Kim Kardashian SLAMMED for Vogue India Cover!

Kim Kardashian can’t catch a break, huh?

Well, that’s not exactly true — if you think about it, her entire life is like one great big break.

Plenty of other people have made a lame sex tape with their boyfriends that later got into the wrong hands, but have those people been able to turn that awful experience into millions and millions of dollars?


But while she’s super rich and famous and beautiful and so on and so forth, one thing that might not be all that fun about being Kim Kardashian is that she gets so. Much. Hate.

Just so very much hate, from so many people, on a regular basis.

Sometimes it’s deserved, and sometimes it’s not.

You just wait and see what you think about her latest move, OK?

Earlier this week, Kim announced that she’d be appearing on the cover of Vogue India, and the magazine also released the images of her two covers.

She looks great, which makes sense — that’s sort of what she does.

Kim Kardashian Vogue India Cover

But people aren’t so much upset by the actual photos as they are by the fact that she’s on the cover of Vogue India at all.

“This is just disrespectful af to all the brown skinned Indian women who don’t get any exposure because @vogueindia is obsessed with white beauty standards,” one such person wrote on Instagram.

Over on Twitter, someone wrote “So I guess there was not Indian models/actors available for his cover. Where is the Indian representation in mainstream media? Has it only become relevant when white girls at coachella are rocking a bindi?”

How’s that for some real talk?

“So many pretty Indian models out there and Vogue India somehow chooses kendall jenner and kim kardashian for their covers,” another person commented. “How hard is it to have Indian women represent Indian culture?”

Kim Kardashian Vogue India Cover 2

Oh, because in case you’d forgotten, this same exact thing happened not too long ago with Kendall Jenner — she was on the cover of Vogue India, too, and nobody was happy about that one either.


Several people claimed that Kim Kardashian isn’t even famous in India — apparently there are many there who don’t even know who she is.

But while tons of social media users are just upset as can be over Kim’s cover, lots of others are totally cool with it.

“Dumb girls really putting so much energy into this #VogueIndia hate,” one of those people tweeted. “Kim can still purchase you, it’s not that deep, the magazine is getting all the attention it wants.”

“Focus on REAL representation issues. Thanks.”

Another popular argument is that Kim is Armenian, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

It’s a complicated issue, to say the least.

Do you think Kim deserves to be on the cover of Vogue India?


Serena Williams Covers Vogue, Gets Bashed By Racist Trolls

Yes, we know everyone wants Oprah to be president after her Golden Globes speech on Sunday night, but for our money, if there’s anyone who can unite this divided country, it’s Serena Williams.

Serena is one of the world’s most dominant athletes; she’s an inspiration to millions; she won a freakin’ Australian Open while pregnant, and she’s married to a tech gazillionaire.

What we’re saying is, we will personally engage in fisticuffs with anyone who has even the slightest complaint about Serena.

Which sadly means we’re gonna have to fight a bunch of basement-dwelling, bigtoted troglodytes.

As you can seen, Serena covers the new issue of Vogue with her adorable 4-month-old daughter.

And as further proof that we’re living in the Darkest Timeline, people are upset about it.

Yes, as hard as it might be to believe that anyone could be so bitter about their own crappy life that they would take issue with a photo of a world-class athlete and her 4-month-old baby, it seems the goal of 2018 is to remind us each and every day that the planet is populated by humans so cartoonishly evil that they wouldn’t be welcome in Slytherin House.

As you may already know, Serena is married to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.

You would think that as one of the creators of the internet’s most popular anonymous sh-t talking dens, Ohanian would be beloved by anonymous sh-t talkers. 

But apparently that’s not the case.

In fact, it seems many of the people who commented believe Serena and Alexis should never have married or reproduced because–long, pained sigh–she’s black and he’s white.

“Serena is a disgrace to her parents, grandparents, African ancestors because she married and mated with a European knowing that his ancestors owned Africans as SLAVES,” wrote one commenter who’s probably a lot of fun at parties.

A good rule of thumb is that no one who uses the word “mated” in casual conversation is even remotely sane.

As usual, there were also people who talked disparagingly about Serena’s appearance and even–anguished, audible groan–the appearance of her baby.

But we’re not going to reproduce those comments here.

In fact, we’re leaving all that negativity and BS in 2017, folks!

