you.

(We do think that precious baby Stormi Webster was worth it, and we imagine that Kylie agrees)

But mostly, she chose to spend her pregnancy in seclusion because she didn’t want to stress about social media — not about her output or over how others might reply to her.

That is totally her choice. She’s since apologized to fans for not sharing that part of her life with them, and made up for it by sharing a baby video of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

Also, she’s back on social media.

So, did Kylie’s influence ebb while she was playing the role of a build-a-baby workshop?

It did not.

But it seems that her love of Snapchat, of which she was once more or less considered the reigning queen, sure has waned.

On Wednesday, the makeup mogul tweeted an innocuous question that’s been asked by countless others for the past few weeks.

We wonder if, at the time, she knew the devastating effect that it would wreak.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat tweet

“Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.”

Not only has Instagram introduced its own Stories feature, complete with more options than Snapchat offers, but Snapchat’s most recent update has infuriated long-time users and caused them to put down the app.

Clearly, Kylie is among them.

She followed that by tweeting:

“Still love you tho snap … my first love.”

That profession of love, however, did not save the app’s stock.

On Thursday, the market value of Snapchat dropped by 7.2 percent.

That’s by 1.3 billion dollars.

Though there were other factors — such as a recent influx of strongly negative reviews from users after the app’s recent update.

Market analysts have Twitter too, folks. They could see Kylie’s tweet and they could see the sentiment mirrored in replies by her 24.5 million followers.

Outrage over an update is nothing new — countless apps and video games see backlash from furious users after “helpful” updates alter or destroy their ability to continue to use the things that they love.

But when the Queen of Snapchat herself doesn’t find the app usable anymore? That’s beyond a warning sign.

It’s no wonder that investors decided to jump ship.

No one could be happier at this news than Mark Zuckerberg.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Facebook founder and billionaire offered to buy Snapchat for a cool $ 2 billion.

Snapchat declined. Internet denizens note that Instagram then came out with a Stories feature that many users find preferable to Snapchat’s, effectively making Snapchat (in some people’s opinions) redundant unless you’re just sending nudes.

That may still have played a role in Snapchat’s apparent downfall, but Zuckerberg surely couldn’t have predicted that Kylie would so mournfully tank Snapchat’s brand with a single tweet.

The question is: did Kylie have any idea that she might be effectively euthanizing Snapchat?

And did Snapchat realize how much their brand hinged upon one barely-20-year-old?


Harvey Weinstein Uses Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence in Lawsuit Defense

Harvey Weinstein wants one of the class action lawsuits against him dismissed, and says Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence prove the case has some major holes. Weinstein filed docs responding to the suit … which claims he — along with the…


Logan Paul Uses Taser on Dead Animals, YouTube Suspends Ads

Just four days ago, Logan Paul returned from hiatus with more followers than he had before his shameful “suicide forest” controversy, in which he filmed and mocked a suicide victim.

A million new followers does not amount to a lesson learned. And Logan Paul just filmed himself doing something else awful and disturbing.

This time, YouTube has taken action by suspending all advertising from his channel.

Towards the end of Logan Paul’s video in which he announced his return to vlogging, he bragged about his increase in followers:

“I know for a fact everything I do from this point on will get criticism, it will get backlash, because I’m a very polarizing dude. You either love me, or you hate me.”

He forgot to mention that some people are blissfully unaware of his existence.

“So internet, please, use me, bro. Crucify me, vilify me, and I can promise you one thing, guys. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be here for a minute.”

That is:

One, not the first time that he’s referred to criticism of his unconscionable behavior and compared it to the literal crucifixion of Jesus.

Two, straight out of the monologue of an insufferable anime villain.

For reasons that we cannot begin to fathom — because surely, even if he wanted controversy, he should have known to wait a couple of weeks — Logan Paul filmed himself tasering a dead rat.

He shows himself finding a couple of dead rats on his porch.

(Which is obviously massively suspicious; how many mansions have dead rats show up? We don’t see neighborhood cats leaving them as gifts)

He then repeatedly tasered one of the dead bodies. It’s always reassuring to see a privileged man taking out his violent impulses on dead animals. That’s one of the signs of a healthy mind, right?

So, obviously, it’s in poor taste and is massively inappropriate.

The fact that this is right on the heels of his video in Japan’s infamous “Suicide Forest” makes things even worse.

After that first dreadful video in Japan, which was culturally insensitive and also just, like, objectively insensitive, Logan Paul faced consequences from YouTube.

They reduced his cut of advertising revenues.

Now, however, YouTube has taken things a step further by cutting off all of Logan Paul’s advertising.

Being an obnoxious little s–t on camera while also being super handsome is how Logan Paul made his millions.

Alot of that is merchandising, but he made seven figures in 2017 from advertising revenue alone.

