Kim Kardashian on Instagram: Gaze Upon My Vagina, Won’t You?

The sight of Kim Kardashian naked or in a partial state of undress is not an uncommon one.

But if the popularity of modern superhero movies has taught us anything, it’s that people want nothing more than to see the same exact thing over and over again.

And in the case of naked Kim, at least it’s free and doesn’t eat up three hours of your afternoon.

As you can see, Kim is wearing a bikini in her latest selfie.

But it’s not just any bikini, mind you.

For one thing, it’s Chanel, and probably custom, which means it also probably costs about as much as your college education.

On top of that, this particular piece of swimwear holds the distinction of being the World’s Tiniest Bikini.

And whenever a fancy designer label is combined with an opportunity for partial nudity, Kim just appears, like Beetlejuice with giant boobs.

Kim captioned the photo:

“Chanel vintage, lets please be specific,” which is a reference to the Metro Boomin song “Chanel Vintage.”

But you came here for boobs, not esoteric allusions to 4-year-old hip hop songs.

Although at this point, what’s really left to be said about Kim Kardashian’s boobs?

Well, quite a lot actually.

For one thing, they look remarkable, especially for a woman who’s birthed and breastfed (we think) two children.

And while she’s rumored to have undergone a lift or two, as far as we know, Kim has never received implants.

Of course, she appears to be lying on her back here, so despite the amount of flesh that’s exposed, it’s not easy to determine exactly what’s going on with Kim’s breasts these days.

Obviously, Mrs. Kardashian-West is in the best shape of her life, and she deserves credit for the amount of work that she puts into hair removal.

Although, to be fair, once you achieve that level of wealth, we’re sure someone does the pube-plucking for you.

We’re speaking figuratively, of course.

You can be sure a pair of tweezers hasn’t entered the vicinity of Kim’s vagina in quite some time.

These days, she probably undergoes some new technique involving magical incantations that the rest of us haven’t even heard of yet.

This has been your daily installment of us creepily spending far too much time rumination on Kim Kardashian’s body.


Khloe Kardashian: My Vagina is None of Your Business!

Khloe Kardashian has learned a few things about motherhood since welcoming daughter True Thompson into the world.

And she's here to share that knowledges with her adoring fans!

The reality star, who gave birth to her first child in April 2018, took has taken to her app to rundown a list of statements and questions that make new moms such as herself cringe.

She's trying to do the public a service here.

She really wants to make sure you understand that these utterances should be off-limits when speaking to a woman who recently gave birth.

So get out a pad and paper and prepare to take some notes, okay?

Here we go…

1. Let’s Begin…

Khloe kardashian on the instagram
Okay, the first thing to never ask a new mother is this: “Did you deliver naturally?” Must Khloe explain why this question is such a no-no? Yes? Okay, her answer is below.

2. Because It’s MY Va-Jay-Jay!

Khloe kardashian at 8 months
“My vagina – its past, its present, its future – is none of your business! Period,” writes Khloe, making a good point. Why would you ask a woman to detail the most painful and personal experience of her life?

3. What About Nursing? Can I Ask How Nursing is Going?

Khloe kardashian on insta
NO! “This is just such a personal issue. You never know the private struggles someone could be going through and how terrible it may be making them feel,” Khloe says.

4. Look, Khloe Understands… But Still

True and khloe
“I totally get it that sometimes it’s hard to know what to say to a new mom! I have my awkward moments, too,” Khloe admits in this post. “There are a few things that are pretty much the worst things to hear after you’ve given birth, though. Like, please shut the f-ck up if you even TRY to brag about your good night’s sleep.”

5. Okay…. So What Else?

Khloe on snapchat
Khloe also discourages others from making observations, like “You look tired,” “Your baby cries a lot,” and “I never see you anymore.” Do people think women want to hear statements such as this? What is the sentiment behind them?