It’s all positive vibes and hydration and whatnot from here on out!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have Real Housewives to make fun of.

Damn, we’re messing this up already, aren’t we?


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik SLAMMED for Offensive Vogue Cover!

Doing a photo shoot for Vogue is a very, very big deal, and landing the cover is even bigger.

But we imagine that landing a cover that ends up getting bashed for being offensive and ridiculous isn’t quite as much fun.

Still, that’s the situation Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have found themselves in presently.

See, Vogue decided to do a feature about gender fluidity, and so they got typically adorable couple Gigi and Zayn to pose for the accompanying photo shoot.

This is the first issue: why not get models who are actually gender fluid instead of one of Taylor Swift’s squad members and the guy who used to be in One Direction?

In the shoot, Gigi wore all kinds of suits, and Zayn wore some clothing items with a floral print, and some with lots of embellishments.

In the interview, she said that she wore his clothes all the time, and he added that he wore hers sometimes, too.

“I like that shirt,” Zayn said about one particular piece in Gigi’s closet. “And if it’s tight on me, so what? It doesn’t matter if it was made for a girl.”

“Totally,” Gigi agreed. “It’s not about gender. It’s about, like, shapes. And what feels good on you that day. And anyway, it’s fun to experiment.”

She also said “If Zayn’s wearing a tight shirt and tight jeans and a big, drapey coat, I mean– I’d wear that, too. It’s just about, Do the clothes feel right on you?”

“With social media, the world’s gotten very small,” Zayn explained, “and it can seem like everyone’s doing the same thing.”

“Gender, whatever — you want to make your own statement. You know? You want to feel distinct.”

And all that is fine. You can wear whatever clothes you want, sure. Do what makes you happy.

But the issue is that being gender fluid isn’t exactly about being a woman and wearing a suit, or being a man who feels cool wearing floral prints.

And Twitter has been doing an A+ job of calling Vogue out for this mess.

“Zayn and Gigi are profiled in this piece on gender fluidity because… they borrow each other’s clothes sometimes?” one person wondered.

Another wrote “My bf and I share t-shirts, that doesn’t mean we are gender fluid. Jeez louise Vogue, all ya had to do was Google the definition.”

As one reasonable Twitter user pointed out, “I believe Vogue should have called it ‘Androgynous’ and not gender fluid. Seems like just an excuse to put them on the cover.”

Violet Chachki, incredible drag queen and winner of season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race, even got into the debate.

“There’s an entire marginalized community that actually deals with the problems and joys of being visibly queer day to day,” she wrote in a post on Snapchat.

“Ya know people that wear gendered clothing different than the gender they were assigned at birth, not only because it’s cute and fun but as a means of survival.”

Vogue received so much backlash for the issue that they’ve already made a public apology.

“They story was intended to highlight the impact the gender-fluid, non-binary communities have had on fashion and culture,” their statement read.

“We are very sorry the story did not correctly reflect that spirit — we missed the mark. We do look forward to continuing the conversation with greater sensitivity.”

As of now, neither Gigi or Zayn have commented on the controversy.

Do you think Vogue was out of line with this? Sound off below!


Teen Vogue SLAMMED by Women’s Rights Org for Publishing Anal Sex Guide?!

Teen Vogue has been coming out with a lot of really great material lately, acting as a top-notch resource for its teenage readers. And, quite frankly, their sharp political posts over the past year have been enjoyable for all ages.

They post about all sorts of things, including celebrities and fashion. But they also post about health, relationships, sex, and life — and their recent anal sex guide is earning the magazine a lot of praise … and a lot of controversy.

Some critics are claiming that “women’s rights organizations” are slamming the guide … but a closer look reveals that things aren’t quite what they seem.

This article, a simple beginner’s guide to anal sex, seeks to help their readers — teens.

(But frankly, some adults could use this, too)

The author had noticed that most internet resources on anal sex were for sexually experienced couples looking to improve what they were already doing.

That doesn’t help a young couple so much.

Pornography, which is of course not realistic, makes for an even worse guide.

All in all, in a world where so many “sex ed” programs are still forbidden to so much as mention condoms, let alone discuss how sex acts might actually be safely carried out.

So the Teen Vogue anal sex guide, by Gigi Engel, covers a lot of important topics.

