Jenelle Evans Endangers Son’s Life in Horrific New Video

Jenelle Evans … doesn’t the girl ever need a break from being just the absolute worst?

Like, shouldn’t there be at least a few days out of the year when she goes “Man, maybe I should just chill today and take some naps instead of actively trying to make myself look like the biggest jackass in all the Carolinas”?

You’d think so — it really does seem like it would be tiring — but you’d think wrong.

Jenelle has proven time and time again that she has the stamina and the know-how to be awful every minute of every day, and with this new little scandal, she’s doing just that.

See, there’s been a whole lot of focus on her pool lately, what with all the talk about her lack of a pool fence and the possible legal ramifications she may face for being dumb about it

There’s also been a whole lot of focus on Kaiser, what with the most recent round of abuse allegations and CPS investigations.

So considering that, it just makes sense that Jenelle would feel like sharing a video featuring both Kaiser and the pool, both perfectly safe, would be the thing to do.

But alas, it was not, because Jenelle shared this video instead.

The video shows Kaiser jumping into the shallow end of the pool, without a life jacket or floaties or an adult catching him.

In her caption, Jenelle explained that “Now that Kaiser can swim, he loves to throw in his toys and dive!”

Which is sweet, and we’re glad he seems to be having a good time, but still, the video is just a little bit terrifying.

Kaiser is clumsy in his diving — you know, because he just turned four — and the way he jumps in, it really looks like he could be badly hurt.

And while David Eason is creeping nearby, it still looks like the poor kid flounders a little too long before working his way back up to the surface.

Maybe we’re making a big deal out of nothing though, right?

Maybe this is just how lots of people get their kids feeling comfortable with swimming.

But if we’re wrong about how scary this is, then most of the commenters on the video are wrong too.

“How deep is that?” one of her followers asked. “Cause I just saw an almost broken neck there. Jesus Christ.”

“Probably be a good idea not having him dive straight down at the shallow end …” another person pointed out.

Many, many people told her that he shouldn’t be diving straight down at the shallow end of the pool, and several insisted that he could have broken his neck, too.

The video even earned some criticism from her actual fans — one wrote “Normally I would think everyone was just being a crybaby but that jump did make my heart sink. Sorry!”

“I’m not one to really care what someone else is doing with their own child, but this made me say ‘OMG’ out loud,” another normally chill person told her.

This outrage was enough for Jenelle to do one of her traditional early morning Twitter rants, so you know it hit home.

Over there, someone tried to tell her how dangerous diving into the shallow end is, but you know she didn’t listen.

“Yeah so let me have Kaiser dive in the deep end where he can’t swim?” she responded. “You need to recheck your common sense.”

It was suggested that perhaps she didn’t let him dive in at all, but she said “Why not?! We are scuba divers… why wouldn’t we want Kaiser to learn that?! Wow, lol.”

And then when a follower said that perhaps Kaiser should learn to swim better before getting into diving, she replied “Lmfao he knows how to swim….”

Which is funny, because just a few minutes before that she said that he couldn’t.

She finished her little rant with “Not arguing with y’all at 6am,” even though that’s what she’d been doing, and she deleted her tweets.

Classic Jenelle, right?

Look, whether you love her or love to hate her or hate to hate her but still can’t quite look away, this is all ridiculous, right?

But hey, that’s our girl!


Ariana Grande “God Is A Woman” Music Video Radiates Big Vagina Energy

Ariana Grande has done it again in what might be her best music video yet. "God Is A Woman" dropped on Friday, and the video is a true work of art.

Fair warning, both the not-so-subtle imagery and Ariana herself push the boundaries of what some consider appropriate for a music video.

She's radiating what some might call Big Vagina Energy. Take a look:

Ariana grande body paint

Pete Davidson is a lucky man.

Ariana Grande's "God Is A Woman" music video takes viewers on an artistic tour of the sacred feminine.

We mentioned that some of her imagery was not especially subtle and potentially crossed some lines.

What we meant by that is, well, Ariana is showing off a whole bunch of vagina shapes. (She pushes the envelope further than that, as you'll soon witness)

As far as the Big Vagina Energy is concerned, see what we mean right here:

Ariana grande god is a woman

In addition to hoola hooping through the galactic core, we also see Ariana lounging on her side, apparently wearing nothing but paint and a ponytail.

Ariana is wearing some selective body paint to cover the bare essentials, but most of her essentials are still bare.

The paint-streaked water that looks like it came from the mother of all bath bombs (a MOABB) takes a very particular shape: a vagina.

Here, we are using that term vagina colloquially to refer to the entire pubic area — the paint defines labia and even hints at a clitoris. If you missed that, look again.

In art, an almond shaped aura around a person is often referred to as a mandorla (not a mandala, that's unrelated).

This artistic device is used to depict a holy figure or someone sacred. Ariana Grande, who was raised Catholic, is fusing this symbol with the vagina to make a powerful statement.

Ariana grande straddles the world

This gif, folks, is the least subtle of all. Which, given the contents of Ariana's absolutely stunning music video, is saying something.

Here, we see Ariana straddling the globe like a divine figure, with one hand between her legs.

But it is the other hand that is even pore provocative, as she strokes and appears to finger the eye of a hurricane, however briefly.

Both hurricanes and galaxies (which, again, she is shown hula-hooping) have been pointed out as feminine imagery — which can be a touch cissexist.

Ariana is taking things a step further by lovingly inserting her fingers into the hurricane.

(With those nails! Ouch!)

Ariana grande above men

Ariana's "God Is A Woman" music video is not devoid of men.

For a brief moment, she writhes in the air above a bed covered in writhing, unclothed men — though these men are covered by white foam.

We hope that everyone understands the symbolism of white foam in this context.