6. Let Khloe Explain Further:

True thompson picture
“A new mom is likely already sad about this, so this statement will most definitely cause tears – or anger,” Khloe says of wondering out loud why she has seemingly become so anti-social. “Not a good idea.”

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Ariana Grande “God Is A Woman” Music Video Radiates Big Vagina Energy

Ariana Grande has done it again in what might be her best music video yet. "God Is A Woman" dropped on Friday, and the video is a true work of art.

Fair warning, both the not-so-subtle imagery and Ariana herself push the boundaries of what some consider appropriate for a music video.

She's radiating what some might call Big Vagina Energy. Take a look:

Ariana grande body paint

Pete Davidson is a lucky man.

Ariana Grande's "God Is A Woman" music video takes viewers on an artistic tour of the sacred feminine.

We mentioned that some of her imagery was not especially subtle and potentially crossed some lines.

What we meant by that is, well, Ariana is showing off a whole bunch of vagina shapes. (She pushes the envelope further than that, as you'll soon witness)

As far as the Big Vagina Energy is concerned, see what we mean right here:

Ariana grande god is a woman

In addition to hoola hooping through the galactic core, we also see Ariana lounging on her side, apparently wearing nothing but paint and a ponytail.

Ariana is wearing some selective body paint to cover the bare essentials, but most of her essentials are still bare.

The paint-streaked water that looks like it came from the mother of all bath bombs (a MOABB) takes a very particular shape: a vagina.

Here, we are using that term vagina colloquially to refer to the entire pubic area — the paint defines labia and even hints at a clitoris. If you missed that, look again.

In art, an almond shaped aura around a person is often referred to as a mandorla (not a mandala, that's unrelated).

This artistic device is used to depict a holy figure or someone sacred. Ariana Grande, who was raised Catholic, is fusing this symbol with the vagina to make a powerful statement.

Ariana grande straddles the world

This gif, folks, is the least subtle of all. Which, given the contents of Ariana's absolutely stunning music video, is saying something.

Here, we see Ariana straddling the globe like a divine figure, with one hand between her legs.

But it is the other hand that is even pore provocative, as she strokes and appears to finger the eye of a hurricane, however briefly.

Both hurricanes and galaxies (which, again, she is shown hula-hooping) have been pointed out as feminine imagery — which can be a touch cissexist.

Ariana is taking things a step further by lovingly inserting her fingers into the hurricane.

(With those nails! Ouch!)

Ariana grande above men

Ariana's "God Is A Woman" music video is not devoid of men.

For a brief moment, she writhes in the air above a bed covered in writhing, unclothed men — though these men are covered by white foam.

We hope that everyone understands the symbolism of white foam in this context.

There is another moment in which Ariana dances as if she were the wick in a candle flame.

Remember the vagina imagery of when she lounges in the paint? That's back in full force with the shape of the candle flame.

And then, of course, there is the end.

Ariana grande the creation of woman

The music video has some strange moments, and during some of them, the music even pauses for a few seconds for something else to happen.

But we have to talk about this last bit.

Before the video fades to black, Ariana Grande recreates Michelango's famous "The Creation of Adam," a fresco mural from within the Sistine Chapel.

This time, however, she is part of a host of women taking the position of God, and she is reaching out to a woman who is in the position of Adam.

This is so deeply gorgeous.

Ariana is one of the greatest musical talents to ever live. This music video is an absolute gift to her fans and to the world.

Check it out:

Ariana grande god is a woman music video radiates big vagina ene

Kim Kardashian: My Vagina Tastes Like a Pineapple & Yours Can Too!

Pineapples don’t enjoy the greatest reputation in the US, and it’s not hard to see why they’re so maligned.

They’re hard to eat; they don’t carry much nutritional value; and ordering them on your pizza can get you permanently kicked out of your friend group.

But Kim Kardashian wants you to know a pineapple a day can change your life in one very important way.

“Google the benefits of pineapple juice,” Kim captioned the pic above.