The key points of the article are:

-start slow

-lube is extremely important (we’ve seen anal without lube referred to as like going down a dry waterslide)

-tips for avoiding fecal matter (though some traces may still be present)

-ways that the act can be enjoyable for both partners

But there were complaints.

Of course there were.

Brace yourselves — we’ve got a lot of stupid to break down for you.

One of the first complaints comes from transphobes.

Okay, maybe we’re being unfair.

Maybe a few people are genuinely confused by inclusive language.

So, the article refers to “prostate-owners” and “vagina-owners.”


Well, a trans guy without a prostate is still a guy.

A trans woman with a prostate is still a woman.

Not to mention the countless people who don’t fit into the gender binary.

It’s just a way of using inclusive language and not being rude.

(After all, that “dreaded” PC culture that certain pundits like to complain about is literally just … not being rude)

Kind of like saying “with your dominant hand” in, like, knitting instructions or whatever instead of “your right hand.”

Because not everybody’s right-handed.

Speaking of how this article is LGBT-related, though.

This guide is of course extra relevant to many (though certainly not all) gay and bi couples.

But let’s not pretend for one moment that anal sex isn’t a popular choice with heterosexual, cisgender couples.

Internet access, a marginal increase in sexual liberation, and the ease of ordering supplies discretely over the internet has made sexual activities like anal intercourse much, much more common.

Generally speaking, most couples like to try new things together, especially sexual activities that they might both enjoy.

So, remember how we mentioned that people were claiming that “women’s rights organizations” were blasting the article?

It turns out that there’s no, like, Grand Council of Women that meets in a space station that orbits Venus and hands out certificates of authority to groups that advocate for women’s rights.

Any group can claim to be “women’s rights advocates.”

The Taliban could make that claim.

One socially conservative article by The Christian Post, for example, cites an organization called the “National Center of Sexual Exploitation.”

Now, you see that name and you think that maybe they work to break down sex trafficking or rescue underage girls or end child marriages or something, right?

We looked them up.

They are in fact an organization that mostly concentrates on hating porn and anything that might have to do with sexuality in mainstream culture.

They want to “combat obscenity” and enforce Judeo-Christian values upon society.

So … they don’t behead anybody, but in terms of their goals … that Taliban analogy maybe wasn’t so far off.

As for critical articles like that Christian Post one … you get eyestrain reading them.

(Because they use words like “sodomize” … and we just rolled our eyes super hard at that)

Then there’s the complaint that this post is male-centric.

(Which is, as we mentioned, super rude to trans people, though at least not as awful as James Woods’ transphobic tweet)

But let’s say that the faux women’s rights groups and the pearl-clutching social conservatives were being inclusive and meant penis-centric.

They’re still wrong.

Not only does the guide address how a recipient of anal sex who has a prostate will experience pleasure …


… The article also talks about how very close the wall of the rectum is with the vaginal wall, which is why many people with vaginas find anal sex very pleasant.

So, the post addresses different genitals and how they might be impacted.

Anyone who thinks that anal sex is solely for the penetrator’s pleasure is either grossly misinformed or doing it wrong.


And let’s see … what other nonsense did people spew …

Then there’s the complaint that Teen Vogue is somehow hypnotizing young people into having anal sex by … making sure that they can do it safely.

It’s always interesting to see the people who think that knowledge of how to do things that are perfectly fine is somehow “dangerous.”

(It reminds us of how Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix doesn’t want any students actually practicing spells)

(Actually, that bit has always seemed analogous to conservative views on sex ed)

Teenagers have sex. Not all of them, and not all of them before college.

But a large enough proportion that they absolutely need to be informed.

Besides, having knowledge doesn’t coerce people into doing anything that they didn’t already want to do.

Having knowledge will help them do things more safely, however.

But we all know that, in the end, most of these critics are just upset that we don’t live in The Handmaid’s Tale and that people can make their own sexual choices.

Maybe they should loosen up?

We hear that Teen Vogue has some suggestions on how to do that.


Celine Dion: Nude for Vogue! At Age 49!

Celine Dion has a great voice.

Take one listen to the singer belting out a single note of music and this will be an undeniable fact.

Similarly, Celine Dion has a great body.

Take one look at the singer posing naked for Vogue and you’ll excitedly agree with this statement.

