Jeremy Vuolo to Jinger Duggar: Forget About Jim Bob’s Rules! (Exclusive)

It’s been eighteen months since Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, and to say a lot has changed in the reality star’s life in that time would be to put it very mildly.

These days, Jinger is pregnant with her first child, and it seems she has every intention of following in her sisters’ footsteps and raising a large family with husband Jeremy Vuolo.

But in many ways, Jinger is living a life that’s very different from those of her siblings, and likely very different from the one her domineering father, Jim Bob Duggar, had envisioned for her.

Much has been made of Jinger’s departures from her family’s stringent code of conduct.

The most obvious way in which the 24-year-old has flouted her father’s rules is by disregarding his famous dress code.

Yes, as you’ve likely heard, Jinger has been wearing pants.

That may not sound like a big deal, but after a spending her entire childhood in mandated below-the-knee skirts, we imagine Jinger got quite a thrill out of slipping on her first pair of Levi’s

Of course, that’s the only way in which Jinger has defied her upbringing and forged her own identity.

Jinger’s parents have reportedly expressed concerns about everything from her decision to relocate to Laredo, Texas to hthe fact that she was married to Vuolo for over a year before she announced her first pregnancy.

(It’s not uncommon for Duggar daughters or women who marry into the family to conceive on their honeymoons.)

A former employee of the Duggars spoke with The Hollywood Gossip exclusively and revealed that Jinger’s husband has encouraged her not to fear her father and to live a life that aligns with her own values, not Jim Bob’s.

“Jinger, she’s off on her own trip, and I’m kind of glad, because she’s been hemmed up so long for many years,” the insider tells us.

“She just needed to spread her wings and realize that God still loves her and there is a life after all that seclusion.”

Not surprisingly, rumors about Jim Bob clashing with Vuolo have been common over the course of the past year, and Vuolo likely knew that he was making a powerful enemy when he encouraged Jinger to break her father’s rules.

But it seems Jeremy realized that Jinger could never be entirely happy living under her Jim Bob’s thumb. 

“When you put someone in a bubble like that and they get out – she went rampant, totally rampant,” says our source.

“Her husband said, ‘This is the way it’s going to be – I’m the boss of this family. You’re not doing anything wrong by wearing pants or showing your arms.'”

The insider tells us that he still gets regular updates about the Vuolos from friends who live in laredo, and he’s pleased to report that Jinger has found happiness in her new life.

“I just worry about some of them kids,” he tells us.

And our source has a prediction about which of Jim Bob’s offspring will be next to rebel against their strict upbringing:

“Josiah’s going to be the next one to bust out,” he says.

We’re sure that’s something that many Duggar fans will eagerly look forward to.

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Jeremy Vuolo: We Should Just IGNORE Suicidal People!

Just when you thought Jeremy Vuolo was one of the more intelligent Duggar in-laws…

Jinger Duggar’s husband is a pro soccer player-turned preacher; he’s butted heads with Jim Bob, and he’s rebuffed some of his in-law’s more ridiculous rules.

But as we were reminded this week, Jeremy is capable of being every bit as ignorant as his controversial father-in-law:

Jeremy recently tweeted about a story in which a man tried to coerce a woman into marrying her by threatening suicide:

“Alan Redpath tells the story of a young woman who came to her pastor desperate and despondent. She said, ‘There is a man who says he loves me so much he will kill himself if I don’t marry him. What should I do?’” Vuolo wrote.

“‘Do nothing,’ he replied. ‘That man doesn’t love you; he loves himself. Such a threat isn’t love; it is pure selfishness.’”

Here’s the thing – obviously, this woman shouldn’t marry this mentally ill man just because she’s afraid he might harm himself.

But she also shouldn’t “do nothing,” as her pastor advises.

She should offer help. 

She should speak with him, contact authorities, his family, whoever she needs to because it could mean saving a life, which seems like a mighty Christian thing to do.

Not surprisingly, fans were almost universally critical of Jeremy’s advice.

“Get what you’re saying but I think you need to be careful when you talk about ignoring suicidal people,” tweeted one fan.

“More like mental illness…in need of professional help. God calls people to be psychiatrists to help people just as much as he calls people to be ministers,” wrote another.

Jinger and Jeremy are expecting their first child these days, and many are hoping that as parents, they’ll leave some of her family’s more outdated traditions in the past.

Jinger is the most rebellious of her siblings, having already broken with some of her family’s more arcane rules, such as the requirement that women wear dresses of long skirts at all times.

Unfortunately, all of that means very little if she and Jeremy aren’t willing to take a more modern approach to such issues as child development and mental health.

Here’s hoping Vuolo will eventually come around to the idea that not everyone who experiences a suicidel impulse is just a manipulatvie jerk.

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Jeremy Vuolo Talks Jinger Duggar Pregnancy, Trolls Jim Bob

It’s been almost a month since we first learned that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child, and the beloved 24-year-old is clearly enjoying sharing her excitement with fans.

While her sister Joy-Anna continues to keep a low-profile, Jinger has already shared her due date and posted a pic in which her long-awaited baby bump can clearly be seen.

Not surprisingly, it seems Jeremy Vuolo is every bit as psyched as his wife is about the idea of starting a family.

Vuolo sat down for a rare interview over the weekend, and he candidly shared his thoughts about becoming a father.

“Well, I have a family on the way here,” Jeremy said.

“My wife is pregnant and due in July with our first. But I think it begins with establishing that relationship with your wife and I think just walking through the word together.”

Jeremy went on to hold court about his religious beliefs in a way that’s very much in keeping with the Duggar brand:

“If you’re abiding in Christ and walking with Christ daily, I think it can look like sharing that and opening the lines of communication about your own walk with Christ,” he told the hosts.

“Where are you wrestling right now? How is scripture helping you? Just opening that communication and fellow shipping with your spouse and that’s gonna translate to your children.”

He concluded by sharing some thoughts on what he sees as the relationship between his religious beliefs and his duties as a husband and father:

“If you’re not spending the time in the work yourself, if you’re not disciplining yourself to walk with Christ in your devotional time,” he said.

“Then how do you expect to really pour into [your] family?”

Now, that may all seem perfectly innocent and perfectly in line with the Duggars’ message but there’s reason to believe that Jim Bob was less than thrilled about Jeremy’s latest interview.

You see, the podcast that Vuolo appeared on is called Calvinist Batman & Friends.

That may seem like an innocently dorky title, but it might have been enough to have JB buttoning up his angriest flannel and preparing for a very soft-spoken confrontation.

Much to his father-in-law’s chagrin, Jeremy is a Calvinist.

Jim Bob is decidedly not, and actually finds the belief system to be heretical.

Not surprisingly, this clash of beliefs has led to growing tension between Jim Bob and Jeremy.

But don’t worry, we’re sure it’ll all be resolved when the baby is born and Jeremy and Jinger raise it in such a way as to condemn its mortal soul to the fires of hell in Jim Bob’s eyes.

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Jeremy Vuolo Drives Duggar Fans WILD With Tight Pants!

You have to see this “sexy” photo of Jeremy Vuolo that has Duggar fans losing their minds.

But you’ll need to decide for yourself whether he really looks as dreamy as they say …

… Or if all of this thirsting says more about Duggar fans than it does about Jinger’s husband.

Last winter, Jinger Duggar started wearing pants. The Duggars are famous for forcing their women to wear skirts, lest their sinful leg-shapes ensorcell a man to lustful thoughts.

It was with the permission of her lord husband (or whatever), Jeremy Vuolo.

In the particular vein of extreme Christian fundamentalist that runs (and ruins) the lives of the Duggars, women are the property of their fathers until they are married off, when their husbands take the reins.

And Jinger’s gone so far as to wear ripped jeans, sending Duggar fans into a state of shock.

Though the cold weather of Laredo, Texas has been brought up as an “excuse” for her devilish new wardrobe, Jeremy Vuolo’s theological beliefs are what allows it.

“Jesus does not save people to make them wear skirts,” he has stated in the past.

Of course, Jinger isn’t the only one who dresses for the weather in Laredo. And she’s clearly not the only one in her marriage wearing pants.

But it’s Jeremy Vuolo’s “tight” pants that seem to be driving Duggar fans into lustful fits.

Jeremy Vuolo definitely looks stylish here.

We don’t know that we’d call these pants anything similar to skinny jeans, but they look like they actually fit him.

A lot of Duggar men wear “dad jeans” that don’t fit so well or flatter the wearer.

(We guess that dressing in an appealing way is some kind of unforgivable sin — unlike Josh Duggar’s child molestation, which they seem to consider a forgivable slip-up)

While current temperatures in Laredo, Texas are in the 60s and 50s, which is hardly “cold” to most people who aren’t senior citizens and wouldn’t strike everyone as jacket weather, Jeremy looks all dressed for winter.

A normal response is “wow, this guy looks stylish,” possibly mixed in with “too bad he thinks that the Duggars aren’t anti-LGBT enough.”

Duggar fans, however, have been commenting under Jinger and Jeremy’s shared Instagram account (have we mentioned how weird joint marital accounts are? don’t do that, guys) and under this photo.

And they are heaping praise on “sexy” Mr. Vuolo.

The comments range from politely complimentary to thirstily direct. Take a look at some real comments that some real people wrote:

“Jinger got the best catch of all the married sisters.”

“Sexy man, I would I could find a husband like that.”

“That’s a Dapper Dan right there!!”

“Very dapper. Jing is a lucky lady.”

“Great photo of a handsome guy styled perfectly by his sweet wife!”

“Jeremy be stylin”

“Your husband looks like a model. You two are very handsome couple”

“Love the outfit so handsome”

“Your husband is hot”

“Your husband is such a stud”

“Love his style! It’s so classy and handsome! Wish this [were] the ‘norm’ again!”

We’re not sure what that last comment means — this is a normal outfit (for colder weather, anyway), not a throwback to the wardrobe of yesteryear.

But a lot of Duggar fans are the very specific sort of conservatives who like to wax nostalgic about an “idealized” past that never really existed.

We doubt that any of the Duggars set out to be fashion icons, but Jeremy Vuolo is looking stylish here.

That doesn’t mean that we share his values or think that he’s a good person. But hey, credit where credit is due. It’s a good look.

We would love to know what Jim Bob Duggar thinks of such a “flashy” outfit, though.


Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary on Instagram!

It seems like just yesterday that we watched them say “I do,” but believe it or not, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for one full year.

Sure, with a family the size of the Duggars, it sometimes feels that not a day goes by without a couple celebrating an anniversary, but Jinger and Jeremy are a special case. 

For one thing, they’re the first of Jinger’s generation to be married for an entire year without announcing a pregnancy.

And that’s not the only way in which Jinger and Jeremy have embraced their reputation as rebels.

Jeremy clashes with Jim Bob Duggar on a regular basis, and the two men have reportedly locked horns on issues as wide-ranging as religious doctrine and Jeremy’s decision to relocate to Laredo, Texas.

(Jinger is the first of her sisters to make a home for herself outside of her native Arkansas.)

For less conservative fans of the Duggar clan, Jinger and Jeremy represent a sliver of hope for a more moderate future.

Many who appreciate some of the Duggars’ values but struggle with the family’s more far-right views see Jinger and Jeremy as evidence that the Counting On clan might eventually be open to adopting an ideology that’s more in step with modern times.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Wedding Pic

It remains to be seen if that will happen, so for now, fans of the couple will just have to content themselves with the knowledge that the Vuolos are more in love today than on the morning they exchanged vows.

Jinger marked the occasion of their first anniversary by posting the above photo of herself with Jeremy.

“It’s been 1 year since the day we said “I do”…it’s been the best year of my life!” an ecstatic Jinger captioned the image.

“Jeremy, you have shown me such love that is too amazing for words. Whether we are talking, going on an adventure together, or simply doing everyday life together—I cherish every moment with you!

In true Duggar fashion, she concluded by praising Jeremy’s religious devotion:

“I love how you lead me in the Word and prayer. Your selflessness and sensitivity and care is remarkable. I love absolutely everything about you and couldn’t be more grateful to God for giving me the most incredible husband in the world! I love you, babe!”

Not to be outdone, Jeremy posted a loving tribute to Jinger on his Instagram page:

“To say she’s the woman of my dreams would not quite capture it seeing as, even in my dreams, I never could have imagined a woman so staggeringly beautiful, genuinely lovable, and sincerely Christlike as my dear Jinger,” Jeremy wrote.

“This year has been the best of my life. I love you, @jingervuolo, and always will.”

Needless to say, both parties brought their loving tribute A-game.

Guys, you may want to make sure your significant other doesn’t see these posts if you have an anniversary coming up.

Jinge and Jer have officially raised the bar.

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Jinger Duggar Shocks Fans With Jeremy Vuolo PDA

Back in November of 2016, Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in front of 1,500 of her closest friends and relatives.

Now, as they approach their one-year anniversary, the young couple is still going strong.

But while Jinger has developed into the same sort of doting wife as her mother and older sisters, she’s also undergone a number of other changes that no one in her family would have ever predicted.

These days, Jinger is known as her family’s resident rebel.

And while her acts of defiance may seem incredibly tame to those of us outside of Tontitown, Arkansas, within Jinger’s inner circle, there’s been much fretting and pearl-clutching over the 23-year-old’s apparent disinterest in following in the footsteps of the other women in her family.

Jinger’s most obvious form of rebellion has been the rejection of her family’s strict dress code.

Before Jinger got hitched, all of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters continued to wear below-the-knee skirts at all times (even while playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities) even after leaving the house.

Jinger not only wears pants, she’s been known to rock shorts on occasion and short (by Duggar standards) skirts:

That’s a photo that Jinger uploaded on Instagram this week, and while her hemline might fall a little higher than her parents would like, it’s a much more subtle form of rebellion that has fans talking.

Jinger captioned the photo with lyrics from the 1965 song “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole:

“L is for the way you look at me O is for the only one I see V is very, very extraordinary E is even more than anyone that you adore can,” she wrote.

Sure, it’s not like Jinger is quoting Cardi B, but many longtime Duggar obsessives are still taken aback by her choice of song.

Why? Well, Jinger’s family generally eschews all forms of secular music.

Those familiar with the Duggars’ belief system say that non-religious music isn’t expressly forbidden, but note that young people are “strongly discouraged” to stick with hymns, and even Christian rock is considered potentially problematic.

“A song other then church music? Jinger u rebel!!” wrote one Instagram follower on Jinger’s photo.

“Gasp you’ve heard of this song?” commented another.

Like we said, Jinger’s not exactly scrawling Slayer lyrics on her walls in goat’s blood-red paint, but she’s still sending a message that the life she plans to live is not the one her parents mapped out for her.

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Jeremy Vuolo: Arrested for Drunkenly Assaulting a COP?!

If you follow news of her family closely, then you’re probably aware that Jinger Duggar has been branded as the resident “rebel” of the Counting On clan.

For the most part, the 23-year-old’s acts of defiance have been incredibly tame by the standards of the non-Duggar population.

For example, Jinger’s decision to wear pants despite her family’s strict long skirts-only policy is often interpreted as a very mild way of flouting the strict rules under which she was raised.

But while the pants get all the attention, Jinger’s most salient act of disobediance was her decision to marry Jeremy Vuolo.

If you watched the young couple’s courtship on Counting On, you know that Jim Bob was slow to embrace the idea of his daughter marrying Vuolo.

And it seems that as Jim Bob’s feelings on the situation haven’t changed much in the year since Jinger and Jeremy tied the knot.

One major issue is that Jeremy and Jim Bob disagree on matters of religious doctrine.

(Jeremy, a Texas-based minister, preaches the doctrine of Calvinism, a tenet that flies in the face of many of Jim Bob’s core beliefs.)

But we now know that there’s more to Jim Bob’s disapproval than arcane theological disputes.

Vuolo has spoken publicly about his troubled youth in past interviews, but only now do we know the extent to whichthe 30-year-old rebelled against authority.

Police records recently obtained by Radar Online detail a 2008 incident in which Vuolo was taken into custody for drunkenly harassing a police officer.

“An intoxicated male who appeared to be a friend of the male that was involved was acting belligerent and shouting obscenities while in front of numerous subjects,” the reporting officer wrote.

“Identified later as Jeremy Vuolo.”

“For no apparent reason, Vuolo walked up to [the officer] and grabbed his right arm/bicep in a forceful manner,” the report reads. 

“Subsequently, Vuolo was arrested and transported back to HQ, where he was booked and later released to a sober friend.”

Vuolo’s BAC was reported as .13 at the time of his arrest, which is considerably higher than the allowable Duggar family limit of 0.00.

“I was part of the college party scene and was living foolishly,” said in an interview last year.

“I’m not perfect, but I sought out accountability and I now see great victory in my life.”

Many Duggar fans feel that even though Vuolo has put his (relatively) hard-partying ways behind him, his less-than-godly past goes a long way toward explaining why Jim Bob was so reluctant to give his son-in-law permission to marry his daughter/

Yes, the incident took place nearly a decade ago, but unless criminal acts took place within his own immediate family, Jim Bob doesn’t forget easily.

(In case it wasn’t clear, yes we’re talking about the Josh Duggar sex scandals.)

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Jeremy Vuolo: Slammed for Anti-LGBT, Anti-Duggar Rant!

We all cling to the idea that pants-wearing Jinger Duggar is a rebel in the family, and that’s even true … up to a point.

She knew even back when they were courting that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, clashes with Jim Bob Duggar over multiple points. Jeremy’s the one who now allows her to wear pants, and more.

But Jeremy’s latest conflict with the Duggars isn’t winning him any love from fans. In fact, Jeremy Vuolo is coming across as more extreme in his anti-LGBT beliefs.

The Duggar family would love for the general public to think of them as folksy, lovable Christians who have a lot of kids and make for entertaining reality stars.

Why? Because that means more viewers, which means that Counting On can go on and on and on.

They’d like for some of their viewers, at least, to regard them as role models on how to form a Christian family and live by the laws that they believe.

That means being diehard fundamentalists who live on the fringes of society. That means having as many children as you physically can and raising them in a frighteningly strict manner, forcing your beliefs upon them.

And more.

The Duggars are avowed male supremacists who claim that their lifestyle is Biblically ordained.

(Most Biblical scholars and the vast majority of Christians would disagree, but fundamentalists like the Duggars believe that this is because others have been “contaminated by the culture,” which is supposed to be ominous but doesn’t really mean much)

This means that daughters are the “property” of their fathers until they’re married off (after following the infamous courtship rules), at which point they “belong” to their husbands.

(Which is why Jinger Duggar can wear shorts and short sleeves, baring the sinful woman-flesh or her limbs — because her husband says so)

It’s frightening, but it’s the reality for members of the Duggar clan — and for other families who share their beliefs.

But let’s not portray Jeremy Vuolo as a hero just because his wardrobe requirements for Jinger are more permissive than Jim Bob’s.

In a recent sermon, uploaded to YouTube, Jeremy Vuolo revealed his conflict with the Duggars … because he wishes that they would be more vocal in their condemnation of the LGBT+ community.

He’s recently used social media to condemn pastors and other religious leaders for considering performing same-sex weddings.

(Obviously, while legal recognition of marriage equality is vital, an individual pastor can choose to perform one or not perform one — just as many religious leaders officiated same-sex weddings before they were granted legal status, religious leaders can refuse to do so now. But, for many reasons, a lot of churches are happy to do so)

In his sermon, delivered at Grace Community Church Loredo, Jeremy also condemned these pastors:

“All you have to do is look at the sexual revolution pressuring them, and they cave in to a worldview that rejects God’s truth and embraces popular opinion.”

He said that he and Jinger consider homosexuality to be a “false love.”

Most noticeably, he went on to use a very strange analogy, comparing the existence of LGBT folks to a loaded gun and suggesting that sticking to his anti-LGBT beliefs makes him the only one willing to recognize it as a danger.

Finally, he suggests that rejecting gay people for who they are is a better way to love them than accepting them.

And he wasn’t shy about calling out the Duggars for not using every ounce of their platform to voice their anti-LGBT bigotry as loudly and proudly as they can.

This shouldn’t come to people as a surprise. Seriously.

People love the narrative of Jinger Duggar being the “rebellious, liberal” daughter and Jeremy Vuolo being the man who took her away from all of that, because the audience has been waiting and hoping to see one of these girls escape.

(With 19 kids and dozens upon dozens of anticipated grandchildren, it seems kind of inevitable that at least one of these poor kids will break away and write a tell-all book. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church’s Phelps family have done it.)

But we have to remember that these people grow up isolated from society and taught that “the culture” is evil and could doom their souls. That’s a lot for a girl to overcome, especially when she’s taught to not think for herself.

And Jeremy Vuolo might clash with Jim Bob over sleeve length, but calling him “liberal” is truly twisting the word from its modern usage.

We’re talking about a guy who accuses Catholicism of being demonic, which is well within the standard wheelhouse of Christian fundamentalists but still earned a lot of shock and anger from fans.

Our favorite response to that was probably one viewer who wrote:

“Referring to Catholicism as ‘pagan’ not only insults Catholics, but Pagans. Study both before making such off-base comments.”

Though, if we’re being honest, Jeremy Vuolo would probably consider insulting both groups to be all part of a day’s work.

But the fact that he’s calling out his in-laws for not being sufficiently vocal in their anti-LGBT views almost paints him as being worse.

(Honestly, we’d say that he fits right in with the Duggar tribe … it’s just that Jim Bob and Michelle also like being reality stars and probably want to avoid another boycott)

Honestly, Jeremy Vuolo’s religious views — which he says that Jinger shares (and that’s no surprise) — make us really glad that Jeremy and Jinger don’t seem to be rushing to have kids.

No one can control whether or not their children are gay or bi or trans, but they can reject who they are and torment them into suppressing their true identities, filling them with self-loathing that will change the course of their lives for the worse.

