Royal Wedding Program Still Lists Thomas Markle as Walking Meghan Down Aisle

Either the Royal Wedding programs were printed far in advance, or someone made a huge mistake … because they’re not updated to show Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas, won’t be there. The Order of Service for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding was just…


Tori Spelling: Finally Walking Out on Dean McDermott!

Whether fans believe it or not, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still married. In fact, they recently celebrated their anniversary, vacationing together to “reconnect.”

But apparently, it still wasn’t enough to mend their broken marriage.

In fact, Tori has reportedly walked away from Dean … and is spending more and more time with her mother, Candy. The one who has never liked Dean.

RadarOnline reports that Tori Spelling has walked away from Dean and is seeking comfort in Candy Spelling’s home, according to friends of the couple.

And while that might do wonders for Tori’s current issues, it may spell doom for her marriage.

“Candy has never liked Dean.”

A lot of in-laws may have issues with their, well, in-laws. It sounds like Candy has found Dean to be a disappointment.

“And she’s the first one to say ‘I told you so’ to her daughter.”

Tori went to her anyway, though.

“But Tori has five kids and had nowhere else to turn.”

Tori has had a troubled history with her mother.

Over a decade ago, Tori’s father, TV mogul Aaron Spelling, passed away.

The sudden death of a loved one can cause strain in any family. Add a financial element, and it can create an enduring rift that lasts for years.

See, Tori only inherited $ 800,000 from her father. His widow, Candy, controls the $ 600 million fortune.

Tori and Dean have struggled with finances over the years, which has been widely attributed to their lackluster careers and to their spending habits.

Candy is not unfeeling — she’s been doing a lot to support them.

“She’s been paying the couple’s monthly rent, buying groceries and paying for the children’s private school.”

It looks like things are much better between Tori and Candy. That’s good news … but maybe not happy news for Dean.

“Now that Tori has run off to Candy’s house, maybe Dean will realize how dire this situation is and find a way to keep the family intact.”

Sometimes, it takes something big to function as a wakeup call.

“With Tori out of commission, Dean is changing diapers, driving the kids back and forth to school, and cooking meals.”

Well … that’s a normal part of being a parent. Apparently this is a bit of a change for him, which is … illuminating if true.

“And he’s exhausted.”

Candy has apparently suggested, and the couple has reportedly agreed, that the kids and Tori could spend a couple of nights a week with her … ostensibly to give Dean a break.

“She’s telling Tori that this will work wonders for her marriage.”

But this source claims that Candy has an ulterior motive.

“But really, Candy’s goal is to get her away from Dean for good.”

Instead of trying to push for that directly, she’s allegedly taking baby steps to make Tori reach that conclusion.

“Two days a week is just the first step.”


Apparently, a big motivator for Candy was seeing Tori’s mental health scares.

“Candy felt she could no longer sit by and watch Tori unravel, so she jumped into action and opened her doors.”

And she reportedly hopes that this will all work out for her family. Well, for the parts of her family that she values.

“Candy is a shrewd woman, and is hoping Tori may finally be ready to walk out.”

This sounds like it could ultimately lead to what’s best for Tori and the kids. A closer relationship with Candy and perhaps even less stress.

But … is it true?

A lot of it sounds like speculation about Candy’s motives, so we cannot help but feel a little leery.

Perhaps, in time, the truth will become clear.


The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 16 Recap: Wrath

Did the end of the war live up to the tremendous hype?

On The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 16, the fight against the Saviors reached a dramatic conclusion. 

When the episode got underway, Rick and the members of the AHK alliance were getting ready for the big battle at the Hilltop. 

Morgan struggled to get to grips with the fact that he was embroiled in another war, and worried that taking innocent people out was going to change him in a way he did not like. 

When Rick warned Morgan that it was best to stay behind and out of the fight, Morgan noted that each of them were horrible now and that was a result of the decisions they made. 

At the Sanctuary, Negan and his minions were preparing for the war, knowing they were going to have the upper hand because Dwight gave the Hilltoppers some fake news. 

Eugene was on hand with the bullets he custom built for the saviors. Negan and his team set off and even took Father Gabriel along for the ride. 

Negan admitted to Gabriel on the road that he was messing with Rick by putting some of his men in a place that Rick and the AHK alliance would find them. 

This would give Negan more time to laugh because it meant Rick would think the information Dwight gave them was the real deal. 

In true Rick fashion, he figured that it was all a ruse, and told his people it was time to change things up. 

Gabriel made a run for it, but Eugene appeared in the woods and held him captive until Negan showed up. While Negan wondered whether to kill Gabriel, he decided to keep him as a bargaining chip. 

Just when Negan thought he had the upper hand and his men were ready to fight the AHK alliance, their bullets blew up in their guns. 