YouTube released a statement explaining why they had taken the drastic step of this suspension:

“This is not a decision we made lightly.”

Of course not. Logan Paul is a huge source of revenue for the streaming platform.

Suspending his ads hurts them, too. Imagine if NBC stopped airing ads on This Is Us?

(But also imagine if Kevin Hartley were an insufferable little fame monster instead of the talented, handsome actor that he is)

“We believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

YouTube is right to be concerned about a ripple effect. If YouTube stars get a bad reputation (well, a worse reputation), parents might start limiting access to YouTube rather than taking a close look at who is just giving a makeup tutorial versus who is ruining lives for fun and money.

Logan Paul was YouTube’s darling son, and now he’s hurting the brand so much that even his massive number of subscribers aren’t worth it.

This suspension is temporary, however, and it looks like YouTube is hoping that he will mellow out.

Unfortunately, when you reward a terrible young man’s behavior with fabulous wealth, it doesn’t exactly discourage him from being obnoxious.

Is Logan Paul even capable of learning his lesson now? He’s not a child, folks.

Or will he return after this suspension ends with some new terrible stunt to feed his martyrdom complex?


Eminem Uses Grindr! Did He Just Come Out?!

Eminem is an intensely famous — and polarizing — rapper. From his persona life to his lyrics, he’s a deeply controversial figure.

Among other things, Eminem has been accused of homophobia more than once. Not unusual within rap lyrics, but also not acceptable.

So color us surprised when Eminem casually mentions that he’s been been looking for dates … using Grindr.

We want to give you background and we will, but this is so unexpected that we want you to go ahead and see what he said.

In an interview with Vulture, Eminem talks about what he’s been up to lately.

“Since my divorce, I’ve had a few dates and nothing’s panned out in a way that I wanted to make it public.”

That is a very, very common post-divorce experience.

“Dating’s just not where I’m at lately.”

Naturally, Eminem’s interviewer asked if he’d used any dating apps.

“Yeah, Tinder. And Grindr. I also used to go to strip clubs.”

Before we dive into that Grindr revelation — and it’s a lot — we should talk about the idea of a celebrity using regular-people dating apps.

Imagine flipping through Tinder to make some snap judgments about people’s faces, only to be shown the face of the guy whose music played at one of your middle school dances.

There are celebrities-only dating apps — like Raya — to prevent starstruck fans from using them to stalk their favorite celebs.

It may be that Eminem figured that he’d try his luck with those starstruck fans.

Also, just for the record, going to strip clubs seems like a terrible way to find a date. Also, strip clubs are definitely not an app.

As for the Grindr bit … it’s really, really hard to tell if Eminem was joking or not.

If so, he was probably joking about Tinder, too. If not … well, Grindr is just for dudes.

Grindr does have a straight version — but that’s called Blendr.

Just because it’s by the same people doesn’t mean that you can use the names interchangeably. If you get a new iPhone, you’re not going to refer to it as your MacBook Pro or whatever.

Grindr is for gay men and for bi men and for men who use other labels (or none at all), and while some folks use it to “make friends” and while it’s opening up to some nonbinary folks … it’s really, really not the app to use to meet women.

So, has Eminem been dating men?

Among various other controversies, as we said, Eminem has been accused of homophobia.

He’s been very casual about throwing around anti-gay slurs that we wouldn’t care to repeat, but when asked if he hates gay people by Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes, Eminem replied:

“No, I don’t have any problem with nobody. You know what I mean? I’m just like whatever.”

He’s also said that he grew up with those slurs and other anti-gay remarks thrown around as generic negative terms, rather than as anti-gay weapons.

We’d point out that the idea is to grow up and stop using those words. Eminem’s daughter is in college, which makes him more than old enough to have some self-awareness.

But have his offensive lyrics been some sort of veneer? Might Eminem be bisexual and casually revealing it in an interview?

Fans are divided.

Some fans on Twitter were freaking out:

“Eminem casually mentions in an interview he uses Grindr and the reporter DOESN’T follow up?? Worst journalism of the year.”

Others dismissed it as a joke:

“Am i missing something or is it not obvious the eminem grindr thing was a joke”

Billy Eichner seems to be taking it seriously:

“IMHO I don’t think Eminem was really joking when he said he uses Grindr. He is very smart and self-aware. I think he knows people will *think* he’s joking – and that his rep will say he’s joking – but I don’t think he’s joking. And good for him!”

Colton Haynes actually responded to Eichner’s tweet with:

“Didn’t u know he and I used to date?” 

That, at least, we’re pretty sure is a joke. Maybe like … 80% joking. Probably.

We don’t really know if Eminem’s history of domestic violence accusations and homophobic lyrics are likely to get him welcomed into the LGBT+ community with open arms.

On the other hand, Eminem’s been singing about hating Trump a lot lately. That’s a solid way to endear himself to a majority of the country.