So “whatever” it is that Jinger and Jeremy are doing to delay adding to the Duggar brood sounds like it’s for the best. For so many reasons.


Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo: Will They Ever Have Kids?

Believe it or not itt’s been almost a year since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo got married in front of a couple thousand of their closest friends and relatives.

As is the case with all newly-married Duggar women, Jinger has been subjected to non-stop specualtion about when she and Jeremy will begin siring a small army of offspring.

Unlike her sisters, however, Jinger has not eagerly unveiled a burgeoning baby bump within moths of tying the knot.

If her first wedding anniversary comes and goes with no baby news, Jinger will be the first Duggar woman of her generation to be married for an entire year without announcing a pregnancy.

The situation now has fans wondering if Jinger is ever planning to get pregnant.

As the Duggars’ most diehard viewers tend to share their puritanical views, you might think that the reactions to Jinger holding off on having kids would be overwhelmingly judgemental.

As it turns out, however, the same fans who applauded Jinger for wearing pants are applauding the 23-year-old for bucing other family trends, as well.

“Beautiful couple living their life by their decisions,” one fan commented on the latest photo of Jinger and Jeremy.

“So proud of them. I hope they continue to put God then just being in love and married and enjoying LIFE! It’s OKAY not to be pregnant for a long while. Why keep pushing the baby issue! These two are the smartest! And [happiest]!”

“I think the same,” another Instagram follower responded.

“They are young and in love and it is only fair they enjoy each other without kids for as long as they see fit!”

Many have pointed out that it’s important to be sensitive in any discussion of Jinger and Jeremy’s plans for starting a family.

After all, it’s possible that the couple has every intention of getting pregnant, but has thus far had difficulty in doing so.

But based on comments from both Jinger and Jeremy, it seems holding off on having kids was always part of their plan.

“We really are just looking to the Lord to see what he provides,” Jeremy replied vaguely when asked when he and Jinger would have children.

For her part, Jinger has spoken excitedly about travel plans that she and Jeremy would like to pursue before they get tied down.

There have even been reports that Jinger and Jeremy are planning to move to Scotland.

If that turns out to be the case, we imagine the couple would want to get settled in across the pond before welcoming any new additions.

In any event, it seems Jinger is in no hurry to follow in her sisters’ footsteps.

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Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo: Moving to SCOTLAND?!

Shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo in November of 2016, Jinger Duggar became the first of her father’s daughters to permanently relocate from her native Arkansas.

Jinger and Jeremy moved to Laredo, Texas after their wedding, and it’s been said that Jim Bob Duggar was less than thrilled by that development.

So we’re guessing he’s really not too happy about what the couple may have in store next.

Last week, Jeremy got fans buzzing with a tweet about a potential career change.

Linking to a post about a job opening at an organization called Banner of Truth, Vuolo tweeted the following: 

“Ahhhhh!!! I told you this was my dream job.”

The ecstatic tone led fans to believe that Vuolo had already accepted the position.

Which is interesting, because it would require him to move to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Banner of Truth’s Twitter page describes it as “a Christian organisation which publishes books, organises conferences, and publishes a monthly magazine. You are what you read.”

Currently, Vuolo works as a preacher, and he’s been vocal about his passion for theological research, so it’s not hard to see why the position of editorial assistant at a Christian publishing company would appeal to him.

According to the Banner of Truth website, the job would have Vuolo directly involved in the publication of faith-based books and periodicals:

“The successful candidate will be involved in all aspects of the editorial work, from early manuscript development, to detailed editing, proofing, and page design,” the description reads.

It’s still unclear if Vuolo has accepted or even applied for the job, but fans are speculating that such a move would outrage Jim Bob for a number of reasons.

For starters, if Jim Bob was displeased when Jeremy and Jinger relocated to Texas, we’re guessing he’d really be angry if they up and moved across the pond.

On top of that, Jim Bob and Jeremy differ in their religious beliefs to the extent that Jim Bob was hesitant about giving his daughter permission to marry Vuolo.

It seems the primary point of contention is the fact that Jeremy is a Calvinist, a belief system that fliest in the face of much that Jim Bob holds dear.

Though the movement began in France, Scotland is considered to the the epicenter of modern Calvinism, a designation that Jim Bob is no doubt very much aware of.

A move to Scotland would send a strong message to Jim Bob from both Jeremy and Jinger, who’s been openly rebelling against some of the draconian strictures of her childhood ever since she became a Vuolo.

It’s impossible to predict how Jim Bob would respond, but it will certainly be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

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