We’re gonna go ahead and save you some time, by informing you that Kim is referring to the flavor of her vajayjay.

Yes, research has found that consumption of pineapples and pineapple juice can lead to a more flavorful hoo-hah.

But fellas, you don’t need to be left out of this medical breakthrough.

Studies have shown that gobbling up the pointy fruit can improve the taste of reproductive fluids for both sexes.

While that’s certainly valuable information, we’re more interested in what this post tells us about Kim’s sex life.

Courtesy of Amber Rose, we already know that Kanye enjoys a finger up his butt from time to time.

But apparently it’s not all about Kanye in bed — as it is in every other aspect of Yeezy’s life.

West is clearly not averse to taking some trips down south, but it seems he is a bit picky when he’s eating at the “Y.”

We know this because Kim has been about that pineapple life for several years now, which leads us to believe Kanye offers more feedback than a dozen irate Yelp users.

Kim first tweeted about her love of the genital-improving juice back in 2013, writing:

“How good is pineapple juice? All those amazing benefits!”

She added a licking-face emoji, to ensure that fans wouldn’t miss her meaning.

As longtime fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians know, 2013 was also the year of the Great Kard Clan Vagina Smell-Off.

Yes, in one memorable episode (unless, of course, you’ve been successful in blocking the scene in question from your mind) Kim and Kourtney participated in a contest to determine who had the better smelling vadge.

Khloe was chosen as judge, of course.

Kim won with the help of a few cans of the good stuff from Dole.

Yes, it seems pineapple juice is to Kim what spinach is to Popeye.

We could be total buzzkills and point out that you probably need to drink a ridiculous amount of pineapple juice to alter the taste of your bodily fluids, but this is an area in which placebo effect is probably about 90 percent of the experience.


Jazz Jennings: I’m Out of Surgery, I Have a Vagina, And I’m Doing Great!

Several weeks ago, transgender teen reality star and activist Jazz Jennings announced that she will finally have a vagina.

She has been waiting for this moment for her entire life, and it has arrived.

Jazz celebrated by sharing a post-op photo with her fans.

She had to lose 30 pounds before undergoing surgery, but she did it!

And now, Jazz can wipe away her dysphoria by having the body that she deserves.

Fans knew that she would be undergoing surgery on June 26, and she took to Instagram in the afternoon of June 28 to update them, writing:

“I’m doing great, thanks for all of the love and support!”

She followed that with a shining heart emoji.

Take a look at the hospital bed selfie that she shared along with her message:


Honestly, it speaks to how seriously she takes her role as an activist who works to raise awareness for the trans community that she left such an earnest message.

She’s a Gen Z kid, and even older Millennials these days tend to announce recoveries from surgery with bed selfies that read: “I lived b–ch.” It’s a meme.

Not all trans folks experience dysphoria with relation to their genitals. Gender, after all, is not defined by genitals.

But for those like Jazz who do experience dysphoria, living in a body that doesn’t match their identity — a body that constantly encourages society to view them in a certain way — can be agonizing.

Jazz is extraordinarily fortunate that, with the love and support of her family, she was able to undergo bottom surgery — that is what it is called when a trans person gets confirmation surgery on their genitals — at 17.

Her fans are overjoyed for her.

Jazz’s surgery was not without its challenges. Her efforts to lose weight were only part of that.

See, Jazz has been on puberty blockers — a good first step for any trans child who doesn’t want to see their body transformed by puberty hormones.

Puberty blockers are simple and reversible and safe, but gender confirmation surgeons have found that they mean that there is less tissue for them to use when performing bottom surgery.

Or, to be blunt: a trans girl who never went through puberty might have an otherwise easy time with her body, but she won’t have enough penile tissue for surgeons to use to make her new vagina.

“They didn’t have enough material to construct the entire vagina,” Jazz described to her followers in the weeks leading up to her surgery.

Jazz explains the solution: “So they’re using a special procedure to extract my peritoneal lining.”

The peritoneal lining is a membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and covers most of the intra-abdominal organs.

The membrane, as Jazz notes, is regenerative. You can think of it like an internal skin graft.

“They take that out laparoscopically through my bellybutton or whatever,” Jazz explains. “They use that and harvest that and use that to make the vaginal canal.”

And, as she explains, there are some definite benefits to using this method to perform the surgery.

“It’s better,” Jazz says. “Because it looks like real vagina tissue and it feels more like real vagina tissue.”

Jazz will of course have to recover from her surgery and become accustomed to her new anatomy.

Her fans are happy for her and showered her with congratulatory messages.

Unfortunately, Jazz has to contend with more than her share of trolls, even though she’s a teenage minor.

We’re not just talking about Derick Dillard’s transphobic attack. There are a lot of these people.

Just glancing at her post-op selfie, we could see multiple harassing messages from an Instagram account with no posts of its own that follows only Jazz — meaning that someone created it specifically to leave her nasty comments.

But Jazz explains why she puts up with the hate and vitriol instead of quietly transitioning and living her life outside of the spotlight.

“The reason why I’m being so open and documenting my journey with this procedure,” Jazz explains on her YouTube channel.

“Is because I feel like education is super important,” Jazz says. She’s right.

“If I put out this information for people to see,” Jazz continues. “They won’t need to ask any more questions.”

“And also,” Jazz adds. “It’s educational within the community, as well.”

Like we said, not all trans kids come from such loving and supporting families. But those parents who do support their kids might have questions.

“A lot of parents who have transgender kids are like, ‘what do I do? I don’t know much about this process!'” Jazz explains.

“And seeing our show kind of helps them realize what steps they could take to help their kids and what the journey might look like in the future,” Jazz concludes.


Chrissy Teigen: Yeah, I Steamed My Vagina; Take a Look!

We’ve all watched and laughed as Gwyneth Paltrow defends vaginal steaming despite medical science. We’ve laughed even harder when Farrah Abraham does it for attention.

But now, with a heavy heart, we must disclose that Chrissy Teigen has begun to dabble in vaginal steaming. It’s heartbreaking.

In fact, Chrissy even documented her experience. You can see that below.

Like most parents, Chrissy Teigen’s tweets are often about her family, particular daughter Luna’s ongoing milestones and baby Miles’ breastfeeding antics.

(And about politics. Everyone tweets about the news and politics every day for these past couple of years because every day brings new horrors)

But Chrissy decided to share something personal — very personal.

“Face mask / heat pad / vagina steam,” she writes on Twitter, teasing the image to which she linked.

Care to guess which of those things made people’s eyes bulge in surprise and horror? No need to guess — it was “vagina steam.”

“No, I don’t know if any of this works,” she admits. “But it can’t hurt right?”


Chrissy then answers her own question with: “*vagina dissolves*”

That’s quite the image.

“I said vagina,” Chrissy tweets as a follow up as she looks at her own words.

She explains that it’s one of thiose times when a word that you’ve written just doesn’t look right.

“It looks so weird I wanna change it to vajay,” she admits. “But I’m gonna try to be adult about this.”

In the mean time, one of those Twitter bots that automatically responds to tweets with ads based upon key words tried to sell her a steamer.

“Lol,” Chrissy replied.

Vaginal steaming is controversial to say the least.

The supposed benefits are said to include easing tension in the vagina, reducing bloating and period cramps. 

It is also supposed to “cleanse” the vagina and uterus.

But so much about the treatment is unproven  … including whether it is safe or unsafe.

Medical science is leery of the concept in general.

See, vaginas are just not adapted. And many fear that the sudden influx of foreign moisture could create a cozy environment for unwanted bacteria and yeast.

That does not sound ideal.

Of course, Chrissy Teigen is probably experiencing some postpartum discomfort and is clearly eager to try anything and everything to resolve it.

Just a little over a month ago, Chrissy and John welcomed their second baby, a precious little boy named Miles.

They have a lot of love for their child, just as they do for Luna.

But being a parent to a newborn is exhausting … especially if you’re breastfeeding.

Chrissy has been open about her experience on Twitter, revealing that Miles nurses every two hours.

She has also mentioned that he takes a while to nurse — sometimes taking two hours and then immediately being hungry again.

We’re glad that he’s getting the nutrition that he needs, including gut flora and a jumpstart for his immune system, but that must be so exhausting for poor Chrissy.

So, Chrissy decided to steam clean her vajayjay.

Is that a little out there and arguably questionable? Yes.

But it’s a far cry from shoving rocks into your vagina to get better at sex. In fact, steaming is one of Gwyneth’s less ridiculous yet still absurd proposed remedies.

And unlike some stars we could name (Gwyneth is just one), Chrissy doesn’t seem to be promoting the treatment.

She’s just being frank and honest with her followers on social media.

That’s part of her brand.


Jazz Jennings Previews Upcoming Surgery: “I Can’t Believe I’m Gonna Have A Vagina!”

Forgive the rather obvious pun, but…

… Jazz Jennings is rather jazzed about her upcoming surgery.

(We’re very sorry, but the terrible play on words was just sitting right there, you know?)

The TLC reality star, who anchors a series titled “I Am Jazz,” used her personal YouTube account late last week to preview a rather giant procedure currently scheduled for June 26.

It will officially, technically, medically turn her from a male to a female.

“I am so looking forward to it. I have been ready for this my entire life,” the transgender 17-year says in her video, speaking, of course, about gender reassignment.

This has been a major theme on her aforementioned series, which debuted in July of 2015.

In this same video, Jennings explains that she has decided to be open about the surgery in hopes that it will educate people both inside and outside of the transgender community.

And she’s very explicit in talking about what it will entail.

“I’m gonna have new genitalia,” she says. “Like penis to vagina! That’s some serious sh-t, y’all! I can’t believe I’m gonna have a vagina!”

Jennings has long been an advocate in the LGBT community.

She has found herself in the headlines over the past few months because Derick Dillard, who appeared on Counting On but who has since been fired by TLC, has often mocked and slammed Jennings for the way she lives her life.

“I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child,” Dillard randomly said last fall, adding at the time:

“It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days.”

Jennings never invited this sort of critique and is certainly not interested in Dillard’s pity.

She’s living her best life, thank you very much!

“What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality,” Dillard previously said, piling on an entire community of people by adding:

“‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”


But, hey, if Jazz can take the high road and basically ignore Dillard throughout this nonsense, so can we.

We’ll just focus on her latest video and the surgery about which she can’t stop talking.

“I have been looking forward [to the surgery] forever,” Jazz told us. “Even at a young age, I knew.”

She also says she’s excited for the procedure – but, as you might expect, also a bit frightened.

“Because I started the [testosterone] blockers so early that I never went through puberty…basically the blockers block testosterone in my body so I don’t develop as a male and get a beard, a mustache, a deep voice,” Jennings says.

“That’s why I’ve been able to be so feminine. Because of that, it caused me to be so suppressed that I didn’t have growth in ‘that’ region.”

In conclusion, Jazz goes over what’s about to happen in pretty fascinating detail, even if it may gross out some folks out there:

“Because there was a lack of tissue [down there] they didn’t have enough material to construct the entire vagina, so they’re using a special procedure where they extract my peritoneal lining.

“It’s regenerative, so it will regrow and what not.

“They take that out laparoscopically through my belly button or whatever. They use that and harvest that and use that to make the vaginal canal.

“It’s better because it looks like real vagina tissue and it feels more like real vagina tissue.”

Science, huh?

Pretty amazing.

We wish Jazz Jennings the best of luck.


Farrah Abraham Flashes Vagina at Cannes, Still Really Loves Attention

There was a time the Cannes Film Festival was the international community’s most essential gathering of cinematic talents.

These days, however – like our cultural landscape itself – it’s mostly populated by reality stars and professional pretty people.

Which is why where Martin Scorsese or Werner Herzog might once have dominated Cannes-related headlines, now it’s Farrah Abraham and her famous vagina capturing all the attention.

Yes, Farrah stepped out on the red carpet with her genitals in plain view of photographers last night.

And while Farrah’s red carpet mishap is being widely reported as a “wardrobe malfunction,” those who have followed her career closely suspect that the high-profile vadge-flash took place according to plan.

And why was Farrah in attendance at the world’s most famous film festival?

We may never know for sure, but while she was on hand, the former Teen Mom OG star opened up to reporters about her ongoing legal battle with MTV.

As you may recall Farrah was fired by the network that made her famous as a result of her refusal to quit performing in live-streaming online sex shows.

Not surprisingly, Farrah is now claiming victory and insisting that MTV and parent company Viacom played right into her hands.

“I’m happy Viacom wanted to settle and I’m thrilled with the outcome,” Abraham told People magazine.

“I did the right thing by filing a lawsuit. I honestly felt that if I didn’t stand firm I would have regretted it my entire life and I would have thought my entire life ‘I should have sued!’”

Farrah went on to basically describe herself as the Martin Luther King of basic cable:

“Reality TV is a place where I’ve been very successful and have made history multiple times for social change, justice, and showing where society needs to be challenged and changed,” she continued. 

“My recent work with MTV ended on the highest note, and it’s a confirmation to me that I’ve been able to impact production and the network for the better, and I hope that they continue with their willingness to listen to creators, developers, and leaders to improve the exhausted forms of shows and adapt to the next levels.”

Clearly, Farrah is just regurgitating scripted comments here.

You can tell the remarks didn’t originate in her brain because one can read them and actually make some sense of what Farrah is trying to say.

We suppose that’s progress, in a way.

Going forward, we assume she’ll just start holding the mic up to her vagina and letting it do all the talking.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive Farrah’s time as one of reality TV’s most bonkers stars.


Kim Kardashian on Instagram: Check Out My Vagina!

At this point, Kim Kardashian nude photos are a bit like new episodes of Law & Order.

They’re still enjoyable enough, but we’ve seen so many of them over the years that they’re not the sort of thing you get super excited about anymore.

But over the past few days, Kim has taken her nudity in an interesting new direction.

Yes, while her husband is melting down on Twitter, Mrs. Kardashian-West has taken a much more crowd-pleasing approach to capturing the internet’s attention.

Is she showing a lot of skin again?

Of course! But this time she’s focusing on patches of skin we haven’t seen very much recently.

As you can see, Kim’s vagina has been on display this week, and it’s all to promote her new line of fragrances:

Like we said, these aren’t the usual T & A selfies we’re accustomed to.

In fact, you’d have to go all the way back to the Ray J sex tape to see Kim from some of these angles.

You might not think that an extreme crotch close-up would be a good idea for marketing a fragrance, but Kim has proven time and again that she understands what makes the public tick more than a million Don Drapers.

And when it comes to shilling her new perfume, Kim has clearly decided that avant-garde nakedness is the way to go.

Considering that pic racked 1.4 million likes in less than 24 hours, we assume it’s working.

But Kim’s not stopping at photos of her hairless vadge.

No, she’s inviting fans to multi-sensory experience of her naked form.

You see, when you buy Kim’s fragrance, you’re also buying a piece of her, as the bottle is shaped like her body.

As you can see in the pic above, she even had a mold of her famous figure made for the risqué packaging.

Like anyone on the planet doesn’t know what Kim Kardashian’s naked body looks like at this point!

The woman’s Instagram page is more graphic than the gnarliest episode of SVU.