Kenya Moore: It’ll Be Weeks Before I Walk Again After C-Section

Just days ago, Kenya Moore welcomed her first child with husband Marc Daly.

It was a difficult, premature birth brought on by pregnancy complications.

Now, Kenya is opening up about her recovery, and the differences between real life and reality television.

Kenya Moore Goes on a Target Run after C-section

“#realVsReality,” Kenya tagged her video, pointing at how real life and reality television are very different.

“#brooklyndaly came early,” she reminds her fans and followers of her newborn daughter.

“And the reality is,” Kenya continues. “It will take weeks for me to be able to walk without the excruciating pain of a C section.”

“And,” she says, it will takes weeks for her “to heal from the multiple cuts to my uterus.”

C-sections are no joke, folks.

But that didn’t stop Kenya from taking a motorized scooter on a tour of Target.

Kenya Moore Target Run Motorized Scooter gif

“Needed to get her some preemie items,” Kenya shares.

“So of course,” Kenya continues. “Off to @target we went.”

“My aunt Lisa is so afraid!” she admits.

Kenya then confesses: “I’m supposed to be in bed.”

The idea of going shopping just a few days after giving birth in any fashion is … a little alarming.

(Yes, some people gave birth and then went to go vote just hours later, but they are the exception, not the rule)

After a C-section, Kenya should be at home, being catered to and focusing on healing.

In April, Kenya revealed that she and Marc Daly were expecting their first child.

Six months later, on Halloween, Kenya revealed that there were complications with her pregnancy.

Kenya was diagnosed with preeclamsia, the three main symptoms of which are high blood pressure, swelling of hands and feet, and protein in urine.

Out of concern over this dangerous pregnancy condition, doctors and Kenya decided upon a C-section.

Her baby, Brooklyn Doris Daly, was removed from her uterus by skilled surgeons.

Brooklyn is considered premature, and weighs just 5 pounds and 12 ounces.

Despite her preemie status, Brooklyn is said to be alert and after.

Kenya explained how she and Marc chose their firstborn’s name.

“Brooklyn because that’s where we met and fell in love,” Kenya said.

“And Doris,” she continued. “After my grandmother who passed away last year and who raised me.”

Daly, of course, comes from the last name of her husband, Marc Daly.

Kenya Moore is not old in real life. She is 47 years old.

In terms of safely becoming pregnant, staying pregnant, and carrying a child to term, she is definitely within the upper extremes of age.

(That’s by the standards of the medical community — we’re not age-shaming her)

We’re sure that Kenya and Marc are so grateful that they were able to come through this pregnancy with both mother and baby alive and healthy.

Last year, they married each other. Now, just a year and a half later, they’re growing their family.

In all honesty, the trip to Target less than a week after a C-section sounds a little … far-fetched.

Target is a great place as far as liminal spaces are concerned, but Kenya going herself is odd.

We’re sure that Atlanta has delivery options (we don’t have to guess; we looked it up).

Also, Kenya has family and a husband who could have gone.

Either Kenya is just really specific about what she wants her baby to have and couldn’t wait a week …

… Or maybe this was an endorsement deal and she’s doing it for the cash.


Abby Lee Miller Returns to Dance Moms, Still Unable to Walk

This summer, we reported that Abby Lee Miller was holding Dance Moms auditions despite continuing to undergo chemo treatments.

Now, those auditions have borne fruit.

Despite fears that she will never walk again, Miller has returned to work — and is filming for Dance Moms.

On Tuesday, November 6, Abby Lee Miller shared this photo on Instagram.

“Grrrrrrrr!!!!” she wrote in the captions. “Back to the daily grind.”

That means that she is officially back to work filming Dance Moms.

It has been more than a year and a half since she departed the show (which was a couple of months before she reported to prison).

“Comment if you can guess what we’re shooting today?” she asks her fans.

She also shared a weirder pic.

Abby Lee Miller wheelchair shenanigans

Then there is this photo that we would be at a loss to explain without the caption.

“I think this dancer is finished making QUICK CHANGES from 1 Costume to another!!!” Miller captions the pic.

It’s a very goofy photo and, without that context, we’d never have guessed that it was a costume change.

Miller concluded her caption: “Thanks to all for a great day of work!”

Well, that’s certainly a behind-the-scenes look that you don’t see every day.

Abby Lee Miller is no longer staying in rehab.