There is another moment in which Ariana dances as if she were the wick in a candle flame.

Remember the vagina imagery of when she lounges in the paint? That's back in full force with the shape of the candle flame.

And then, of course, there is the end.

Ariana grande the creation of woman

The music video has some strange moments, and during some of them, the music even pauses for a few seconds for something else to happen.

But we have to talk about this last bit.

Before the video fades to black, Ariana Grande recreates Michelango's famous "The Creation of Adam," a fresco mural from within the Sistine Chapel.

This time, however, she is part of a host of women taking the position of God, and she is reaching out to a woman who is in the position of Adam.

This is so deeply gorgeous.

Ariana is one of the greatest musical talents to ever live. This music video is an absolute gift to her fans and to the world.

Check it out:

Ariana grande god is a woman music video radiates big vagina ene

Tristan Thompson Dances with True in Sweet Daddy-Daughter Video!

We know that Khloe's been claiming that Tristan Thompson is a great dad, and now she's doing her best to convince the world that the notorious cheater is actually a family man.

It was Khloe who posted a short, sweet video of Tristan dancing wth baby True.

And we have to admit that the father-daughter dance video is heart-meltingly adorable.

Tristan thompson dances with true 01

In the video, Tristan almost appears to be dancing by himself at first.

(But it's clear that he's focused on something, which quickly becomes apparent)

As Tristan turns, while rocking backa nd forth with his hips, baby True comes into the photo.

True seems a little perplexed by the situation, and it may be the height. Tristan is 6-foot-9, which is taller than the vast majority of all humans alive and also throughout history. Most babies don't get that vantage point.

At one point in the short clip, which Khloe shared to Snapchat, Tristan can be heard speaking to his daughter.

"Do a little dance, baby," he says.

Tristan thompson dances with true thompson

From what sources tell HollywoodLife, it sounds like Khloe is konfident that she was right to not kick her cheating baby daddy to the curb.

"Khloe feels she made the right decision on giving Tristan another shot," their insider reveals.

The Revenge Body author has this feeling "because she feels that he has stepped up big time."

Tristan, Khloe feels, is now a worthy partner, the source dishes, "and he is a great father."

The insider continues, describing Tristan as "now much better of a person to be in a relationship with."

Tristan thompson dances with true 02

Khloe thinks that Tristan has learned his lesson.

"She feels like he needed the wake up call of being caught to change his ways," the source says.

What's more, she's become more comfortable with him in her life.

The insider continues: "and she has begun to trust him again."

That could be good … or it could lay the groundwork for him to cheat again.

But the source states: "She feels that things are very positive between the two and that it will continue."

Cradling true

According to the insider, Khloe feels this confidence "because they are now in a stronger relationship" than they were when she was pregnant with his child.

What changed, you ask?

The source acknowledges that Khloe believes that their bond was strengthened "because of all the infidelity."

You heard it (reportedly) from Khloe first, folks: cheating makes relationships … stronger?

That's a little counterintuitive.

Tristan thompson kisses baby true thompson

Say what you will about Tristan and his restless, wandering penis, but his daddy-daughter videos are extremely cute.

A lot of fans feel that Tristan is using his kids for photo ops to rehabilitate his image — and think that Khloe's behind it.

We can't say for sure, but … it's not difficult to believe. 

We look forward to a time when people can see cute videos and photos of True without second-guessing Tristan's motive for his fatherly affection.

As for Khloe and her newly regained trust for Tristan … trusting someone is a lot easier and less stressful than always being vigilant that they'll betray you again.

It's easier … but not always wiser. Good luck.

True thompson

Tristan thompson dances with true in sweet daddy daughter video

Lauren Swanson: Disturbing Video Prompts Concerns For Josiah Duggar’s Bride

Last week, Josiah Duggar married Lauren Swanson in one of those massive Duggar ceremonies that's attended by pretty much the entire population of Arkansas.

Duggar courtships are always of intense interest to the family's legion of fans, but Josiah and Lauren attracted even more attention than usual for a number of reasons.

The most obvious of which is that this was not Josiah's first courtship.

In an unprecedented turn of events, Josiah broke up with Marjorie Jackson for reasons that remain mysterious.

Adding to the enigmatic nature of Josiah's love life is the fact that very little is known about Marjorie compared to others who have married into the Duggar clan.

It's not that she's been hiding from the public — quite the opposite, in fact.

The Duggars have posted videos in which Lauren introduces herself to fans.

Swanson has been a fixture on Josiah's Instagram page, and we know she'll be appearing on the upcoming season of Counting On.

But many fans think there's something a bit … off about Lauren.

Maybe it's just nerves, or perhaps it's the fact that she seems to be reading her lines from a cue card, but whatever the case, it seems Lauren doesn't give off the "giddy new bride" impression that viewers were expecting.

"Wow! Lauren was super nervous and obviously reading lines…But looked so beautiful!" wrote one YouTube commenter.

"Lauren sounded like she was about to burst into tears," remarked another.

"I guess that's to be expected when you're a teenager and have just been forced into a marriage to a guy you barely know."

"Super awkward; Lauren looks so uncomfortable & I want whatever drugs she is on because she looks stoned," a third fan wrote.

"She pulled away from that kiss quick."

Others suggested that Josiah might be to blame for Lauren's bad case of the nerves.

"He seems like he'd rather be with someone else…. Like Lawson Bates perhaps?" one commenter joked.

Obviously, Lauren's not totallhy comfortable here, but it's really not all that surprising. 

After all, not only did she just become a wife — she also just became a reality star.

Check out the clip below to diagnose the newest Mrs. Duggar for yourself:

Lauren swanson disturbing video prompts concerns for josiah dugg