That’s right, readers, you read the above statement correctly:

Celine Dion, a woman who will never exactly be confused with Kim Kardashian or Courtney Stodden, has shed all of her clothing for a risque photo shared on the aforementioned magazine’s Instagram account.

We’re talking totally and completely naked here, too.

There’s not a shred of a top or a bottom to be found.

When it comes to age, the 49-year old clearly agrees with the maxim that this figure is just a number.

And the following snapshot is about to do a number on your eyeballs, that’s for certain!

“Here’s a little naked fact to ponder while Celine Dion changes looks between show…” the Vogue caption reads alongside the picture.

Later in this same caption,Dion is quoted in regard to how she often alters her haute couture numbers during concerts in Las Vegas or around the world.

“The clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes,” explains the beloved, widely respected and often-acclaimed and awarded artist.

The message went on to detail a classic, simply cut Dior little black dress that Dion bought years ago, when John Galliano oversaw the fashion house.

It was this same ensemble that the widow wore to husband Rene Angelil’s funeral in January 2016.

A seven-time Grammy winner, Dion is sitting nude on a chair in this image, which has quickly gone viral with over 120,000 Likes

Her right leg is crossed over her left, shielding her most private of parts from the camera, while her arms are wrapped around her bare chest; her left hand covering the lower part of her face as she stares mysteriously into the lens.

It’s a beautiful snapshot.

Vogue followed Dion around Paris for Couture Week in that fashionable city, sharing numerous photos from the pictorial on social media.

Another post, for example, depicted the veteran star donning a sweet mini-dress by Giambattista Valli at the label’s Haute Couture show.

“Celine Dion doesn’t try to hide her feelings,” this photo’s caption read, concluding:

“Her candor is one of her many charms, coupled with lovely manners and an emotional transparency that’s unique to anyone.”

While many celebrity gossip followers may be surprised to see Celine Dion nude in this manner, the singer actually posed topless for a seductive spread with V magazine in 2012.

She said at the time of the racy photos:

“I’m like this in my real life.”

Does the same apply to her very handsome son?

We can’t say at the moment.

But we’ll let you know right away if Rene-Charles Angelil ever goes naked as well.


Kendall Jenner: SLAMMED Over Vogue India Cover!

Kendall Jenner simply cannot avoid controversy these days.

A few weeks ago, of course, the young model was roasted left and right for her role in a culturally-insensitive Pepsi commercial that implied the mere sip of this beverage could solve pretty much any crisis.

She then helped promote the Fyre Festival, a gathering of music fans that was so poorly organized it resulted in mass chaos, social media upheaval and reimbursements to all who attended the embarrassment of an event.

So… yeah.

It’s been a tough month or so for Kendall, which is ironic.

Of all the Jenner-Kardashian sisters, she’s the one who most often avoids scandals and poor public relations.

As Kendall has said on many occasions, she just wants to focus on her modeling career, which has actually proven to be a legitimate success over the years.

Perhaps this explains why Jenner wore next-to-nothing at the MET Gala in New York City on Monday night.

What better way to distract folks from a few controversies than to show them a great deal of skin?

But while the revealing outfit featured above may have worked temporarily, Jenner now finds herself back under fire.

The reality star is featured on the cover of the latest Vogue India.

As you can see below, the magazine has chosen to celebrate its 10th anniversary by photographing Jenner in a lacy Saint Laurent outfit in front of Jaipur’s Sambodhe Palace.

What’s the problem here?

Critics are coming down hard on Jenner’s presence on the cover as “cultural hegemony,” while criticizing Vogue for not getting “deserving Indian models” to mark the occasion instead of a rich white woman.

Asks one user:

“Why is Kendall Jenner on the cover of Vogue India when India literally has some of the prettiest models?”

Other critiques were more pointed. To wit:

kj slams

Others were critical, but also humorous:

kj jokes

This is actually somewhat similar to the Pepsi brouhaha.

How much responsibility should Kendall Jenner take when people grow angry over her commercials or her magazine photo shoots?

This pictorial was not her idea; neither was that Pepsi ad.

Should she have turned them down, aware of the backlash that may have ensued from each?

Or is Kendall a model and it’s only her job to accept gigs, not question or predict their social impact?

There are no easy answers. We’re curious to hear your take on this latest controversy.

As you formulate an opinion, cycle through the gorgeous snapshots below of Kendall on various runways around the world: