Senator Al Franken Expected to Resign In Wake of Sexual Misconduct Allegations (LIVE STREAM)

Senator Al Franken is about to announce his future in the Senate, and all signs point to a resignation. A new accuser came forward Wednesday — taking the count to at least 7 — claiming Franken tried forcibly kissing her in 2006, adding he…


Senator Al Franken Expected to Resign In Wake of Sexual Misconduct Allegations (LIVE STREAM)

Senator Al Franken is about to announce his future in the Senate, and all signs point to a resignation. A new accuser came forward Wednesday — taking the count to at least 7 — claiming Franken tried forcibly kissing her in 2006, adding he…


David Otunga Pulls Out of WWE ‘Survivor Series’ In Wake of Jennifer Hudson Split

David Otunga will no longer be a part of WWE’s coverage of ‘Survivor Series’ on Sunday … TMZ Sports has learned.  Otunga is a regular as a host/commentator for WWE events and he was scheduled to work the pay-per-view event Sunday … one of…


Ariana Grande Calls for Gun Control in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting

As documented below, celebrities from all industries have issued statements of shock and sorrow on social media in light of Sunday night’s shooting in Las Vegas.

But we feel as though Ariana Grande deserves to be singled out for a moment.

Tragically, the young singer is all too familiar with the sort massacre that took place in Nevada over the weekend, as over 20 concert goers were killed in Manchester this spring toward the end of a Grande performance.

Clearly (and understandably) VERY shaken by that incident, the artist penned an open letter shortly after the terrorist act that reads as follows:

“I am sorry for the pain and fear that you must be feeling and for the trauma that you, too, must be experiencing.

“We will never be able to understand why events like this take place because it is not in our nature, which is why we shouldn’t recoil. We will not quit or operate in fear.

“We won’t let this divide us. We won’t let hate win.”

Sadly, Grande has now been forced to share a similar statement, after a 64-year old named Stephen Paddock opened fire in Las Vegas on fans at a country music festival.

At the latest count, Paddock killed 58 people and injured over 500 others.

After committing the deadliest mass shooting in American history, he then took his own life.

On Monday, Grande responded to this Las Vegas shooting with grief and with emotion, but also with a call for action.

“My heart is breaking for Las Vegas,” she tweeted. “We need love, unity, peace, gun control & for people to look at this & call this what it is = terrorism.”

Amen, right?

Grande’s manager Scooter Braun also penned a lengthy message to his followers, reflecting on the attack in Vegas while referencing his own memories from Manchester.

“I don’t really have words this morning. I am deeply saddened. And as horrifying as it is to say I can’t tell you I’m surprised,” he wrote, adding:

“Our greatest challenges are ahead of us. What took place in Las Vegas last night should never happen. What took place in Manchester should never happen. What took place in Charlottesville should never happen.

“But they are happening. And ALL of them are terrorist attacks.”

Concluded Braun:

They all strike fear in our ability to live our lives .They all make us question taking our children, our friends our loved ones to public events that are supposed to bring us joy…in fear of devastation.

They are all attacks on our way of life and our way of love. So first let me say my heart breaks for all those affected in Las Vegas. Nothing we  do can bring back your loved ones and I am so sorry. For those in the hospital recovering we are with you. Keep fighting. And for all of us..who are we?

What will we choose to do in response? Will we just Instagram and move on? Will we think this is about a hashtag with the word #vegas in it? Or will we wait until the next one affects us? THIS One affects us. #LASVEGAS is ALL of us.

We owe them courage. We owe them our faith. We owe them our strength and out spirit to rise up and come together and demand not only better now but better Tomorrow.

When I was in Manchester I witnessed something defiant. At the end of the One Manchester show…only 2 weeks after the attack and less than 24 hours since the London attack…when the cameras were off…the crowd of 55,000 brave souls started to sing. The echoed the words ‘Manchester we’re strong, we’re strong, we’re strong.

We’ll keep singing our songs, our songs our songs.’ This repeated for 15 minutes as they exited. Defiance in the face of fear. Las Vegas we’re strong. We’re strong. We’re strong. We’ll keep singing our songs…Together.