As you can see in this photo (which has been edited, but she’s fighting cancer and it’s very understandable), she enjoyed pumpkin season.

Unfortunately, reports say that Miller’s departure from rehab in September had less to do with being on the mend.

They had more to do with money.

Receiving around-the-clock care is expensive.

Now she is at home and remains unable to walk.

From the beginning, before she was even diagnosed, her Burkitt lymphoma manifested in the form of creeping paralysis.

Doctors initially assumed that she had an infection, and performed an emergency spinal surgery.

Upon examining her spine, however, doctors discovered that she did not have an infection, but a rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma known as Burkitt lymphoma.

Burkitt is generally found in children, where it has a high recovery rate.

This fast-spreading cancer is rarer in adults, where recovery rates are said to be somewhat lower.

The good news is that fast-spreading cancers are typically more receptive to treatment than slow-spreading but resilient cancers.

That is a small comfort, but you take good news when you can.

Adding insult to injury, Miller was still at a halfway home when she received this diagnosis.

That’s right. Last summer she entered prison to begin serving her 366-day sentence.

She hadn’t yet been fully released by the state of California (a halfway house is not freedom, folks) before she began this serious cancer battle.

We’ve been deservedly harsh on Miller, but she does not deserve to be fighting for her life.

But now Miller is back to work.

We hope that her health will continue to improve.

Her wig is very close to her natural hair and it looks like she’s approaching Dance Moms with a positive attitude.

Sometimes, that’s all that you can do.

We should note that Lifetime has not yet announced a return date for the hit reality series.


Travis Scott: Stormi Is Learning How to Walk!!

21-year-old Kylie Jenner just tried cereal with milk for the first time, but she’s not the only one in the family hitting new milestones.

Baby Stormi is days away from being 8 months old, and she will soon be learning to walk.

But you don’t have to take our word for it — just look at what her father shared on social media.

Travis Scott was gushing with fatherly pride as he shared an image of baby Stormi Webster standing up — with assistance.

“We about to be walking soon,” Travis scrawled across the image.

He’s right — she’s at the right age, and she’s clearly practicing with her leg muscles.

“OG 3s,” Travis added. “I see u mama.”

Stormi is, of course, sporting some fancy looking baby shoes. She is too cute for words.

Stormi Webster by Travis Scott: we be walking soon

Travis isn’t the only one of Stormi’s parents whose love for her overflows onto social media.

Kylie recently shared a glimpse of Stormi standing — again, with assistance, but it’s very healthy exercise for her baby legs.

In the video, Stormi’s legs flex as she instinctively dances to music.

Kylie captioned the video: “love you so much it hurts.”

You don’t need to feel that powerful rush of oxytocin yourself in order to know that Kylie means it.

Last month, Kylie Jenner gushed about Travis’ parenting skills in a Vogue Australia interview that she gave to her sister, Kendall.

“I love learning together,” Kylie said. “And just watching him with her.”

Becoming a new parent can be a major challenge, but it helps if you have a good grasp of right and wrong, a lot of patience, and solid parenting instincts.

And Kylie cannot stop talking about how wonderful Travis is with their daughter.

“He’s so good with her and she’s really obsessed with him,” she reveals. So cute!

Kylie has also spoken about how Stormi has transformed her.

“I feel like having a daughter, and thinking about beauty in the future, has definitely changed me,” Kylie admits.

That’s a big deal on a personal level — but a bigger deal for the world’s foremost influencer who is also a makeup mogul.

Kylie continues: “And I feel like it has made me love myself more and accept everything about me.”

That sounds really beautiful and healthy, even if some cannot help but wonder if part of that has been Kylie growing up and becoming more mature. She’s 21 now, after all.

It is really no surprise that Kylie is a doting, affectionate mother. Kylie has always — unlike some of her siblings — been a nurturing individual towards her pets.

That can be a great sign that someone has a lot of love to give as a parent. We just hope that Kylie is bracing herself for the “terrible twos.”

It is also no surprise that Travis Scott is a great dad.

Contrary to some baseless claims that he was going to be a total deadbeat, we learned last February 4 that he went to countless appointments and checkups with Kylie throughout her pregnancy.

Whatever the future of Kylie and Travis’ relationship, it is clear that Stormi is at the center of their lives and foremost in their thoughts — right where she belongs.


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