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Ryan Edwards: Is Mackenzie Standifer Responsible for His Drug Use and Violent Behavior?

It's been a good long while since the Teen Mom franchise had a villain as universally hated as Mackenzie Standifer.

Which is really something when you consider the kind of literal trash MTV has shown us over the years.

Seriously, this is a show that's featured the likes of Adam Lind, Nathan Griffith, David Eason, Matt Baier, Catelynn Lowell's mom … the list of horrible people goes on and on.

But nope, Mackenzie is the real monster here.

Believe it or not, many people actually think that, and with all of Ryan Edwards' recent issues, people are hating on her more than ever.


Let's discuss.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
OK, so Ryan and Mackenzie met somehow, somewhere — she says they met at the gym, but who even knows — they quickly got engaged, and though they were planning a wedding for November of 2017, they up and got hitched in a parking lot by the river last May first.

2. Red Flags, Girl

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
She said that they were getting married to help him gain more custody of Bentley, which didn’t make sense, but what was really alarming was that he drove them to that little wedding high on heroin.

3. Noooooo

Mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards
Teen Mom fans weren’t too fond of Mackenzie before that — in an earlier episode that season, we saw her go behind Maci’s back to trash her to Ryan and his parents — but when she turned off the cameras instead of taking control of that horrible situation, the hate really started going strong.

4. 525,600 Minutes

Mackenzie standifer screen cap
But then on the reunion special when Mackenzie read an open letter to Maci, basically blaming her for Ryan’s addiction … well, that’s when she pretty much set herself up for a lifetime of loathing.

5. Just Stop, Mack

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
This current season of Teen Mom OG started off at that very reunion, and Mackenzie’s been digging her hole deeper ever since. She keeps obsessing over Maci in a really immature, catty way, and it’s definitely not been a good look for her.

6. There’s a Line

Mackenzie and ryan edwards
But while she’s undoubtedly obnoxious and not very likable, she’s been getting just an insanely massive amount of criticism now that Ryan’s whole entire life is falling apart.

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