This is an attack on your friends, your family, your kids, your way of life. So as we think about those lost and those hurt this morning …what do you and I owe them?

Powerful stuff.

We send our thoughts to all affected by this tragedy.


Twitter Offers #PrayersForBieber in Wake of Tour Cancelation

Justin Bieber has canceled the remainder of his world tour.

Sources close to the singer say he's just "super exhausted" and simply unable to continue to perform for his very loyal fans.

In response to this stunning turn of events, Twitter is wondering whether Bieber is okay and whether he'll survive without some help from Above.

That's right, the hashtag "#PrayersForBieber" is now trending, with users torn on whether it's sarcastic or deadly serious. See what we mean below…

1. We Need a Miracle, Folks

We need a miracle folks
This is NOT a laughing matter. Take it seriously, everyone.

2. Eff You, TMZ

Eff you tmz
Focus a little more on having some heart instead of having a big bank account, you selfish website!

3. You Deserve It, Biebs

You deserve it biebs
You’ve acted in such a selfless, non-spoiled manner for so long.

4. Third Graders Can Barely Function Right Now

Third graders can barely function right now
We really wish we were joking.

5. Not Bronchitis!!!!!

Not bronchitis
Please, God. Please help him.

6. Parents Are Getting Involved

Parents are getting involved
We need EVERYone to team up on this one, folks.

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Nick Pendergrast: SLAMMED by Ex-Wife in Wake of Pregnancy Reveal!

First comes love? Then comes marriage? Then comes a baby in a baby carriage?

Not for Nick Pendergrast.

The Married at First Sight alum, who appeared on the creepy reality series during Season 4, got divorced from Sonia Granados in March after about a year of marriage.

At the time, everything seemed fairly amicable between the ex-reality stars, who said in a joint statement:

“We are sad to share that after almost a year of marriage, we have decided to separate and file for divorce/ Thank you in advance for your love and support through this difficult time!

“We look forward to growing and continuing to learn about ourselves from what we still consider to be a meaningful experience with MAFS.”

(Yes, some people really do abbreviate Married at First Sight as MAFS.)

That was then, however.

Now, it’s about four months later and Pendergrast has news to share:

He’s expecting his first child! With girlfriend Heather Yerrid!

A relationship coach who co-hosted an AfterBuzz TV, Yerrid also publicized the exciting tidbit on Twitter this morning, explaining that she was extra pumped because she didn’t think she was capable of getting pregnant.

“I was told I would not be able to have kids. Needless to say these #twins are a gift from God & we’re elated,” wrote Yerrid.

Oh, right, did we mention Yerrid is having twins?!?

And she’s due in February?!?

Hooray, right?

Yes, if you’re Nick Pendergrast and Heather Yerrid.

Not so much if you’re Sonia Granados.

“Now we ALL know why after buzz was always throwing shade at me #Congrats2theLoveBirds,” wrote Nick’s ex-wife today. “Nick and Heather from AfterBuzz are having twins.”

With heavy sarcasm, Sonia added the hashtag “#Congrats2theLoveBirds.”

heather tweet

Still fuming over the development a short while later, Granados added:

“She thought I was wrong about him liking her. #ShadyMcPherson… One thing to say. They deserve each other.”

Granados and Pendergrast separated in January.

So the fact that Yerrid is expecting her ex-husband’s child early next year doesn’t necessarily mean she and Nick were carrying on an affair. The math doesn’t add up exactly.

But we can’t blame Granados for being pretty pissed off about the impending baby.

How would you feel if you split from your spouse and found out mere months later than he or she was about to become a parent with his significant other?

Then again… Granados and Pendergrast did meet on Married at First Sight.

They knew each other for about six seconds prior to exchanging vows. So it’s hard to muster up too much sympathy for Sonia in light of this news.

It’s pretty clear Pendergrast himself isn’t too worried about his ex-wife’s reaction.

He hasn’t replied to her online, but he has acknowledged that he’s been keeping apprised of various reactions on Twitter, most of which have been positive.

“Both @HeatherYerrid and myself appreciate the positivity and support from everyone #twinning,” he Tweeted not very long ago.