Oh yes, Eugene was still working with his original alliance, and it was a plan months in the making. Negan tried to make a break for freedom. 

At the Hilltop, another round of Saviors tried to take over, but the Oceanside women were talked around to helping the AHK alliance. 

They chucked bombs at the Saviors and allowed Hilltop to remain under the spell of the good guys. 

Rick and Negan fought it out, and Rick eventually cut Negan’s throat. But that did not mean he was going to die, and Rick ordered Siddiq to save the villain’s life. 

Rick said that he was ready to put the past behind him and that everyone will stop the fighting. Maggie and Daryl were less than enthused by this, and seem poised to go after Rick. 

Finally, Negan woke up and Rick and Michonne admitted they were keeping him alive so that everyone knew they were building a civilization. 

It looks like Carl’s letter had a lasting effect on Rick, and that’s why the father wrote a letter of his own back to his son. 

Yes, it seems like The Walking Dead Season 9 is going to be very different. 

What did you think of the episode?

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15 Recap: Worth

The end of the war is fast approaching. 

That much became abundantly clear on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15 as the final pieces were put in motion before the final battle kicked off. 

When the emotional episode kicked off, Rick had finally worked up the courage to read the letter from Carl. 

The kid wrote a lot about what life was like before the apocalypse, and how he would love if Rick and Negan put their feud aside. 

While Rick was against it, Carl’s letter reiterated that nobody had to forget what Negan did. All they had to do was stop the fighting. 

When the action moved to the Sanctuary, Dwight and Simon were shocked to the core by the return of Negan. 

Negan had a meeting with them and revealed he knew the truth about Simon’s act of betrayal by giving the kill order against the Heapsters. 

Just went it seemed like Simon’s brains were about to become Lucille’s next meal, Negan said that all was forgiven. 

Would Negan really let someone off the hook? It certainly seemed that way, but Simon continued to act out and coerced Dwight into joining in on his fight against Negan. 

Negan rounded his group up, and told them about his elaborate plan to take over the Hilltop and take out everyone who was against them. 

This gave Dwight his biggest lead yet to help Rick and Daryl know what was going on. Dwight sent Gregory off on a mission with a map to let them know the truth. 

Just when it seemed like Simon and Dwight’s plan was going to be the one to save everyone, Negan appeared during a meeting with the pair, and we found out that Dwight had already told Negan about Simon’s plan. 

Negan then decided enough was enough and challenged Simon to fight him to the death. In true Negan fashion, the villain brutally killed Simon. 

But the insanity was only just beginning. Dwight made his way back to the room after Negan was singing his praises. 

There was a gift waiting for him: Laura. She was the one who knew all about Negan’s plan to leave the Saviors behind and work with another group. 

Laura was the person Negan picked up on the road during The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14. and told Negan everything. 

Negan decided to let Dwight live, but what does he want in return? We’ll find out soon enough!

Finally, Michonne called Negan and told him about Carl’s letter pleading for peace. Negan said that he was not ready to put the past behind him and that the final battle was looming. 

Yes, it sure sounds like a big battle is going to be occurring on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 16, and it’s about time. 

What did you think of all the twists?

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14 Recap: Still Gotta Mean Something

Jadis is probably one of the smartest survivors in the wasteland that is The Walking Dead. 

When The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14 kicked off, we learned just how Jadis managed to survive the attack Simon ordered on her people a few weeks back. 

She played dead when the kills were coming fast and furious before deciding it was time to find and kill the leader of the Saviors: Negan. 

Negan tried to tell Jadis he was not the one who gave the order to kill her people. 

“That was the work of someone not following the program,” the villain said as Jadis prepared to take him down. 

Jadis threatened to destroy Lucille because she was the one in control and it was time to dole out a nice dose of revenge to those who had wronged her. 

Negan managed to overpower her in one of the most predictable scenes of the entire series. 

“You took away everything — you took away me,” Jadis wailed at Negan, but in a rare moment, Negan opened up about how he named the bat after his wife when she died. 

Things took a dramatic turn when the chopper appeared once again, and Jadis tried to send a flare towards it. But Negan stopped her from doing anything … even killing him. 

Jadis was all talk, but very little action and that’s what was more frustrating. She let Negan leave after he asked her to join his cause, but he said he would return. 

Negan picked someone up from the side of the road, and we never got to see who it was, but the pair returned to the Sanctuary and went into hiding. 

Meanwhile, Rick continued to struggle in the aftermath of Carl’s death. Michonne admitted that she moved from place to place after the death of her kids, and Andrea stopped her. 

Michonne wanted to be that person for Rick. Ultimately, Rick went on a mission to round up the escapees with Morgan, and they both struggled to come to terms with everything. 

They were caught by the inmates, and while things were more subdued than we expected, the inmates decided to cut the crap and talked to the men. 

But Rick and Morgan were not taking any chances and murdered them all without so much as a second thought. 

Rick and Morgan chatted a lot about what had been happening to them over the years and how they were different now. It seemed to foreshadow Morgan’s exit as he moves over to Fear The Walking Dead. 

All told, “Still Gotta Mean Something” was all about character development, but it set up the final two episodes really well. Negan looks set to change things up at the Sanctuary and that might include killing Simon for going behind his back. 

What did you think of the episode?

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The Walking Dead Shocker: Who’s Dying?!

We think it’s fair to say that The Walking Dead Season 8 has been polarizing for long-time fans of the series. 

With the death of Chandler Riggs’ Carl in the can, The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 13 was all about advancing the plot, and it left us with a startling revelation: Another character is about to die. 

When the twist-filled episode got underway, the Hilltop was gearing up for the next round of their war against the Saviors. The villains were on their way to the Hilltop, so it was time to prepare for a fight. 

We were introduced to Dr. Dana who admitted that Siddiq was all talk and of very little use to them as a medic. If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will know that Carl’s dying wish was for Siddiq to find his place in the group. 

But Siddiq used this to his advantage, and Dr. Dana changed her views on him. Why the swift 180? Did she want him to stop being so passive, and stick up for himself?

Maggie and Simon had it out over the walkie-talkie, and the former made it clear that she was not opposed to offing the hostages she had. This did nothing to faze Simon. 

He was more concerned about the people who were not tainted by the Hilltop, and that it was time to bring this war to a grinding halt. 

Dwight tried to reason with Simon because he knew there was a possibility that Negan survived the big fight with Rick. Simon continued with the stance that it was time to fight. 

Daryl showed up in a blaze of glory and sent bullets towards the villains. But things took a turn, and Tara ended up being hit by an arrow. This was moments after Dwight refused to kill her. 

Maggie cut the lights, and it seemed like the Hilltoppers made their getaway, but they didn’t. It was all a ruse to get the Saviors into the open and to shoot them down. 

Simon and his team left the compound, but not before Rick greeted them with some bullets. Rick’s back, and ready to fight his way to the top!

The victory became a defeat when Tobin, Dr. Dana, and some others passed away. The Saviors had infected all of their weapons, and it meant that whoever got hit was going to turn into a walker. 

As the characters battled the wave of walkers, it became apparent that Tara was about to die. Daryl swore that he was going to take down Dwight, while Tara realized she would soon be dead. 

How will the series cope with the loss of another series regular?

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 Recap: The Key

Negan is not ready to give up without getting some more blood on his hands. 

That much became clearer than ever on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 when the villain decided it was time to frighten everyone at the Hilltop. 

Negan and Simon plotted to cause some tension amongst the team, but Dwight was eager to travel on his own. 

The reason?

Because he was a full-blown Hilltopper at this stage. It was only a matter of time before everyone found out, but he wanted to be with the others when it all came out. 

At the Hilltop, Rick met up with Daryl in the aftermath of recent events. Daryl was apologetic because he felt that he was partly to blame for driving the truck to the Sanctuary. 

Maggie watched the meeting from afar and wondered whether Rick was too far gone now that Carl has been taken from him. 

Things took a strange turn when crates showed up in the distance, and a mysterious note asked for them to be filled with food. 

Maggie, Rosita, Michonne, and Enid shockingly decided to help the unnamed person out. 

Meanwhile, Rick noticed Negan making his way towards the Hilltop, so he rammed his car into Negan’s one. 

Rick chased the villain, and they engaged in a fight to the death, but Negan fell over a ledge and Rick threatened that it was time for him to die. 

Negan then offered Rick a deal: Join an alliance, and Negan would only take 25 percent of their belongings, and they could all live in unity. 

That’s when Rick admitted that it would never happen … not after what Simon did to the Scavengers. 

As always, Negan escaped, and Rick was left to fend off a group of walkers. 

At the rendezvous point, Maggie, Enid, and Michonne met up with a woman named Georgie. When guns were drawn, Georgie essentially admired the Hilltop community. 

Maggie realized something was amiss and ordered the women to be taken to the Hilltop. A war of words ensued, but ultimately, the women were set free. 

Simon and Dwight returned to the Saviors and admitted that they only found blood and they do not know if Negan is dead or alive. 

This created a whole lot of unrest amongst the team, but Simon reiterated that they were all Negan and that was not going to be changing. 

In another part of town, Negan woke up to find Jadis waving a gun at him, and she’s ready to get revenge on the villains. 

What did you think of this wild installment?

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10 Recap: The Lost and the Plunderers

How does life continue after the death of a loved one?

That was the big question on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10, an hour which focused on six different stories. Yeah, fans tend to complain about the slow episodes that follow just one character, so this one seemed like a way of proving the show can still be exciting.



We picked up with Michonne in the immediate aftermath of Carl’s death. Michonne realized that Carl had painted his hands with Judith’s on the porch. 

Michonne and Rick realized the best foot forward was to make a getaway from Alexandria and regroup with their allies somewhere else. 

Rick was not wanting to follow through on Carl’s last wishes, and refused to read the letter Carl left for him. The only thing giving Rick the drive he needed was finding a way to get the truth from Jadis about the alliance. 

When they arrived at the landfill Jadis and her mischevious group called home, walkers descended on them, and it did not look good. 


Negan and Simon were chatting about what happened when they attacked each of the places they planned to. Negan did not know how to feel about the fact that Carl played him. 

Was he ready to admit that Carl was one of the best manipulators around, or was he prepared to move on and try to take down some more of Rick’s group?

Well, it seemed like Simon was lying to him for a start. He claimed the drama at Hilltop all went to plan. Negan then told Simon “the garbage people” were next on the hit list. 

Negan tasked Simon with killing one of them to keep them in line. It was a classic move from the Negan playbook. 


Aaron and Enid were stuck at Oceanside, and Rachel was still whining about Natania being killed. She even went as far as claiming they should be killed. 

Cyndie was the one given the power to decide who to kill, and she thought about it. 

Enid admitted to Aaron that, given the opportunity, she would kill again. In the end, the pair were ousted from Oceanside and told never to return … or else. 

Aaron said he was going to stick around because he needed to get them to join the fight with them. Enid worried that she would not see him again, but a new friendship was formed. 


Simon made his way to the Hilltop and Jadis tried to imply that she had not sided with Rick and that she was still on his side. Simon said the Saviors needed to take all of their belongings to prove the “garbage people” were on board with Negan. 

Simon made some jokes about the garbage, and then shot Brion because Jadis was anything but open with him. Simon then gave the order to take down all of the Scavengers. Yeah, he was totally going against Negan’s word on this one. 


When Rick and Michonne made their getaway from the walkers, they realized the walkers were actually the Scavengers. She admitted that she thought she and her people could make something of the landfill and that’s why they stuck around for so long. 

“This was our world, apart form everyone else in every way,” she dished. She pleaded with Rick to allow her to join him and his people, but he left her high and dry to fend for herself. 


Rick was glad he did not kill her, but he was too consumed by his grief to care about what came next. Rick decided to read some letters, and he was shocked to learn that there was one for Negan. 

He looked at it and found out that Carl wanted peace between everyone because too many people died. Rick called out for Negan on the walkie-talkie and said that he was coming for him. 

Negan concluded that Rick had already lost. 

What do you think?

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9 Recap: Farewell, Carl Grimes!

Carl Grimes is out!

On The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9, we finally said goodbye to another member of the Grimes family, and boy, it was emotional. 

We picked up with Carl assessing the fatal wound he had thanks to the walkers invading Alexandria. Carl was told about Michonne making her way to the Sanctuary, and she left him a note. 

The note gave Carl the guts to realize his time in the world was coming to a close, and he decided to write letters to his nearest and dearest. 

This kid has had a profound effect on all of the characters, so it made sense that his death would be such a big deal. Carl wasted no time in taking one last picture with Judith. 

He subsequently left both of their handprints in front of the house. Yeah, this episode was a real tearjerker, but it’s difficult to say goodbye to a long-serving cast member. 

Elsewhere, Morgan found himself in a difficult situation because the walkers were essentially gone, and he had to decide what was the best course of action. 

Carol was on hand to help hide some of the Kingdommers, and she returned to help Ezekiel make his way out of a deadly situation. 

The next big gut punch came when Carl revealed all about his bite to Rick and Michonne. Siddiq proved he was a good egg by offering to help care for Carl as his time ran out. 

That’s when Siddiq revealed that he was a medical resident. At that moment, he became useful to the rest of the team. They needed someone to help with medical instances. 

Carl continued to see Alexandria in the future, but Michonne wanted to get the kid to Hilltop to say his goodbyes and make sure he had the best care out there. 

Back above ground, Carol and Dwight continued to try and save Ezekiel from a certain death. They went to extreme measures and dispatched of Gavin’s friends. 

But Gavin made a getaway, and Morgan was mad. Morgan had to run for dear life to try and find the villain before it was too late. 

Back underground, Carl said goodbye to Michonne and admitted that she was his best friend. Carl said to Rick that the world could go back to normal and they could strive for change. 

Carl then told both of them to let him kill himself when the time was right. Carl killed himself, and Rick and Michonne got ready to bury the kid. 

That’s when we were treated to another flashforward, but this one showed Negan and Judith in the same scene. It looks like the villain is not going to be dying anytime soon. 


What did you think of Carl’s final episode?

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